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N-2014-003 · Accession · 1988-1992

Records consist of songs, stories and interview transcripts collected by ethnomusicologist Nicole Beaudry in the Sahtu communities of Deline, Tulita and Fort Good Hope in 1988-1992.

Beaudry, Nicole
Paul Vaudrack collection
N-2013-004 · Accession · 1963-1966

Records consist of a handwritten series of manuscripts titled "Indian Stories" by Paul Vaudrack written between 1963 and 1966. These stories and legends are mostly about Gwich'in and Slavey heroes and their wars against other peoples, including the Chipewyan and Inuvialuit. Other topics include legends about the Deluge, traditional hunting and travel.

Vaudrack, Paul
N-2007-014 · Accession · 1977-1983

Records relate to Dene languages, including materials from the Fort Good Hope Research project undertaken by the Government of the Northwest Territories Department of Education from 1981-1983. It also includes several grammars, dictionaries and reports of Dene language studies.

N-2006-013 · Accession · 1959-2001

The textual records include published and unpublished texts on Slavey and Tłı̨chǫ (Dogrib) literacy, linguistic and translation, dating from 1959 to the 1990s. The published material is partially religious, and partially linguistic in nature. A large portion of the unpublished material consists of stories told by both Tłı̨chǫ and Slavey speakers on traditional knowledge, legends, and personal stories. The sound recordings are in Tłı̨chǫ. The cassette tapes feature Vital Thomas from 1979 to 1983 providing Tłı̨chǫ field linguistic data, and the CDs were produced between 1999 and 2001 by the Dogrib Translation Committee and feature Marie Louise Bouvier-White reading passages from the Bible in Tłı̨chǫ.

SIL linguists whose work is within this accession include: Steve Barber, Betsy Barber, Gillian Story, Victor Monus, Anita Monus, Constance Naish, William Davidson, June Davidson, Jaap Feenstra, Morina Feenstra and Herbert A. Zimmerman. Dene language consultants include: Sarah Sibbeston, Old Loman, Louis Norwegian, Gabe Sanguez, Jim Sanguez, Jimmie Cholo, Sarah Hardisty, H. Kelly, Jim Lamalice, Laura Sibbeston, Modeste Mackay, Johnny Teetso, Ted Trindell, Fred Andrew, Jimmie Bread, Sarah Lamalice, Fred Tambour, Willie Martel, William Bugghins, Johnny Mackay, Chal Yohin[?], Vital Thomas, J. Konisenta and George Matou.

Summer Institute of Linguistics International
N-2006-010 · Accession · 2003

Records are comprised of the original English and French bound copies of the Tlicho Agreement. This agreement constitutes a land claims and self government agreement between the Tlicho (Dogrib), the Government of the Northwest Territories and the Government of Canada. Both copies were signed and dated August 25, 2003 in Rae-Edzo, Northwest Territories.

Canada. Department of Indian and Northern Affairs
N-2002-038 · Accession · [1990]

Records are comprised of an oral history research project entitled "Ulukhaqtuurmiut History: History and Development of the Holman Region, N.W.T." Richard G. Condon undertook the project with the assistance of Julia Ogina. The research project and resulting report documents the history of the Holman Region based on extensive archival research and oral history interviews with elders.

Frank Russell Journal
N-2002-037 · Accession · 1893-1894 [copied 1997]

Records include one photocopy of Frank Russell's journal dated from April 26, 1893 to August 18, 1894. The journal documents Russell's trip from Edmonton to Lake Athabasca, and along the Mackenzie River to Fort Good Hope. In addition, it covers a trip between Great Slave Lake and Great Bear Lake, and along the Coppermine River. The journal also contains a limited vocabulary list for the Dogrib (Tlicho), Loucheux (Gwich'in) and Yellowknives Dene. Requests for copies should be directed to the Smithsonian Institute.

Russell, Frank
354 · Fonds · 1972-2000

This fonds includes records of the Metis Nation (formerly the Metis Association of the NWT) for the period 1974-2000. The records include 980.7 cm, 11 8" floppy disks, and 58 3½" floppy disks of textual records, 9 maps, and 24 photographs of processed records relating to the Metis Association and Metis Nation. The records are divided into six series: Governance, Locals, Chronos, Administration, Membership/Enumeration, and Projects.

Yet to be processed: There are 4500 photographs of Metis Nation staff and events in colour print, b/w print, colour slide and negative formats. Many of the photographs are b/w prints stamped as being from archival institutions, such as the National Archives. Audio recordings include 1800 audio cassettes of oral histories and recordings of the annual general assemblies. Videos include 200 VHS and Umatic format videocassettes with footage of annual general assembly as well as videos produced for the Metis Nation.

Metis Nation
Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary
N-1999-037 · Accession · August 8-11, 1995

Records consist of minutes of the Dene/Inuit Meeting on Cooperative Management of the Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary and a handwritten statement of intent or declaration. This declaration was signed by the representatives of the Dene in Lutselk'e and representatives of the Inuit to develop a joint wildlife management plan for the Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary.

N-1999-036 · Accession · 1962

The records are comprised of a booklet entitled "Alphabetical List. Yellowknife Indian Agency" from 1962. This index lists the names, date of birth, band and official number of Dogrib in the Snowdrift, Yellowknife and Dogrib Rae Bands.

N-1999-026 · Accession · [1970-1990]

Records consist of nine stories from Pangnirtung written in syllabics; and one file containing results of a questionnaire on the value of the magazine 'Inuttituut.' The sound recordings contain an interview with Markoosie and traditional Inuit songs and games.

McGrath, Robin
N-1995-004 · Accession · 1934-1944, 1955, 1969

The textual records consist of 3 files. The first file is of correspondence of the Eldorado Mining and Refining Company, Eldorado Gold Mines Ltd. and El Bonanza Mining Corp. Ltd. related to administrative matters (1934-1944). Includes some correspondence of Gilbert and Charles Labine. The second file contains the ballot of 12 candidates for the Aklavik Advisory Council (1969). The third file has part of a diary in Inuktitut (1955), 2 permits to enter the Reindeer Reserve, and 7 photographs in very bad condition which may have come from the collection of the National Archives of Canada.

N-1993-501 · Collection · 1989-1990

This accession consists of 0.9 cm of textual records and 29 audio cassettes created by Alestine Andre during her Arctic Red River (Tsiigehtchic) Oral History Project in Tsiigehtchic in 1989-1990. The goal of the project was to collect information on the traditional lifestyle and cultural beliefs of the Gwichya Gwich'in in Tsiigehtchic. The textual records document the project's administration, and include a final report and a transcript. The audio cassettes include interviews conducted on various dates with five Elders who agreed to participate in the project: Hyacinthe Andre, Andre Jerome, Joan Nazon, Annie Norbert, and Nap Norbert.

Andre, Alestine
N-1992-189 · Accession · 1876, copied [1983]

This accession consists of photocopies of the English translations of the French/Loucheux (Gwich'in) entries in Emile Petitot's "Dictionnaire De La Langue DSnS - Dindji,", (Paris, 1876). The translations were prepared jointly by the Yukon Native Languages Project and the Alaska Native Languages Center.

N-1992-198 · Accession · n.d., copied 1986; copied 2006

The textual records consist of a brochure describing the film. In the film, produced by Films North, Father Rene Fumoleau discusses the changes in his views and philosophy that have occurred from his working with the Dene people, and George Barnaby discusses the changes in his own life and the choices he faces.

Films North
Morse, Bradford W.
N-1992-081 · Accession · 1979

Records consist of one unpublished paper "Indian Tribal Courts in the United States: A Model for Canada?" The paper is 66 pages long, and was produced for delivery at the Native Law Centre. It was written by B.W. Morse, a professor at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law in 1979.

Morse, Bradford W.
122 · Fonds · 1914, 1963-1990

Records are primarily the records of the Western Constitutional Forum and the Constitutional Alliance. These records document the organizations' administration, finances, community liaison and public relations activities, research activities and publications, and interactions with member organizations including the Dene Nation, Métis Association, Legislative Assembly, Tungavik Federation of Nunavut (TFN), Inuit Tapirisat of Canada (ITC), Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC), Committee for Original Peoples' Entitlement (COPE).

The records include incorporation records, terms of reference, bylaws, action plans and activity reports, correspondence, audio recordings and minutes of meetings, workshops and conferences, budgets and financial statements, funding agreements, job descriptions, press releases, newspaper articles, newsletters, research papers and reference materials, publications, including audio versions of the pamphlet series in North Slavey (Dene Kǝdǝ́), South Slavey (Dene Zhatıé), Chipewyan, Tłı̨chǫ, Gwich’in, Inuvialuktun, and Inuinnaqtun, speaking notes, presentation slides (textual and photographic), photographs of the signing of the Iqaluit Agreement, and maps showing tentative boundaries, and information relevant to division.

The accession also includes related records from the NCF and member groups of the Forums and Constitutional Alliance (Dene Nation, Metis Association, Legislative Assembly, Tungavik Federation of Nunavut, Inuit Tapirisat of Canada, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, COPE, and Dene/Métis Claims Secretariat) such as bylaws, meeting minutes, action plans and activity reports, annual reports, resolutions, financial statements, newsletters, discussion papers, correspondence, and press releases.

Constitutional Alliance of the Northwest Territories. Western Constitutional Forum
Tsaitcha, Noel
N-1989-507 · Accession · [1984]

This accession consists of stories about the Tlicho (Dogrib) chief, Edzo and is entitled "Edzo's work to make peace".

Tsaitcha, Noel
Haley, Susan, b. 1949
N-1988-505 · Accession · [1987?]

This accession consists of an incomplete translation by Susan Haley of Father Emile Petitot's journal. Documented are Petitot's observations around Great Bear Lake and Fort Franklin.

Please note that the text includes discussions of violence, as well as outdated and disrespectful terms to refer to Indigenous peoples. We have reproduced these terms in the digitized document because they are a part of the original historical record. If you have questions or feedback please contact NWT Archives.

N-1988-013 · Accession · [1930-1945], copied 1987

The textual records consist of a copy of hand written family trees for the Ruben and Thrasher families compiled by Esther Atkin Ruben. The images were collected by David Ruben and show groups of people from the Tuktoyaktuk, Baillie Island and Paulatuk areas. Item :0001 was taken at Tuktoyaktuk in 1945 and shows (l to r) Simon Kubluk, Charlie Thasher, Brother Michael Dobrowski, (behind) Peter Thrasher, Billy Thrasher, Alice Thrasher (Billy's second wife), George Thrasher, and Henry Anderson. Item :0002 was taken at Baillie Island in 1930 and shows (l to r) Mona Thrasher (Billy's first wife), his baby sister Misanik (deceased), Billy Thrasher, Mary Thrasher Kotokak of Tuktoyaktuk (deceased), Bertha Thrasher Ruben of Paulatuk (married Billy Ruben) and George Thrasher. Item :0003 shows Anglik Ruben, Shukialuk Susie Ruben and Mona Ruben Wolki (Paulatuk). Item :0004 shows Bertha Ruben with her children: Bernie Ruben Kuptana of Tuktoyaktuk, Christine Ruben Kudlak of Paulatuk and Joe Robert Ruben of Paulatuk.