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Engineers and engineering
  • Here are entered works relating to the profession concerned with the design and building of engines, machines, and structures, as well as people engaged in that profession.
0 2
Environmental policy 39 19
Events and gatherings

Use for: Special events, Community celebrations, Carnivals, Jamborees, Music festivals, Ceremonies, Commemorations

  • Here are entered works relating to times of celebration, commemoration, and special events or ceremonies. Events may be of a serious or festive nature.
81 2
Executive advisory bodies

Use for: Advisory boards, Advisory committees, Advisory councils

  • Here are entered works related to advisory boards, committees, and councils.
44 9
Family violence

Use for: Domestic violence, Domestic abuse

  • Here are entered works related to abuse, harm, mistreatment or neglect between family members or intimate partners, including physical, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse.
12 0
Film and media arts

Use for: Filmmakers, movies, motion pictures

  • Here are entered works related to the making and showing of films and motion pictures.
3 5
Finance, Public
  • Here are entered works relating to government spending and the economy.
69 21
Fires and fire prevention

Use for: Forest fires, House fires, Wildfires

  • Here are entered works on fires, the management of fires and the efforts made to prevent fires from starting or spreading.
27 2

Use for: Fisheries, Fishing industry, Commercial fishing industry

  • Here are entered works on the harvesting of fish, including subsistence, commercial, as well as sport fishing.
16 3

Use for: Flooding

6 0
Food and nutrition

Use for: Food products, Nutrition, Diet, Eating habits, Human nutrition, Malnutrition

  • Here are entered works relating to any substance that people or animals eat or drink in order to maintain life and growth.
13 1
Forest management

Use for: Forest resource management, Forest stewardship

40 9
Forts and trading posts

Use for: Trading posts

15 8
French language 14 0
Fur trade
  • Here are entered works relating to the practice of trapping animals to acquire and sell their pelts
31 4
Gender equity

Use for: Gender equality, Sexual equality

  • Here are entered works relating to addressing inequities in the treatment, resources and opportunities available to people of different genders, with the goal of achieving gender equity.
19 0
  • Here are entered works relating to family history, such as family trees and birth, death and marriage registrations.
  • Please note that the NWT Archives has few records of this type. The official birth, death and marriage records for the NWT from 1925 on are held by Vital Statistics, Dept. of Health and Social Services. Older records as well as government census records are held by Library and Archives Canada.
10 1

Use for: Surveying

  • Here are entered works on the integrated approach to the measurement, representation, analysis, management, retrieval and display of spatial data concerning the earth's physical features and the built environment.
9 11
Gold mines and mining 40 9
Government purchasing

Use for: Government procurement

12 2