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416 · Fonds · 2001-2013

This fonds consists of 2.24 m of textual records, 1 audio cassette, photographs, and 5 CDs and 1 USB stick of digital records, including some created by the WSCC's predecessor, the Workers' Compensation Board. Records include meeting materials from the Governance Council and the Audit Committee, Minister's and President's Chronos (correspondence), and meeting materials for meetings between the Nunavut and Northwest Territories Ministers responsible for the WSCC. The records also include financial statements, agreements, strategic planning workshop material, survey results, records relating to legislation, and a memorandum on the release of employer safety records under ATIPP.

Records from the Prevention Services division include investigation reports on fatalities and an evaluation of the Safe Advantage Program.

Northwest Territories. Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission
365 · Fonds · 2000

This fonds consists of two audiocassette tapes, one sound CD, approximately 943 colour negatives, two 8 mm videocassettes, approximately 50 cm of textual material and one site plan generated or collected by the NWT Mining Heritage Society between 2000-2002. The audiocassettes and sound CD contain interviews with former employees of Giant Mine including Bill Case, Al Hall, Joe Malmsten, Jim McKay, George Dundas, Frank Horvat, Lorne Wrigglesworth, Tom Natyshen, Bill Hall, Sam Bitner, Dan Edjericon, J.C. Brien, Lew Whalen, Walter Dwyer, Mark Eveson, Francois H. Maille and Dave Nickerson. The interviews were coordinated and conducted by Bill Case, Walt Humphries and Brian Weir. The 943 images document the interior and exterior of buildings at Giant Mine, as well as show mining equipment and machinery. The videocassettes also document the interior and exterior of buildings, the Giant Mine site and machinery and equipment. The textual material includes agendas and minutes of meetings of the Giant Mine Heritage Working Group (now known as the NWT Mining Heritage Society), the final report on the assessment of Giant Mine, as well as correspondence and information related to the development of a mining museum at the Giant Mine site. In addition, there is a site plan showing Giant Mine buildings and locations.

NWT Mining Heritage Society
Ryan Silke fonds
368 · Fonds · 1999-2010

This fonds consists of 14.5 cm of textual material, 1828 colour negatives and one DVD video documenting Ryan Silke's visits to various mine sites and locations between 1999 and 2010 including: Miramar Con Mine, Giant Yellowknife Mines, BHP Ekati Mine, Ptarmigan Mine, Akaitcho Mine, Discovery Mine, Thompson Lundmark, Hidden Lake, Ruth Mine, Walsh Lake, Viking Mine, Diversified Mine, North Inca Mine, Atlas Camp, AES Shaft (Giant Mine), Colomac Mine, Tundra Mine and Gordon Lake, Jackknife Camp, Cemetery Draw, Pet Claims, Grayling Lake, Ranney Camp, Burwash Mine, Lynx Camp, Kam Lake Camp, Yellorex Camp, Prosperous Lake, Pensive Lake, the Yellowknife River, Ryan Lake area (Ryanor and Goldcrest camps, Island Lake Core rack, and Crestaurum Mine), Aye camp, Rich YK camp, Keg Lake, Banting Lake, Oro Lake and vicinity, Garskie's Mine (Old Parr), Diavik, Great Bear Lake, Kam Point and the Old Mink Farm, Rayrock Mine, and Wool Bay area. As well, he has documented the activities of the NWT Mining Heritage Society. Includes the report "Ryan Silke's Site Visit Reports and Photographic Collection 2002-2003, Archaeological Investigations and Mine Site Documentation". The reports, typically illustrated, often include a short historical background on the mine or area, the anticipated goals of the visit, a travelogue, a site investigation report, a report on the various buildings and structures remaining, a report on equipment and machinery, a list of items salvaged, colour photographs, a list a photo identifications, hand drawn maps of the site or area, hand-coloured diagrams, copies of aerial photographs, and hand drawn renderings of buildings or floor plans.

Silke, Ryan
Tom Shandel fonds
407 · Fonds · 1999-2000

This fonds consists of 47 betacam videos and 5 cm of textual records. The videos contain two master copies of "I, Emile Petitot" and "Moi, Emile Petitot" as well as 45 tapes of raw footage. The text consists of transcripts of interviews for the films.

Shandel, Tom
395 · Fonds · 1997-2010

This fonds consists of 1.26 m of records from the Dehcho Health and Social Services Authority. The files include board meeting records, senior management meeting records, board training records, correspondence, newsletters, program reports and bylaws.

Dehcho Health and Social Services Authority
401 · Fonds · 1997-2014

Records from the Directorate and Corporate Services division include ministerial and deputy minister's chronos, briefing books, minutes and supplementary materials from the Deputy Ministers' Human Resources Committee and other interdepartmental committees, meeting materials from the departmental Senior Management Committee, and notes and reports regarding employee surveys and human resource processes and procedures.

Records related to the Labour Relations and Compensation Services Division include meeting minutes of human resource professionals chaired by a representative of the Executive, as well a meeting minutes and supplementary materials from deputy ministers' committees and inter-departmental committees in regards to the process of amalgamating all human resources into a singular Department in 2005.

Records from the Corporate Human Resources and Human Resource Strategy & Policy divisions, predecessors of the Strategic Human Resources division, include files related to the Premier's Awards, Public Service Annual Report, and a proposed diversity strategy.

Northwest Territories. Department of Human Resources
George Blondin fonds
291 · Fonds · 1981, 1996, 2000

This fonds consists of stories and writings from George Blondin, a Sahtu Dene elder. The stories and writings relate to traditional medicine, medicine power, Yamoga, Yamoria, the Giant Wolverine, and wolverine medicine power.

Blondin, George
346 · Fonds · 1996-1997

The fonds consist of 48 Betacam videocassettes, 6 audiocassettes and 6 cm of textual material. The videocassettes contain stock footage documenting the construction of a birchbark canoe for the Dogrib Birchbark Canoe Project, which took place in May-June, 1996. In addition, there are 2 professionally produced Tlicho (Dogrib) language (English subtitles) broadcast versions of the project; one version is 0:29 in length, the other 0:40. The broadcast versions were completed in early-1997. The 6 audiocassettes contain Tlicho (Dogrib) language interviews conducted at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, as well as corresponding typed transcriptions. The textual material also includes proposals, project reports, logs for the videocassettes and letters of support.

Dogrib Birchbark Canoe Project
Heather Metcalfe fonds
288 · Fonds · 1995

This fonds consists of 2 C-60 audiocassettes and 4 pages of text. The 2 audiocassette recordings contain an interview conducted by Heather Metcalf with Johnny Eyakfwo, a Dogrib elder. Francis Blackduck was the translator. The purpose of the interview was to record Dogrib traditional place names. The accession also includes a list of the place names recorded, English translations and official names. The Dogrib names are spelled using the standardized Dogrib orthography.

Metcalfe, Heather
398 · Fonds · 1995-2008

This fonds consists of records regarding the creation of the Yellowknife Health and Social Services Authority (YHSSA) as well as records generated by YHSSA during its existence.

Records from the Executive offices include files from Senior Management meetings, Public Board meetings and Special Board Meetings, as well as by-laws.

Records from the Finance and Administration division include planning files related to the creation of YHSSA, some generated by its predecessor, the Yellowknife Area Office of the Department of Health and Social Services. Also included is a file documenting public consultations in the Yellowknife area regarding departmental strategic planning.

Records from the Community Health division include publications, conference planning, educational materials, and presentations relating to public health programming.

Yellowknife Health and Social Services Authority
20 · Fonds · 1993

This fonds consists of 5 audio cassettes containing interviews with elders that lived in the Salt River area in the 1920s and 1930s, including Francois King Beaulieu, Maria Brown, Vincent Beaulieu, Liza Schaefer, Francois Laviolette and Fred Dawson. The topics of the interviews include a history of the Beaulieu family, housing construction, animal husbandry, farming and the effect of the flood that took place at the Salt River Settlement in the 1930s. The fonds also contains 3 cm of textual material which includes Chipewyan transcripts and English translations of the sound recordings.

Salt River Settlement Oral History Project
Lyn Hancock fonds
380 · Fonds · 1992-1994

This fonds consists of twelve 60-minute audiocassettes, two (VHS) videocassettes, nine colour photographs and approximately 4 cm of textual material dated from 1992-1994 that were created as part of a project called Northern Women. The sound recordings are of interviews that Lyn Hancock conducted between September and November 1994 in the Deh Cho; the women interviewed include: Anna Lindberg, Mary Louise Norwegian, Mary Kraus and "Granny" Celine Lafferty. There is approximately 4 cm of textual material comprised of transcripts from the sound recordings and nine colour photographs taken by Lyn Hancock of the women interviewed. The transcript for Mary Kraus includes the 1994 interviews with Lyn Hancock and also includes rewritten transcripts from interviews with Kraus in 1972 that are part of N-1979-091 (Parks Canada fonds). There are also two transcripts from oral history interviews with Bella and Ted Trindell and with Adeline Hardisty that were part of sound recordings from G-1992-033. These transcripts were going to be used by Lyn Hancock as part of the "Northern Women" project. The videocassettes were recorded in 1992 and show Granny Celine Lafferty at the launching of the boat "MV Lafferty", a helicopter flight over Ram Plateau and Little Doctor Lake, and discussions with Mary Louise Norwegian in Fort Simpson. There may also be footage of Mary and Gus Kraus, Edwin Lindberg and Frank Schober.

Hancock, Lyn
David Pelly fonds
202 · Fonds · 1992-1998

This fonds consists of 4 cm of textual material, 10 sound CDs, 8 DAT audio cassettes, 8 sound cassettes and 19 colour slides. The textual material is made up of transcripts of the interviews conducted by David Pelly for the Wager Bay Oral History Project, the final report for the Mount Pelly Territorial Park Oral History Project--Uvayok, and interviews from Sanikiluaq. The eight DAT audiocassettes contain copies of the sound cassette interviews with elders in Cambridge Bay that were undertaken for the Mount Pelly Territorial Park Project and ten compact discs contain interviews with elders in Sanikiluaq about the traditional knowledge of seals. Also included in this fonds are 19 colour slides of the people interviewed by David Pelly for the Wager Bay Oral History Project.

Pelly, David
139 · Fonds · 1990

This fonds consists of copies of a number of presentations made by the participants of the 1990 Circumpolar Conference on Literacy. Included is a copy of the conference program and copies of the text for speeches by Stephen Kakfwi, Minister of Education and Leslie J. Limage of UNESCO.

Circumpolar Conference on Literacy (1990 : Yellowknife)
396 · Fonds · 1990-2002

This fonds consists of one meter of records of board meetings from the Board of the Dehcho Divisional Education Council dating from 1990 through to 2002.

Dehcho Divisional Education Council
OutNorth fonds
433 · Fonds · ca. 1990-2007

This fonds consists of 9 cm of textual records and 20 MB (megabytes) of textual records and graphic materials generated by OutNorth. The records document OutNorth's advocacy, educational, and social activities and include meeting minutes and agendas, newsletters, press releases, websites, event flyers and tickets, membership recruitment, promotional materials, and newsclippings. The records also includes some event flyers predating OutNorth, and an interview with Lorne Gushue.

15 · Fonds · 1989, 1992

This fonds consists of 14 audio cassettes and 2 VHS videocassettes containing interviews with elders that resulted from the Snare Lake Education Committee's efforts to gather information for a handbook on cultural programming for use in the school. The elders interviewed during February 1992 were: Harry Kodzin, Margaret Lafferty, Marie Simpson, Jimmy Kodzin, Rosa Fish, Celine Wanazah, Rosa Pea'a, Alexis Arrowmaker, Madeline Judas, Louis Whane, Joe Pea'a, Roger Arrowmaker, Leonard Fish, Charlie Eyakfwo and Joe Dryneck. Activities and topics discussed include: Easter in the past, survival in the bush, making camp, Tlicho (Dogrib) food preparation, Tlicho (Dogrib) social life and customs, hunting and butchering caribou, traditional tools and constructing a drum. Some interviews with John Pea'a on cultural inclusion and religious instruction were conducted in 1989 and collected for this project.

Snare Lake Band Council
John Bayly fonds
10 · Fonds · 1989-1990

This fonds contains records gathered by John U. Bayly in his role as Inquiry Counsel for the Bourassa Inquiry. The Inquiry was conducted by Madam Justice Carole Conrad of Alberta and held in Yellowknife. The proceedings began on March 26, 1990 and ended with Madam Conrad's findings issued on September 28, 1990. The records consist of copies of preliminary proceedings, transcripts of the hearings, exhibits including one videocassette and one audio cassette of the press conference and public meeting held by GNWT Justice Minister Michael Ballantyne on Dec. 21, 1989. In addition, there are files containing submissions, letters of complaint, authorities, the inquiry findings and press clippings.

Bayly, John
126 · Fonds · 1989

This fonds consists of recordings of the various sessions of the 13th annual conference of the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women. The original recordings are on 32 audio cassettes which have been copied to DAT audio tape.

Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women
417 · Fonds · [1988-1995]

This fonds consists of records from the Finance and Administration section of the Mackenzie Regional Health Service. They include organizational charts.

This fonds also consists of one Betacam SP videocassette from the Contaminants division of the Mackenzie Regional Health Service. The title of the promotional film is Environmental Contaminants in the North.

Mackenzie Regional Health Service