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Archival description
Robert C. Knights fonds
24 · Fonds · 1956-1964

This fonds consists of 3-16 mm films and 649 photographs depicting the years Mr. Knights spent in the Northwest Territories. The footage on the videocassettes includes a boat trip down the Mackenzie River, dog team journeys and the removal of a body from the bush. Among the 649 photographs are images of buildings and surrounding areas of Tsiigehtchic (Arctic Red River), Sachs Harbour, Inuvik, Arviat (Eskimo Point), and Rankin Inlet. Many pictures show friends, Royal Canadian Mounted Police personnel and family at dances, parties, parades, water skiing and family gatherings. Hunting scenes are also included as well as Indigenous community members.

Knights, Robert C.
306 · Fonds · [1898]-2012

This fonds consists of approximately 13.3 meters of textual material, 12 plans, 30 oversized textual documents (land titles), and 44 audio cassettes.

The bulk of the textual material consists of records from the Directorate and the Policy and Planning divisions. These records include correspondence, working and discussion papers, legislative proposals and other records related to the amendment or enactment of Territorial legislation, including the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Human Rights Act. There are also Deputy Minister and Ministerial chronos, as well as Ministerial briefing books.

There are records regarding conferences organized by the department, as well as correspondence and reports related to the reorganization of the Department, including documentation of Corrections and Lands Titles functions to the department, planning for division, aboriginal self-government, as well as Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and services agreements between Justice and the Department of Social Services. There are records that document a gender equality review, amendments to the definition of spouse under the Family Law Act and Adoption Act, an investigative report on hiring practices in two correctional facilities, and a public awareness campaign about crystal meth, as well as records that document the Task Force on Legal Aid, and court reforms. The records also include judicial decisions of the Labour Standards Board for 2004-2005. As well, there are program review files, training proposals, discussion papers, action plans and reports from the following programs and divisions: Justice of the Peace program, Legal Services Board, Labour Standards Board, Territorial Firearms Officer, Maintenance Enforcement Program, Coroner’s Office, Corrections Division, Rental Office, Court Library and Court Reporters.

Records from the Liquor Licensing Board include sound recordings of board meetings with associated hearings and public meetings.

There are records from the Finance division regarding third-party funding agreements.

There are records from the Corrections Program including a review of Young Offender facilities in the NWT, and material from a conference that was hosted by the Department of Justice on forecasting correctional prison and supervision populations and community corrections. There are also records concerning strategic planning for the Department of Justice, development of the Youth Corrections Manual, as well as copies of Insight Newsletter which was a newsletter produced by the Yellowknife Correctional Centre. In addition, there are files concerning the transfer and implementation of Corrections services to Nunavut, a report from the Yellowknife Correctional Centre Inmate Advisory Committee requesting an Aboriginal Healing program, and copies of an operational review that was done by a consultant called "View of the Future of Social Services for the NWT," an annual report from the Mackenzie Courtworkers Service, minutes from Warden’s meetings and the Youth Justice Committee, and a manual produced for community-based Youth Justice Committees.

There are records from the Community Justice Division, including contribution and protocol agreements. These agreements include proposals or submissions made under the Victims Services Contribution Agreement Program, Victim Assistance Fund or Community Justice Committee Program and include copies of proposals, activity reports and final reports from communities and organizations that received funding under these programs. In addition, there program implementation and evaluation files for the Community Constable Program, Victims Impact Statement program, as well as discussion papers about the Community Justice program, strategic framework for the Victims Services Program, and an evaluation report on the Community Constable Program.

This fonds also includes committee records from the following: Legislation and House Planning Committee, Legislation Proposal Review Committee, Corrections Consolidation Advisory Committee, Aboriginal Justice Committee, Criminal Justice and Corrections Communications Committee, Community Supervision Working Group, Labour Standards Board and records related to meetings and negotiations held between senior management and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), as well as a file related to the RCMP Special Constable program.

Also included in this fonds are 30 land grants, titles and transfers dating from 1913-1951. These documents are primarily oversized text documents, affixed with wax seals and ribbon. High-resolution digital .tif images of all 30 land title documents are available for reference purposes.

In addition, there are 12 bound settlement plans that originated from the Registries and Court Services Division. The plans are of settlement lots for the communities of Fort Smith, Fort Resolution, Hay River, Fort Providence, Fort Simpson, Fort Norman, Fort Good Hope, Fort Liard, Fort Rae, Fort Wrigley, and Fort McPherson. The plans are dated between 1898-1915. Also included from the division are the meeting minutes of the Court Management Committee and correspondence with the Status of Women Council regarding the usage of plain language in court orders.

The fonds also contains miscellaneous papers and reports including the “Conrad Report”, a working paper on amending the Jury Act and paper entitled "Study of Time Factors Involved in the Disposition of Cases in the Territorial Court, Northwest Territories" by Judge R.M. Bourassa.

There is also one file that originated from Vital Statistics entitled 'The Mad Trapper.' The file includes correspondence between the Registrar General of Vital Statistics and those seeking inquiries regarding the death and possible disinterment of the Mad Trapper, Albert Johnson. Also included are copies of the Warrant to Bury Albert Johnson at Aklavik issued in February 1932. A copy of Dick North's report on the question of Johnson's true identity, entitled 'Exhumation of Albert Johnson' is also included.

Northwest Territories. Department of Justice (1985-present)
271 · Fonds · 1901-1974

This fonds consists of 810 photographs, 14.4 cm of textual material, 10 architectural drawings, and 1 map that encompass the records and the photographic collection of the Yellowknife Museum Society. The records, dating from 1953 to 1974, include the certificate of incorporation, minutes, by-laws, correspondence, annual reports, museum procedures and inventory, information on opening of the museum, a brief on archives to the NWT Council, and the agreement transferring the museum to the Government of the Northwest Territories. Also included are 1 map and 10 architectural plans of the Museum of the North. The photograph collection from the Yellowknife Museum Society is comprised of 807 images dating from [1875] to 1970, collected from a variety of sources and documenting the history of the Northwest Territories. Themes include: Dene and Inuit peoples; mining activities; missions; transportation; Royal Canadian Mounted Police; oil exploration; Centennial celebrations; and settlements. Locations covered include: Aklavik; Beechey Island; Pond Inlet; Pangnirtung; Jean Marie River; Norman Wells; Fort McPherson; Fort Simpson; Fort Norman; Fort Resolution; Hay River; Port Radium; Reindeer Station; Chesterfield Inlet; Lake Harbour; Herschel Island; Port Burwell; Rankin Inlet; Sachs Harbour; Arctic Red River; and Fort Smith.

Yellowknife Museum Society
Kirk family fonds
378 · Fonds · 1943-1949

This fonds consists of 2.4 cm of textual records (one bound volume and one folder), two reels of 16 mm movie film (a large reel of 1000 ft and a small reel of 400 ft) and 317 photographs and negatives (198 of the Western Arctic and 119 of the Eastern Arctic). Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Inspector Cyril N.K. “Nordie” Kirk used the bound volume to record events during his time aboard the Hudson Bay Company supply ship the RMS "Nascopie” during its Eastern Arctic tour, summaries of RCMP inspections in New Brunswick, and activities during the holiday season between 1944 and 1945. He wrote and received the correspondence between 1945 and 1946 while living in Aklavik as RCMP Officer in Charge (OC). The letters detail daily life in Aklavik for his southern correspondents. CNK Kirk shot the film between July of 1947 and July of 1948. The large reel contains both black and white and colour footage of Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers, buildings, patrol boats, airplanes and travel by dog team as well as footage of Aklavik, Tuktoyaktuk and Herschel Island. The small reel of film contains all colour footage of RCMP patrols by aircraft to Fort Norman (Tulita), Norman Wells, Camp Canol, as well as shots of Aklavik, including the All Saints Anglican Mission church, hospital and school, Aklavik residents cutting and hauling ice. In addition, there is footage of Leona E. Kirk, wife of Nordie Kirk, Henry Larsen, skipper of the St. Roch, Mike Zubko, Bruno Wiedeman, Charlie Smith, George Roberts, Knut Lang, Dave Sharon Jones, Jim Edwards (Jim Sittichinli), Caroline Moses, Jimmie Jones, Walter Jameson, Phoebe Poole, Louis Cardinal, and several RCMP officers such as Walter Evan Bayne, D.J. (Tiny) Martin, Arthur E. McKinnon, Alfred Kendi, David A. Coleman, Alexander Scotty Stewart. Included in the 317 black and white photographs, which includes 32 negatives, are 198 images depicting life in the Western Arctic from the perspective of RCMP OC Kirk, who was posted to Aklavik from 1945-1948. The images include the communities of Aklavik, Fort Good Hope, Fort Smith, Fort McPherson, Herschel Island, Tuktoyaktuk, Fort Norman (Tulita) and Reindeer Station, as well as aerial views of the Richardson Mountains and images of the Firth River. There are also images of RCMP patrols, the "Distributor", aircraft, RCMP buildings and the Kirk family. The remaining photographs depict Royal Canadian Mounted Police patrols of the Eastern Arctic aboard the RMS "Nascopie" in 1943 and 1944 and include images of Arctic Bay, Cape Smith, Chesterfield Inlet, Fort Ross, Churchill (Manitoba), Lake Harbour (Kimmirut), Pangnirtung, Pond Inlet, Clyde River, Southampton, Wolstenholme and images of the "Nascopie".

Kirk (family)
John Bayly fonds
10 · Fonds · 1989-1990

This fonds contains records gathered by John U. Bayly in his role as Inquiry Counsel for the Bourassa Inquiry. The Inquiry was conducted by Madam Justice Carole Conrad of Alberta and held in Yellowknife. The proceedings began on March 26, 1990 and ended with Madam Conrad's findings issued on September 28, 1990. The records consist of copies of preliminary proceedings, transcripts of the hearings, exhibits including one videocassette and one audio cassette of the press conference and public meeting held by GNWT Justice Minister Michael Ballantyne on Dec. 21, 1989. In addition, there are files containing submissions, letters of complaint, authorities, the inquiry findings and press clippings.

Bayly, John
418 · Fonds · 1975-2009

This fonds consists of 1.3 m of textual records from the Legal Services Board and its regional legal services committees and contractors.

Records from the Board of Directors include minutes, agendas and meeting materials from meetings of the Board.

Records from the NWT Native Courtworkers’ Association/Mackenzie Court Workers’ Services include minutes and other materials from annual general meetings, executive committee meetings, and board of directors meetings, as well as reports on reviews of the association. Also included are some statistics and reports on legal services applications received, and legal services provided.

Records from the Arctic Public Legal Education and Information Society include annual reports and financial statements.

Northwest Territories. Legal Services Board
272 · Fonds · 1921-1953

This accession consists of approximately 8.5 meters of textual records created by the Bureau of Northwest Territories and Yukon Affairs and its various predecessors between 1921 and 1948. Also included is a small amount of material generated by successor agencies from 1949 to 1953.

The information contained in these files relates chiefly to administration of services to individuals and organizations rather than policy. Most of the information in the files can be arranged under one of nine main headings: 1) Records of criminal investigations and prosecutions; 2) Records of accidents and missing persons; 3) Applications for naturalization (Pre 1931 only); 4) Relief for destitute natives; 5) Inuit census 1939-1942 conducted by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) posts in the Arctic; 6) Licenses; 7) Administration of goods and property of inhabitants who died or were incapacitated; 8) Income Tax; 9) Personnel records relating to headquarters staff in Ottawa. The records have been organized in series, which follows a general, but not strict chronological order: Series 1 1921-1939; Series 2 1939-1947; Series 3 1947-1953; Series 4 1923-1949.

Very large gaps appear in the file numerical sequence. Losses and transfers caused some of the gaps, assigning old files new numbers in the system whenever they were "brought forward" likely caused others. The majority of the gaps likely occurred when general housekeeping destroyed files of little value. Moreover, files dealing exclusively with the Yukon were transferred to the Yukon Archives. This filing system established in 1922, was a strictly numerical one and by 1953 when a new system was established, over 23,000 files had been registered.

A small amount of material in this fonds (one folder) was received separately from the federal government transfer and was not included in the arrangement listed above. It consists of correspondence from the files of two successive directors, J. Lorne Turner (1936) and R.A. Gibson (1937-1943). Included in the correspondence are a few items pertaining to R.A. Gibson's role as Deputy Commissioner (a position he held through this period, in addition to becoming director of the Lands, Northwest Territories and Yukon Branch in 1937). Material from J. Lorne Turner's file documents includes, among other issues, a food shortage in Coppermine in September 1936.

Canada. Bureau of Northwest Territories and Yukon Affairs
283 · Fonds · 1910-[1980?]

This fonds consists of approximately 70 cm of textual material, 3 maps and 211 photographs, produced or accumulated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police from 1910 to 1980.

Many of the textual records are from the Arctic Red River detachment and date from 1925 to 1954. These include: patrol diaries (1927-1953, 1944-1948 missing); patrol reports (1926-1934); some annual reports (1927-1931); financial records (1926-1943); requisitions (1926-1954, with gaps); shipping invoices (1929-1933); ledgers; fur export tax receipts and returns (1929-1943); hunting and trapping permits and returns (1926-1943); game licenses (1926-1942); trading post permits (1929-1942); radio receiving license receipts and returns (1927-1953); crown timber returns (1926-1943); liquor permits (1929-1939); income tax returns (1929-1942); marriage licenses (1951-1953); vital statistics records (1926-1943); some hunting and trapping records pertaining to the Yukon (1929-1954); administrative records such as instructions of various kinds (192?-1950); correspondence (1926-1953); a file on the administration of estates (1926-1948); and two maps containing hunting and trapping information.

There is also a disc listing from 1969 related to the Inuvik region.

The photographs in this fonds cover a variety of subjects and locations, and were taken between 1910 to 1973. They include photographs of ceremonies and events: such as an RCMP centenary banquet held in Pine Point; an RCMP band tour; the dedication of a plaque on the Henry Larsen Building (RCMP detachment) in Yellowknife; Governor General George Vanier's 1961 tour in the Northwest Territories; and the search for, and burial of the members of the RCMP Dawson Patrol (the Lost Patrol).

Additional subjects depicted are the RCMP detachments and personnel across the north, Hudson's Bay Company buildings and employees, Anglican and Catholic missions, residents of the various communities across the Northwest Territories and the Flat River Patrol of the South Nahanni.

The map, (National Topographic System Sheet 106 M) of Fort McPherson, is annotated with the location where the Dawson Patrol died in 1911 and the location where Albert Johnson, the Mad Trapper, killed an RCMP constable.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Robert Bouchard fonds
103 · Fonds · [1950-1956]

This fonds consists of 81 cm of records created by Robert Bouchard. Although the records are mainly his client files, some of his personal business records are included. The papers include legal actions for murder, rape, incest, divorce, maintenance, transfers of mining claims, and various motor vehicle offenses. Each file appears to contain copies of related incoming and outgoing correspondence, including Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) reports. There are also a number of transcripts of murder trials held in the NWT. The papers have been arranged into three series: client files; community files; and administration and miscellaneous files.

Bouchard, Robert
Dennis Duffy fonds
146 · Fonds · 1977

This fonds consists of two audio reels (archival masters) and one audio cassette (original master) containing the recording entitled "Hooked on the North." The recordings were compiled from oral history tapes of Marjorie Nichol (N-1992-019) and Dennis Williams (N-1992-018). These excerpts are interspersed with narration and music.

Duffy, Dennis
Clare J. Dent fonds
163 · Fonds · 1954-1955

This accession consists of four colour photographs and 0.5 cm text. Three photographs depict the posthumous awarding of a Coronation Medal to Michael Amarouk. Amarouk's wife, Martha Kigjugalik, accepted the medal presented by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Corporal Clare Dent, surrounded by Kigjugalik's family. The other photograph shows Superintendent H. A. Larsen presenting an RCMP Long Service Medal to retired S/Cst. Parker at Baker Lake, the first Inuit man to receive this award. The photo was taken by Dent. Also included in this accession are 0.5 cm of textual material consisting of photocopies of typewritten accounts by Dent of these and subsequent events.

Dent, Clare J.
316 · Fonds · 1969-1994

This fonds consists of approximately 4.4 meters of textual records from the Department of Social Services. The records include materials from the Management Services Division, Community and Family Support Division, Correction Services, Mental Health Service, Young Offender and Child Welfare. Records include files related to transfer of responsibilities from the federal government; block funding arrangement; summer camp programs; group homes; outpost camps; policy and program development; regional delivery of programming; Senior Management Committee meetings; mental health programming; seniors and hadicapped programming; corrections; daycare services; drug and alcohol programs and family violence programming .

Northwest Territories. Department of Social Services (1978-1995)
Mark de Weerdt fonds
405 · Fonds · [1948-2003]

This fonds consists of approximately 8.2 meters of textual files and 3 videos from Justice Mark de Weerdt. Textual records include: personal and biographical information; files from his law practice in Yellowknife; files from the law practice of John Parker; files from his time as Judge on the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories including his “Daybook” files (outgoing correspondence); files on various subjects and cases of interest including aboriginal rights, equality and the law, and constitutional development in the Northwest Territories. The records also include copies of speeches delivered by Mark de Weerdt, files of personal correspondence between Mark de Weerdt and friends, family and colleagues. The fonds also includes a scrapbook of newspaper articles he published under the pen name Quintillian and 3 video tapes. The videos include a two part family history produced in 2000, and a celebration of life video on the life of Mark de Weerdt produced in 2003 2003 containing a series of still images of his life.

De Weerdt, Mark
333 · Fonds · 1974-1976

This fonds consists of 2 cm of textual material that is comprised of three reports related to the Task Force on Personnel Policy and Management. One report from the Task Force on Personnel Policy and Management was presented to the Commissioner on August 12, 1974. The report contains information related to the processes followed by the Task Force, a summary of their observations, conclusions and major recommendations and a note on the employment of native people and employment of women. The second report is the Interim Report of the Executive Committee submitted on October 18, 1974 and the remaining report is the Final Report of the Commissioner on the Task Force on Personnel Policy and Management submitted in April 1976.

Northwest Territories. Task Force on Personnel Policy and Management (1973-1975)
364 · Fonds · 1987-1996

This fonds consists of approximately 30 cm of textual material from the Arctic Public Legal Education and Information Society. The material dates from 1987-1996 and includes minutes of board meeting, minutes from the Annual General Meeting, annual budgets, auditor reports and staff reports about the activities of the organization. In addition, there is information about workshops and programs delivered by the organization.

Arctic Public Legal Education and Information Society
Alfred Cook fonds
135 · Fonds · 1924-1927

This fonds consists of 118 black and white copy negatives. The images include locations such as Aklavik, Baker Lake, Bathurst Inlet, Chesterfield Inlet, Coppermine, Shingle Point (Yukon), and Herschel Island (Yukon). Images feature Inuit, buildings (including igloos), boats and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) personnel.

Cook, Alfred
347 · Fonds · 1951; 1971-[1979]

This fonds consists of approximately 8 cm of textual material. The fonds is comprised of three accessions; the first accession consists of court documents from the Stipendiary Magistrate. The documents relate to a legal dispute between Archibald Bonvie and Canada Catering Company. The second accession consists of nine volumes of transcripts from the Supreme Court. The proceedings deal with an application by Chief Francois Paulette, who lodged a caveat with the Registrar of Land Titles, in 1973.

5 cm of published reports and information booklets contain annual fire loss reports of the Chief of Safety as well as informational brochures on public safety topics such as fire, poison, home and industrial safety, with accompanying illustrations. These documents date from 1971-[1979].

Northwest Territories. Department of Public Services (1971-1979)
Bart Hawkins fonds
19 · Fonds · [1954-1971]

This fonds consists of one folder of text and approximately 865 photographs taken during the time Bart Hawkins spent in the north at various Royal Canadian Mounted Police stations, including Fort Simpson, Yellowknife, Port Radium, and Fort Liard. Included among the images are views of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) duties, some recreational activities of the RCMP and views of the scenery in the regions where Bart Hawkins was stationed. Many of the images show RCMP personnel and facilities. Also included are images of treaty payment days and Port Radium mine. The textual material consists of two pamphlets from the city of Yellowknife.

Hawkins, Bart
John Anderson-Thomson fonds
217 · Fonds · 1936-1985

The fonds consists of 78.5 cm of textual records, 122 maps, 146 photographs, 7 postcards, and 5 architectural drawings created by John Anderson Thomson in the course of his work as a land surveyor, consulting geologist, Commanding Officer of No. 7 Company Canadian Rangers, Magistrate and Justice of the Peace, commissioner on the Great Slave Lake Railway Royal Commission, member of several professional organizations, and participant in the community of Yellowknife and life in the North. Records and photographs of Janet Anderson-Thomson's involvement in John's work and her own leisure activities are also included. The records include memoirs, draft Royal Commission report, financial records, correspondence, field notes, geological, survey and reference plans, survey instructions, photographs and scrapbooks, certificates, and articles.

Anderson-Thomson, John