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Subjects term Scope note Archival description count Authority record count
Indigenous peoples (27)

Use for: Aboriginal peoples, Eskimos, Native peoples, Indians

  • Here are entered works relating to the Indigenous peoples of the NWT as a whole. Works related to a specific people or nation are entered under that people or nation.
51 25
Dehcho Dene 6 1
Inuvialuit 13 2
Métis 6 3
Inuit (1) 32 2
Inuit -- Languages (3) 3 0
Dene peoples (8)

Use for: Athapaskan peoples, Athabaskan peoples

27 11

Use for: Dogrib people, Tlicho

24 2
Dëne Sųłıné

Use for: Chipewyans, Denesuline, Denesoline , Dene Suline

5 0
South Slavey Dene 1 0
Indigenous peoples -- Languages (13)

Use for: Indigenous languages, Aboriginal languages

  • Here are entered works related to Indigenous languages in general. Works related to a specific language or language family are entered under more specific headings.
9 1
Mountain Dene

Use for: Shuta Got’ine

3 0
Organizations and clubs

Use for: Clubs, Associations, Societies, Organizations, Non-profit organizations, Voluntary groups

  • Here are entered works relating to associations or organizations dedicated to a particular interest or activity.
36 16
Religion (1) 3 14

Use for: Church, Clergy, Missions, Missionaries, Congregations, Priests

  • Here are entered works relating to Christian denominations and churches, including clergy, personnel, religious orders, their activities, and buildings
49 14

Use for: Governor general, Chief, Royalty, Indigenous leaders

  • Here are entered works relating to persons holding a high rank or viewed with respect.
34 4
Education (5)
  • Here are entered works relating to education in a broad context as a general theme or topic.
65 47
Curriculum planning

Use for: Curriculum development

8 3
Graphic arts

Use for: Visual arts, Painting, Painters, Photographers

  • Here are entered works relating to a broad range of visual artistic expression, typically two dimensional.
8 10
Education, K-12

Use for: Elementary education, Primary school, High school, Secondary education , Schools

  • Here are entered works on elementary and secondary education
68 20