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John Davids fonds
226 · Fonds · [1930?-1962?], 1973

This fonds consists of 1 audio reel and 81 photographs. The sound recording contains an interview conducted in 1973 by John Davids with H. (Bertie) Hollick-Kenyon. Mr. Hollick-Kenyon was a pilot and during the interview discussed a variety of planes that he piloted and some of his flying experiences in western Canada and the north. Mr. Hollick-Kenyon was also involved in the MacAlpine Search. The images include various airplanes used in the north, aerial photographs including views of communities in the western arctic and people involved in the aviation industry in the north. The print, taken in 1962, is thought to be the last photograph showing Henry Busse before he died.

Davids, John
G-1999-095 · Accession · 1928-1991
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Justice and Public Services fonds

The textual material dates from 1978-1988 and consists of Exhibit Storyline and Exhibit Content Plans for the North and South Galleries at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. In addition, there are Exhibit scripts for Chapters in Our History, The North before People, Greenland Kayak Exhibit, Dene Women's Art Exhibit and the traveling exhibit about "The Land." The textual material also includes two Pilot's Log Books from 1928 and 1946 that belonged to Walter James Beaumont. The sound recordings contain interviews with J. Davids and H. Hollick-Kenyon, Denny May, Cam Jordheim and Mark Dodd. The content of the material focuses on aviation in the north, bush pilots, and Wop May. It is likely that this material was used in developing the aviation exhibit at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. The 2 videocassettes are in Umatic or Betacam formats and consist master copies of "Trapline Lifeline" and "Wings of Change." "Trapline Lifeline" was a traveling exhibit that examined the history and modern-day realities of fur trapping. The exhibit contained an audio-visual section that included video footage of interviews with trappers and an overview of life in northern communities. "Wings of Change" is the video component from the aviation gallery at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre.

Sutherland, Ben

The sound recording is of an interview conducted in 1986 by the NWT Archives with Ben Sutherland concerning his time in the Yellowknife area from 1935 to 1937. Topics covered in the interview include: C.J. Baker, demographic changes and transportation.

Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications. Museums and Heritage division. NWT Archives
G-2003-005 · Accession · 1975-1976
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of the Executive fonds

The records date from 1975-1976. The first reel is a recording of a board meeting from 1976. Discussion involves representation from the GNWT, the federal government, the Northern Canada Power Commission (the predecessor to the NWT Power Corporation), the Canada Mortgage and Housing Commission (CMHC), and the Northern Transportation Company Ltd. (NTCL). Subjects include housing in Inuvik, the level of postal service in Yellowknife, runway conditions, and tailings ponds. Included is a discussion of the functions of the Treasury Board Secretariat led by Gary Mullins. In addition the board discusses GNWT staff housing, an Arctic Air Symposium, a task force on northern business, and airport manager training in the NWT, the viability of Arctic Bay, the creation of the road to Nanisivik from Arctic Bay, and the lead-zinc mine opened by Cominco on Little Cornwallis Island. The second reel features a panel discussion on the the status of women and the International Year of Women in the NWT in which the impact of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women (1967) and its effect on the creation of the NWT Status of Women Action Committee is discussed. This also includes background on the National Action Committee (NAC) and the look ahead to the International Year of Women (1975).

The audio recordings consist of an interview with D'arcy Arden recorded February 26, 2001 (2 cassettes) and one DAT tape recorded in April 1996 of George Blondin telling stories. The Darcy Arden interview deals with the early days of ice roads and his family history. The other recording is of George Blondin telling stories: Moose hunting, Netting Fish, Fishing Chat, Otter Medicine Legend, Setting Rabbit Snares, Trapping, Trapping chat, Caribou legend. The Blondin recording appears to recorded both in English and Slavey. The textual records appears to be an English translation of the Blondin stories.

346 · Fonds · 1996-1997

The fonds consist of 48 Betacam videocassettes, 6 audiocassettes and 6 cm of textual material. The videocassettes contain stock footage documenting the construction of a birchbark canoe for the Dogrib Birchbark Canoe Project, which took place in May-June, 1996. In addition, there are 2 professionally produced Tlicho (Dogrib) language (English subtitles) broadcast versions of the project; one version is 0:29 in length, the other 0:40. The broadcast versions were completed in early-1997. The 6 audiocassettes contain Tlicho (Dogrib) language interviews conducted at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, as well as corresponding typed transcriptions. The textual material also includes proposals, project reports, logs for the videocassettes and letters of support.

Dogrib Birchbark Canoe Project
Lex Miller fonds
74 · Fonds · 1942, 1986

This fonds consists of copies of 72 photographs taken by A.K. Miller between 1940 and 1942 and one audio reel containing an interview with Miller conducted by the NWT Archives in 1986. The photographs document Miller's trip from northern Alberta down the Slave and Mackenzie Rivers. The images depict a vareity of water transportation, such as the S.S. "Radium King," S.S. "Distributor," M.S. "Liard River," S.S. "Mackenzie River" and different barges. As well, there are several images of CANOL crews and construction, including African-American servicemen. There are also images of Canadian Pacific Airways aircraft, camps and dog teams. The interview contains biographical information on Miller and an explanation of river transportation in the north.

Miller, Lex
Rex Terpening fonds
86 · Fonds · 1930-1939

This fonds consists of 511 copy negatives, approximately 1 cm of textual material and 1 audiocassette. The negatives were copied from original prints that were originally contained in three photo albums, which were compiled by Rex Terpening during the early years of his career. Included among the images are portraits of airline personnel he encountered during his travels, photographs of aircraft operating in the north, and views of communities in the north. The textual material consists of a Spence McDonough Air Transport, Ltd. brochure and one copy of a radio tribute to Rex Terpening. The audiocassette contains an interview conducted by Rex Terpening with Charles Reiach, a trader who worked for the Hudson's Bay Company and lived in the Northwest Territories in the late 1920s and 1930s.

Terpening, Rex, 1913-2018
Rex Terpening
N-2000-005 · Accession · [197-? - 198-?]
Part of Rex Terpening fonds

The sound recording contains an interview conducted by Rex Terpening with Charles Reiach, a trader who worked for the Hudson's Bay Company and lived in the Northwest Territories in the late 1920s and 1930s. Topics discussed include the use of schooners on the Mackenzie River, the village of Kittiagsauit, Baille Island, whaling, the salvage operation for the "James," a journey from Herschel Island in 1934, and a recounting of a legend that involved a massacre that occurred at Arctic Red River.

Dickins, Punch
N-1992-120 · Accession · 1978, copied 1993

This accession consists of a sound recording of a lecture given by Mr. Dickins at the Ontario Science Centre in 1978. The lecture recounts a short history of flying in the north, reminiscences of some of his experiences, other important events in the history of the bush pilots, and the importance of the airplane to development in the north.

Dickins, Punch
Charles Reiach Interview
N-1997-022 · Accession · 1995

The sound recording documents an interview with Charles Reiach. The recording includes a narration of a film donated to the NWT Archives by Charles Reiach and his experiences as an HBC trader from 1926-1936.