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  • Here are entered works relating to the exploration, extraction, refining, transportation, and marketing of petroleum products.

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      N-2021-004 · Accession · [ca. 1942]-1953

      Records include prints formerly owned by Ethel Coates, documenting her experience living and working in Norman Wells. The photographs feature the portraits and daily work and recreation activities of Imperial Oil Ltd employees, including hiking, camping, and dances. Most of the images appear to have been taken in and around Norman Wells and Camp Canol, but it is possible that some were taken elsewhere.

      Photographs 0052 through 0102 are arranged according to their order in a scrapbook that was created for Ethel Coates' memorial service, with captions written by her niece.

      Coates, Ethel
      357 · Fonds · 1921-2009

      This fonds consists of records from the Directorate, Policy, Legislation and Communication division, Wildlife and Fisheries division, Parks and Tourism division, Investment and Economic Analysis division, Industrial Initiatives division, Environmental Protection division, Minerals, Oil and Gas division, Fort Smith region, the Energy, Mines and Resources Secretariat and the Energy Secretariat of the Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development dating from 1926-2007.

      The records from the Policy, Legislation and Communication division primarily consist of project report files related to a variety of departmental programs and initiatives including resource management, the Protected Areas Strategy, hunter and harvester assistance programs, Land Use Planning committees; legislative initiatives; strategic planning, oil and resource development strategies; parks and tourism; departmental operational review and organizational reviews; policy and legislation development committees, senior management committees and working groups. There are also records relating to the development of Forest Fire Management and Species at Risk legislation, amendments to the Wildlife Act, regulatory changes to the Forest Management Act and Territorial Parks Act, and protocols and regulations in regards to land claims agreements with Indigenous groups as well as feedback from the public, as well as records related to the development of the Business Development and Investment Corporation Act. Also included in the records are four signed agreements, the environmental agreement with BHP, the Environmental Agreement with DeBeers Canada regarding the Snap Lake Diamond Project, the Socio-Economic Agreement with DeBeers Canada regarding support of the secondary diamond industry in the NWT, as well as a Cooperation Agreement with the federal Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development respecting the Giant Mine Remediation Project. The records also document RWED's participation in the Sahtu Renewable Resources Board and preliminary screening of water and land use applications. The records also include a draft internal Use of Internet Policy, copy of the Thelon Game Sanctuary Management Plan, forest management policy development, a review of historical records relating to reindeer, and material relating to Metis harvesting rights. The records also document the Department's involvement in the processes of devolution of natural resources from the federal government and division between the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

      Records from the Forest Management division include meeting and workshop records, regional year-end reports, records relating to the negotiation of forest management agreements, fire effects camps messaging and reports, public education program planning, excerpts from the operations manual, and informational guides and pamphlets.

      Records relating to Wildlife Management include those on the subjects of disease, endangered species, land use, predator control, trapping, hunting, fur production and harvesting data, fur marketing, support for harvesters, hunting and trapping associations, outfitting, environmental protection and conservation, environmental assessment and monitoring, land claims, trapper taxation, trapping standards, animal sightings, game management reports, registered trapping areas, pipelines, sport fishing and lake stocking, fisheries management, conservation education, business opportunities, national parks, territorial parks, preserves, sanctuaries and refuges. Records also include federal committees and studies, manuals, permits, licenses, newsletters, annual reports, strategic plans, and administrative records (ie. Staffing - GNWT policies), mandate documents, and staff chronos relating to the operation of the Division. The wildlife management records include studies or records relating to falcons, gyrfalcons, geese, duck, swans, bears, bison, beaver, sheep, caribou, fox, reindeer, wolf, muskoxen, muskrat, marten, mink, lynx, wolverine, moose, hare, waterfowl and arachnids (spiders). Policies and programs covered by these records include the Guiding and Outfitting Policy, Fire Management Policy, Firearm Safety Instructor Course Program, Bathurst Management Planning Committee, Trapper Treeline Program, Trapper Training, Harvesters Assistance, Trapper Compensation, Community Freezer Program, Fur Program, trap exchange, fur marketing, Biodiversity Working Group, interaction with COSEWIC, and the Fish and Wildlife Service Policy. Each region of the Northwest Territories is represented. The records also include Wildlife Act revisions, consultation records (audio cassettes) for the new Wildlife and Species at Risk Acts, Senior Management committee material and briefing notes for 1999-2004.

      The textual records and slides relating to the Parks and Tourism division date 1979-2006 and include Economic Development Agreement (EDA) files (contribution files), interpretive centre and display project files, signage and design files, map planning and development, campground reports and statistics, public image documents, records relating to the development of the Explorers' Guide, tourism promotion planning, and tourism studies. They also include capital project records relating to historic sites and properties, territorial parks operations and development, events such as Expo '86, and structural objectives of the Division. There are also minutes and planning documents from internal Tourism meetings, Tourism Marketing Advisory Committee, the Protected Areas Strategy, NWT Arctic Tourism and a file related to the NWT Tourism Industry Association Review that was prepared by a consultant for the department. There are also ministerial, deputy minister and assistant deputy minister chronos.

      The files from the Investment and Economic Analysis division date from 1990-2006 and include records on the marketing and promotion of northern arts in crafts in North America, Japan and Europe, egg marketing, the role of the department in the development of the Master of the Arctic exhibit, establishment of the Business Development and Investment Corporation, arts and culture strategy, Northern innovation, the diamond industry, and manufacturing strategy. The majority of the files consist of strategic planning materials concerning public relations for the department, business planning files related to arts and crafts development in the communities, briefing notes, agreements, reports, Decision papers, meeting material, and reference material. There is also Deputy Minister correspondence concerning the relationship between Economic Development and Tourism, Business Credit Corporation and NWT Development Corporation, as well as briefing notes, files from senior management meetings and Premier Panel Meeting, files regarding the Arts and Crafts Committee and internal newsletters. There are also files generated by intergovernmental committees and commissions, including the Business Incentive Policy review and the Banker's Commission.

      The records from the Directorate primarily consist of Ministerial and Deputy Minister chronos and briefing books. There are also departmental planning files including records from a Departmental Review Committee related to consolidation of the following departments: Economic Development and Tourism, Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and Renewable Resources, as well as minutes and materials from departmental Senior Management meetings and workshops. There is also a file for 2004 meetings of the Legislation Committee to review alterations to legislation and regulation for the Department. In addition, there are files related a variety of issues from several divisions within the department, including records related to wildlife management, forest and fire management, including annual forest fire operations reports, the development and privatization of NWT parks, marketing strategy for tourism in the NWT, the operation of the NWT Business Credit Corporation and NWT Development Corporation, records regarding the Economic Development Agreement (EDA), records from the Deputy Minister's Committee on the Devolution of Lands and Resources, as well as records relating to RWED's co-lead role in the development of a National Diamond Strategy. Records also include deputy minister's files on the Arctic Energy Alliance, from when the deputy minister sat on the Board of Directors.

      The records from the Minerals, Oil and Gas division relate to the "Increasing the Number of Northern Workers in the NWT Mineral Industry - Impacts and Strategies" study, the “NWT Mining Statistics Survey Financial & Statistical Results Details by Individual Mines 1990-1992” survey, mineral royalty and mining taxation options, a draft Mining Income Tax Act, website development for the Coronation Gulf Mineral Development Area and the Mackenzie Valley Mineral Development Area, and mineral exploration projects and also include records from the predecessor department of Energy, Mines and Natural Resources.

      This fonds also consists textual material comprised of publications from the Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development. The reports date from 1997-2006 and relate to animals and flora, specifically caribou, wood bison, muskox, dolphins and black spruce trees. Topics cover wildlife management, migration, calving grounds, population distribution, wildfires and seasonal movements and migration.

      This fonds also consists of files related to the Trade and Investment Division and Economic Planning Division. This material consists of three files relating to mining industry winter road access, one file with varied material regarding NWT investment and trading strategies, including a brochure and report. There is one file on the Aurora Fund, a venture capital fund related to the federal Immigration Investor Program. Finally, there is one file containing a consultant's report on household expenditure cost differentials between the NWT and southern communities.

      The fonds also includes files from the Industrial Initiatives division. This material relates primarily to diamond mining and gas pipeline projects and includes committee material, briefing notes, speaking notes, reports, and grants and contributions policies and procedures.

      The fonds also includes records from the Fort Smith Region, including job descriptions, organizational charts, meeting materials, correspondence, site assessment forms, and records of the 1997 Fort Providence Prescribed Burn project.

      The fonds also include records from the Inuvik Region relating to community economic development.

      This fonds also consists of files related to the Energy, Mines and Resources Secretariat. This material includes correspondence regarding energy alternatives as well as natural gas power feasibility for Inuvik and Hay River, mineral development, strategy and northern hiring practices, Development Impact Zones (DIZ's) and major project preparedness for full-scale hydrocarbon development of the Northwest Territories.

      This fonds also consists of files related to the Energy Secretariat, tasked with drafting an energy strategy for the NWT. Materials include workshops, meeting minutes, public consultations, stakeholder responses, correspondence and a discussion paper, "Towards an Energy Strategy for the NWT."

      This fonds also consists of files related to the Environmental Protection Division. This material includes correspondence, meeting minutes, society formation and workshop proceedings of the Arctic Energy Alliance, created in concert with four other Government of the Northwest Territories organizations and the NWT Association of Municipalities.

      Northwest Territories. Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development (1996-2005)
      367 · Fonds · 1966-1996

      This fonds consists of approximately 16.7 meters of textual material from the Department of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources. These records include materials from four major program areas: the Directorate; Energy, Policy and Economic Analysis; Regional Planning; and Mineral Development. The records include Deputy Minister level chronos; strategic planning documents; planning document related to petroleum resource management; energy conservation promotion; the transfer of the Northern Canada Power Corporation (NCPC) to the GNWT; work with communities and regions to achieve sustainable resource development such as the Development Impact Zone Committees (DIZ's); legislation and policy development; the negotiation, management and evaluation of the Economic Development Agreement (EDA), in particular the mining or mineral portion of the agreement.

      There are also committee files pertaining to the EDA from the Policy Committee, Management Committee, Minerals Management Committee, Audit and Evaluation Committee, Communications Management Committee, Coordinating Committee, Programme Evaluation Management Committee and Information Committee. In addition, there is a Guide to Legislation that was developed by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC). This fonds also includes Ministerial Briefing Books and Northern Oil and Gas Action Program (NOGAP) project proposals, progress reports from GNWT departments and evaluations of NOGAP. The remaining files concern indigenous peoples' land claims including the Gwich'in claim, the Sahtu claim, and the Nunavut land claim as proposed and developed by Tungavik Federation of Nunavut (TFN). Other files relate to territorial park proposals.

      Included also are approximately 70 cm of project files and reports from EMPR and its predecessor Energy, Mines and Resources Secretariat. The project files relate to the Norman Wells pipeline project, Beaufort Sea Environmental Assessment , Borealis Exploration (Roche Bay Magnetitie Project) and the Baffinland iron project at Mary River. The reports and guides cover the mineral, oil and gas, mining and exploration and energy sectors, as well as legislation affecting exploration and mining. There is also a guide/dictionary of growth management strategies.

      Northwest Territories. Department of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (1989-1996)

      This accession consists of records from the Policy, Legislation and Communications division of the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment. The records include material from internal ITI meetings on the Mackenzie Gas Project National Energy Board proceedings and ITI publications from 2008, including the Sahtu Regional Newsletter (August 2008), Grants and Contributions Programs Results Report 2007/2008, Canada/NWT Agriculture Policy Framework Agreement Small Scale Foods/Community Garden Initiative, and various draft articles.

      271 · Fonds · 1901-1974

      This fonds consists of 810 photographs, 14.4 cm of textual material, 10 architectural drawings, and 1 map that encompass the records and the photographic collection of the Yellowknife Museum Society. The records, dating from 1953 to 1974, include the certificate of incorporation, minutes, by-laws, correspondence, annual reports, museum procedures and inventory, information on opening of the museum, a brief on archives to the NWT Council, and the agreement transferring the museum to the Government of the Northwest Territories. Also included are 1 map and 10 architectural plans of the Museum of the North. The photograph collection from the Yellowknife Museum Society is comprised of 807 images dating from [1875] to 1970, collected from a variety of sources and documenting the history of the Northwest Territories. Themes include: Dene and Inuit peoples; mining activities; missions; transportation; Royal Canadian Mounted Police; oil exploration; Centennial celebrations; and settlements. Locations covered include: Aklavik; Beechey Island; Pond Inlet; Pangnirtung; Jean Marie River; Norman Wells; Fort McPherson; Fort Simpson; Fort Norman; Fort Resolution; Hay River; Port Radium; Reindeer Station; Chesterfield Inlet; Lake Harbour; Herschel Island; Port Burwell; Rankin Inlet; Sachs Harbour; Arctic Red River; and Fort Smith.

      Yellowknife Museum Society
      Zuckerman, George
      N-1979-012 · Accession · [1946]

      The prints feature river transportation, the Canol Project, Norman Wells, Fort Smith, Fort Simpson, Fort Providence, and Aklavik. They are believed to have been taken by George Zuckerman to illustrate the book "The Great Mackenzie".

      Zuckerman, George
      Imperial Oil Limited
      N-1979-049 · Accession · [1945-1955?]

      Records include photographs primarily of Imperial Oil activities and sites in Alberta and the NWT. Frobisher Bay (Iqaluit), Inuvik, Norman Wells, and Yellowknife are featured.

      Imperial Oil Limited

      The accession consists of records from the Industrial Initiatives Division of the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment relating to the negotiation of a socio-economic agreement for the Mackenzie Gas Project in 2006. The records include The Government of the Northwest Territories General Submission to the Joint Review Panel on the Mackenzie Gas Project, responses to JRP Intervenor Requests for Information, socio-economic agreement drafts and terms, draft memorandum of intent and memorandum of understanding, information items and updates, presentation slides, and other related records.

      This accession consists of records of the Industrial Initiatives division of the Department of Resources and Natural Resources ( RWED, later the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI)), particularly relating to diamond mining (Diavik, BHP, De Beers) and the Mackenzie Gas project. Other projects and locations featured less prominently include the Can Tung Mine, Bathurst Inlet, Lupin Mine, and Paramount Resources (Cameron Hills). The records include meeting material from the Diavik Communities Advisory Board, meetings of various groups related to the Mackenzie Gas Project Socio-Economic Agreement, Deputy Ministers' Pipeline Steering Committee, and Mackenzie Valley Development Project Working Group, briefing material (including briefing notes from other divisions in RWED), speaking notes, grants and contributions policies and procedures, and reports, including Socio-Economic Monitoring Agreement status reports, annual Communities and Diamonds reports, and Economic Accounts 1987-1996.

      G-1979-513 · Accession · 1920-1923
      Part of Canada. Department of the Interior fonds

      The records are made up of three files of correspondence and two blue print maps of leased areas documenting applications and maintenance of surveying permits for petroleum and natural gas exploration in the south Great Slave Lake region including, Pine Point and Presquille Point areas.

      275 · Fonds · 1882-1937

      This fonds consists of 630 photographs, 68 maps and 5.5 cm of textual records produced or accumulated by the federal Department of the Interior, between 1882 and 1937. The photographs include 170 reproductions of federal government issues, originally from a collection of over 2,000 lantern slides reproduced from various federal departmental sources. The majority of the images were not related to the Northwest Territories and were forwarded to the National Archives of Canada in 1990. These colour images document the scenery, town sites and local people, including Dene and Inuit of the Northwest Territories and includes many images of the Harry Snyder Canadian Expedition (1937). An album entitled "Office of District Agent, N.W.T. & Y. Branch, Fort Smith" contains 368 black and white photographs, dating predominantly from the 1920's, depicting a variety of subjects such as missions, transportation along the Mackenzie River and treaty payment. Another 91 photographs are from an incomplete copy of L.T. Burwash's report entitled, "The Eskimo, Their Country and Its Resources: Economic Survey of the East Coasts of Hudson Bay and James Bay from Richmond Gulf to Rupert House, Including the Belcher and Other Adjacent Islands", Ottawa, Department of the Interior, 1927. (Typewritten.) The report contains a diary of the trip taken by Burwash, descriptions of Inuit life, food supplies, clothing, health, the influence of trading posts, housing conditions, and mineral and animal resources in the region. Much of the report focuses on the Inuit in the regions around Little Whale River and the Belcher Islands. The photographs depict communities along eastern coasts of Hudson Bay and James Bay. The mounting of the photographs in this report suggests that this copy was a draft produced before its final publication. The photographs have been removed from the report and stored separately for preservation reasons. In addition, this report also contains 8 maps. The remaining 50 maps in this fonds date from 1882 to 1933; they were produced by the Department of the Interior. Map areas include: Great Bear Lake, Great Slave lake, Dismal Lakes, Coppermine River, Mackenzie River, Thelon River, Backs River (Back River), Camsell River, Slave River, Cameron Bay, Keewatin, and Ungava, navigational maps of Slave River, Great Slave Lake, the Mackenzie River, Artillery Lake, Lac Du Bois, Casba Lake, Campbell Lake, Sifton Lake, Thelon River, Hanbury River, Beverly Lake, Aberdeen Lake, Schultz Lake, and Baker Lake. Two items depict leased areas for petroleum and natural gas exploration in the south Great Slave Lake region. The remaining textual material dated 1921, includes one file of correspondence of O.S. Finnie, Acting Secretary for the Department of the Interior, and three files regard applications for surveying and exploration permits in the Great Slave Lake and Pine Point areas.

      Canada. Department of the Interior
      Esso Resources Canada, Ltd.
      N-1992-277 · Accession · 1982-1989

      This accession consists of issues of "Esso North", a newsletter published by Esso Resources Canada Ltd. The newsletter contains information on employment opportunities for local residents, environmental studies, histories of the Great Bear Lake and Mackenzie Delta region, as well as updates on the companies current and planned activities for oil extraction in Norman Wells and Tuktoyaktuk.

      Esso Resources Canada Ltd.
      326 · Fonds · 1975-1991

      This fonds consists of approximately 1.3 meters of textual material from the Department of Public Works. The material from the Policy and Planning Division includes material related to the departmental Establishment Policy and Northern Preference Policy. In addition, there are files related to ministerial tours of the communities, senior management meetings, Minister's speeches, energy policy, operations divisional meetings, annual reports to the Commissioner, devolution framework documents, and transfer of responsibility (i.e. health services) options. The bulk of the material is dated between 1975-1991 and consists of minutes and agendas from Director's Meetings, Manager's Meetings, Staff Meetings, Systems and Computer Services Review Meetings, Micro Computer Users Group Meetings, Priorities and Planning Committee reports, organization charts from the department and reports on petroleum products and the liquor commission.

      Northwest Territories. Department of Public Works (1989-1993)
      G-1999-030 · Accession · 1975-1991
      Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Public Works (1989-1993) fonds

      Records consist of minutes and agendas from Director's Meetings, Manager's Meetings, Staff Meetings, Systems and Computer Services Review Meetings, Micro Computer Users Group Meetings, Priorities and Planning Committee reports, organization charts from the department and reports on petroleum products and the liquor commission.

      G-2021-008 · Accession · November 1996-March 2014
      Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Public Works and Services fonds

      This accession consists of records relating to Deputy Ministers Meetings, Senior Management Meetings (PWS), as well as the interdepartmental Drinking Water Management Committee, Devolution Properties, Assets, Records and Contractor Committee, and Refocusing Government Strategic Initiatives Committee. Also included are records arising from the following projects and initiatives: Petroleum Products Privatization, Expansion of Cell Phone Service, Apprenticeship Reviews, Inuvialuit Land Access Arbitration, Gwich'in Memorandum of Understanding, and Norman Wells Natural Gas project.

      Northwest Territories. Department of Public Works and Services. Directorate
      G-2021-023 · Accession · 2001-2007
      Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Public Works and Services fonds

      This accession consists of records of the Petroleum Products Division of the Department of Public Works and Services, including meeting materials for the Senior Management Committee, a report on All Weather Roads in the Tli Cho Region, records of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Fuel Working Group, fuel supply and pricing management, and management of a memorandum of understanding with the Canadian Coast Guard.

      Terry Foster fonds
      393 · Fonds · 1972-2001

      This fonds consists of 374 images comprised of 167 colour slides, 115 colour photograph prints, 5 colour negatives (duplicates corresponding to 5 of the 115 prints in N-2009-006) and 87 b&w negatives. The photographs, taken by Foster, document several NWT communities in the 1970s and 80s, including Snare Lake (Wekweti), Holman, Fort Smith and Lac La Marte (Whati). There are also photographs from what is now Nunavut, including Iqaluit, Rankin Inlet, Lake Harbour (Kimmirut), and an outpost camp just outside Lake Harbour (Kimmirut). There are are 106 print photographs that document changes in Yellowknife's downtown core from 1978 - 2001. There are also several photographs from the Beaufort Sea which were taken while Foster was evaluating the impact of off-shore drilling on the nearby communities. Also included are nine colour photographs of the Lupin and Polaris mines at Resolute Bay, taken in 1980. Overall themes include mining, firefighting and fires, oil and gas exploration, community life, housing, fishing, aerial shots of communities, recovery of a float plane from Back Bay, the 1988 Yellowknife air show, tundra and foliage, and the 1972 solar eclipse in Rankin Inlet.

      Foster, Terry
      Robert van't Hoff fonds
      16 · Fonds · 1946-1948, 1994

      This fonds consists of 75 black and white negatives. 74 of the negatives were taken from August 1946 to May 1948 and are cellulose nitrate. One negative was taken in June, 1994 as a comparison to an earlier image of the same location. The photographs feature the locations of Port Radium, Yellowknife, and Norman Wells. Subjects include an Eldorado Mining and Refining, Ltd. camp, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals stations, airplanes, Governor General Alexander's 1947 visit to the Northwest Territories, the Imperial Oil Limited camp and a Royal Canadian Mounted Police dog patrol. Most of the images were photographed by Robert van't Hoff, however two images are credited to Henry Busse.

      van't Hoff, Robert
      Thompson, Keith, 1937-
      N-1986-003 · Accession · 1972

      This accession consists of 10 colour slides taken in June 1972 at Canol camp sites. The images show the buildings at the major installation base situated about five kilometres west of the Mackenzie River.

      Thompson, Keith, 1937-