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Use for: Whale hunting, Commercial whaling, Hunting, Whale, Whale fisheries, Whale harvesting

  • Here are entered works on the harvesting/hunting of whales
4 1
Hunting and hunters
  • Here are entered works on pursuing wild animals in order to capture or kill them.
14 0

Use for: Fisheries, Fishing industry, Commercial fishing industry

  • Here are entered works on the harvesting of fish, including subsistence, commercial, as well as sport fishing.
16 3

Use for: Fauna, Wildlife

24 2

Use for: Street scenes

  • Here are entered works relating to structures with roofs and walls.
58 0

Use for: Minors, Kids, Boys, Girls

  • Here are entered works relating to young humans below the age of majority.
21 2
Civil service

Use for: Government employees, Public servants

31 16

Use for: Judiciary, Judges

  • Here are entered works relating to a person (e.g. judge) or institution having judicial authority to hear and resolve civil or criminal legal disputes.
12 2

Use for: Jigging, Drum Dance, Tea Dance

  • Here are entered works relating to Western styles of dance as well as Indigenous styles of dance (such as Tea Dance, Drum Dance, Inuvialuit drum dance, Jigging, Metis jigging).
9 0
Decentralization in government

Use for: Devolution in government, Government devolution, Government decentralization, Government centralization

  • Here are entered works relating to the transfer of authority and responsibilities from one government to another.
58 5
Emergency management

Use for: Emergency planning, Disaster relief, Disaster preparedness, Disaster prevention

  • Here are entered works on planning to ensure the protection of people, property and the environment in emergency situations.
2 0

Use for: Surveying

  • Here are entered works on the integrated approach to the measurement, representation, analysis, management, retrieval and display of spatial data concerning the earth's physical features and the built environment.
9 11
Human rights
  • Here are entered works on the rights of persons as recognized by the international community.
1 2
Human settlements (1)

Use for: Communities, Human habitat, Street scenes, Towns, Villages, Cities

  • Here are entered works relating to localities or communities in which people live.
201 1
Housing 30 1
Journalists and journalism

Use for: Newspapers, Newspapermen

  • Here are entered works related to the job of collecting, writing, and publishing information about current events.
12 4
Local government

Use for: Town councils, Band councils, City councils, Municipal government, Settlement councils, Ratepayers' associations, Settlement bands, Designated authorities, Charter communities, Hamlets, Villages

  • Here are entered works relating to local authorities whose authority extends to the community or municipal level and whose focus is narrower than territorial or federal government.
27 2
Lumber industry and trade

Use for: Sawmills

3 3
Music and musicians

Use for: Singing, Singers

15 0
Nurses and nursing

Use for: Registered nurses, Nurses' aids, Certified nursing assistants, Registered Nursing Assistants, Nursing assistants, Canadian Registered Nurses, Registered Nursing Aids, Public health nurses

  • Here are entered works relating to persons providing nursing care and the provision of nursing care to patients.
11 4