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Archival description
Tom Shandel
N-2013-001 · Accession · 1999-2000
Part of Tom Shandel fonds

The textual records are comprised of transcripts of the interviews and research conducted for the films. The moving images include two videocassette masters of the films "I, Emile Petitot/Moi, Emile Petitot" [2000, Getaway Films]. The remaining 45 videocassettes are of raw film footage.

David Pelly
N-1999-042 · Accession · 1998
Part of David Pelly fonds

Records include a report entitled "Seals - Traditional Knowledge Project - Sanikiluaq Interviews." The report, dated October 1998, was part of a research project conducted by the Kitikmeot Heritage Society. The interviewer was David Pelly, a member of the research team.

Records include minutes and correspondence related to Directors and Superintendents Meetings and Educational Development Branch Meetings, a district review of the Sahtu Divisional Board of Education, a Lester B. Pearson College scholarship, and the Governor Generals Award Program.

Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment. Board Operations division
Charles Reiach Interview
N-1997-022 · Accession · 1995

The sound recording documents an interview with Charles Reiach. The recording includes a narration of a film donated to the NWT Archives by Charles Reiach and his experiences as an HBC trader from 1926-1936.

David Pelly
N-1999-012 · Accession · [1995-1996]
Part of David Pelly fonds

The sound recordings contain interviews with elders from Cambridge Bay, which were conducted by David Pelly while working on the Mount Pelly Territorial Park Project.

Records include correspondence and reports related to reviews of Divisional Boards of Education, correspondence regarding scholarships, and minutes from Directors and Superintendents meetings and divisional meetings.

Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment. Board Operations division
David Pelly
N-1992-269 · Accession · 1992
Part of David Pelly fonds

Records consist of one volume of transcripts of interviews done by David Pelly for his Wager Bay Oral History Project. The transcripts appear in English and there are extensive indices of people, places and topics. The photographs depict the people interviewed by David Pelly.

Records are dated from 1992-1997, and the majority of the files relate to the EDA (Economic Development Agreement) and include work plans, rules and consultation plans for the arts and crafts, harvesting, community development, fishery and cultural industries streams of the EDA Agreement. The remaining records include files from a Deputy Ministers' meeting and a Dogrib Workshop that was hosted by the department.

Records from the division include a regional operations review; minutes from regional consultations regarding the consolidation and transfer of social assistance programs to the department; a decision paper and correspondence related to the establishment of two colleges after division of the Northwest Territories; and correspondence and reports related to the closing and future uses of Akaitcho Hall, Kivalliq Hall and Ukkivik residences, as well as a review of the management and operations of Akaitcho Hall produced by the Department of Education. Records from Aurora College include correspondence, decision papers, program review and evaluation files for the Apprenticeship and Trades Program, Early Childhood Education Program, Mill and Mining Training, and the Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program, as well as a Graduate Follow-up Survey report.

Northwest Territories. Aurora College
N-1993-004 · Accession · 1991-1993
Part of Inuvialuit Social Development Program fonds

The textual material is made up of one copy of the final report on the Yukon North Slope Cultural Resources Survey and English and Inuvialuktun transcriptions and translations of the interviews. A short biography of the people interviewed is contained in the final report. The audiocassettes contain recordings of 29 interviews. The Inuvialuit elders interviewed were: Persis Gruben, Charlie Gruben, Christina Klengenberg, Diamond Klengenberg, Bessie Wolki, Emmanuel Felix, Peter Rufus, Jonah Carpenter, Jimmy Jacobson, Agnes Gruben White, Raymond Mangelana, Ishmael Alunik, Rhoda Allen, Martha Henry, Jean Arey, Fred Inglangasuk, Sarah Meyook, Alex Gordon, Dora Malegana, Emma Edwards, Lily Lipscombe, Kathleen Hansen and David Roland. The interviews were conducted in the Northern Yukon National Park, Qikiqtaryuk (Herschel Island) and the Mackenzie Delta. Interviews were also recorded at Arvarqvik (Roland Bay), Babbage River, Backhouse River, Coal Mine Lake, Firth River, Kay Point, Kinnaq (King Point), Kittigaryuit (Kittigazuit), Mumaluk Spit, Niaqulik Point (Head Point), Qamaqaq, Qargialuk (Ptarmigan Bay), Running River, Sheep Creek, Shinikruaq, Tapqaq (Shingle Point), Whale Bay and Yuuqyaaq. The interviews focused upon Inuvialuit land use in the Mackenzie Delta and Yukon North Slope. Subjects depicted include fishing, hunting, whaling, relations between the Inuvialuit and the whalers, fur traders and missionaries, Inuvialuit spiritual beliefs and the construction of DEW Line sites in the Delta.

Bern Will Brown
N-1993-011 · Accession · 1991-1992
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Records include two newsletters produced by Bern Will Brown, the first in December 1991 and the second in December 1992. The newsletters give a brief overview of life within the community of Colville Lake during both years. Brown notes items of interest relating to himself, his wife and various members of the community.

N-2004-017 · Accession · [199-?]

Records are comprised of an unpublished manuscript by Margaret Scott called "Treasures of the North". It describes the author's three years spent in the north, 1941-1944, first at Ptarmigan Mine, then Whitehorse and Prince Rupert. The section on Ptarmigan mine (approximately 26 pages) provides anecdotal account of her trip to Yellowknife, including her wedding ceremony, and the year she spent at Ptarmigan mine where her husband was an employee of Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company.

Scott, Margaret
N-2003-033 · Accession · 1990

The videos consist of the production "History in the Making: The NWT Legislative Assembly." Each videocassette contains the production in a different language including: English (:0001), Tłı̨chǫ (Dogrib :0002), Dëne Sųłıné (Chipewyan :0003), Dene Zhatıé (South Slavey :0004), French (:0005), Dene Kǝdǝ́ (North Slavey :0006) and Inuktitut (:0007). The program, which is approximately 10 minutes in length, was produced by Inuit Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) in 1990. The production was commissioned by the Management and Services Board of the 11th Legislative Assembly, and traces the political development in the NWT, including the development of the NWT Council and the Legislative Assembly. The production incorporates archival photographs and moving images from the Northwest Territories, as well as footage of Legislative Assembly sessions from the 1980s. Fran Hurcomb wrote the script for the production, and archival material was provided by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Northern Service, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Crawley Films, Library Archives Canada and the NWT Archives. The Director was Chris Mullington and the Executive Producer was Lorraine Thomas.

G-2007-001 · Accession · 1989-1994
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Renewable Resources fonds

Records date from 1989-1994 and include records related to resource development projects such as proposals for tanneries in the NWT, divisional review and input on projects related to the NWT Power Corporation, departmental legislative initiatives such as the Environmental Protection Act, working agreement between the department and the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development on oil spills in the NWT and material from Director’s Meetings that include staff meeting minutes and divisional activity reports. The remaining material consists of committee or working group records from the following: Departmental Planning Committee, NWT Water Board Technical Committee, Environmental Assessment Review Panel (EARP), NWT/Federal Pesticide Review Committee which includes the Pollution Control Division input into the report, GNWT Land Use Planning Working Group and Commissioner's Land and Review Committee (CLRC), NWT Climate Advisory Committee, and the Renewable Resource Committee files on traditional knowledge.

Northwest Territories. Department of Renewable Resources. Environmental Protection division
G-1999-034 · Accession · 1989-1991
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Renewable Resources fonds

Records include an invitation to sponsor the Globe '90 International Environment Trade Fair and Conference, a summary of the Tungavik Federation of Nunavut (TFN) Agreement, and a report on the interests and needs of the NWT in transboundary water negotiations in the Mackenzie River Basin.

Northwest Territories. Department of Renewable Resources. Directorate