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Archival description
415 · Fonds · 1965-2001, chiefly 1972-2001

This fonds consists of 1.65 m of textual records and 44 photographs. The records document the activities of the Northwest Territories Council of the Boy Scouts of Canada/Scouts Canada from its formation in 1972 until 2001. The material has been artificially arranged into five series:

  • Planning, Policy, and Administration includes correspondence, minutes and reports related to the formation of the NWT Scout Council, strategic planning, bylaws, policies and procedures, contracts for services with the Alberta Council, and training of volunteers, as well as general chrono correspondence files.

  • AGMs and Executive Meetings includes agendas, minutes, and other materials related to Annual General Meetings and NWT Scout Council executive meetings.

  • Publications includes newsletters and reports published by the NWT Scout Council.

  • Regions and Local Groups includes documentation of interaction between the NWT Scout Council and regional councils and local scout groups; membership census records and group charters; RCMP returns detailing scouting activity in the communities; and photographs of local group meetings.

  • Projects and Events includes correspondence and reports related to service projects, badges, NWT jamborees, cuborees, regional camps and trips, and interaction between scout groups inside and outside the NWT, as well as photographs of service projects and camps.

It was not possible to reconstruct a single original order for this fonds. It appears that the material was organized different ways at different times, and somefiles from earlier periods may have been carried over to later ones while others were not. In addition, some of the records arrived at the Archives as loose papers. The records have been artificially arranged for ease of access; the material has been organized by type/subject of records, while maintaining as much as possible of the order that was discernible.

Boy Scouts of Canada. Northwest Territories Council
OutNorth fonds
433 · Fonds · ca. 1990-2007

This fonds consists of 9 cm of textual records and 20 MB (megabytes) of textual records and graphic materials generated by OutNorth. The records document OutNorth's advocacy, educational, and social activities and include meeting minutes and agendas, newsletters, press releases, websites, event flyers and tickets, membership recruitment, promotional materials, and newsclippings. The records also includes some event flyers predating OutNorth, and an interview with Lorne Gushue.

365 · Fonds · 2000

This fonds consists of two audiocassette tapes, one sound CD, approximately 943 colour negatives, two 8 mm videocassettes, approximately 50 cm of textual material and one site plan generated or collected by the NWT Mining Heritage Society between 2000-2002. The audiocassettes and sound CD contain interviews with former employees of Giant Mine including Bill Case, Al Hall, Joe Malmsten, Jim McKay, George Dundas, Frank Horvat, Lorne Wrigglesworth, Tom Natyshen, Bill Hall, Sam Bitner, Dan Edjericon, J.C. Brien, Lew Whalen, Walter Dwyer, Mark Eveson, Francois H. Maille and Dave Nickerson. The interviews were coordinated and conducted by Bill Case, Walt Humphries and Brian Weir. The 943 images document the interior and exterior of buildings at Giant Mine, as well as show mining equipment and machinery. The videocassettes also document the interior and exterior of buildings, the Giant Mine site and machinery and equipment. The textual material includes agendas and minutes of meetings of the Giant Mine Heritage Working Group (now known as the NWT Mining Heritage Society), the final report on the assessment of Giant Mine, as well as correspondence and information related to the development of a mining museum at the Giant Mine site. In addition, there is a site plan showing Giant Mine buildings and locations.

NWT Mining Heritage Society
372 · Fonds · July 1977

This fonds consists of one reel of colour 8 mm film (original master) of what was likely the Native Women's Association of the NWT first conference, held in July 1977. The film, approximately 175 feet in length, runs ten minutes. The film was transferred to Betacam (archival master) in 1997.

Native Women's Association of the NWT
Sport North Federation fonds
261 · Fonds · 1969-2002

This fonds consists of 35 cm of textual material, 151 photographs, four posters, one videocassette (VHS) and one CD-ROM. The records date from 1969 to 2002 and were produced and accumulated by the Sport North Federation and include some materials that may have originated from the Arctic Winter Games Corporation. The bulk of the textual records include correspondence from 1975 about the formation of Sport North; its by-laws and constitution; copies of the Sport North publication "Sports News"; publications, programs and pamphlets from various Arctic Winter Games; the 1984-85 Annual Report for Sport North; and copies of the Sport North 1984 and 1985 manual and directory. The remaining textual material includes two manuals entitled "Dene Games, A Culture and Resource Manual" and "Arctic Sports, A Training and Resource Manual." The material was written by Michael Heine and produced between 1998-2002 by Sport North Federation and the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs. The manuals are accompanied by one CD-ROM which includes written accounts from elders speaking about Dene games, and includes video clips of the finger pull, stick pull, pole push, snow snake and hand games. The videocassette (VHS) is 45 minutes and length and includes archival photographs and film footage of traditional Dene life, as well as detailed footage of the five traditional games played at the Arctic Winter Games. The video shows each event and describes the rules and physical details of the finger pull, stick pull, pole push, snow snake and hand games. The video footage of the five traditional games was taken at the 1998 Arctic Winter Games. The fonds also contains six scrapbooks of newspaper clippings about sports dated from 1977 to 1979, as well as Sport North Federation and Arctic Winter Games posters. The photographs document the first and fifth Arctic Winter Games (AWG).

Sport North Federation
420 · Fonds · 1978-1993

This fonds consists of records of operation of the Science Institute of the Northwest Territories. Records include Science Advisory Board meeting minutes and annual reports, Constitution and By-Laws and Some Observations and Recommendations on the Formation, Organization and Management of the Northwest Territories Science Institute, legislation, briefing notes, minutes of several meetings of the Science Institute Board of Governors, strategic planning and review documents and report, a draft policy manual, documents on goals and objectives, a polonium and lead transfer study, beluga whale review, staff meeting notes, board membership information, discussion notes, annual reports, and correspondence regarding the cooperation and eventual merger of the Science Institute with Arctic College (later Aurora College).

Science Institute of the Northwest Territories
262 · Fonds · [1949-1978]

This fonds consists of 827 photographs and 1 cm of textual material from 1949 to 1978, documenting the activities of St. John Ambulance and other first aid projects in the Northwest Territories. The textual records are comprised of: Jack Adderly's story about Tony Dauksa and how his life was saved by the creation of survival cairns in the arctic by St. John Ambulance; a cover page and maps that accompanied a binder of photographs; and a 1982 St. John Ambulance press release. Two of the photographs relate to a survival cairn set up by a group of St. John Ambulance Cadets (6 from Great Britain and 6 Canadians), on July 31, 1976.

St. John Ambulance. Northwest Territories Council
Sanavisak Guild fonds
107 · Fonds · 1965-1984

This fonds consists of 79 colour photographs that were in an album compiled by members of the Sanavisak Guild in Pine Point. The accession also contains the minutes of a meeting held on September 8, 1965 to discuss the formation of the guild; two guild newsletters, one from March 1982 and the other from 1983; and the programme for the guild's 10th Anniversary dinner and dance. The photographs document many of the activities of the Sanavisak Guild in Pine Point between 1969 and 1984. The majority of the images are well identified. Activities depicted include craft and bake sales, Christmas parties and floats decorated by the guild for the annual Pine Days parade and celebrations.

Sanavisak Guild
Reginae Tait fonds
53 · Fonds · 1958-1969

This fonds consists of 8 cm of correspondence from children that attended school in the following communities between 1958-1969: Aklavik, Arctic Bay, Baker Lake, Belcher Islands, Broughton Island, Cambridge Bay, Cape Dorset, Chesterfield Inlet, Clyde River, Coppermine, Coral Harbour, Eskimo Point, Frobisher Bay, Great Whale River, Hay River, Fort Franklin, Fort Liard, Fort Resolution, Fort Smith, Fort Wrigley, Igloolik, Inuvik, Ivuyivik, Lac La Martre, Nahanni Butte, Norman Wells, Payne Bay, Port Harrison, Povungnituk, Resolute Bay, Snowdrift, Spence Bay, Sugluk, Whale Cove and Yellowknife. The letters were written in thanks to the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE) for books that were received by the children through the IODE Prize Books for Children of the Far North Project.

Tait, Reginae
YK Photo fonds
425 · Fonds · 1963-1998

The fonds consists of 2214 photographs (1232 black and white negatives, 982 colour negatives) created by both Gerry Reimann and Bob Wilson during the store’s operation. The photography is a mix of commissioned work, such as portrait or family photography, schools, businesses, organizations, or government work, and non-commissioned photography, such as community events or photography of YK Foto. Due to this, the commissioned work has multiple copyright holders, which are noted where appropriate.

YK Foto
161 · Fonds · 1968-1974

This fonds consists of 4.4 cm of textual records and 8 photographs generated by the Yellowknife Toastmistress Club from its foundation in 1968 until early 1974, although the majority of the records only go to 1972. The records include bylaws, correspondence, minutes, financial records, guides and manuals, member lists, agendas, newsletters, and a scrapbook.

Yellowknife Toastmistress Club
56 · Fonds · 1971-1979

This fonds consists of a financial ledger (1971-1974), posters (1974-1975, 1977-1979), minutes (1977-1979), a logo pasteup, "Handbook for Executives" [ca. 1979] and correspondence (1978) from the Yellowknife Film Society.

Yellowknife Film Society
332 · Fonds · 1967-1988

This fonds consists of approximately 22 centimeters of textual material and 19 photographs generated by the Northwest Territories Arts and Crafts Council. Included in this material are files of correspondence dated from 1975-1988, material related to a funding proposal submitted to the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, budget information, minutes of council meetings, the council's constitution and by-laws, material from the 1980 AGM in Inuvik and a copy of the Federal cultural policy review. In addition, there is material related to other Arts and Crafts organizations such as the Canadian Craft Council, Canadian Council on the Arts, Inuvik Arts and Crafts Society, Yellowknife Guild of Crafts and the Native Women's Association of the Northwest Territories. There are also copies of magazines containing articles related to the council, newspaper clippings, membership information, reports on various conferences, eight copies of "Artisan News" from 1978-1980, copies of the NWT Arts and Crafts Council Newsletter from Spring 1979 and Spring 1980, information about the design of the logo for the organization and records related to awards and exhibitions. The photographs depict arts and crafts workshops held in Inuvik and the founding members and Board of the Northwest Territories Arts and Crafts Council.

Northwest Territories Arts and Crafts Council
225 · Fonds · 1947-1991

This fonds consists of approximately 8.5 cm of textual material and 8 photographs. The material is made up of five cookbooks and ledgers that were generated by the activities of the Daughters of the Midnight Sun, as well as correspondence, by-laws, membership lists, and loose recipes. The cookbooks were issued by the organization between 1941-1970. In addition to recipes, the cookbooks contain a brief history of the club, advertising, photographs and a list of the club's membership in January 1947 and in August 1955. One ledger that belonged to the Daughters of the Midnight Sun appears to date from June 17, 1968 until September 1969. The ledger includes receipts for the cookbooks issued in that year. Two other ledgers (financial statements) date from 1979 to 1985. The photograph was taken in 1971 and shows the Daughters of the Midnight Sun membership standing in front of the Capitol Theatre.

Daughters of the Midnight Sun
344 · Fonds · 1963-1966

This fonds consists of 2 cm of textual material. The material relates to the day-to-day operations of the organization from its start in 1963, to 1966. Correspondence, financial statements, annual reports, applications for loans and assistance, and product information about the Co-operative are included. The material also includes a questionnaire asking about the living conditions in Fort Franklin [Deline], and a statement of the social and economic conditions found in Fort Franklin [Deline] at that time. Also includes a copy of the report "You Take the Lead…: The First Three Years of the First Indian Co-operative", published by the Co-op in 1966.

Great Bear Lake Co-operative Association
422 · Fonds · 1945-1955

The fonds consists of records created by the Yellowknife Branch of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy during its early years of operation. The records include a cheque register, correspondence, membership lists, meeting agenda, minutes, Prospector’s Class enrollment, schedule, and course materials, a proposed itinerary and account of the Governor General's 1947 visit, and a photograph of CIMM visitors to Yellowknife. The fonds also includes a ca. 1955 report prepared by one of CIMM's committees on the revision of the NWT Quartz Mining Regulations.

Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Yellowknife Branch
John Blondin fonds
165 · Fonds · 1980-[1984]

This fonds consists of approximately 1600 photographs. The majority of the images are 35 mm black and white negatives, however there are some colour slides. The images feature people and scenes in Fort Simpson, Snowdrift, Fort Norman and Fort Franklin. Many of the images are portraits of Dene people. There is also a series of colour slides showing a caribou being butchered. The fonds also includes a number of images of the Dene National General Assembly, held in Fort Good Hope, from July 22 to July 30, 1980.

Blondin, John
364 · Fonds · 1987-1996

This fonds consists of approximately 30 cm of textual material from the Arctic Public Legal Education and Information Society. The material dates from 1987-1996 and includes minutes of board meeting, minutes from the Annual General Meeting, annual budgets, auditor reports and staff reports about the activities of the organization. In addition, there is information about workshops and programs delivered by the organization.

Arctic Public Legal Education and Information Society
232 · Fonds · 1936-1990

This fond consists of 1.3 meters of textual material, 472 photographs, 2 film reels, 3 audio reels and 3 DAT audiocassettes. The records were created by the Girl Guides of Canada, Yukon and Northwest Territories Council, the Northwest Territories Council, and Local Associations throughout the Northwest Territories that were affiliated to these two councils. The records, which date from 1936 to 1990, have been divided into four series: textual, photographs, moving images and sound recordings.

The textual records, which date from 1961 to 1990, include Minutes of Meetings (1972-1990), Reports (1961-1989), Newsletters (1966-1990), Regional Administration Files (1966-1982), Alphabetical File System (1965-1987), Northwest Territories Council Executive Correspondence (1967-1978), Northwest Territories Council Programme Files (1967-1989), Chronological Correspondence Files (1966-1984). Also included are some records generated by local district associations and divisions such as the Midnight Sun Division, the Keewatin Central Arctic Division, the Matonabbee District Council, the Slave Rapids District Council, the Eastern Arctic Division and the Yellowknife District Council. The records document the development of guiding programmes in the Northwest Territories. They also document the relationship between the Northwest Territories Council, the various Divisions and Local Associations in the Northwest Territories and the National Headquarters of the Girl Guides of Canada in Ottawa. Subjects include guiding programmes and activities in the north; trips to territorial, national and international camps by girls and leaders; and training programmes for guide leaders and guides, pathfinders and brownies. There is also information on the annual fund-raising event - the Girl Guide Cookie Week, and the operation of the Distribution Store located in Yellowknife.

The photographic records include 472 photographs many of which were located in community file folders and miscellaneous envelopes. The photographs document brownie and guide meetings, enrollment ceremonies, trips to national and international guiding events, guide camps in the Northwest Territories, Annual General Meetings of the Northwest Territories Council and training sessions for guide\brownie leaders. There are also a number of images of special events such as the 65th and 70th Anniversary Celebrations of the Girl Guides of Canada.

The fonds also includes two reels of 8 mm films taken in 1971 during a trip to Ottawa; 3 original master sound cassetes, 3 DAT audiocassettes and 3 audio reels which contain sound recordings that document the activities of guide and brownie packs, a training session and campfire for leaders, and an Inuktitut version of the Brownie law, promise and story. The sound recordings were produced at Pangnirtung, Fort McPherson, Broughton Island, Coppermine, Cape Dorset and Yellowknife.

Girl Guides of Canada. Northwest Territories Council