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Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications fonds

  • 308
  • Fonds
  • [1951?-1990], 1977-1992

This fonds consists of approximately 8 meters of textual material, approximately 73,344 black and white and colour photographs in print, negative and slide formats including many duplicates, 222 audiocassettes, 161 audio reels, 4 DAT audiocassettes, 25 16-mm films, 6 videocassettes in Beta and Helical Scan videotape formats and 4 architectural drawings. The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre and the Northwest Territories Archives generated the bulk of the textual material. The material consists of transcripts of interviews conducted by the Northwest Territories Archives with Father Louis Menez, Violet Beaulieu and Sven Johansson. Six of the audio reels contain stories that were recorded at the Miner's Mess restaurant as part of the Cultural Festival component of the 1990 Arctic Winter Games held in Yellowknife and feature storytelling by Claire Barnabe, Barb Bromley, Rene Fumoleau, Jim Green, Abe Okpik, Erik Watt, Lorne Scholar, D'Arcy Arden, George Blondin, Neil Colin, Mary Forrest, Pete Fraser, Joe Tobie and Jim Bourque. In addition, there are audiocassettes and English translations of an interview conducted by the Archaeology Section with Slavey Elder, George Boots. There are also records from the Northwest Territories Historical Advisory Board, the Northwest Territories Heritage Council and Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, including the NWT Arts Council. Included are operational and administrative files from the Archaeological and Historic Sites program, Education and Extension program, Territorial Plaque program, Exhibits program, Museum grants and Northwest Territories Archives. Records from the Culture and Heritage Division (Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre) consist of various administrative records concerning Land Use applications, minutes of various Culture and Heritage Division meetings, program reports, support for community heritage related efforts, promotional pamphlets, archaeology permit requests, museum policy development, and special Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre projects such as Trapline - Lifeline.

Also included are files on various conferences such as the Canadian Conference on Historical Resources, the Northern Museums Conference, and Committees such as the Interdepartmental Committee on Archaeology, the Canada-Northwest Territories Consultative Committee on Parks and the Museum Advisory Committee.

A small portion of the textual records were created by the Language Bureau including a Briefing Note for the Minister about the activities of the Language Bureau, a proposal from an consultant and input from the Language Bureau about an operational review of the division, an evaluation of the Language Bureau and comments on the NWT Literacy Strategy by the staff of the Language Bureau. The remainder of the files include records from the Athapaskan Language Steering Committee, the Dene Languages Committee and internal newsletters that were produced by the Language Bureau called Dene Yati, The Booth, Language Bureau Bulletin and one newsletter called Tusagatsait.

There are approximately 55,724 black and white and colour photographs in print, negative and slide formats that were generated or acquired by the Television and Radio Services Division, Department of Culture and Communications and by the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. The collection of photographs from Television and Radio Services document the Government of the Northwest Territories involvement in housing, education and training, arts and crafts, tourism, transportation and industry. There are also images documenting native land use, community activities, special events such as Expo '86 and Arctic Winter Games, public buildings and housing, Commissioners of the Northwest Territories, NWT Council, the Legislative Assembly and Members of the Legislative Assembly. The photographs from the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre include photographs taken at Pine Point, Fort Resolution and Pangnirtung, as well as photographs created by archaeological and historic site surveys, and photographs of the Aviation Gallery at the Heritage Centre. The 132 audiocassettes, 155 sound reels and 4 DAT audio cassettes consist of recordings that were produced and collected by the Radio and Television Services Division of the Department of Culture and Communications between 1970-1986 and by the Northwest Territories Archives and Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. The recordings include soundtracks for films, interviews, speeches, special effect sounds, Inuit throat singing and government programs such as the series "Behind Closed Doors-A Series on Spousal Assault in the Northwest Territories" and "So You Want to Start Your Own Business." The 25 16-mm films include copies of "You Can't Grow Potatoes Up There"; "Koukdjuak Crossing: Caribou Tagging on Baffin Island"; "Bathurst Inlet Caribou" (may also be titled: To Have Forever: Hunting the Bathurst Caribou Herd); "Nikko Island", "Wood Bison"; "Kellett's Storehouse"; "Yellowknife"; "Caribou"; "Heritage Centre Spots"; "Kissiutiyeet"; "Gordon Lake"; "Decisions"; "Future"; and "Anik Info Spots" (air prints). The three Beta videocassettes contain videos produced by the Language Bureau of the Department of Culture and Communications. The films are entitled "MLA," "Home Maintenance-Northwest Territories Housing Corporation," "Home Maintenance-Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation" and "How the Fur Trade Works" which is in South Slavey. The two helical scan videos consist of a Keewatin Economic Development Conference and the film "Hire North." The architectural drawings were generated by a project through the Northwest Territories Archives in which the old Catholic Mission building in Fort Resolution was documented.

Also contained in this fonds are materials dating from 1986-1991 including 3 Baffin Bulletin newsletters, 2 spousal assault newsletters, a report on spousal abuse, a report on the traditional knowledge working group, and a directory guide of Northern cultural and arts performers from approximately 1990.

Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications (1985-1992)

Archaeological and Geological Reconnaissance of Alberta, Mackenzie Valley, and the Upper Yukon fonds

  • 36
  • Fonds
  • 1937-1938

This fonds consists of photographs and text from the Archaeological and Geological Reconnaissance expedition that surveyed archaeological sites in Alberta, the Mackenzie Valley and the Upper Yukon, as well as the expedition journals and notes of Wesley Bliss, Joseph Maloney, Douglas Osborne, Thomas Cain, and [Alden?] Hayes. The photographs include images of archaeological sites and the communities of Fort Good Hope, Shingle Point (Yukon) and Aklavik.

Archaeological and Geological Reconnaissance of Alberta, Mackenzie Valley, and the Upper Yukon fonds

William C. Noble fonds

  • 406
  • Fonds
  • 1929-1973

This fonds consists of textual, graphic and cartographic materials produced durning Noble's numerous archeological expeditions in the NWT, and includes extensive field notes, original archeology reports, extensive cataloguing and analysis of artifacts found at sites, academic research and academic reports. This fonds also contains two binders of b&w photographs of the construction of Pine Point taken by Jim Cameron in 1929. Additionally, four binders in this fonds contain first flight air covers collected by Noble dating from 1929 - 1991.

Noble, William C.

Pokotylo, David

  • N-1985-505
  • Accession
  • [1983-1985]

This accession consists of transcripts for two interviews. One transcript is a translation of an interview with George Pellissey and forms part of the video "Drum Lake". The second transcript consists of an interview conducted by David Pokotylo with Baptiste Betsedea (interpreted by George Pellissey) which provided the data for a paper entitled "Now You See It, Now You Don't: A Contemporary Stone Tool Quarry Site in the Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories" (1991).

Pokotylo, David

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre Ephemera collection

  • N-1999-039
  • Accession
  • 1956; 1978-1979

The textual records consist of a programme outlining the itinerary for the visit of His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales to Yellowknife in April 1979 and a report entitled "Aerial Reconnaissance Report: Fort Simpson Towards Fort Liard Road, 1956." The 50 black and white photographs are aerial photos from the "Reconnaissance Report" and the 2 maps are also part of the "Reconnaissance Report." The maps depict the District of Mackenzie, Simpson-Liard area and the Fort Nelson-Kotcho Lake region in British Columbia. The 34 colour slides depict the old village of Ni Dzi Ka Ko Gola, now an archaelogical site where the home of the Great Bear Lake Chief once stood.