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Utilisé pour : Colonies, Anti-colonialism

  • Here are entered works relating to policies and practices of acquiring full or partial political control over other people or areas, often by establishing colonies, and the continuing influence of colonial policies and structures.
14 2
  • Here are entered works relating to collections of historical records.
11 7
Names, Geographical

Utilisé pour : Geographical names, Place names, Toponymy

  • Here are entered works relating to the study of geographical names or place names, of a particular region.
5 7
Electronic data processing

Utilisé pour : Data processing

1 4
DEW Line

Utilisé pour : Distant Early Warning Line, Distant early warning system

4 1
Fur trade
  • Here are entered works relating to the practice of trapping animals to acquire and sell their pelts
31 4
Public property

Utilisé pour : Government property

0 1
Historic sites 16 6
Health care (3)

Utilisé pour : Medicine, Hospitals

112 27
Public buildings

Utilisé pour : Government buildings

  • Here are entered works related to buildings which are funded from public sources and frequently visited by the public.
14 0
  • Here are entered works on persons whose occupation it is to instruct.
20 8
Fires and fire prevention

Utilisé pour : Forest fires, House fires, Wildfires

  • Here are entered works on fires, the management of fires and the efforts made to prevent fires from starting or spreading.
27 2
Emergency management

Utilisé pour : Emergency planning, Disaster relief, Disaster preparedness, Disaster prevention

  • Here are entered works on planning to ensure the protection of people, property and the environment in emergency situations.
2 0
Food and nutrition

Utilisé pour : Food products, Nutrition, Diet, Eating habits, Human nutrition, Malnutrition

  • Here are entered works relating to any substance that people or animals eat or drink in order to maintain life and growth.
13 1

Utilisé pour : Flooding

6 0
Civil service

Utilisé pour : Government employees, Public servants

31 16
Education, K-12

Utilisé pour : Elementary education, Primary school, High school, Secondary education , Schools

  • Here are entered works on elementary and secondary education
68 20
Wildlife conservation

Utilisé pour : Animal conservation

  • Here are entered works on the protection of wildlife, as a matter of public policy.
101 20
Land use

Utilisé pour : Land management, Land tenure, Land ownership

  • Here are entered works about the use and management of land by humans.
91 20
Correctional institutions

Utilisé pour : Correctional centre, Correctional complex, Correctional facility, Jail, Penitentiary, Prison

  • Here are entered works relating to any prison, penitentiary, jail, detention unit or other facility in which persons are incarcerated by government officials.
10 2