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          Terry Keim collection
          N-2013-020 · Accession · 1964-1967

          The film was shot in Inuvik and the Mackenzie delta region circa 1964-1967. The filmmaker is Terry F. Keim. The film features the [196? and 1967] Inuvik Muskrat Jamboree, aerial views of Inuvik, various buildings in the townsite, airplanes and the Inuvik airport, and extensive footage of drum dancers in traditional costumes. A complete shot listing is located in the accession file.

          Keim, Terry
          G-1992-036 · Accession · 1982-1983
          Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Justice and Public Services fonds

          The recordings, often referred to as the Dene Music Project, were made at four different Dene communities and each performance consisted of numerous songs. For identification purposes, each performance or recording session has been given a unique item number regardless of the number of physical tapes or songs it may incorporate. Included among the recordings are the master reels (:0009) compiled from a selection from original recordings. These reels were to be used in the production of the published record. Reference cassettes for most of the recordings are available. The textual records consists of documentation on each of the recording sessions. The black and white photographic negatives and corresponding contact sheets were taken during the recording sessions. Final appraisal and selection of the photographic negatives (items :0010-:0088) was completed in March 2013. Items :0004, :0006 and :0008 - original masters are cassettes. All other items have reel to reels as original masters.

          Northwest Territories. Department of Justice and Public Services. Museums and Heritage division
          N-1993-024 · Accession · 1963-1966

          This accession consists of four programmes for Christmas concerts produced by the students of the Federal Day School in Nahanni Butte. The programmes are for the 1963, 1964, 1965 and 1966 concerts. They contain Christmas carol sheets and the text from plays produced by the students during the concert.

          Federal Day School (Nahanni Butte, NT)
          N-2014-003 · Accession · 1988-1992

          Records consist of songs, stories and interview transcripts collected by ethnomusicologist Nicole Beaudry in the Sahtu communities of Deline, Tulita and Fort Good Hope in 1988-1992.

          Beaudry, Nicole
          Yellowknife Radio Ltd
          429-S09 · Series · 1956-1982
          Part of Glick family fonds

          Series consists of records relating to the operation of Yellowknife Radio Limited (also known as Yellowknife Radio and Records Shop and YK Radio). Records include financial statements, meeting minutes, and advertisements, as well as recordings of local bands that were made in the store.

          YK Radio was a retail establishment for records, radios and appliances in downtown Yellowknife. Harold Glick began the business in October 1948, selling products and offering repair services. The store was initially in a wall tent next door to the Gold Range Hotel, and by 1952 had moved into a new building. In 1958 an addition was added to the shop. The store’s offerings expanded to include jewelry and furniture. As of 1968-1970, the company had three directors: Harold Glick (President), Zelda Glick (Secretary-Treasurer), and Jacob Isaac Glick (Vice President). By 1972, Derek A. Finall had replaced J.I. Glick as a Director. In 1986 the business was sold to Roy Williams.

          Glick, Harold
          G-1979-046 · Accession · 1940-[1970?]
          Part of Royal Canadian Mounted Police fonds

          The photographs document an RCMP band, commemorations of RCMP members lost to the search for the Mad Trapper and the lost Fitzgerald, Dawson-McPherson Patrol.

          Royal Canadian Mounted Police. "G" Division
          Robert S. Pilot collection
          N-2006-008 · Accession · [1972-1979]

          The textual records are comprised of one certificate, recording the establishment of the Council of the Order of St. John for the Northwest Territories on June 24, 1972, signed on the verso by some founding members; a 1979 Ball Programme for the NWT Council for the Order of St. John from November 24, 1979; and an oversized document describing the first animals at L.D. Livingstone's Polar Sea Dairy Farm in Aklavik. The photographs document the founding members of the NWT Council of St. John Ambulance, and the first induction of members to the Order of St. John. The sound recording is an LP record of 'Two Hands and For Ever: a new musical about Old Yellowknife', produced in 1978.

          Pilot, Robert S.

          The material has been divided into three series. Series A (sound recordings) has been subdivided into 3 sub-series. Series A, Sub-series 1 - consists of eight recordings (:0001 to :0008) of an alcohol workshop conducted by the Dene Nation at Snowdrift in 1980. Series A, Sub-series 2 - consists of three sound recordings (:0009 to :0011) of Dene fiddle, drum dance and hand game music recorded in Snowdrift in 1980. Series A, Sub-series 3 - consists of seventeen interviews conducted in 1980 (:0012 to :0028). Series B (text) consists one of administrative file on the Oral History Compendium and one file with summaries of three interviews. Series C (photographic) is a colour print (:0029) of Frank Tetcho and his wife Madelaine at Trout Lake.

          Northwest Territories. Department of Justice and Public Services. Museums and Heritage division. NWT Archives
          Sven Johansson fonds
          243 · Fonds · 1935, 1966-1988

          This fonds consists of 117 black and white copy negatives, 5 videocassettes in Umatic and Betacam format, 1 audio reel, 1 DAT audiocassette, 1 film reel, 1 blueprint and 1 folder of textual material. The fonds includes a variety of material relating to Sven Johansson's time in the north. These records include: a Umatic videocassette copy of Johansson's film entitled "Canadian Reindeer Project" and an audio reel containing narration for the film. The original audiocassette was copied to audio reel circa 1997. The audio reel is now the archival master. The 117 photographs show hunting and trapping activities and Johansson's boat the "North Star." In addition, there are 3 3/4" Umatic videocassettes documenting the Geological Survey of Canada charter of Johansson's boat the "North Star" in 1972 and one DAT audiocassette containing the narration for the videos. The textual material is made up of a manuscript for the choreography for the dance "Hunger," one photocopy of the typed manuscript "Canadian Reindeer Herd," both written by Johansson, as well as a copy of the Bill of Sale and Certificate of Record blueprint for the boat the "North Star." There is also a 16 mm black and white film entitled "Drum Dance" and a Betacam SP copy of "Drum Dance."

          Johansson, Sven
          G-2005-018 · Accession · March 1990
          Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications fonds

          The audio recordings document stories that were recorded at the Miner's Mess restaurant in Yellowknife, March 13th and March 15th, 1990, as part of the Cultural Festival component of the Arctic Winter Games held in Yellowknife, March 11-17, 1990. The recording project was sponsored by the NWT Arts Council in conjunction with the Muttart Foundation and Communications Canada. The recordings feature storytelling by Claire Barnabe, Barb Bromley, Rene Fumoleau, Jim Green, Abe Okpik, Erik Watt, Lorne Scholar, D'Arcy Arden, George Blondin, Neil Colin, Mary Forrest, Pete Fraser, Joe Tobie and Jim Bourque.

          Northwest Territories. NWT Arts Council
          Hewitt, Mike
          N-1979-566 · Accession · 1964-1965

          Records include sound recordings of Dogrib (Tlicho) chants and drum dances recorded at Fort Rae (Behchoko). All three reels contain the same content.

          Hewitt, Mike
          Moyle, Frank
          N-1992-169 · Accession · 1938, 1939, 1941

          This accession consists of: the employment contract between Frank Moyle and the Northern Transportation Company Limited, dated May 30, 1938; one pamphlet of rates and sailings for the Radium Line of the Northern Transportation Company Limited, 1939; one pamphlet for Mackenzie River Transport, 1939; and one song sheet from the Oldtimers Banquet & Dance of Feb. 7, 1941.

          Lay, Maureen
          N-1998-005 · Accession · [195-]

          This accession consists of one photograph (colour print) of Margaret Cockney at a drum dance in Tuktoyaktuk in the 1950s.

          G-2021-034 · Accession · 1983, 1999-2003
          Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment fonds

          Records include correspondence and drafts related to amendments to the Social Assistance Regulations, regulations under the Archives Act, and the Public Colleges Act, as well as an agreement between the Department of Education and the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre regarding the NACC facilities within Sir John Franklin High School.

          Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment. Policy and Planning division
          Valpy, Bruce, 1954-
          N-1991-061 · Accession · 1983

          This accession consists of the original manuscript for the unpublished play "Hornby", written by Bruce Valpy. The play, set in the Thelon River area in the winter of 1926-1927, features the characters Jack Hornby, Edgar Christian and Harold Adelard.

          Valpy, Bruce
          Northern Ephemera Collection
          N-1999-032 · Accession · 1966-1980

          Records include a Native Press calendar from 1979, a Native Communications Society calendar from 1980, a Northern Games brochure from 1974, 3 political brochures for Claire M. Barnabe from 1979, a NWT Travelog from 1966 and a 1975 programme for "Handel's Messiah."

          N-1992-080 · Accession · 1979

          It contains the programme for the musical "Two Hands and For Ever", which was produced and written by Robin Beaumont and Graham Hall in 1979, with music and lyrics by Robin Beaumont. The programme contains short biographical sketches on many of the workers and performers of this musical.

          St. Pat's Society for Musical Theatre
          Singing North, The
          N-1992-104 · Accession · [1974]

          It contains one published program for the musical production "Canterbury Tales," presented by The Singing North.

          Northern Musicians Project
          N-2005-014 · Accession · 2003-2014

          Records include recordings and transcripts of interviews with northern musicians that were conducted by Pat Braden as part of a project supported by the Cultural Project Contribution Program of the Government of the Northwest Territories. The objective of the project was to interview northern 'pop' musicians in order to document their experiences and gain insight into the NWT music community between the 1950s and 1990s. The musicians interviewed included Archie Loutitt, Tony Buggins, Wilf Schidlowsky, George Mandeville, Albert Canadien, Angus Beaulieu, Herbie Beaulieu, Tom Hudson, John Tees, Alex Czarnecki, Gary Tees, Ted Wesley, Kevin Mackie, John Landry, Richard Lafferty, Pat Burke, and Allen Daniels.

          Braden, Pat
          Nicholas Tuele collection
          N-2013-008 · Accession · [1981-1983]

          Photographs relate to Nicholas Tuele's work at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. Images were taken in his role to travel to NWT communities as Museum Advisor in the early 1980s. Images depict several communities and trips that he took including visits to Kugaaruk (Pelly Bay), Tulita (Fort Norman), Délı̨ne (Fort Franklin) and Behchokǫ̨̨̀̀̀ (Rae-Edzo). Some photos are documentation of the Tłı̨chǫ Music Project.

          Tuele, Nicholas