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        Tsaitcha, Noel
        N-1989-507 · Accession · [1984]

        This accession consists of stories about the Tlicho (Dogrib) chief, Edzo and is entitled "Edzo's work to make peace".

        Tsaitcha, Noel
        June Helm
        N-2003-037 · Accession · [1951-197-?]
        Part of June Helm fonds

        The images were taken primarily during June Helm's field work in 1951-1952 and the 1960s. They mainly document community life and field work in Jean Marie River in 1951, 1952, and 1959, and community life and travel in Rae (Behchokǫ̀) and Whatı̀ (then Lac La Martre) in 1959 and the 1960s. June Helm's research assistants Teresa Carterette (1951-1952) and Nancy O. Lurie (1959, 1962, 1967) also figure in the images, as does Helm's first husband Richard "Scotty" MacNeish. Activities depicted include travel by boat and canoe, dogsledding, fixing fish nets, aerial photographs of communities, hunting, hand games and feasts.

        June Helm
        N-2002-017 · Accession · 1951-1995
        Part of June Helm fonds

        The majority of the material consists of Teresa Carterette's field notes on research conducted at Jean Marie River dated from 1951-1952, copies of June Helm's field notes on the Tłı̨chǫ dated from 1969-1970, bundles of field slips containing brief notes on fieldwork conducted in Jean Marie River between 1951-1952, correspondence to and from residents of the Northwest Territories dated 1990-1995 and copies of several articles by June Helm that appeared in anthropology and scholarly journals. This series of published papers includes the following: Remarks on the Methodology of Band Composition Analysis, The Nature of Dogrib [Tłı̨chǫ] Socioterritorial Groups, Contemporary Folk Beliefs of a Slave Indian [Dehcho Dene] Band (Journal of American Folklore), Variations in Personality and Ego Identification within a Slave Indian [Dehcho Dene] Kin-Community by June Helm, G.A. DeVos, Teresa Carterette; several photocopied articles written by Helm that appeared in Arctic Anthropology (1981, vol. 1 and 1993, vol 2); Arctic (June 1983); Anthropologie (1963); American Ethnologist (May 1980); copy of Chapter 9 which she contributed to book “Political Organization of Native North Americans", Ernest L. Schusky, Editor; Chapter 7 from “Long-Term Field Research in Social Anthropology”, Epilogue entitled “Women’s Work, Women’s Art” for book “Out of the North”, “On Responsible Scholarship on Culture Contact in the Mackenzie Basin" (Current Anthropology, Vol. 19, No. 1 March 1978); and “Tales from the Dogribs [Tłı̨chǫ]”, June Helm and Vital Thomas.

        June Helm
        N-2002-015 · Accession · 1962-1999
        Part of June Helm fonds

        The records include notes related to the production of the Helm and Lurie monograph on the Dogrib [Tłı̨chǫ] Hand Game and a copy of Arctic Archaeology, Number 2, 1981, which featured June Helm's article on "Dogrib Folk History" and included photographs of John Alden Mason. In addition, there is correspondence to and from June Helm regarding her northern research, letters to and from anthropologist G.E. (Jim) Smith, as well as copies of his obituary and eulogy delivered at his funeral. Furthermore, there is correspondence, critiques and essays submitted to and from June Helm related to the research and published material of Colin Yerbury.

        June Helm
        N-2002-012 · Accession · 1960-1985
        Part of June Helm fonds

        Records relate to June Helm’s work as an anthropologist and her study of the Tłı̨chǫ people in the Northwest Territories. The material includes the following: various Oblate and Anglican mission records of deaths, births, mission histories and priest diaries from Fort Good Hope, Fort Norman (Tulita), Fort Franklin (Délı̨nę), Fort Simpson, Wrigley and Rae (Behchokǫ̀); several notebooks containing hand copied Liber Animarum (genealogical data copied in 1958) of Fort Good Hope; several published articles, field notes, correspondence and draft papers related to the reproductivity of the Fort Good Hope Dene; published articles, correspondence and notes related to northern infanticide; correspondence and documents concerning the requirement in the contract between the National Museum of Canada and field ethnologists that all recorded findings of field work be deposited in the museum; material related to Dene leadership and Camarade de Mandeville; letters from Jean Marie River; field data related to Tłı̨chǫ leaders and leadership in Rae and Dettah and correspondence from S. Rushforth related to Prophets (Tłı̨chǫ) and power.

        June Helm
        N-2002-011 · Accession · 1959-1970
        Part of June Helm fonds

        The images are copies of photographs that June Helm took while working as an anthropologist with the Tłı̨chǫ people in Rae (Behchokǫ̀) and Whatı̀ between 1959-1970. The original negatives can be found in accession N-2004-020, items 0001 through 0654.

        June Helm
        N-2004-020 · Accession · 1949-2003
        Part of June Helm fonds

        These records were created and/or accumulated by June Helm as the result of her work as an anthropologist studying the Tłı̨chǫ people in the Northwest Territories.

        The textual records consist of Helm's field notes that were either typewritten on index cards or kept in binders and organized by subject or organized chronologically by field session. In addition, there are field notes from Helm's co-investigators, Beryl Gillespie, Teresa Carterette, Nancy O. Lurie, David Smith and Robert Howren. The field notes are from the communities of Lac La Martre (Whatı̀), Jean Marie River, Rae (Behchokǫ̀), Dettah, and Fort Norman (Tulita). Included in this accession are approximately 230 books which formed part of Helm's extensive library. The books are both contemporary and historical publications on northern themes, and are annotated by Helm. The bulk of the remaining textual records consist of Helm's vertical files that date from 1950-1990s. This includes annotated copies of partial and complete publications, manuscripts and draft publications that include Masters theses and PhD dissertations. These records are primarily authored by others, although there are copies of and drafts of Helm's work. The remaining textual records consist of Helm's ingoing and outgoing correspondence files that date from the 1950s until 2003.

        The photographs include a set of 654 black and white negatives that were taken by June Helm during her field work in Behchokǫ̀ and Whatı̀ between 1959-1970. The images of Behchokǫ̀ depict handgames, scenes of the community, winter activities such as travel by dogteam and ice fishing, setting rabbit snares, travel by canoe on the Frank Channel, working with a caribou hide, and people including Jim Fish, John Baze, Mrs. Johnny Simpson, Chief Bruneau, Vital Thomas and Harry Bearlake. The images of Whatı̀ include winter and fall scenes of the community, people, travel by dogteam and airplane, ice fishing, and a Sunday feast. As well, there are approximately 60 copy prints from the National Museum of Canada, Provincial Archives of Alberta and the Smithsonian, as well as negatives, prints and images used in Helm's publications. The remaining photographic material is largely scenic photographs of Behchokǫ̀ from 1970-1979, and photographs of artifacts from 1977.

        G-2013-070 · Accession · 1998-2005
        Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Health and Social Services fonds

        Records include files related to the delivery of health and social services programming under land claims and self-government agreements, Senior Management Committee (SMC) meetings, various internal health and social services committees, family violence intiatives, work on the social agenda of the GNWT and files from the Social Lens Working Groups.

        Northwest Territories. Department of Health and Social Services. Policy, Legislation and Communications division

        The textual records include an English transcript of interviews conducted with Whati elders in 2001 on the subject of the fur trade. The sound recording, entitled 'Trading Among the Dogrib People', contains the interviews, which were conducted in Tlicho (Dogrib). Speakers include Alexis Flunki, Mary Madeleine Nitsiza, Jimmy Rabesca, and Louis Simpson. Topics discussed include trading with the Hudson's Bay Company, trapping, running errands, and the role of women in the fur trade.

        Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment (1992-present)
        G-2004-009 · Accession · 1992

        Records include sound recordings from the Parish Council of Rae-Edzo's Dogrib Literacy Workshop, also known as the Dogrib Writer's Project, held in late August and early September 1992. The recordings were created as part of the reporting requirements for funding received under the Language Enhancement Program. The purpose of the project was to bring together Tlicho (Dogrib) literate people from the six communities of the North Slave Region to discuss the present state of the Tlicho written language and to develop ways to strengthen culture and identity through the Tlicho written word. Another aim of the project was to bring young people, who use Roman orthography, and elders, who use syllabics, together to identify those words not in common use and to ensure that they are recorded. The original proposal also called for the development of scripted stories to be read on local radio in Tlicho. One of the cassettes identifies Joe Erasmus as the interviewee.

        Parish Council of Rae-Edzo
        15 · Fonds · 1989, 1992

        This fonds consists of 14 audio cassettes and 2 VHS videocassettes containing interviews with elders that resulted from the Snare Lake Education Committee's efforts to gather information for a handbook on cultural programming for use in the school. The elders interviewed during February 1992 were: Harry Kodzin, Margaret Lafferty, Marie Simpson, Jimmy Kodzin, Rosa Fish, Celine Wanazah, Rosa Pea'a, Alexis Arrowmaker, Madeline Judas, Louis Whane, Joe Pea'a, Roger Arrowmaker, Leonard Fish, Charlie Eyakfwo and Joe Dryneck. Activities and topics discussed include: Easter in the past, survival in the bush, making camp, Tlicho (Dogrib) food preparation, Tlicho (Dogrib) social life and customs, hunting and butchering caribou, traditional tools and constructing a drum. Some interviews with John Pea'a on cultural inclusion and religious instruction were conducted in 1989 and collected for this project.

        Snare Lake Band Council
        N-1999-036 · Accession · 1962

        The records are comprised of a booklet entitled "Alphabetical List. Yellowknife Indian Agency" from 1962. This index lists the names, date of birth, band and official number of Dogrib in the Snowdrift, Yellowknife and Dogrib Rae Bands.

        Harris, Gordon S.
        N-1992-134 · Accession · 1953-1954, copied [1982]

        Records include photographs of Fort Rae (Behchoko). Topics include paying treaty, people of Fort Rae including Naomi Murphy and an Oblate priest Father Amoreaux.

        N-2007-011 · Accession · 2003, 2005

        Records consist of the Tlicho Constitution, a 39-page booklet describing the political workings of the Tlicho (Dogrib) people. The second item is 'Recognition Day: Effective Date for the Tlicho Government'. The final item is a schedule of events for the Dogrib Treaty 11 Council and Tlicho Government Annual Gathering.

        G-1999-074 · Accession · September 17, 1997
        Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment fonds

        Records include footage of the Caribou Skin Tent Repatriation Ceremony that took place on September 17, 1999 at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. Many Dogrib (Tlicho) elders and government officials attended this ceremony celebrating the repatriation of a caribou skin tent from a museum in Iowa.

        The records document the (Tlicho) Dogrib Caribou Skin Lodge Project, which began in 1997 and was completed in 2000. The 73 slides are dated June 18, 1998 and document a Feeding the Fire ceremony that celebrated the return of Bear Lake Chief's Caribou Skin Lodge from the University of Iowa. The ceremony took place at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. The images depict drumming, hand games, and the exhibit at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. In addition, there are electronic records in MS Word and Excel related to the project and the trip Tom Andrews, Archaeologist at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, took to Iowa and to the Smithsonian Institute. The remaining records document the construction of two replica lodges for display and educational purposes. This part of the project was completed in partnership with the Dogrib Community Services Board, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre and Dogrib Treaty 11 Council. The are also electronic records in MS Word and Excel containing videotape logs and interview transcripts, as well as approximately 379 digital images documenting the Dogrib Caribou Skin Lodge Project. The audio material consists of the narration for the video by Margaret Mackenzie. The remaining video and textual records consist of hard copies of the video narration script, video voice over scripts with annotations, transcripts of videotaped interviews with Adele Wedawin, Bernadette Williah, Edward and Melanie Weyallon and Joe and Mary Champlain, video logs for reels 1 through 30 which includes a description of the content of each reel, a web page transcript of the project, basic program layout for the Skin Tent Program, a script outline for the project and an overview of the Dogrib Caribou Skin Lodge Project. The video material consists of 30 Betacam copies of raw footage of the Dogrib Caribou Skin Lodge project, one Betacam master and two VHS copies entitled "The Dogrib Caribou Skin Lodge," two VHS copies entitled "Return of the Tent" from the University of Iowa Natural History Museum, a VHS tape containing footage of a tipi ceremony that took place at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in September 1997, three VHS tapes containing unedited footage of the outdoor ceremony for the Dogrib Caribou Skin Lodge and an interview with Tom Andrews about the project, a VHS tape from the University of Iowa entitled 1996 Powwow, a VHS tape of the program No Name Youth Show from October 19, 1998, produced by TVNC, containing footage from the tipi ceremony and one Betacam tape marked 'tea dance.'

        Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment. Culture, Heritage and Languages division. Archaeology section
        Richardson, R. J.
        N-1979-046 · Accession · 1975

        This accession consists of 1 colour photograph of Chief Alexis Arrowmaker at the "Treaty Days" celebration in Rae-Edzo, in 1975. His jacket, made by Francis (Erasmus) Richardson, was patterned after Tlicho (Dogrib) jackets from the 1880s.

        N-2006-010 · Accession · 2003

        Records are comprised of the original English and French bound copies of the Tlicho Agreement. This agreement constitutes a land claims and self government agreement between the Tlicho (Dogrib), the Government of the Northwest Territories and the Government of Canada. Both copies were signed and dated August 25, 2003 in Rae-Edzo, Northwest Territories.

        Canada. Department of Indian and Northern Affairs
        Nancy O. Lurie fonds
        377 · Fonds · 1959-1967

        This fonds consists of approximately 35 cm of textual material comprised of correspondence and field research related to Nancy Lurie's ethnographic research with the Tłı̨chǫ (Dogrib) in Behchokǫ̀ (Rae) and Wha Ti (Lac La Martre), NWT. The correspondence dates from 1959-1963 and includes letters to and from June Helm, Susan Messerly and Nancy Lurie regarding fieldwork in Lac La Martre and Rae, as well as correspondence between Nancy Lurie and her husband Edward Lurie, written while she was doing fieldwork in 1959. In addition, there are letters from Alexis Nitsiza and Elsie Simpson that were written to Nancy Lurie while they were attending residential school in Yellowknife and in Fort Smith, as well as several handwritten notes requesting items such as sugar, tobacco and flour that were delivered to Nancy Lurie and June Helm by children in Lac La Martre. The remaining textual material consists of Lurie’s field notes and research papers from her ethnological research that was undertaken in Lac La Martre and Rae in 1959 and 1967. There are also index cards arranged by subject containing handwritten notes and observations made during Lurie’s field research.

        Lurie, Nancy Oestreich