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Trapping and trappers

Use for: Animal traps, Trapper

22 10

Use for: Numbered treaties, Treaty 8, Treaty 11, Indigenous peoples -- Treaties

  • Here are entered works related to Treaties 8 and 11 as well as other treaties between Indigenous peoples and the Crown.
5 0
Tungsten mines and mining 1 0
Uranium mines and mining 6 0
Voyages and travel

Use for: Journeys, Travels, Trips

  • Here are entered works related to the act of going on a trip or journey.
74 8

Use for: Whale hunting, Commercial whaling, Hunting, Whale, Whale fisheries, Whale harvesting

  • Here are entered works on the harvesting/hunting of whales
4 1
Wildlife conservation

Use for: Animal conservation

  • Here are entered works on the protection of wildlife, as a matter of public policy.
94 20

Use for: Status of women, Women's rights, Women's issues

  • Here are entered works related to women's issues or women's rights, as well as works with a special focus on women as a group.
27 11
Yellowknives Dene

Use for: Tetsǫ́t'ıné, Copper Indians, YKDFN, Yellowknives Dene First Nation

1 0
Zinc mines and mining 3 0
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