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Subjects term Scope note Archival description count Authority record count
Taxes and taxation 8 1
Stores, Retail (1)

Use for: Shops

5 0
  • Here are entered works related to statistical information created through the collection and analysis of numerical data.
4 0

Use for: Sports facilities, Arenas, Trophies - Sports, Uniforms - Sports, Winter sports, Athletics, Boxing, Hockey

  • Here are entered works related to team and individual sports, sporting facilities, athletes, etc.
18 1
South Slavey Dene 1 0
Social services (1)

Use for: Social work

76 20
Social assistance

Use for: Income assistance, Income support, Public welfare, Welfare

  • Here are entered works dealing with financial assistance provided by the government to individuals or households.
43 10
Slavey language
  • This is used when NWT Archives staff have not yet been able to determine if records are about or in Dene Kǝdǝ́ (North Slavey) or Dene Zhatıé (South Slavey).
9 0
Silver mines and mining 2 0
Sexual health

Use for: Sexually transmitted infections, Sexually transmitted diseases, Reproductive health, Abortion, Sex education

  • Here are entered works relating to health education and awareness programs about safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases, and other sexual health issues, as well as related health care programs and strategies.
7 0
Science 5 3
Sahtú Dene

Use for: Hare people

11 2
Safety (1)

Use for: Public safety

11 1

Use for: Highways, Streets, Winter roads, Ice roads

  • Here are entered works on routes prepared for vehicular travel, including highways and winter roads.
22 1

Use for: Fast food restaurants, Cafes

10 2
Residential schools

Use for: Hostels (student), Student residences

  • Here are entered works on the colonial institutions that saw the forced removal of Indigenous children from their homes to attend school elsewhere.
43 8
  • Here are entered works related to the process of conducting research investigations, as well as the granting of research permits.
36 17
Religion (1) 3 14
Records management

Use for: Records -- management

  • Here are entered works related to the creation, use, storage, retrieval, preservation, and disposition of records and information in an organization throughout their life cycle.
9 0
Radium mines and mining 2 0