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Archival description
N-2004-017 · Accession · [199-?]

Records are comprised of an unpublished manuscript by Margaret Scott called "Treasures of the North". It describes the author's three years spent in the north, 1941-1944, first at Ptarmigan Mine, then Whitehorse and Prince Rupert. The section on Ptarmigan mine (approximately 26 pages) provides anecdotal account of her trip to Yellowknife, including her wedding ceremony, and the year she spent at Ptarmigan mine where her husband was an employee of Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company.

Scott, Margaret
G-1990-007 · Accession · [1955?-1988?]
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications fonds

The collection is comprised of photographs that were deleted from the files up to early 1990. Themes include involvement of the Government of the Northwest Territories in housing, education and training, arts and crafts, tourism, transportation and industry. Also included are images documenting native land use, community activities, facilities, special events and people. Commissioners and the Council are particularly well documented, especially during the earlier period. Also extensively represented are Expo '86 and the Arctic Winter Games. Most were photographed by the Government Photographer, Audio Visual section, although some were purchased or acquired from other sources. Photographers include Mike Van Duffelen, Bob Wilson and Tessa Macintosh.

G-1992-004 · Accession · [196-?-197-?]
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Information fonds

Much of the accession is currently unidentified. Some of the identified reels of film concern events in the Northwest Territories, such as the Commissioner's tour of the central arctic, 1970 Arctic Winter Games, Caribou Carnival in Yellowknife, Camp Unity and a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) production on whaling in the north.

G-1992-012 · Accession · 1969-1971
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Information fonds

Records include moving images, photographs, and one file of reports generated by trips taken by Commissioner Stuart Hodgson. The Commissioners' Tours included visits to the upper Mackenzie, Nahanni and Liard River Area (June 2-6, 1969), the central arctic (Aug. 25 - Sept. 5, 1969), the Mackenzie Delta (Oct. 13-19, 1970), and the central arctic (May 5-8, 1971). One of the films contains a narrative by Commissioner Hodgson on the Arctic Winter Games.

This accession consists of two copies of the agreement, dated 20 September 1986, to establish Ellesmere Island National Park Reserve. One copy of the agreement was signed in the park at Tanquary Fiord; the other was signed at Resolute. The signed agreements are stored in their original official folders. Also included in this accession are 9 colour photographic prints documenting the community of Resolute, the signing of the agreement, images of Tanquary Fiord and post signing festivities at Resolute.

Northwest Territories. Department of Economic Development and Tourism. Tourism and Parks division
G-1999-015 · Accession · 1963-1971
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of the Territorial Secretary fonds

The files were part of the Central Registry System (80 Block, 81 Block, 82 Block and 85 Block) and cover a variety of topics, including directives and policies, arrangements for Council sessions, travel for Council members, Territorial Legislation Policy, elections, monthly reports from the regions, staff meetings and ordinances.