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Records include an evaluation of the NWT Literacy Strategy, a funding agreement for the construction of a francophone school in Hay River, and agreements related to scholarship and bursary programs for post-secondary students.

Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment. Strategic and Business Services division
G-1992-019 · Accession · 1972-1979
Part of Northwest Territories. Office of the Commissioner fonds

This accession consists of files from many different GNWT departments, including Education, Social Services (and predecessors), and Local Government, relating to the operation, administration, and closure of the community of Port Burwell. The records were collected by the Office of the Commissioner after the community was abandoned. The records include settlement manager monthly reports and correspondence, settlement council minutes, school records (including enrollment and attendance and student files), financial records (including aircraft tender documents, operations funding, cheque books and banking records, and ledgers), fishery plant records, building and public works records, health and welfare records,employment records, and a guestbook. The accession also includes several files from the Department of Local Government which relate to the Baffin Region more generally or to other communities, including Pond Inlet, Arctic Bay, Grise Fiord, Nanisivik, Eskimo Point (Arviat),

G-2007-055 · Accession · 1973-1993
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Education fonds

Records date from 1973-1993 and consisting of published reports, curriculum resources, teaching guides, newsletters, magazines, pamphlets, published anthologies, manuals, education kits, storybooks, workbooks and handbooks created by the department. The material covers a wide range of topics including teaching aides for elementary school children (workbooks, storybooks, teaching guides, kits, etc.), a large collection of Pik magazines, brochures and kits on child abuse, sexual assault and alcohol and drug awareness, apprenticeship brochures, nutrition guides and a children's cookbook, curriculum guides on science, civics, social studies and health, a needs assessment report on alternative programs for special needs, a review of Akaitcho Hall and many aboriginal language storybook readers.

Records include chronos generated by the offices of Jackson Lafferty as Minister of Education, Culture and Employment; Dan Daniels as Deputy Minister (January to May); Gloria Iatridis as Acting Deputy Minister (May to August); and Gabriela Eggenhofer as Deputy Minister (September to December).

Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment. Directorate
N-2008-005 · Accession · 1959

Records include photographs of school children having a picnic outside of the school in Fort Good Hope. The photos were taken in 1959. One of the photographs shows an unidentified woman setting up an x-ray machine outside of the school building. The photographs were taken by Monica MacDonald who was a teacher in Fort Good Hope.

N-1993-015 · Accession · 1958-1959

This accession consists of two newsletters entitled "Norman News" which were published by the students at the Federal Day School in Fort Norman (Tulita). The newsletters (dated October 1958 and February 1959) contain school-related items and items pertaining to the community. There are lists of community events for the upcoming months, birth announcements, stories, crossword puzzles and a column titled hunting news. The reporters listed in the October issue are: Richard Hardy, Randy Stowell, Faye Eliason, Sandra Clement and George McDonald.

Federal Day School (Fort Norman, NT)
N-1993-024 · Accession · 1963-1966

This accession consists of four programmes for Christmas concerts produced by the students of the Federal Day School in Nahanni Butte. The programmes are for the 1963, 1964, 1965 and 1966 concerts. They contain Christmas carol sheets and the text from plays produced by the students during the concert.

Federal Day School (Nahanni Butte, NT)
N-1993-023 · Accession · 1967

This accession consists of one newsletter entitled "Echo 1967" which was produced by the students at the Federal Day School in Norman Wells. The newsletter (dated January 13, 1967) contains school-related items and items pertaining to the community. There are lists of community events for the upcoming month, birth announcements, a cartoon, an extract from the Liquor Ordinance, and community residents' opinions on Confederation and the future of Canada. The newsletter was originally created as part of the school's contribution to the NWT Centennial celebrations.

Federal Day School (Norman Wells, NT)
G-1988-505 · Accession · 1982-1986
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Justice and Public Services fonds

Records are comprised of copies of speeches made by cabinet ministers including Tagak Curley (Dept. of Economic Development and Tourism), Nellie Cournoyea (Dept. of Renewable Resources), Nick Sibbeston (Government Leader) and Dennis Patterson (Dept. of Education).

Northwest Territories. Department of Justice and Public Services. Library Services division
G-2023-007 · Accession · 1995, 1999-2001
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Municipal and Community Affairs fonds

Records include signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with Aurora College and with the NWT Association of Municipalities, records related to the CORE Fire Training Program, and reporting related to training for Community Administrators and Senior Administrative Officers, respectively.

Northwest Territories. Department of Municipal and Community Affairs. School of Community Government
279 · Fonds · 1923-1973

This fonds consists of approximately 44 meters of textual records and approximately 70 photographs created and accumulated by the Northern Administration Branch and its various predecessors, from 1923 to 1971. The material was generated by the Federal government's activities in administering the Northwest Territories. Most of the records (over 34 m of textual records) are composed of files transferred from Ottawa to Yellowknife beginning in 1967, and include administrative and operational files. The majority of these files date between 1949 and 1967 and incorporate: correspondence, reports, vital statistic information, financial data, minutes, and a wide variety of reference material kept by the department. The files were classified via a numerical block system. The block system consisted of primary, secondary and tertiary levels such that a composite file number (for example 311-105-93) would represent a progression from general subject matter to a specific subject and/or location. The following primary blocks arrange the files:

100 - Administration;
200 - Economic and Industrial Development;
300 - Engineering Projects;
400 - Forests and Game;
500 - Public Service;
600 - Education;
1000 - General files on settlements, associations, companies, provinces, foreign countries, Inuit affairs, and resources;
20 - Individual case files;
3 - Personnel and organizational files.

None of the 700, 800 or 900 block files were forwarded to the NWT Archives. Moreover, at the time of transfer from Ottawa, it appears that other records from the file blocks brought to Yellowknife were culled in Ottawa. In addition, not all government functions were transferred in 1967, and some files contain records generated after 1967 from the continued administration of a function either by the federal government or from the use of the files by the new Territorial Government. A small number of photographs were located in the files during processing, however, these images have been left in their original files.

Additional accruals to this fonds make up another 10 meters of textual records and include the Northern Administration Branch records from the Fort Churchill district office dating from 1960 to 1970, and Western Arctic education records from 1964 to 1969.

Other records of this fonds consist of: four ledgers kept between 1923 and 1967 documenting fur trapping and fur trading activities, four ledgers documenting fur and game take and value on registered trap lines, various licensing, and scientific research work; budget papers including estimates, expenditure statements and capital substantiation reports for 1966 to 1969; 2 supplementary readers, "Nuna" and "The Story of Papik an Eskimo Boy" compiled by the Curriculum Section of the Education Division from the journals of young Inuit children; and a 1954 report produced by C.C. Johnson, a Resident Engineer from Fort Smith. This report, entitled "Preliminary Report, Mackenzie Highway - Mills Lake Road" includes 31 corner mounted photographic prints and 16 black and white negatives. The report discusses plans to build a road to Mills Landing. In addition, there are copies of the Eskimo Bulletin dated from 1953-1959. The Eskimo Bulletin was produced by the Northern Administration and Land Branch in order to teach Inuit the English language.

Canada. Northern Administration Branch
N-1997-007 · Accession · 1961

This accession consists of one copy of a 1960-61 yearbook from Sir Alexander Mackenzie School in Inuvik. The yearbook has a cover made of cloth with an applique of the letters SAM.

Sir Alexander Mackenzie School (Inuvik, NT)

The colour slides depict community buildings (schools, churches, hospitals), people, scenery, activities and special events in the following communities: Hay River, Fort Simpson, Fort Norman, Rae, Port Radium, Lac La Martre, Fort Good Hope, Fort Franklin, Fort McPherson, Tuktoyaktuk, Yellowknife, Coppermine, Jean Marie River, Fort Liard, Nahanni region, Aklavik, Fort Resolution, Fort Smith, Fort Providence, Wrigley, Fort Fitzgerald, Arctic Red River, Reindeer Station, Whale Cove, Norman Wells, Iqaluit and Rocher River. In addition, 19 black and white photographs show children and housing conditions in Yellowknife and on Latham Island in 1969. There are also several images of Rae that portray people, the church, Treaty time and Chief Susie Bruneau. The majority of the films were produced by the Government of the Northwest Territories for different departments; the subject matter of the films deal with Prohibition in the North, education, the Mackenzie Bridge and life in the North.

St. Patrick's High School
436 · Fonds · 1965-1966, 1981-2007

The fonds consists of yearbooks from St. Patrick's High School.

Yellowknife Catholic Schools
St. Patrick's High School
N-2023-004 · Accession · 1985-1987
Part of St. Patrick's High School

This accession consists of two yearbooks from the 1985-1986 and 1986-1987 school years. They contain messages and individual photographs of staff and students grades 7-12, as well as school organizations, sports teams, and activities.

St. Patrick's High School
N-1994-001 · Accession · 1965-1966
Part of St. Patrick's High School

The textual records consist of one yearbook for the 1965-1966 school year entitled "Au-197". It contains individual photographs of everyone in Grades Seven to Twelve, school organizations, sport teams, and activities. Also included are articles by students, photographs of Yellowknife, advertisements from local businesses, a dedication to Father Ebner, and a message from the principal, Sister M. Isidore.

Yellowknife Catholic Schools
St. Patrick's High School
N-2008-001 · Accession · 1981-2007
Part of St. Patrick's High School

The records consist of yearbooks for St Patrick's High School in Yellowknife for the following years: 1981-82, 1982-83, 1984-85, 1987-88, 1988-89, 1989-90, 1990-91, 1991-92, 1992-93, 1993-94, 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97, 1997-98, 1998-99, 1999-2000, 2001-02, 2002-03, 2003-04, 2005-06, and 2006-07.

Yellowknife Catholic Schools

One file consisting of correspondence, public consultation documents, reports, and other material related to the development of regulations under the Education Act. Most of the documents discuss regulations relating to private schools; other topics include home schooling and how student records should be kept.

Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment. Policy and Planning division
G-1989-503 · Accession · 1987-1988

This accession consists of one illustrated copy of the Galena Heights Elementary School Year Book for 1987-1988. The yearbook includes images of staff and students.

Galena Heights Elementary School (Pine Point, NT)
G-1979-520 · Accession · 1969

This accession consists of 2 copies of the 1968-1969 yearbook ("Banksland Story") for the Sachs Harbour school. Included are photographs of the teachers and students as well as images of other residents and everyday life on Banks Island. Also included is a short history and statistics on Sachs Harbour and Banks Island.

Sachs Harbour School