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G-2023-061 · Accession · 2011-2012
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Health and Social Services fonds

Records include the chronos of Ministers J. Michael Miltenberger (September-October 2011) and Tom Beaulieu (November 2011-September 2012), as well as the chronos of Deputy Ministers Paddy Meade (January-September 2011) and Debbie DeLancey (October 2011-April 2012).

Northwest Territories. Department of Health and Social Services. Directorate
G-2023-053 · Accession · 2011-2012
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Health and Social Services fonds

Records consist of contribution administration files for federally funded programs related to wellness promotion. The programs include: Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI), Brighter Futures, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy (NAYSPS), Nutrition North Canada (NNC), and On the Land.

N-1999-006 · Accession · 1930

Records are comprised of a government report entitled Prospecting and Mining Operations: Great Slave Lake. c/o Mike Beauregard / DIAND Geology Archives. The report contains several photographs of the Great Slave area, as well as seven loose plans noting mineral claims around the Great Slave Lake region. The report was written by M. Meikle, Mining Inspector.

The records date from 1968-2005 and include meeting minutes from the Community Planning division, Lands division, Surveys and Mapping division, and the Senior Management Committee (SMC). Other records related to Municipal Operations include land claims records, the Inuvialuit Final Agreement, the Community Transfer Initiative, Association of Municipalities, some general administration files from the regional offices, and policy updates. Lands division records include reports and recommendations on land information management, legal ownership of land and roadways, and granular material studies from various regions. Surveys and Mapping division records include flood risk records, records of the NWT Mapping Liaison Committee, and records related to remote sensing. The 7 videocassettes (VHS and Betamax) are of items produced by or for the Department.

Northwest Territories. Department of Municipal and Community Affairs. Lands division
G-2008-015 · Accession · 1967-1996
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Transportation fonds

Records include files related to devolution and the transfer of responsibilities relating to Arctic 'A' Airports from the Federal to the Territorial Government as well as departmental interaction with Transport Canada. Records also consist of briefing notes and ministerial correspondence with the Director's Office. There are also records that relate to Aviation Studies, Arctic Airports Management Team, Arctic Airports Staff Meetings, Arctic 'B' and 'C' Airports Steering Committee, Senior Management Committee, Airports Training Committee, Departmental Management Group. Additionally records include files related to Airport Planning, Emergency Services, Municipal Administration Certification Group (MACP), Advisory Committee Northern Development (ACND), Northern Air Transport Association (NATA), Airport Operations Sub-Committee, and the Air Navigation Sub-Committee. Records also include project files related to the Rae/Edzo Community Planning Report, the Engineering Site Report for development of the airstrip at Snowdrift (Lutselk'e), and the Arctic Airport Master Plan for Pine Point. The photographs date from the 1970s and document airstrip construction in various Northwest Territories communities.

Northwest Territories. Department of Transportation. Arctic Airports division
N-1980-501 · Accession · 1861

This accession consists of one letter addressed to Sir Leopold McClintock from C. Irmingen dated 11 April 1861 discussing Irmingen's treatise on the currents and ice drifts on the coast of Ireland.

Fedirchuk, Gloria
N-1985-001 · Accession · 1973-1974

Records include photographs documenting the construction of a mooseskin boat, the construction of a spruce bark canoe, and the tanning of a moose hide and a copy of Gloria Fedirchuk's proposal to film aboriginal adaptations and their relationship to the boreal forest environment of the Fisherman Lake Slave, including ethnographic practices, ethnobotanical information on use and taxonomy of flora, ethnozoological information on use of fauna, activities done in various seasons of the year, and the construction and creation of ethnographic items.

Fedirchuk, Gloria
McClintock, Nicholas C.
N-1979-044 · Accession · [185-?], copied [1974]

This accession consists of a bound scrapbook containing reproductions of materials relating to early British arctic expeditions and explorers, ca. 1850s. The book contains items such as: photographs of paintings of Horatio Austin, Henry Kellet, James Clark, and Lt. Hobson; copies of textual material on medical practices and diet; copies of correspondence from Commander McClintock to James Ross; a copy plan of the "H.M.S. Intrepid"; drawings of sledge flags from Austin and Kellett expeditions; and hand bills for entertainment events aboard ship. [Nicolas Cole McClintock (1916-2001) was the grandson of Admiral Sir Francis Leopold McClintock, K.C.B., D.C.L., L.L.D., F.R.S., V.P.R.G.S.]

Haley, Susan, b. 1949
N-1988-505 · Accession · [1987?]

This accession consists of an incomplete translation by Susan Haley of Father Emile Petitot's journal. Documented are Petitot's observations around Great Bear Lake and Fort Franklin.

Please note that the text includes discussions of violence, as well as outdated and disrespectful terms to refer to Indigenous peoples. We have reproduced these terms in the digitized document because they are a part of the original historical record. If you have questions or feedback please contact NWT Archives.

The sound recordings consist of seven scripts of Christmas stories from the Northwest Territories and Nunavut researched and written by Erica Tesar (PWNHC) and produced by the Department of Information with technical production by Pat Monahan of the Native Communications Society. Performers included Bob MacQuarrie, Clive Tesar, Barbara Dillon, Val LeBlanc, Candice [Candace] Savage, Cathy MacQuarrie, Pat Monahan, Fred Norwegian, Margaret Mackenzie, Leonie Kannuk, and the Gumboots. The stories include dramatizations of New Year's 1799-1800 at Fort Chipewyan, a 1917 RNWMP patrol on the barrenlands, Christmas 1821 and 1822 on the ships Fury and Hecla, Christmas 1872 on an ice floe during the Polaris expedition, Dene Christmas celebrations, the opening of Kativik Community Hall in Iqaluit in 1974,Inuit Christmas celebrations, and Christmas in Yellowknife 1938.

Northwest Territories. Department of Justice and Public Services. Museums and Heritage division
G-1999-091 · Accession · 1985-1990
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Renewable Resources fonds

Nine of the audiocassettes contain nine programs from the series entitled "This Land We Share.'" It was a monthly program produced by the department that aimed to educate northerners about the role of the Department of Renewable Resources. One audiocassette is entitled "Knowing Our Resources." It was also produced by the department and contained information on new hunting regulations, legislation, and funding for various projects that affected land use and protection of wildlife. 2 audiocassettes contain the same radio ad entitled "Let's Put Garbage in Its Place." This ad was produced for the Pollution Control Division as part of an anti-litter campaign run by the Department. The recording consisted of several variations of the same radio jingle. The remaining 2 cassettes contain the same program called "Fish and Wildlife Ordinance." The recording contains discussions about responsible game management and the differences between hunting technology in the past and present. The audio reel contains recordings of the proceedings and discussion from the Fur Symposium held in Fort Resolution in 1986.

Northwest Territories. Department of Renewable Resources. Conservation Education and Resource Development division
G-1999-044 · Accession · [1960-1995]
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Health and Social Services fonds

This accession consists of a large extent of unprocessed audio-visual material, depicting primarily Federal health services across the Northwest Territories from the 1960s to the 1980s. These include slide presentations about a 50th anniversary celebration of the St. Theresa’s Hospital in Chesterfield Inlet, a presentation on nursing in the north and a presentation on the services provided by the Department of Health, which is also accompanied by audio presentations in four indigenous languages. As well, there is a large extent of photographs, audio recordings, and video.

N-1999-015 · Accession · [193-], 1985, 1993
Part of Cyril John Baker (Yellowknife Johnny) fonds

The textual records are copies of material that relate to the years that Baker worked in the Yellowknife area as a prospector. It consists of an 82-page transcript of an interview with John Baker that was conducted by Walter Humphries in 1994; copies of Baker's correspondence and work-related papers concerning prospecting activities in the Yellowknife area and the Rich claim (Giant Mine); extracts from newspapers; a report by A.W. Jolliffe on the Yellowknife River area; an article about John Baker form the CIM Reporter; resident hunting and trapping licenses; and a summary report on the Rich Group of Claims. The photographs depict prospecting activities around Yellowknife in the 1930s. There are images of camps, floatplanes, boats, scenery, John Baker and Herb Dixon. The videocassette contains 27 minutes of footage that was taken by John Baker between 1935-1936. There are scenes of traveling, camping and prospecting in the Yellowknife area and mining activities at the Rich claim (Giant Mine).

Baker, Cyril John
N-1992-149 · Accession · 1935-1936, copied 1982
Part of Cyril John Baker (Yellowknife Johnny) fonds

This accession contains: two photocopies of statements signed by miners that appointed C. J. Baker as "Emergency Recorder" of mining claims, originals dated August 5, 1935 and September 19, 1936; one photocopy of the certificate naming Cyril John Baker as a Commissioner for taking affidavits in and for the Northwest Territories, original dated December 22, 1936; and one copy negative of a photograph taken in 1935 of Baker at the location of the "Giant" group of claims.

Baker, Cyril John
Parks Canada
N-1979-091 · Accession · 1972-1977, copied 1996
Part of Parks Canada fonds

The records include sound recordings of interviews with 36 individuals, relating to the history of the Nahanni. The textual material is comprised of the transcripts of the sound recordings. In some cases up to three copies of the transcripts existed: a first draft; an edited draft; and a final transcript, edited for publication. Where extant, only the final transcript has been retained. A few of the interviews have not been transcribed. Many of the transcripts include an introduction prepared by Addison, which provides background information on the person interviewed. In addition, there is information on the Nahanni History project, such as reports and correspondence. The 6 maps are appended to the interview transcripts. A 1977 report on the project describes the methodology, itinerary, and provides a list of people contacted and interviewed.

Parks Canada
N-1992-117 · Accession · 1979
Part of Parks Canada fonds

This accession consists of two photographic prints documenting the unveiling of the monument to Sir John and Sir James Ross. Item :0001 shows (left) Douglas Harper, Director of Parks Canada; (right) Dr. J.E. Rea, Historic Sites and Monuments Board, and item shows the monument covered by Canadian Flag prior to the unveiling.

Wolverine Legends collection
N-2002-001 · Accession · 2000
Part of George Blondin fonds

The textual records consist of transcripts, both handwritten and typewritten, of the narrative that inspired the recordings. The sound recordings consists of three recordings of a narrative told by George Blondin on the subject of wolverine legends. The recordings, produced by Spiritwalker Productions of Yellowknife, were made for the Cogent/Benger Productions Inc. film Wolverine - Devil of the North.

Blondin, George
George Blondin
N-1998-044 · Accession · 1996
Part of George Blondin fonds

The records consist of the writings of George Blondin, a well-respected Slavey Elder who writes extensively on cultural matters. Much of the material relates to traditional medicine. These notes contributed to the Dene Cultural Institute publication entitled "Medicine Power" by George Blondin.

Records include an evaluation of the NWT Literacy Strategy, a funding agreement for the construction of a francophone school in Hay River, and agreements related to scholarship and bursary programs for post-secondary students.

Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment. Strategic and Business Services division