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  • Here are entered works relating to the organization and operation of vacations and visits, including attracting and accomodating tourists.

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        This accession consists of a video made by the Parks and Visitor Services division of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, entitled "The Thelon & The Kazan - Canoeing Canada's Heritage Rivers". The video is a documentary introduction to paddling the Thelon River and the Kazan River.

        301 · Fonds · 1939-1998

        This fonds consists of approximately 74.31 meters of textual material, 218 colour photographs and slides, 11 posters, 1 Betacam videocassette, 2 VHS videocassettes, 84 microfiches of textual material, and one 16 mm film created by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism. The majority of the textual material is comprised of files from the Central Registry system. It also includes some records from regional offices.

        The Directorate series (60 Block), dating from 1960-1993, includes policy files, organization and evaluation files training files, long range planning files, Economic Development Agreement (EDA) files, files related to the NWT Business Development Corporation and the NWT Business Credit Corporation, reports for headquarters and regional offices, base line studies, business development and impact studies; project files of significance to the Deputy Minister, speeches, records related to the reorganization of the Department, conference and committee files from the Business Development Committee and Intersettlement Trade Advisory Committee, community files that relate to economic development project proposals, settlement files, materials related to the Council of the Northwest Territories, Commissioners tours, and other organizations involved in economic development in the North, as well as files related to the Mackenzie Highway committee and the Mackenzie Pipeline initiative.

        The Tourism and Parks Series (61 Block) dating from 1962 to 1998 includes records concerning the development of parks and the tourism industry in the North, such as administration, community consultation, promotion, research and development, feasibility studies and reports. The files include copies of the Explorer's Guide, records related to promotion efforts, visitor studies, camps, fishing and hunting lodges, as well as information and minutes from meetings for the NWT Hotels Association, Keewatin Tourism Committee, Northern Frontier Country Tourism Committee, Travel Industry Association, Big River Country Travel Association, Western Arctic Visitors Association, and the Arctic Coast Tourism Zone Association.The records concerning parks development date from 1970 to 1996 and relate to the development of signage, historic sites and tours, interpretive displays, visitor's centres, exhibits and general park and campground development, including infrastructure. The files contain reports of consultants, contracts, and negotiations with stakeholders such as communities and tour operators. The files are organized by individual park or project. There are also two 1992 videos promoting the Thelon and Kazan Rivers as canoeing destinations.

        The Economic and Industrial Series/Industry and Commerce Series (62 Block) dating from 1960-1987, includes files relating to Cooperatives, Arts and Crafts, Business Development, the Economic Development Agreement (EDA), the Canada - NWT Oil and Gas, Minerals Accord from the early 1990s. Foods, Settlements, Project Operations, Companies, Forestry, Marketing, Agricultural and Industrial Development-Financial Planning.

        The Employment Series (67 Block), dating from 1969-1983, includes committee records, community employment files, liaison with local industry files, liaison with other government agencies, local initiatives program files, Eskimo relocation files, apprenticeship program files, Manpower Needs Committee files, Employment of Native Northerners files, training programme files, and monthly reports by region.

        The Administration Series (68 Block), dating from 1978 includes material related to a Regional Superintendent's Conference.

        There are also records from the Loans and Grants Series (69 Block), dating from 1967-1986 and include files relating to the Small Business Loan Fund, Eskimo Loan Fund, Indian Loan fund, Assistance to Fisherman Policy and Correspondence, Tourism Development Grants and Promotion Grants.

        The records for the Fort Smith/South Slave Regional Office include Tourism Marketing Program Summary Package, Consumer & Travel Trade Show Staff Attendance manual, Division of the Northwest Territories Implementation Plan, records of the Regional Coordinating Committee for Fort Smith and the Senior Management Committee of Economic Development and Tourism, Tourism Marketing Services program records, reports, and correspondence. Other records document participation in the Tourism Training Group, NWT Arctic Tourism, and Deh Cho/Mackenzie Connection. There are also records relating to departmental logo and slogan, and reorganization and business planning.

        Also included in the textual material is a ledger recording fur sales between 1939-1969, a list of trading posts and outpost licenses that were issued in the Northwest Territories between 1962-1977, correspondence and applications for funding for economic development projects within the Northwest Territories, such as the Eskimo Dog Research Foundation and material relating to federal employment initiative programs, such as the Subsidized Term Employment Program (STEP). There is a series of reports and papers from the Planning and Resources Development Division concerning the development of renewable resources, such as northern minerals and oil, marketing plans and economic prospects for the NWT, the Cooperative (Co-op) movement and the Small Business Loan fund. In addition to reports and studies, there is policy material from this division, as well as committee files from the Resource Development Committee, Committee on Incentives for the Development of Remote Regions, Technical Committee of the Water Board, Transportation Standing Committee, Environmental Review Committee and the Norman Wells Impact Task Force. There is also promotional material, and tourism industry booklets produced by the Department, TravelArctic and other arms-length agencies. Additional records include Heritage River studies and reports and a feasibility study on a wild game processing plant. There is also a series of reports relating to fisheries from the 1990s.

        The photographs depict a Dene and Inuit arts and crafts display, as well as images of traditional Dene and Inuit games, which were exhibited during the 1976 Montreal Olympics. In addition, there are photographs of festivities that took place in Resolute to celebrate the establishment of Ellesmere Island National Park. In addition, there are slides generated by the Arts and Crafts program that depict beadwork, clothing quillwork and arts and crafts production within several communities in the Northwest Territories. The Betacam videocassette is a production entitled "Dene Arts and Crafts", which was produced by Swan Productions in conjunction with the Department of Economic Development and Tourism.

        The G-2007-025 accession consists of approximately 30 cm of reports, brochures and other textual material. The material mainly consists of policy guides, published reports and brochures. Topics range from tourism development, region economic studies, how to start your own business, venture capital grants, information on co-operatives, and information on trades. Notably this accession includes a guide on how to properly format the blue on white polar bear NWT logo for printing on promotional material.

        Northwest Territories. Department of Economic Development and Tourism (1977-1996)
        357 · Fonds · 1921-2009

        This fonds consists of records from the Directorate, Policy, Legislation and Communication division, Wildlife and Fisheries division, Parks and Tourism division, Investment and Economic Analysis division, Industrial Initiatives division, Environmental Protection division, Minerals, Oil and Gas division, Fort Smith region, the Energy, Mines and Resources Secretariat and the Energy Secretariat of the Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development dating from 1926-2007.

        The records from the Policy, Legislation and Communication division primarily consist of project report files related to a variety of departmental programs and initiatives including resource management, the Protected Areas Strategy, hunter and harvester assistance programs, Land Use Planning committees; legislative initiatives; strategic planning, oil and resource development strategies; parks and tourism; departmental operational review and organizational reviews; policy and legislation development committees, senior management committees and working groups. There are also records relating to the development of Forest Fire Management and Species at Risk legislation, amendments to the Wildlife Act, regulatory changes to the Forest Management Act and Territorial Parks Act, and protocols and regulations in regards to land claims agreements with Indigenous groups as well as feedback from the public, as well as records related to the development of the Business Development and Investment Corporation Act. Also included in the records are four signed agreements, the environmental agreement with BHP, the Environmental Agreement with DeBeers Canada regarding the Snap Lake Diamond Project, the Socio-Economic Agreement with DeBeers Canada regarding support of the secondary diamond industry in the NWT, as well as a Cooperation Agreement with the federal Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development respecting the Giant Mine Remediation Project. The records also document RWED's participation in the Sahtu Renewable Resources Board and preliminary screening of water and land use applications. The records also include a draft internal Use of Internet Policy, copy of the Thelon Game Sanctuary Management Plan, forest management policy development, a review of historical records relating to reindeer, and material relating to Metis harvesting rights. The records also document the Department's involvement in the processes of devolution of natural resources from the federal government and division between the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

        Records from the Forest Management division include meeting and workshop records, regional year-end reports, records relating to the negotiation of forest management agreements, fire effects camps messaging and reports, public education program planning, excerpts from the operations manual, and informational guides and pamphlets.

        Records relating to Wildlife Management include those on the subjects of disease, endangered species, land use, predator control, trapping, hunting, fur production and harvesting data, fur marketing, support for harvesters, hunting and trapping associations, outfitting, environmental protection and conservation, environmental assessment and monitoring, land claims, trapper taxation, trapping standards, animal sightings, game management reports, registered trapping areas, pipelines, sport fishing and lake stocking, fisheries management, conservation education, business opportunities, national parks, territorial parks, preserves, sanctuaries and refuges. Records also include federal committees and studies, manuals, permits, licenses, newsletters, annual reports, strategic plans, and administrative records (ie. Staffing - GNWT policies), mandate documents, and staff chronos relating to the operation of the Division. The wildlife management records include studies or records relating to falcons, gyrfalcons, geese, duck, swans, bears, bison, beaver, sheep, caribou, fox, reindeer, wolf, muskoxen, muskrat, marten, mink, lynx, wolverine, moose, hare, waterfowl and arachnids (spiders). Policies and programs covered by these records include the Guiding and Outfitting Policy, Fire Management Policy, Firearm Safety Instructor Course Program, Bathurst Management Planning Committee, Trapper Treeline Program, Trapper Training, Harvesters Assistance, Trapper Compensation, Community Freezer Program, Fur Program, trap exchange, fur marketing, Biodiversity Working Group, interaction with COSEWIC, and the Fish and Wildlife Service Policy. Each region of the Northwest Territories is represented. The records also include Wildlife Act revisions, consultation records (audio cassettes) for the new Wildlife and Species at Risk Acts, Senior Management committee material and briefing notes for 1999-2004.

        The textual records and slides relating to the Parks and Tourism division date 1979-2006 and include Economic Development Agreement (EDA) files (contribution files), interpretive centre and display project files, signage and design files, map planning and development, campground reports and statistics, public image documents, records relating to the development of the Explorers' Guide, tourism promotion planning, and tourism studies. They also include capital project records relating to historic sites and properties, territorial parks operations and development, events such as Expo '86, and structural objectives of the Division. There are also minutes and planning documents from internal Tourism meetings, Tourism Marketing Advisory Committee, the Protected Areas Strategy, NWT Arctic Tourism and a file related to the NWT Tourism Industry Association Review that was prepared by a consultant for the department. There are also ministerial, deputy minister and assistant deputy minister chronos.

        The files from the Investment and Economic Analysis division date from 1990-2006 and include records on the marketing and promotion of northern arts in crafts in North America, Japan and Europe, egg marketing, the role of the department in the development of the Master of the Arctic exhibit, establishment of the Business Development and Investment Corporation, arts and culture strategy, Northern innovation, the diamond industry, and manufacturing strategy. The majority of the files consist of strategic planning materials concerning public relations for the department, business planning files related to arts and crafts development in the communities, briefing notes, agreements, reports, Decision papers, meeting material, and reference material. There is also Deputy Minister correspondence concerning the relationship between Economic Development and Tourism, Business Credit Corporation and NWT Development Corporation, as well as briefing notes, files from senior management meetings and Premier Panel Meeting, files regarding the Arts and Crafts Committee and internal newsletters. There are also files generated by intergovernmental committees and commissions, including the Business Incentive Policy review and the Banker's Commission.

        The records from the Directorate primarily consist of Ministerial and Deputy Minister chronos and briefing books. There are also departmental planning files including records from a Departmental Review Committee related to consolidation of the following departments: Economic Development and Tourism, Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and Renewable Resources, as well as minutes and materials from departmental Senior Management meetings and workshops. There is also a file for 2004 meetings of the Legislation Committee to review alterations to legislation and regulation for the Department. In addition, there are files related a variety of issues from several divisions within the department, including records related to wildlife management, forest and fire management, including annual forest fire operations reports, the development and privatization of NWT parks, marketing strategy for tourism in the NWT, the operation of the NWT Business Credit Corporation and NWT Development Corporation, records regarding the Economic Development Agreement (EDA), records from the Deputy Minister's Committee on the Devolution of Lands and Resources, as well as records relating to RWED's co-lead role in the development of a National Diamond Strategy. Records also include deputy minister's files on the Arctic Energy Alliance, from when the deputy minister sat on the Board of Directors.

        The records from the Minerals, Oil and Gas division relate to the "Increasing the Number of Northern Workers in the NWT Mineral Industry - Impacts and Strategies" study, mineral sector annual reports, Project Rocks educational resources, mining and exploration surveys, mineral royalty and mining taxation options, a draft Mining Income Tax Act, website development for the Coronation Gulf Mineral Development Area and the Mackenzie Valley Mineral Development Area, and mineral exploration projects. The records also include maps showing mineral deposits and petroleum resources. Records from the predecessor department of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources are also present in large quantities.

        This fonds also consists textual material comprised of publications from the Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development. The reports date from 1997-2006 and relate to animals and flora, specifically caribou, wood bison, muskox, dolphins and black spruce trees. Topics cover wildlife management, migration, calving grounds, population distribution, wildfires and seasonal movements and migration.

        This fonds also consists of files related to the Trade and Investment Division and Economic Planning Division. This material consists of three files relating to mining industry winter road access, one file with varied material regarding NWT investment and trading strategies, including a brochure and report. There is one file on the Aurora Fund, a venture capital fund related to the federal Immigration Investor Program. Finally, there is one file containing a consultant's report on household expenditure cost differentials between the NWT and southern communities.

        The fonds also includes files from the Industrial Initiatives division. This material relates primarily to diamond mining and gas pipeline projects and includes committee material, briefing notes, speaking notes, reports, and grants and contributions policies and procedures.

        The fonds also includes records from the Fort Smith Region, including job descriptions, organizational charts, meeting materials, correspondence, site assessment forms, and records of the 1997 Fort Providence Prescribed Burn project.

        The fonds also include records from the Inuvik Region relating to community economic development.

        This fonds also consists of files related to the Energy, Mines and Resources Secretariat. This material includes correspondence regarding energy alternatives as well as natural gas power feasibility for Inuvik and Hay River, mineral development, strategy and northern hiring practices, Development Impact Zones (DIZ's) and major project preparedness for full-scale hydrocarbon development of the Northwest Territories.

        This fonds also consists of files related to the Energy Secretariat, tasked with drafting an energy strategy for the NWT. Materials include workshops, meeting minutes, public consultations, stakeholder responses, correspondence and a discussion paper, "Towards an Energy Strategy for the NWT."

        This fonds also consists of files related to the Environmental Protection Division. This material includes correspondence, meeting minutes, society formation and workshop proceedings of the Arctic Energy Alliance, created in concert with four other Government of the Northwest Territories organizations and the NWT Association of Municipalities.

        Northwest Territories. Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development (1996-2005)
        411 · Fonds · 1978, 1993-2015

        Records generated by the Directorate include Ministerial and Deputy Minister chronos for most of 2005-2012 and Briefing Notes for 2007-2010.

        Records generated by the Investment and Economic Analysis division include files of the Senior Management Committee, both meetings and workshop retreats, an Economic Measures review of programming in the Sahtu and Gwich'in communities, as well as files of the restructuring of the Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development into ITI and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Records also include files generated by intergovernmental committees and commissions and briefing notes drafted by the division. Records also document the division's review and disbursement of funding and including funding reviews and reports. Records also include the NWT Arts Strategic Plan, NWT Arts Logo Branding Program, Art and Fine Crafts Marketing Strategy Options, a program review of the NWT Community Future Development Corporation, operational guidelines and procedures for the Community Futures Program, reports relating to a trade show and business mission, records of the Agricultural Products Marketing Council (egg marketing), an MOU on contracting with the Gwich'in Tribal Council, an MOU on International business development, records relating to the Barren-ground caribou strategy, briefing material for the 2005 North American Fur & Fashion Exposition, GMVF Trappers Newsletters, as well as background information relating to an arts strategy and policy. Other records relate to the establishment of the Business Development and Investment Corporation (BDIC) and the history of the Business Incentive Program (BIP).

        Records generated by the Policy, Legislation and Communications division consist of promotional material related to the promotion of sustainable opportunities in the energy, mines and petroleum resource industry and supporting industry, drafts of various newsletters, reports, booklets, brochures, sector profiles, website content, and fact sheets, communications plans, briefing notes, Visual Identity Guidelines for NWT Arts branding, and publicity records relating to the NWT's participation in Canada's Northern House at the 2010 Olympics. Records document regional promotional material and an overarching vision statement from the Minister. There are also records of the ITI Communications Committee, Senior Management Committee of the Department as kept by the division, 2005-2012, Executive Committee records from 2010-2012, Regional Superintendents Programs and Operations meeting records from 2006-2010, Deputy Ministers' Managing This Land Committee (2014-2015), Mackenzie Gas Project Joint Cabinet-AOC Pipeline Planning Committee (2002-2006) and Mackenzie Gas Project National Energy Board Proceedings weekly meetings from 2005. There are also records from the division that document the development of and amendments to the Tourism Act, amendment of the Territorial Parks Act and regulations, amendment of the Co-operative Associations Act, repeal of the Credit Unions Act, amendment of the Freshwater Fish Marketing Act, the administration of the Agricultural Products Marketing Act, amendment of the Animals Running at Large regulations, and negotiation of various socio-economic agreements. Policy, Legislation and Communications records also include job action contingency plans, records relating to the use of the NWT Opportunities Fund, records relating to the establishment of the Saoyú-Ɂehdacho National Historic Site, and RWED restructuring records, such as meeting minutes, presentations, draft plans and agreements, and communication tools, and decisions papers presented to the FMB and Executive Council.

        Records generated by the North Slave office consist of development of an arts and crafts strategy (co-lead with the Department of Education, Culture and Employment) and a file on territorial parks usage statistics.

        Records generated by the Tourism and Parks division consist of NWT Tourism correspondence, membership lists, meeting minutes and conference materials, Conversion Study for NWT Tourism's 2005/2006 Campaign Year, and Northwest Territories Tourism Branding Logo Standards and Guidelines; conference calls minutes and correspondence between Tourism headquarters and regional tourism offices; Tourism Marketing Advisory Committee meeting minutes and agendas; survey results and consumer request cards; and a tourism promotion project called the Deh Cho Travel Connection, a participatory tourism strategy to promote travel throughout the Northwest Territories as well as northern Alberta and British Columbia via highways. Records also include background research prepared for a revision of the Travel and Tourism Act, the Tourism Development Handbook, "NWT Tourism Inventory and Gap Analysis" report, and "A Performance and Operations Assessment of The Northwest Territories Outfitted Sport Fishing Industry." The records also relate to the Protected Area Strategy and its relationship to parks.

        Records generated by the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Division (formerly the Minerals, Oil and Gas Division) include agreements, meeting materials from the Pipeline Steering Committee, Mackenzie Gas Advisory Group, Economic and Employment Development Committee, Diamond Review Committee, and NWT Geoscience Office Joint Advisory Committee, and publications focusing on oil and gas, minerals, and mining.

        Records generated by the Industrial Initiatives Division include material relating to the negotiation of a socio-economic agreement for the Mackenzie Gas Project.

        Records generated by the Geoscience Office relate to outreach activities like prospector training and community mapping programs.

        Northwest Territories. Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (2005-)
        G-2023-066 · Accession · 1978, 2001-2012
        Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment fonds

        This accession consists of records from the Policy, Legislation and Communications and Analysis division of the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment relating to legislative and regulatory amendments, use of the NWT Opportunities Fund, and establishment of the Saoyú-Ɂehdacho National Historic Site. The records include: briefing notes, correspondence, copies of legislation and regulations, legislative proposals, drafting instructions, an assessment report, comments, consultation records, discussion papers, legal opinions, meeting notes, presentation slides, FMB submission, an agreement, a table of responsibilities under the Co-operative Associations Act, a Credit Union dissolution order, Options for Preparing a NWT Mineral Development Strategy, A New Economic Development Strategy for the Northwest Territories, and the Sahoyue-§ehdacho Working Group Final Report.

        Yellowknife Museum Society
        N-1979-053 · Accession · [1920-1965]
        Part of Yellowknife Museum Society fonds

        This artificial collection includes photos of the 1961 Northwest Territories Tourist Association convention, Con Mine, Discovery Mine, Giant Mine, Negus Mine, Rycon Mine and mining activities in the 1930s. In addition, there are images of Yellowknife, Detah (Indian Village) [Dettah], and Goldfields, SK in the 1930s and 1940s and Federal Government employees based in Yellowknife in the 1950s.

        N-1992-086 · Accession · 1918-1976
        Part of Henry Cook fonds

        Records include a booklet titled The Story of Discovery, Northwest Territories, produced by the Discovery Women's Institute, which offers photographs and a history of the townsite and its residents. This accession also contains a program titled Commemorating the Dawson Patrol February 16-March 14, 1970 and a promotional pamphlet for the town of Yellowknife produced by the Yellowknife Board of Trade.

        This accession consists of records related to economic development work done with various communities in the Inuvik Region, specifically Tsiigehtchic (Arctic Red River) and Fort McPherson by the Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development and its predecessor, the Department of Economic Development and Tourism. The records include correspondence, trip reports, funding documentation, community opportunities listings, workshop and meeting material, Tsiigehtchic Economic Development Strategy discussion paper, Arctic Red River Tourism Business Plan, and Tourism Business Opportunities Study Fort McPherson, NWT.

        Accession consists of a feasibility study of Campbell Hills / Lake Park conducted in 1982, as well as 1982, 1983, and 1984 reports on N.W.T travel surveys. The accession also consists of "An Evaluation of the Impact of Summer Tourism on N.W.T Businesses: Report of Findings" which was released in 1983. Additionally, there is a conversion study for Edmonton Sportsmen's Shows from 1984. Along with the study's findings is a written report detailing the study. The accession contains another conversion study called "1984 Alaska and Canada's Vacation Planner." There are also two reports of the Canadian Heritage Rivers System from 1984; one is called "Heritage Rivers of the Northwest Territories: A System Planning Study" and the other is called "Background Report: In Support of Nomination of Thelon River, Northwest Territories." The accession also contains a feasibility study on a minimum economic wild game processing plant in the Northwest Territories.

        429-S15 · Series · 1958-1984
        Part of Glick family fonds

        This series includes souvenirs from domestic and international travel, including trips from Yellowknife Radio sponsored travel, by Harold and Zelda Glick and their children. It includes ephemera, programs and booklets from local events such as Caribou Carnival, pamphlets and booklets relating to Yellowknife, and travel records (tickets, programs, postcards).

        299 · Fonds · [1938]-1975

        This fonds consists of 5 photographs, 74 cm of textual material and 48 reels of microfilm from the Department of Industry and Development. The bulk of the textual material is from the Central Registry filing system and contains records from the following program areas: Economic and Industry and Industry and Commerce Series (62 block) which includes records relating to Arts and Crafts and Industry Projects; Game (63 block); Fisheries (65 block); Administration (68 block). The 48 microfilm reels contain records dated 1970-1973 from the Central Registry file system and contain records from the following program areas: Directorate (60 block); Tourism (61 block); Economic and Industrial (62 block); Game (63 block); Forestry (64 block); Fisheries (65 block); Administration (68 block); and Loans and Grants (69 block). The textual material wildlife management records such as game officer reports, trapping area listings, general hunting license listings, and a binder related to a Game Officers Conference held in 1969. The photographs depict the Northwest Territories float that was entered into the 1967 Grey Cup Parade in Ottawa, Ontario. Emmeline Curley, Georgina Blondin and Jean Anne Hartley are featured in the photographs. The remaining textual material contains information releases by the Northwest Territories Tourist Office relating to the Grey Cup Parade and newspaper clippings, correspondence and notes relating to Grey Cup Activities. There are also four reports dated from 1966-1973 dealing with tourism development in the Northwest Territories and publications from 1970-1971 on community data and settlement reviews.

        Northwest Territories. Department of Industry and Development (1967-1973)
        Parks Canada
        G-1988-504 · Accession · 1975-1982
        Part of Parks Canada fonds

        This accession consists of the visitors book from the Parks Canada cabin located at Virginia Falls, Nahanni National Park. The book contains the observations of people who visited the park between 1975 and 1982.

        G-2007-044 · Accession · 1955-1986
        Part of Northwest Territories. Office of the Commissioner fonds

        Records date from 1955-1986 and consist of published reports. There are several reports on the Commissioner's tours of the arctic. There are also reports covering many topics including personnel management, administration, senior management conferences, the proposed Mackenzie Valley pipeline, employee housing, legal aid recommendations, settlement information in the Keewatin region, communities in the Inuvik region, housing and social environment, the administration of justice in the Hay River area, NWT economic prospects, labour standards and relations, and a proposed Great Slave National Park. There is also a travel brochure, a brochure commemmorating Marble Island, and two newsletters from the NWT Pavilion at Expo '86 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

        N-1992-280 · Accession · 1983-1985

        This accession consists of copies the Tourism Industry Association of the Northwest Territories' newsletter. The newsletter informs members of upcoming training opportunities, marketing strategies, changes in legislation and expected activities of government agencies which might impact on tourism.

        Tourism Industry Association of the Northwest Territories

        The records consist of the NWT Energy Plan and the work surrounding its creation as drafted by the Energy Secretariat; meeting minutes of the Arctic Energy Alliance with RWED Deputy Minister participation from 1997-2002; and ministerial and deputy minister chronos from 2004.

        Northwest Territories. Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development. Directorate

        The records include records relating to the administration of the Agricultural Products Marketing Act and decision papers and associated records relating to the Tourism Product Diversification and Marketing Program, Ministerial Energy Coordinating Committee, and Business Incentive Policy (BIP).

        Northwest Territories. Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment. Policy, Legislation and Communications division

        Records include the ministerial chronos of Brendan Bell and deputy minister chronos of Peter Vician as they transitioned from head and deputy head of the Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development to head and deputy head of the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment.

        Northwest Territories. Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment. Directorate