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271 · Fonds · 1901-1974

This fonds consists of 810 photographs, 14.4 cm of textual material, 10 architectural drawings, and 1 map that encompass the records and the photographic collection of the Yellowknife Museum Society. The records, dating from 1953 to 1974, include the certificate of incorporation, minutes, by-laws, correspondence, annual reports, museum procedures and inventory, information on opening of the museum, a brief on archives to the NWT Council, and the agreement transferring the museum to the Government of the Northwest Territories. Also included are 1 map and 10 architectural plans of the Museum of the North. The photograph collection from the Yellowknife Museum Society is comprised of 807 images dating from [1875] to 1970, collected from a variety of sources and documenting the history of the Northwest Territories. Themes include: Dene and Inuit peoples; mining activities; missions; transportation; Royal Canadian Mounted Police; oil exploration; Centennial celebrations; and settlements. Locations covered include: Aklavik; Beechey Island; Pond Inlet; Pangnirtung; Jean Marie River; Norman Wells; Fort McPherson; Fort Simpson; Fort Norman; Fort Resolution; Hay River; Port Radium; Reindeer Station; Chesterfield Inlet; Lake Harbour; Herschel Island; Port Burwell; Rankin Inlet; Sachs Harbour; Arctic Red River; and Fort Smith.

Yellowknife Museum Society
N-1989-037 · Accession · 1923-1924
Part of Canada. Department of the Interior fonds

This accession consists of six navigational maps which are of the scale 1:253,440 except for (0003). (0001) is entitled "Map of Slave River: Fort Smith to Resolution". (0002) is entitled "Map of Great Slave Lake: Resolution to Windy Pt.". (0003) is of the scale 1:380,160 and is entitled "Map of Great Slave Lake: Western Sheet" (0004) is entitled "Map of Mackenzie River: Providence to Simpson", (0005) is entitled "Map of Mackenzie River: Simpson to Wrigley" and (0006) is entitled "Map of Mackenzie River Wrigley to Norman".

Canada. Department of the Interior
Knut Lang fonds
35 · Fonds · 1926-1934

This fonds consists of photographs, primarily of steamships on the Mackenzie river, including the "Northland Echo" and "Distributor" as well as views of Aklavik. There is also one undated map titled "Proposed Boundary--Mackenzie Territory."

Lang, Knut
350 · Fonds · 1967-2013

A portion of the material dating from 1992-1996 deals with the Northern Management Program (NMP) administered by the Department of Transportation in conjunction with Arctic College. The files consists of general correspondence and materials explaining the origin and purpose of the Northern Management Program.

Also included in this fonds are records from the Planning and Policy division, including Minister's Briefing Notes, Senior Management Committee meeting files, correspondence, decision and discussion papers and draft agreements concerning the negotiation between the Department of Transportation and Tulita District Land Corporation for the exchange of land at Canyon Creek.

As well, this fonds contains files from the Airports Division relating to the transfer of the Arctic Airports from the Federal Government to the GNWT. Included in these files are copies of agreements, decision papers, briefing notes and material from the Transfer Management Committee. There are also two items, a brochure celebrating the completion of highway 3 from Yellowknife to Frank's Channel, and a Department of Transportation strategy report, dated 2006 and 1990 respectively, files relating to airport safety, and electronic records regarding the management and operations of the CARS program.

Records from the Corporate Services division include files on departmental organization, personnel policy, staffing policy, an information technology strategy and a review of the department's finance and administration functions, internal publications and Senior Management Committee records. DOT submissions regarding the NWT Public Service Vehicles Act, the National Transportation Agency Review Commission and the Royal Commission on National Passenger Transportation are also included. Also, Briefing Books for the Deputy Minister for Main Estimates and the Standing Committee on Finance, as well as Briefing Notes and Options Papers are included. Departmental publications are also present in these accessions.

Records from the Directorate consist mainly of Minister and Deputy Minister chronos, as well as files relating to Senior Management Committee minutes, Transfer Management Committee minutes, the transfer of GNWT airports to communities under the Community Transfer Initiative, policies, Briefing Notes, Northern Roads Policy, Negotiated Transportation Contracts Policy, transfer of responsibilities from the federal government to the GNWT, transfer of responsibilities from the GNWT to Nunavut for division, and department strategies.

Records from the Environmental Affairs section include environmental projects and studies and reports for airports, roads, industrial projects, and contaminated sites.

Northwest Territories. Department of Transportation (1989-2017)
419 · Fonds · 1942-1962

The fonds consists of 42.6 cm of textual records and 4 maps created and used by Koenen's Air Service while operating a charter air service in Yellowknife, primarily in the 1950s and 1960s. The fonds also includes some personal records of owner Henry Koenen, including records of flying experiences with other companies in the 1930s and 1940s. The records include log books, correspondence, bills of sale, contracts and agreements, inspection forms, insurance information, payroll information, accident statements, Pilots' Flying Histories, invoices and receipts, an account ledger, income tax and financial statements, Air Transport Board reports, a promotional pamphlet, and maps showing areas flown to often.

Fonds put into artificial series arrangement based on record type: Personal Records, Aircraft, Correspondence, Financial Records, and Charter Records.

Koenen's Air Service Limited
423 · Fonds · 1949-1992

The fonds consists of 16.5 cm of textual records, 23 colour slides, and 20 maps created, collected, and used by Parsons during the course of his career as a pilot. The textual records include correspondence, certifications, exams and study notes for various aircraft, and records of training and flights taken. The slides appear to relate to his flights in the Arctic and show a number of unidentified people and communities. The cartographic material consists of maps, which Parsons used as working documents to plan routes.

Parsons, Brock
428 · Collection · 1964-1968

Records include photographs taken by Jean Boulva during five summers of research trips on the M.V. Salvelinus research vessel, including:

  • his 1964 trip to Cambridge Bay via Hay River, Norman Wells, Inuvik, and Cape Parry;
  • his 1965 trip to Cambridge Bay, Keyhole Lake, Bathurst Inlet, and Baychimo;
  • his 1966 trip to Cambridge Bay, Wellington Bay and a research site in Dease Strait near Starvation Cove (69° 09' 41"N 105° 58' 50"W, 36 km west of Cambridge Bay);
  • his 1967 trip to Cambridge Bay, Dease Strait, and Starvation Cove; and his 1968 trip to Starvation Cove, Cambridge Bay, and Bathurst Inlet.

The slides are arranged according to their received order, which is chronological, indicated on each slide with the creator's numbering scheme.

Boulva, Jean
Jack Hurst fonds
55 · Fonds · 1947-1948

This fonds consists of 63 black and white photographs documenting the transportation of transformers for the Snare River Hydro Dam from Yellowknife to Snare Lake and one annotated map of the north Great Slave Lake region.

Hurst, Jack
N-1979-003 · Accession · 1920-1973

Textual records include two telegrams from 1937 relating to the flight of Sigismund Levanevsky of the U.S.S.R.; one autographed program "Commemorating Bush Pilots of Canada", August 20, 1967, Yellowknife; and one Canadian Airways Limited card showing flight routes. The photographs, most obtained from Matt Berry, relate to aviation in the north. The images feature views of life in numerous NWT communities, and activities such as mining. The map illustrates the route flown by W.L. Brintnell in G-CASK during August of 1929. The 21 day (105 hours), 1000 miles trip from Winnipeg (Manitoba) and back included stops in Fort Simpson, Fort Norman, Aklavik, Dawson (Yukon), Prince Rupert (B.C.), Edmonton (Alberta). Some of the photographs in this accession are copies of images held by the National Archives of Canada (NAC). The NAC's reference number for the items in their holdings has been recorded in the accession file.

Edmonton Air Museum Committee
Pullen, Thomas C., 1918-1990
N-1988-025 · Accession · 1912, 1925

The first map (0001) is entitled "Erebus Bay". It was originally surveyed by Commodore W.J.S. Pullen in 1854 and published by the Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty in the same year. Corrections were made in 1925 and it was re-published in 1939. The second map (0002) is entitled "Plans in Arctic America" with inserts of Winter Harbour, Port Bowen, Elizabeth Harbour, Port Leopold, Northumberland Sound, Batty Bay, Victoria Harbour, and Port Neill. It was published by the Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty May 21, 1912 and a new edition was published July 24, 1912.

Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty
N-1988-032 · Accession · 1827

This accession consists of one map (no. 16) taken from the fourth volume of a six volume atlas compiled and published by Philippe van der Maelen in Brussels in 1827. The atlas is entitled "Atlas Universale de geographie, physique, politique, statistique et mineralogique sur l'echelle de 1/1641836 ou d'une ligne par 1900 toises". The lithographs were prepared by Henri Ode, also a member of the Royal Geographic Society of France. The map, which is entitled "Amer. Sep. Partie de la Nouvelle Bretagne No. 16", covers 60 to 66 degrees north and 98 to 114 degrees west. This covers the District of Keewatin and some of the District of Mackenzie - and includes Chesterfield Inlet, Baker Lake and Dubawnt Lake).

Vandermaelen, Philippe
N-1989-026 · Accession · 1951-1953

This accession consists of two file folders labelled Aklavik and Port Radium and site plans for Aklavik and Yellowknife. Inside the folders are charts illustrating daylight/twilight/darkness distribution at 66 degrees and 68 degrees North and two internal memorandums about Aklavik and Port Radium written by Margaret R. Montgomery for the Northern Operational Research Section, Department of National Defence. Also in the folders are three maps (0001) Hydrographic chart of Great Bear Lake, (0002) site plan of Port Radium, and (0003) Road & Rail Routes in the Northwest.

N-1991-064 · Accession · 1857

This accession consists of one map entitled "Map of the North West part of Canada, Indian Territories & Hudson's Bay, 1857". It was compiled and drawn by Thomas Devine, Provincial Land Surveyor and Draftsman, by the order of the Hon. Joseph Cauchon, Commissioner of Crown Lands. The map is marked with the location of French Canadian forts existing at the time of conquest, and those that existed before 1713. Also included is an insert showing the profiles of various routes for the Pacific Railroad and a table of estimates for the Indigenous population of British North America.

N-1992-051 · Accession · 1827

The maps show Mackenzie River and Great Slave Lake, and the Mackenzie Delta. These maps were originally part of Volume V of van der Maelen's "Atlas Universal de Geographie" published in 1827. According to the Public Archives, each map includes the total cartographic knowledge of each area available in 1825.

Vandermaelen, Philippe
Brooke, R.A.
N-1992-067 · Accession · [193-]

It is titled "Great Slave Lake and Mackenzie River from Fort Resolution to Fort Simpson, NWT" and indicates a "Steamers Route" along the river. It was compiled by R. A. Brooke of Edmonton, from information provided by river pilots Joseph Bird and Captain Mills. Scale is 1" to 2 miles.

N-1993-035 · Accession · [191-?]

The map appears to be one half of a larger map. It depicts northern Alberta, northern British Columbia and a portion of the western section of the Northwest Territories extending to the Arctic ocean (53 - 70 north and 103 - 128 west). Features included on the map are Great Slave Lake, Great Bear Lake a portion of the Mackenzie River and the Coronation gulf. A number of rivers, lakes, mountains, various other geographical features and communities including older communities such as Old Fort Providence, Old Fort Confidence, Old Fort Franklin, Old Fort Enterprise, Old Fort Reliance and Fort Anderson are identified on the map. Certain routes and trails such as winter portages and the routes of Hearne and Franklin are also depicted.

N-1994-008 · Accession · 1972

This accession consists of a composite map used by Canadian Armed Forces Search and Rescue in the search for pilot Marten Hartwell, nurse Judy Hill and medivac patients David Pisurayak Kootook and Neemee Nulliayok following a plane crash on November 8, 1972.

The item is made of a series of aeronautical maps that were adhered together and annotated. Two sets of plastic overlays detailing search grids and the actual crash site are also annotated. The maps used depict the geographical area from Spence Bay southeast to Great Bear Lake and southwest to Great Slave Lake.

N-1999-039 · Accession · 1956; 1978-1979

The textual records consist of a programme outlining the itinerary for the visit of His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales to Yellowknife in April 1979 and a report entitled "Aerial Reconnaissance Report: Fort Simpson Towards Fort Liard Road, 1956." The 50 black and white photographs are aerial photos from the "Reconnaissance Report" and the 2 maps are also part of the "Reconnaissance Report." The maps depict the District of Mackenzie, Simpson-Liard area and the Fort Nelson-Kotcho Lake region in British Columbia. The 34 colour slides depict the old village of Ni Dzi Ka Ko Gola, now an archaelogical site where the home of the Great Bear Lake Chief once stood.

Northern Map collection
N-2004-011 · Accession · [1897-196-]

The photographs include a colour photograph of the Northern Transportation Company vessel the "M.V. Kelly Hall" and a hand coloured black and white portrait of a couple. The settlement plans are from the communities of Yellowknife, Fort Smith, Aklavik, Fort Good Hope, Fort McPherson, Wrigley, Fort Simpson, Hay River, Port Radium, Fort Resolution, Taltson River, Pine Point, Fort Liard, Tuktoyaktuk and Fort Providence. In addition, there are maps showing water routes of steamships and mining claims in the Yellowknife area. Most of the maps and plans were published by various federal departments, including the Department of the Interior, Department of Mines and Technical Surveys, and Department of Mines and Resources.