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Archival description
Cominco Ltd. fonds
282 · Fonds · 1936-[198-]

This fonds consists of approximately 5 meters of textual material; 143 black and white photographs; 4 architectural drawings; and 1 video produced or accumulated by Cominco Ltd. (formerly Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada, Ltd.) between 1936 and 1985. The records relate to Con mine operations in Yellowknife and the Pine Point Mine operations of the former community of Pine Point, Northwest Territories. The bulk of textual materials are business records which have been divided in 14 series and include general administration records, personnel records, legal records, financial records, records of development at Pine Point, records from the office of the mine superintendent, records from the office of the mine engineer, records from the office of the geologist, health and safety records, and the records of the Con Athletic Association. There are also documents such as mill logbooks, radiograms, amalgamation reports, and assay test data statistics. Also included are personal files of A.J. Richardson, Mine Superintendent in the early 1970s; notes, correspondence, and reports concerning the planning and construction of the Robertson shaft at Con Mine; and a copy of the agreement between the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada and the Bennett and White Construction company to build a hydroelectric power plant. This contract contains photographs, topographical plans, and a map of the proposed site. In addition, there are architectural style drawings of the proposed plant. This fonds also contains a full run of the employee newsletter North of Sitxy/North of 60, which was published by the company between 1977-1985.

Other photographic material in this fonds is composed of one photo album entitled "Pine Point Progress" containing 65 images of construction at the Pine Point Mine site and one album of 70 photographs from a 1950 report produced by the Northern Transportation Company on operating conditions and areas serviced. An additional 8 photographs feature the Con mine campsite in 1936-1937.

Also included in this fonds is a diagram that had been presented to the Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, S.M. Hodgson, of the first diamond drill exploration hole, sunk by Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada Ltd., in March of 1937.

Cominco Ltd.
The Con video
N-2004-001 · Accession · [198-]
Part of Cominco Ltd. fonds

It is a promotional video produced by the Cominco mining company in the early 1980s to illustrate the gold mining operations at the company's Con Mine in Yellowknife. The 21:20 video focusses on the industrial aspects of the operation and is not historical in nature. Cominco sold the mine to Nerco in 1986.

Cominco Ltd.
297 · Fonds · [193-], 1933-1937, 1985, 1993

This fonds contains records documenting prospecting and mining activities around Yellowknife, primarily in the 1930s. There are images of camps, floatplanes, boats, scenery, C. John Baker and Herb Dixon. The videocassette (VHS) contains 8 mm film footage that was taken by John Baker between 1935-1936. There are scenes of traveling, camping and prospecting in the Yellowknife area and mining activities at the Rich claim (Giant Mine).

The textual material consists of an 82-page transcript of an interview with John Baker that was conducted by Walter Humphries in 1994. There are also copies of Baker's correspondence and work-related papers concerning prospecting activities in the Yellowknife area and the Rich claim (Giant Mine), as well as extracts from newspapers dated 1934-1947, a report by A.W. Jolliffe on the Yellowknife River area, an article about John Baker from the CIM Reporter, resident hunting and trapping licenses and a summary report on the Rich Group of Claims. In addition, there are 4 bound journals dated from 1935-1936 containing correspondence and observations about development and drilling, ordering mining supplies and equipment, payroll and expense information at the Giant Mine. Two of the journals contain notes and correspondence written by C. John Baker and the other two journals consist of correspondence and notes written by Lockie Burwash.

Baker, Cyril John
298 · Fonds · [1948-2007]

This fonds consists of 2.7 metres of textual records, comprised of administrative and operational files from the NWT Chamber of Mines, two 16 mm film reels, one Betacam videocassette, one DVD, and one audio cassette.

Included in the textual records are documents and reports on the Baker Lake court case and land claims issues; mineral policies, speeches, documents from Mining Week and the annual Geoscience Forums; regulations, licenses, membership lists, public relations, correspondence, reports from committees, Mine Safety Act documents; meeting agendas and minutes from 1967-1993. Also included are minutes and reports from the Northern Mineral Advisory Committee, which advocated issues in northern mining to the federal Department of Indian and Northern Affairs. Several NWT Chamber of Mines members and executive played a role in NMAC.

The moving images include two 16 mm film reels, consisting of home videos of unknown provenance. They appear to be home movies of a mine worker in Yellowknife, [1948-1949], given the title "Yellowknife Life." This fonds also includes two promotional videos produced by the Chamber: one on Betamax videocassette entitled "Mine Your Business" (a career video for youth) and one DVD entitled "Mining Now" (a northern mining promotional video).

The audiocassette consists of a recording of Cyril John Baker.

NWT Chamber of Mines
G-2015-019 · Accession · 2004-2007
Part of Northwest Territories. Workers' Compensation Board fonds

Records relate to large-scale projects undertaken by the division for the promotion and education of workplace safety. This includes the 2007 annual Mine Rescue Competition, the 2004 National Youth Safety Conference organized and hosted by the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB), and a television advertisement public service announcement campaign on overexertion in the workplace. The CD-R contains several commercials commissioned by the WCB and was produced by Cinepost films.

Northwest Territories. Workers' Compensation Board. Communications and Information division
Dr. Paris B. Stockdale fonds
361 · Fonds · 1946

This fonds consists of one Betacam video containing footage of Yellowknife, Peg Tantalum mine, a plane taking off and landing in Port Radium, an aerial view of Fort Smith and footage of Coppermine. Dr. Paris B. Stockdale, a geologist from the University Of Tennessee, shot the original 16 mm film in July 1946. A BetaCam copy was made in October 2002. In addition, there is also footage of the Fort McMurray, Alberta airport, Noranda/Val D'or Mining District in northwestern Quebec, the Noranda District in Ontario and Flin Flon, Manitoba.

Stockdale, Dr. Paris B.
Ryan Silke fonds
368 · Fonds · 1999-2010

This fonds consists of 14.5 cm of textual material, 1828 colour negatives and one DVD video documenting Ryan Silke's visits to various mine sites and locations between 1999 and 2010 including: Miramar Con Mine, Giant Yellowknife Mines, BHP Ekati Mine, Ptarmigan Mine, Akaitcho Mine, Discovery Mine, Thompson Lundmark, Hidden Lake, Ruth Mine, Walsh Lake, Viking Mine, Diversified Mine, North Inca Mine, Atlas Camp, AES Shaft (Giant Mine), Colomac Mine, Tundra Mine and Gordon Lake, Jackknife Camp, Cemetery Draw, Pet Claims, Grayling Lake, Ranney Camp, Burwash Mine, Lynx Camp, Kam Lake Camp, Yellorex Camp, Prosperous Lake, Pensive Lake, the Yellowknife River, Ryan Lake area (Ryanor and Goldcrest camps, Island Lake Core rack, and Crestaurum Mine), Aye camp, Rich YK camp, Keg Lake, Banting Lake, Oro Lake and vicinity, Garskie's Mine (Old Parr), Diavik, Great Bear Lake, Kam Point and the Old Mink Farm, Rayrock Mine, and Wool Bay area. As well, he has documented the activities of the NWT Mining Heritage Society. Includes the report "Ryan Silke's Site Visit Reports and Photographic Collection 2002-2003, Archaeological Investigations and Mine Site Documentation". The reports, typically illustrated, often include a short historical background on the mine or area, the anticipated goals of the visit, a travelogue, a site investigation report, a report on the various buildings and structures remaining, a report on equipment and machinery, a list of items salvaged, colour photographs, a list a photo identifications, hand drawn maps of the site or area, hand-coloured diagrams, copies of aerial photographs, and hand drawn renderings of buildings or floor plans.

Silke, Ryan
Sam Otto fonds
382 · Fonds · 1927 - [197-?]

This fonds consists of 0.1 cm of textual records, 859 photographs (242 black and white negatives, 300 black and white prints - original masters; 766 black and white digital files (TIFF), 15 colour digital files (TIFF) - archival masters; 55 black and white negatives, 23 black and white prints - original and archival masters), 15 8mm film reels (original masters), four 16mm film reels (original masters), 19 Betacam SP videocassettes (archival masters), and one 8mm film reel (original and archival master).

The textual records consist of a membership certificate. The majority of the photographs document Sam’s life prospecting, mining, and trapping between 1930 and 1950, while a smaller selection document Sam’s nuclear family life beginning in 1952. There are five main series of photographs: work in the Great Bear Lake region with the Northern Transportation Company and uranium mines in the early to mid-1930s; gold mining, camping, and prospecting in the Great Slave Lake area in the mid-1930s through the 1940s; work on the Canol project in 1942-1943; trapping on the barren lands (tundra) of the Keewatin region near Clinton-Colden Lake and the Back River area in the late 1930s to 1950; and Sam’s nuclear family life from 1952 onwards. Communities documented in this fonds include early images of Yellowknife’s Old Town and Latham Island, Fort Franklin (Deline), Cameron Bay camps, Norman Wells, Fort Resolution, and Fort Smith. The moving images document being on the land, prospecting, and hunting between 1930 and 1960, and town and family life between 1950 and 1970.

The digital files (TIFF) are scans of the original black and white negatives, black and white prints, and colour negatives, while the videocassettes are transfers from the original 8mm and 16mm film reels, all created by Sam Otto and loaned by his son Sheldon in 2000. The majority of the originally loaned items were returned by Sam Otto's daughter Lorraine in 2015, in addition to some newly offered materials.

Otto, Sam
Charles LaBine Fonds
399 · Fonds · [1926]-1968

This fonds consists of 5 mm. of text, 53 black and white photographs (prints) and one DVD version of a film entitled "The Secret Years of Eldorado". The text includes a letter from the Semaine Internationale Contre Le Cancer announcing Charles Labine as as recipient of the "Pierre et Marie Curie" medal in consideration of the discovery of radium; prospectus and share distribution re: "Eldorado Gold Mines Limited" and a "Portfolio of Reproductions of the Documents of Surrender" from the Second World War which was presented to Chalres Labine. The photographs include images of the mining operations at Eldorado Mine at Great Bear Lake.

LaBine, Charles Leo, 1888-1996
N-1989-013 · Accession · 1987-1988

The video is entitled "Pine Point Memories" and was produced by T.A. Shutsa in 1988. Although most of the video footage was shot by Mr. Shutsa, the opening 8 minutes consists of a reproduction of a video produced by Cominco which details the development of the mine at Pine Point. Cominco sold copies of this video to the residents of Pine Point in 1987. The footage taken by T.A. Shutsa documents the community of Pine Point in the final months before the mine was closed and the townsite abandoned. There are interviews with many of the towns' residents at their work sites. Footage includes the interior of such community facilities as the arena, the I.G.A. grocery store, the hardware store, and Galena Heights School. It also depicts the exterior of many of the buildings in Pine Point. The video also shows some of the buildings being destroyed. Also depicted is the last wedding and the last high school graduation ceremony held in the community. Included in this accession is a hand-written manuscript authored by Ted Shutsa in which he identifies many of the people and events depicted on the video.

Shutsa, Ted A.
N-1992-197 · Accession · 1948, copied 1986

This accession consists of one 16 mm film reel of the 1948 National Film Board of Canada film "Yellowknife, Canada", and one copy of the film on Umatic videocassette. The images in the film include views of Yellowknife, mining, the pouring of a gold brick, and the Snare River Power Dam.

National Film Board of Canada
Beaver Creek Pictures
N-1992-249 · Accession · 1992

The videocassette consists of "The City of Yellowknife", part of the series "Sketches of Our Town." The video, hosted and narrated by Harvey Kirck, was filmed in the fall of 1991. It depicts Yellowknife past and present, and includes archival material, and interviews with residents Michael Borden, Dave Lovell, Barb Cameron, Walt Humphries and pilot Jim McAvoy.
You can watch a version of this film on , as hosted by BeaverCreekProductions.

Bill Kruining collection
N-2013-012 · Accession · 1961

The original film [Trucking - Beyond the Fringe, was taken by John Denison and] William Kruining in 1961 [1964] during a trip with the Byers transport convoy on the winter road from Yellowknife going through Discovery Mine to Tundra Mine. Footage includes the making of the winter road, the Byers Tankard Curling Bonspiel, mine truck and airplane transportation, and [Cooper- Dessemer power generator] equipment delivery. Also includes views of Salmita Mine. The documentary is in colour with sound. <15 minutes.

Larry Campanas film
N-2014-007 · Accession · 1987

Records include a film shot in January 1987 to capture the last year of operation of Salmita mine. The film was produced and directed by Larry Campanas, who was employed at Salmita Mine as the Safety and Mine Resources Coordinator. The camera was operated by Wayne Bayrack. The film also features an original song performed by Jerry Snow.

Campanas, Larry
N-2017-007 · Accession · [1934-1967]

The records, created by the Pappas family and their relations, document settler life in Yellowknife and Outpost Island mine.

Pappas, George