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Subjects term Scope note Archival description count Authority record count
Finance, Public
  • Here are entered works relating to government spending and the economy.
69 21
Forest management

Use for: Forest resource management, Forest stewardship

40 9
Public property

Use for: Government property

0 1
Government purchasing

Use for: Government procurement

12 2
Historic sites 16 6
Health education (1)

Use for: Public health education, Health promotion

  • Here are entered works related to providing information to the public about health and health care.
15 6
Public utilities
  • Here are entered works related to the provision of essential services including water, sewer, and electric power.
23 5
Public buildings

Use for: Government buildings

  • Here are entered works related to buildings which are funded from public sources and frequently visited by the public.
14 0

Use for: Stamp collecting and collectors

8 1
  • Here are entered works on persons whose occupation it is to instruct.
20 8
Labour relations

Use for: Industrial relations, Labour unions

  • Here are entered works regarding the relationship between employers and employees.
18 7
Labour laws and legislation

Use for: Labour standards, Employment standards

  • Here are entered works related to laws governing the standards and conditions of employment.
11 3
Language policy

Use for: Official languages

  • Here are entered works on government language policy and legislation.
17 7
Home economics 1 1
Hotels 4 1
Science 5 3

Use for: Flooding

6 0
Stores, Retail (1)

Use for: Shops

5 0

Use for: Drug stores, Drugstores, Apothecary shops, Apothecaries, Chemists' shops

3 0
Environmental policy 39 19