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Subjects term Scope note Archival description count Authority record count
Gwich'in language

Use for: Dinjii Zhu' Ginjik, Loucheux language

11 0
Gwich'in people

Use for: Loucheux people

14 6
Harvesting (4) 37 28
Health care (3)

Use for: Medicine, Hospitals

104 27
Health education (1)

Use for: Public health education, Health promotion

  • Here are entered works related to providing information to the public about health and health care.
14 6
Historic sites 16 6
Home economics 1 1

Use for: Murder

  • Here are entered works related to the killing of one person by another person.
6 0
Hotels 4 1
Housing 15 1
Human rights
  • Here are entered works on the rights of persons as recognized by the international community.
1 2
Human settlements (1)

Use for: Communities, Human habitat, Street scenes, Towns, Villages, Cities

  • Here are entered works relating to localities or communities in which people live.
200 1
Hunting and hunters
  • Here are entered works on pursuing wild animals in order to capture or kill them.
15 0
Indigenous peoples (27)

Use for: Aboriginal peoples, Eskimos, Native peoples, Indians

  • Here are entered works relating to the Indigenous peoples of the NWT as a whole. Works related to a specific people or nation are entered under that people or nation.
48 25
Indigenous peoples -- Languages (13)

Use for: Indigenous languages, Aboriginal languages

  • Here are entered works related to Indigenous languages in general. Works related to a specific language or language family are entered under more specific headings.
9 1
Intergovernmental relations (2)

Use for: Indigenous peoples -- Government relations, Federal-territorial relations, Provincial-territorial relations, Interterritorial relations, International relations

  • Here are entered works related to relationships between the Government of the Northwest Territories and other governments, including Indigenous governments, the government of Canada, other territorial and provincial governments, and governments outside Canada.
22 15
Inuinnaqtun language

Use for: Inuinnaqtun

4 0
Inuit (1) 28 2
Inuit -- Languages (3) 3 0
Inuktitut language

Use for: Inuktitut

17 0
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