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Use for: Inuktitut language, Inuktut

18 0
Inuvialuit 13 2

Use for: Inuvialuktun language, Sallirmiutun, Siglitun, Uummarmiutun

9 0
Journalists and journalism

Use for: Newspapers, Newspapermen

  • Here are entered works related to the job of collecting, writing, and publishing information about current events.
12 4
Labour laws and legislation

Use for: Labour standards, Employment standards

  • Here are entered works related to laws governing the standards and conditions of employment.
11 3
Labour relations

Use for: Industrial relations, Labour unions

  • Here are entered works regarding the relationship between employers and employees.
18 7
Land use

Use for: Land management, Land tenure, Land ownership

  • Here are entered works about the use and management of land by humans.
93 20
Land, resources, and self-government agreements

Use for: Land claims, Self-government agreements, Indigenous self-government, Indigenous peoples -- Land claims

  • Here are entered works related to the negotiation and implementation of agreements addressing Indigenous rights to land and resources and/or Indigenous self-government.
46 7

Use for: Natural scenery, Scenery, Views

  • Here are entered works relating to pictorial representations of the outdoors
28 0
Language policy

Use for: Official languages

  • Here are entered works on government language policy and legislation.
17 7
Law (5)

Use for: Justice, Legal system, Justice system, Administration of justice

  • Here are entered works relating to the legal system and the administration of law.
23 20
Legislation (1)
  • Here are entered works related to the process of creating laws, as well as copies of laws and ordinances.
120 13

Use for: LGBT, LGBTQ, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer

  • Here are entered works relating to lesbians, gay men, bisexual people, transgender people, queer people, and other sexual and gender minorities
1 0

Use for: Illiteracy

  • Here are entered works related to activities outside of a classroom setting aimed at encouraging people to develop the ability to read and write.
7 1
Literary arts

Use for: Writing, Literature, Authors

  • Here are entered works related to creating literary works which are nondramatic textual works of fiction or non-fiction, with or without illustrations.
4 9
Local government

Use for: Town councils, Band councils, City councils, Municipal government, Settlement councils, Ratepayers' associations, Settlement bands, Designated authorities, Charter communities, Hamlets, Villages

  • Here are entered works relating to local authorities whose authority extends to the community or municipal level and whose focus is narrower than territorial or federal government.
27 2
Lumber industry and trade

Use for: Sawmills

3 3
Maternal health services

Use for: Midwives and midwifery, Perinatal health, Prenatal care

  • Here are entered works dealing with health care services for pregnant women, new mothers, and newborn infants.
6 0
Mental health

Use for: Mental illness, Mentally ill, Personality disorders

5 1
Métis 6 3