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Subjects term Scope note Archival description count Authority record count
French language 14 0
Forts and trading posts

Use for: Trading posts

15 8
Forest management

Use for: Forest resource management, Forest stewardship

40 9
Food and nutrition

Use for: Food products, Nutrition, Diet, Eating habits, Human nutrition, Malnutrition

  • Here are entered works relating to any substance that people or animals eat or drink in order to maintain life and growth.
13 1

Use for: Flooding

6 0

Use for: Fisheries, Fishing industry, Commercial fishing industry

  • Here are entered works on the harvesting of fish, including subsistence, commercial, as well as sport fishing.
14 3
Fires and fire prevention

Use for: Forest fires, House fires, Wildfires

  • Here are entered works on fires, the management of fires and the efforts made to prevent fires from starting or spreading.
26 2
Finance, Public
  • Here are entered works relating to government spending and the economy.
68 21
Film and media arts

Use for: Filmmakers, movies, motion pictures

  • Here are entered works related to the making and showing of films and motion pictures.
3 5
Family violence

Use for: Domestic violence, Domestic abuse

  • Here are entered works related to abuse, harm, mistreatment or neglect between family members or intimate partners, including physical, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse.
11 0
Executive advisory bodies

Use for: Advisory boards, Advisory committees, Advisory councils

  • Here are entered works related to advisory boards, committees, and councils.
44 9
Events and gatherings

Use for: Special events, Community celebrations, Carnivals, Jamborees, Music festivals, Ceremonies, Commemorations

  • Here are entered works relating to times of celebration, commemoration, and special events or ceremonies. Events may be of a serious or festive nature.
81 2
Environmental policy 39 19
Engineers and engineering
  • Here are entered works relating to the profession concerned with the design and building of engines, machines, and structures, as well as people engaged in that profession.
0 2
Energy management

Use for: Energy policy, Energy conservation

  • Here are entered works relating to the coordination of energy production, distribution, storage, and use/consumption, taking into consideration resource conservation, climate protection, and cost savings.
22 11
Emergency management

Use for: Emergency planning, Disaster relief, Disaster preparedness, Disaster prevention

  • Here are entered works on planning to ensure the protection of people, property and the environment in emergency situations.
2 0
Electronic data processing

Use for: Data processing

1 4
Education, K-12

Use for: Elementary education, Primary school, High school, Secondary education , Schools

  • Here are entered works on elementary and secondary education
68 20
Education (5)
  • Here are entered works relating to education in a broad context as a general theme or topic.
64 47
Early childhood education

Use for: Preschool, Daycare, Dayhomes

  • Here are entered works related to educational and child care services for children under the age of six years, outside of the K-12 school system.
4 2