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Outcrop Audio Recordings
N-2008-014 · Accession · [1978-1980]

Records include:

  • 7 cassettes related to a sealing conference from 1978 (:0001-:0007);
  • 9 cassettes from the Legislative Assembly Special Committee on Education entitled Learning: Tradition and Change in the NWT (appear to be the same tape in various Indigenous languages) (:0008-:0016);
  • 1 cassette marked Laco Hunt Interview (:0017);
  • 7 cassettes related to a Nunavut Mining Symposium held in Cambridge Bay in 1998 (:0018-:0024);
  • 9 cassettes that appear to related to an Economic Prospects Conference held in Hay River in 1978 (:0025-:0033);
  • 1 cassette marked Former Commissioners Sept. 1979 (:0034);
  • 1 cassette marked The Drums – Jim Greene (:0035);
  • 1 Reel labelled: CBC Drumming / Peter Liske Drumming (:0036);
  • 1 Reel labelled Master Mixed Impulse version (:0037);
  • 1 Reel labelled: Recreation 1980 (Box says moose hide tanning) (:0038);
  • 1 Reel labelled: Expo Walk (:0039);
  • 1 Reel – no label but box marked: Travel Arctic – Explore Canada’s Arctic duplicate pulsed soundtrack (:0040).

This accession consists of records from the Minerals, Oil and Gas Division of the Department of Resources, Wildlife, and Economic Development and its predecessor body, the Department of Energy, Minerals and Petroleum Resources. The records relate to several publications and include Project Rocks resources, NWT Exploration Survey A Survey of Companies Actively Exploring the NWT 1994 & 1995, NWT Mineral Sector Reports for 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1995, New Parks North Newsletter 5 (March 1996), Significant Mineral Deposits of The Northwest Territories, and maps of Selected Mineral Deposits of the Northwest Territories (1995) and Mineral Deposits and Petroleum Resources of the Northwest Territories (1996).

Byrne, Norman W. 1912-1973
N-1988-031 · Accession · 1947, copied 1987
Part of Norman W. Byrne photograph collection

Records include photographs of the Viking Yellowknife Gold Mines Limited property at Morris Lake. The photographs were taken in the summer of 1947 and depict a Fox Moth airplane (CF-BNI) moored on the mine property, where Byrne was working as a consultant mining engineer. There are also photographs of Norman W. Byrne, his wife Rose, and his son Donald.

Byrne, Norman W.
L.F.G. "Bob" Borden
N-1992-140 · Accession · 1940-1944

This accession consists of 27 black and white photographs of Yellowknife and the surrounding area featuring mine sites, road construction and buildings.

Borden, L.F.G. "Bob"
N-2017-002 · Accession · 1936-1942, [1984?]

The black and white photographs date to the late 1930s and early 1940s and depict buildings and activities in Yellowknife and at the Con, Giant, and Ptarmigan mine sites. The colour photographs were taken in Yellowknife during a reunion trip in the 1980s and feature buildings in the Yellowknife area.

Carmichael, James
N-2016-004 · Accession · [ca. 1938-1940]

The images depict the Con and Negus Mine sites in their early days.

Willing, Leonard
N-1999-006 · Accession · 1930

Records consist of a report on prospecting and mining operations in the Great Slave Lake area, which includes a number of adhered photographs. Also included are two shorter reports on prospecting and mining in the Great Slave Lake and Great Bear Lake regions, related correspondence, and seven plans noting mineral claims around the Great Slave Lake area.

Parks Canada
G-1979-010 · Accession · 1977-1978
Part of Parks Canada fonds

The black and white images document a ceremony to erect a plaque at Port Radium on July 16, 1978 commemorating the uranium industry. The colour print depicts the unveiling of a plaque erected at Fort McPherson on July 7, 1977. Included in the images are Chief Johnny Kay [Kyikavichik], Dr. Henry Cook, R.P. Malis of Parks Canada, Father G. Duchaussois and Mr. Chuck Vaydik of the Northwest Territories Chamber of Mines.

This accession consists of records from the Policy, Legislation and Communications division of Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development and its predecessor, the Department of Renewable Resources, relating to forest management, Metis harvesting rights, and an environmental agreement with BHP Diamonds Inc. The records include a department overview, legislation and regulations, policies and directives, briefing material, correspondence, feedback, notes, a legal opinion, a FMB submission, a workplan, excerpts from the RWED Operations Manual, An Overview of Forest Management in the Northwest Territories, Forests for Tomorrow discussion paper, a decision paper, an assessment report, Forest Management Policy - chronology of development and review, a procedure for Forest Management Application Processing, presentation slides, court decisions, meeting notes, an environmental agreement and implementation protocol, and news items and reference material.

Bob Jenkins collection
N-2000-001 · Accession · [1914-1959]

The images depict daily life, mine employees, the camp and mining operations at Port Radium. In addition, there are several images of Northern Transportation Company Limited tugboats, barges and paddle steamers, as well as locations such as Hay River, Norman Wells and Inuvik.

Jenkins, Bob

This accession consists of records from the Department of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and from the Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development. The records relate to the "Increasing the Number of Northern Workers in the NWT Mineral Industry - Impacts and Strategies" study, the “NWT Mining Statistics Survey Financial & Statistical Results Details by Individual Mines 1990-1992” survey, mineral royalty and mining taxation options, a draft Mining Income Tax Act, website development for the Coronation Gulf Mineral Development Area and the Mackenzie Valley Mineral Development Area, and mineral exploration projects. The records include correspondence, action plans, proposals, service contracts and agreements, terms of reference, reports, instructions, questionnaires, reference material, briefing material, presentations, speaking notes, responses to information requests, photographs, and Workers’ Compensation Board Annual Report 1990.

Northwest Territories. Department of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources. Minerals Development division
Alexander Stevenson
N-2002-028 · Accession · 1965-1968

The textual records consist of a typewritten handbook entitled 'Material for Minister's Handbook' dated December 1965. The handbook appears to have belonged to Alexander Stevenson and contains information about the organization of the Northern Administration Branch. The handbook provides an overview about the activities of the Finance and Management Advisory Division, Education Division, Engineering Division, Industrial Division, Territorial Division and Welfare Division and includes budgetary information for each division. In addition, there is a copy of the NWT Council Tour, Vol. II (February 29 to March 8, 1968) marked "Alex Stevenson." The material lists all members of the Territorial Council, as well as biographical information about each member. In addition, there are two maps that were originally located in the NWT Council Tour book. One map shows the Territorial Evolution of Canada. It was produced by the Geographical Branch, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources. The other map was produced by the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Resource Management Division, and shows Mineral Exploration and Mining sites in the Northwest Territories and Yukon Territory. All other Stevenson Accessions transferred to Nunavut.

G-2023-004 · Accession · 1990-1995
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Renewable Resources fonds

This accession consists of records from the Policy and Planning division of the Department of Renewable Resources, including a functional inventory of the Government of the Northwest Territories and reviews and responses to policies, strategies, initiatives, and guidelines.

Northwest Territories. Department of Renewable Resources. Policy and Planning division
Davis, Arthur P., b. 1914
N-1992-015 · Accession · 1933-1937

The textual records include correspondence, a radio licence issued by the federal Dept. of Marine, and one letter from BEAR Assistant Superintendent, George K. Foster. Photographs depict BEAR radio equipment, personnel, camp buildings, and the surrounding area. Two images also depict Back's chimneys at Old Fort Reliance.

Davis, Arthur P., 1914-
Yellowknife Museum Society
N-1979-083 · Accession · [ca. 1901-1960]
Part of Yellowknife Museum Society fonds

The images include mine sites, Arctic Red River in 1925, river transportation, a hand coloured photo of Fort Simpson taken by C. W. Mathers, circa 1901, the Ingraham hotel, 1947, reindeer at Richard Island and a rock inscribed "S. Hearne, July 1767."

Erik Watt
N-2000-008 · Accession · 1929-1933
Part of Erik Watt fonds

The negatives were made from photographic prints taken by the donor's father Frederick B. "Ted" Watt. The images date from 1929-1933 and include first air mail flight to Aklavik, images of floatplanes and pilots, prospecting and staking activities and the establishment of the Cameron Bay settlement and mine.

Yellowknife Museum Society
N-1979-053 · Accession · [1920-1965]
Part of Yellowknife Museum Society fonds

This artificial collection includes photos of the 1961 Northwest Territories Tourist Association convention, Con Mine, Discovery Mine, Giant Mine, Negus Mine, Rycon Mine and mining activities in the 1930s. In addition, there are images of Yellowknife, Detah (Indian Village) [Dettah], and Goldfields, SK in the 1930s and 1940s and Federal Government employees based in Yellowknife in the 1950s.

Erik Watt
N-2017-011 · Accession · 1978-1995
Part of Erik Watt fonds

The images primarily document mine sites and infrastructure, employees at work, and various employee leisure activities at mine sites. The slides are divided into seven series: Tundra Mine and Courageous Lake, Lupin, Thompson-Lundmark, Nanisivik, Con, Giant, and Polaris. The Tundra Mine and Courageous Lake series contains a subset of slides unrelated to the series title area. These 26 images primarily document prospecting activities in the Walsh Lake, Banting Lake, and Cabin Lake areas. They were created by journalist and media consultant Erik Watt between 1978 and 1995, although largely between 1982 and 1990

The records date from 1991-1996 and relate to the negotiation, management and evaluation of the Economic Development Agreement (EDA), in particular the mining or mineral portion of the agreement. There are also records pertaining to the EDA from the Policy Committee, Management Committee, Minerals Management Committee, Audit and Evaluation Committee, Communications Management Committee, Coordinating Committee, Programme Evaluation Management Committee and Information Committee. In addition, there is a Guide to Legislation that was developed by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC).