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[Fort Simpson]

Joe Hope, 1857-1937. Joe's father, John moved to Simpson around 1885 from Peace River area. They spoke Cree. Jos married Liza McPherson and had 2 sons: William and John. Even though he was a half breed, Jos replaced Nakehgo as chief in 1928. [1930's ?]

British Colonies in North America

One map entitled "British Colonies in North America" printed on May 20, 1797, by J. Wilkes. The map depicts an understanding of the day of lands presently known as Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. A small part of the Northwest Territories, and the northeastern states of the United States of America are also indicated on the map.

[Group of Inuvialuit with dogs]

1857-1926-W.H.B.H. Bathurst Inlet Eskimos packing up Western River. [Group of Inuvialuit with dogs travelling along frozen river.]

[Edward Lloyd correspondence and travel diaries]

One microfilm reel of textual records. It includes Edward Lloyd's correspondence, travel diaries and various other family letters. He travelled extensively across the country including a trip (ca. 1897-1899) from Edmonton, to Hay River via the Peace and Hay Rivers, down the Mackenzie River through communities such as Wrigley and Fort Good Hope to Fort McPherson, across the Yukon to Old Crow and on to Alaska.

[Message left in glass bottle by Lieutenant Frederick Schwatka]

[Message left in glass bottle by Lietenant Frederick Schwatka]
"Cape Felix, King William Sound
July 5th 1879
The Franklin [?] 1878-79
reached the above [?] July 3rd. Found
this cairn to-day [?]der but containing
nothing [? Lieutenant] Irving's
remains in bay just [?] Jane Franklin
June 27th, identified by [medal] awarded
him at Royal Naval [College], Found part
of a skeleton b[?] Franklin Pt.
And mouth of Collinson Inlet. No
other remains, graves or [records?] have
been found. Start in [?] on return
trip July 7th. Party [?] all well.
Frederick Schwatka
Lieut. U.S. Army

[Artifical collection]

Aunt Amilia Dease. Daughter of Capt. P. Warren Dease. Miss Amelia Dease, a daughter of Capt. Peter W. Dease. From A.E. Dease, Walhalla, N.D. 10-3-66. [Emily Amelia Dease was born 1870? in Charlotteville, Ontario. Wed Andrew D. McCall of St. Williams, October 1, 1889. Caption written by Albert Dease of North Dakota in 1966.]

[Artifical collection]

Presumably the first wife of Capt. Peter Warren Dease (nee Elizabeth Chamois?), a N.W. squaw. 1796-1821. [signed] A.E. Dease. Elizabeth Chamois, 1st wife of Captain Peter Warren Dease. [Unclear what the dates represent, possibly the years they were married. Address label of Albert E. Dease applied to back of print.]

[NWT Council]

"The Honourable Herbert Charles Wilson, MD; speaker of the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories from 1883-1888. Dr. Wilson was born in Picton, Ontario and practiced medicine in Edmonton, Alberta from 1882 until his death in 1909 at age of fifty years"


"The founders: left to right, 1st row, Sr. Bousier [Boursier], Sr. Colombine, Sr. Boivert [Boisvers]; left to right, 2nd row, Sr. Aigle D'Aigle], Sr. Brunelle, Sr. Ward, Sup. Sr. Michow, Sr. Masse."

[Original Settlers]

Late 1800's. Original settlers. Inuvialuit Bilraak, railed sledge and Qatchaak, dual caribou skins. Alaskan sled with caribou skins. All in traditional skin/fur clothing. Qatchaq (or Qatchaaq)= 1 caribou skin (singular). Qatchaak= 2 caribou skins (dual). Qatchaat= plural.

Porritt, Bobby, 1905-1984

Hislop and Nagle's post, now Fort Rae, 1890. When I was living in Fort Rae 1902-3, the caribou were along the shore west of the channel in thousands. There were only 4-5 men in the Post. You could hear them shooting. Later, they came with caribou on toboggans to the post. Unloading the fresh meat and returning. The thing that always stayed in my mind was when they dumped the meat out - the blood ran on to the snow. I don't know how many caribou were killed but the whole channel west near the other shore was black with animals, it seemed miles long.


[11 men photographed after graduation - some of them were later ordained as members of the Anglican Church. Each has signed their names at the bottom of the photo]. Back row left to right: Fred Wilkinson (later Bishop of Toronto), H.Caylwin, John T. Bryan, C.A. Sadleid [?], Thos. J. Marsh (Thomas Jabez Marsh - later Archdeacon). Center row left to right: Carl [?], I.O. Stringer (later Bishop of the Mackenzie), [?]. Front row left to right: Ed Softley, Randolph F. Nies [?], [?] King. [pre-1892]

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