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Utilisé pour : Mineral exploration, Oil exploration, Petroleum exploration

  • Here are entered works relating to travel for the purposes of mineral or oil exploration.
52 16

Utilisé pour : Fauna, Wildlife

24 2
Finance, Public
  • Here are entered works relating to government spending and the economy.
68 21
Government purchasing

Utilisé pour : Government procurement

12 2
Personnel management

Utilisé pour : Human resources, Human resource management

  • Here are entered works on the field of management responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, compensating, developing, and caring for the general welfare of employees. Works dealing with employer-employee relations in general are entered under Labour relations.
37 15
Nurses and nursing

Utilisé pour : Registered nurses, Nurses' aids, Certified nursing assistants, Registered Nursing Assistants, Nursing assistants, Canadian Registered Nurses, Registered Nursing Aids, Public health nurses

  • Here are entered works relating to persons providing nursing care and the provision of nursing care to patients.
11 4

Utilisé pour : Dentists

  • Here are entered works related to dentists and dentistry
1 0
Public utilities
  • Here are entered works related to the provision of essential services including water, sewer, and electric power.
23 5
Mental health

Utilisé pour : Mental illness, Mentally ill, Personality disorders

5 1

Utilisé pour : Stamp collecting and collectors

8 1

Utilisé pour : Armed forces, Army, Navy, Air Force

10 10
Journalists and journalism

Utilisé pour : Newspapers, Newspapermen

  • Here are entered works related to the job of collecting, writing, and publishing information about current events.
12 4
Labour laws and legislation

Utilisé pour : Labour standards, Employment standards

  • Here are entered works related to laws governing the standards and conditions of employment.
11 3
Home economics 1 1
Stores, Retail (1)

Utilisé pour : Shops

5 0
Education (5)
  • Here are entered works relating to education in a broad context as a general theme or topic.
64 47

Utilisé pour : Illiteracy

  • Here are entered works related to activities outside of a classroom setting aimed at encouraging people to develop the ability to read and write.
7 1
Legislation (1)
  • Here are entered works related to the process of creating laws, as well as copies of laws and ordinances.
118 13
Local government

Utilisé pour : Town councils, Band councils, City councils, Municipal government, Settlement councils, Ratepayers' associations, Settlement bands, Designated authorities, Charter communities, Hamlets, Villages

  • Here are entered works relating to local authorities whose authority extends to the community or municipal level and whose focus is narrower than territorial or federal government.
26 2
Law (5)

Utilisé pour : Justice, Legal system, Justice system, Administration of justice

  • Here are entered works relating to the legal system and the administration of law.
23 20