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Canada. Canada Post
G-1986-504 · Accession · 1985

This accession consists of an Intelpost message (fax) sent to Yellowknife.

Canada Post
Martin, Jacqueline
N-1979-525 · Accession · 1978

This accession consists of a photocopy of an award winning essay on the Northwest Territories by Jacqueline Martin.

Martin, Jacqueline
Bell, Robert, 1841-1917
N-1979-553 · Accession · 1903

This accession consists of three letters from David T. Hanbury requesting permission to duplicate photographs from an 1897 report.

Nichol, Marjorie, 1923-
N-1992-019 · Accession · 1977

This accession consists of a recording of Marjorie Nichol's reminiscences of Dennis Williams.

Nichols, Marjorie, 1923-
Kauffmann, Kurt
N-1992-042 · Accession · 1825-1924

One map was published in 1827 and drawn by Jehoshaphat Aspin in 1826. It is entitled "Recent Discoveries in the Arctic Regions." The 1919 map was published in "Harmsworth's New Atlas" and the 1924 map was published by the Edinburgh Geographical Society.

Royal Geographical Society
N-1992-061 · Accession · 1901

This accession consists of a map titled "A Sketch Map of the Great Bear Lake Region in the Mackenzie District explored by J. Mackintosh Bell 1900", dated May 13, 1901 and apparently published by the Royal Geographic Society in its Geographical Journal of 1901.

Royal Geographical Society
Nansen, Fritjof, 1861-1930
N-1992-085 · Accession · 1922

The accession consists of one typed letter and envelope addressed to a Mr. Roland E. Muirhead, of Glasgow, Scotland, dated March 1st, 1922, which is signed by Fritjof Nansen. The letter thanks Muirhead for his contribution to the Russian Famine Relief appeal.

N-1992-108 · Accession · 1830

This accession consists of one letter from John Franklin dated October 25, 1830.

N-2003-014 · Accession · 1984-1985

Records relate to the Yellowknife Public Library's Oral History Project dating from 1984-1985. The cassette tapes contain recorded interviews with prominent Yellowknife residents who were pioneers in their endeavours. Many of the interviewees and their families arrived in Yellowknife as the community began in the late 1930s and 1940s. Interviewees include Barb Bromley, Mary Hunter, Archie Loutitt, Arnold Smith, Helen Parker, Jean Piro, Joyce McLeod, Donald Sian, Michael Ballantyne, Harold Glick, Rene Fumoleau, Jan Stirling, Gerry Hordal, and Mary Forrest. The folder of text contains a master working list of prospective interviewees, 'local history files' or personal profiles of most participants, as well as general documents relating to the methodology for creating oral histories. The three colour prints are of former Yellowknife mayor and territorial MLA Mike Ballantyne.

G-1979-067 · Accession · 1936-1943
Part of Canada. Bureau of Northwest Territories and Yukon Affairs fonds

This accession includes correspondence from the files of two successive directors, J. Lorne Turner (1936) and R.A. Gibson (1937-1943). Included in the correspondence are a few items pertaining to R.A. Gibson's role as Deputy Commissioner (a position he held through this period, in addition to becoming director of the Lands, Northwest Territories and Yukon Branch in 1937). Material from J. Lorne Turner's file documents, among other issues, a food shortage in Coppermine in September 1936.

J. Lewis Robinson
G-1979-504 · Accession · 1947
Part of J. Lewis Robinson fonds

This accession consists of one report written by J. Lewis Robinson, entitled "Report on Physical Geography Study of the Western Arctic, 1947." This report was generated from personal observations by Robinson during a visit to the western arctic in August of 1947. The majority of the report focuses on observations made on Victoria Island, Prince of Wales Island, Somerset Island and the Boothia Peninsula; however, there are also notations concerning the topography from Yellowknife to Bathurst Inlet. The report, includes a diary of the trip and contains discussions of the topography, mapping, geology, ice conditions, vegetation and animal life. The report was originally produced for the Federal Government, Lands and Development Services Branch, Northwest Territories and Yukon Services.

G-1979-069 · Accession · 1931-1956
Part of Canada. Interdepartmental Reindeer Committee fonds

This accession consists of: a set of Interdepartmental Reindeer Committee minutes (1932-1941); an index for these minutes; a journal probably kept by Peter Kaglik at the reindeer experimental station at Aklavik (1938-1944); some miscellaneous financial records from an experimental station (1943-1944); a permit to enter the Kittigazuit Reindeer Grazing Reserve (1950); a variety of reindeer bulletins issued by federal departments (1931-1956); and a chronological history of activities concerning reindeer.

Geological Survey of Canada
G-1989-001 · Accession · 1938-1947
Part of Geological Survey of Canada fonds

Records include photographs of Yellowknife, mining camps around Yellowknife, Fort Resolution Fort Smith and survey crews around Yellowknife Bay. The photographs appear to have been taken by members of survey teams including: A.W. Jolliffe, C.S. Lord [Clifford Symington Lord] and J.F.Henderson.

G-1989-508 · Accession · 1988
Part of Fort Good Hope Dene Community Council fonds

This accession consists of two town plans dealing with land use and development in the municipality of Fort Good Hope. One plan (:0001) contains the text for the Fort Good Hope Community Plan. The second plan (:0002) indicates zoning and focuses on the Jackfish Creek Redevelopment.

G-1999-083 · Accession · 1971
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Administration fonds

The records are from the Central Registry file system and contain files from the following program areas: Office Services (50 block); Territorial Treasurer (50 block); Treasury Services Division (51 block); Financial Services Division (52 block); Accounts Payable (52 block); Supply Services (53 block); Systems Division (57 block); and the Account Services Division (58 block).

G-2005-016 · Accession · 1984-1995
Part of Northwest Territories. Financial Management Board Secretariat fonds

Records date from 1984-1995 and contain working documents and analysis related to GNWT departmental initiatives, as well as decision papers, and background studies conducted by or for FMBS for program design and evaluation purposes. Records relate to organizational structure proposals and transfer of the Arctic Airports program from the federal government to the GNWT Department of Transportation, Transfer Management Committee working documents concerning the transfer of the Arctic Airports program, a decision paper related to the reorganization of the Department of Social Services, a copy of an audit done on the Iqaluit Social Services, review of the reorganization of Ministry of Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Affairs, status report on discussions with Treaty 8 programs and services, as well as an FMBS submission, working documents and analysis on the Education, Culture and Employment project or initiative "Investing in People," as well as a decision paper on the ECE Child Care Development Initiative or Day Care Program. Additionally, there are records that relate to review of initiatives or programs from the Priorities and Planning Secretariat, NWT Power Corporation, Municipal and Community Affairs, and the Constitutional Development Steering Committee.

Northwest Territories. Financial Management Board Secretariat. Budgeting and Evaluation division
G-2007-083 · Accession · 1987-1993
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Justice fonds

Records include briefing notes prepared by the division, minutes from Warden’s meetings, as well as Ministerial and Deputy Minister chronos. In addition, there is an annual report from the Mackenzie Courtworkers Services, and minutes from the Youth Justice Committee, as well as a manual produced for community-based Youth Justice Committees.

Northwest Territories. Department of Justice. Corrections division

Records consist of Ministerial and Deputy Minister chronos files for the period 1996-1999. There are also records consisting of Senior Management Committee (SMC) meeting minutes, and records relating to real estate licensing and the review of the territorial lottery process.

Northwest Territories. Department of Municipal and Community Affairs. Directorate