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A diazo map showing potential development areas and contraints in the Hamlet of Pond Inlet, including potential development areas, steep slopes, airport property and approach, wet areas, tank farm buffer zone, dump site set back, fuel pipeline, creek, and power distribution poles. The plan was produced by the Community Planning Division.

Icebound Lake
G-2023-026: 0002 · Item · [ca. 1972-1980]
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Municipal and Community Affairs fonds

Map showing Icebound Lake, Inuktorfik Lake, and Patlock Lake on Baffin Island. Also includes Tay Sound, Paquet Bay, and North Arm. Printed in 1967 and annotated ca. 1972-1980. Annotations on the map include: 'Muriel Lake', 'David Lake', 'Robert Lake', 'airstrip', 'camp', '4 miles', 'soapstone', and 'Pilik River'. There are also annotations on the map's edge, including information regarding the airstrip.

Kauffmann, Kurt
N-1992-042 · Accession · 1825-1924

One map was published in 1827 and drawn by Jehoshaphat Aspin in 1826. It is entitled "Recent Discoveries in the Arctic Regions." The 1919 map was published in "Harmsworth's New Atlas" and the 1924 map was published by the Edinburgh Geographical Society.

N-1992-054 · Accession · 1979

This accession consists of 25 maps which indicate the electoral boundaries of the NWT as asssented to on October 27, 1978. All 22 electoral regions are represented, and in addition, there is one large map of the NWT which shows each of the 22 districts.

Canada. Department of Energy, Mines and Resources
N-1992-056 · Accession · 1948

This accession consists of one draft plan, registration number WCFUA 239776, and four photographic reproductions of plans indicating the lot boundaries for the City of Yellowknife in 1948. These plans were compiled for the Western Canada Insurance Underwriter's Association, and the original draft plan is reproduced on one of the four reprints purchased from the PAC. The four reprints are from the National Map Collection, reference numbers: 0007859 - sheets 1-4. These plans include the original names given to many of the streets in the new town area of Yellowknife.

Western Canada Insurance Underwriter's Association
[Site plan of Yellowknife]
N-1992-072: 0002 · Item · 1950
Part of Yellowknife Settlement Plans

Site plan dated December 14th, 1953, details individual lot boundaries for Jolliffe Island, Latham Island, and the old and new town areas of the city of Yellowknife.

N-1992-089 · Accession · 1974

The accession consists of one blueprint of a "Plan of Site Survey showing fill and improvements on water lots 1 to 9, block G, Yellowknife. Scale 1" to 50'. Block G covers part of Latham Island.

Canada. Department of Energy, Mines and Resources
Pullen, Thomas C., 1918-1990
N-1988-025 · Accession · 1912, 1925

The first map (0001) is entitled "Erebus Bay". It was originally surveyed by Commodore W.J.S. Pullen in 1854 and published by the Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty in the same year. Corrections were made in 1925 and it was re-published in 1939. The second map (0002) is entitled "Plans in Arctic America" with inserts of Winter Harbour, Port Bowen, Elizabeth Harbour, Port Leopold, Northumberland Sound, Batty Bay, Victoria Harbour, and Port Neill. It was published by the Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty May 21, 1912 and a new edition was published July 24, 1912.

Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty
N-1989-026 · Accession · 1951-1953

This accession consists of two file folders labelled Aklavik and Port Radium and site plans for Aklavik and Yellowknife. Inside the folders are charts illustrating daylight/twilight/darkness distribution at 66 degrees and 68 degrees North and two internal memorandums about Aklavik and Port Radium written by Margaret R. Montgomery for the Northern Operational Research Section, Department of National Defence. Also in the folders are three maps (0001) Hydrographic chart of Great Bear Lake, (0002) site plan of Port Radium, and (0003) Road & Rail Routes in the Northwest.

Hunter, Mary
N-1989-029 · Accession · 1940

This accession consists of one annotated map of the Northwest Territories entitled "Map of the Dominion of Canada Showing the Establishments of the Hudson Bay Company's Fur Trade Department". This map, published in 1940, shows the locations of raw fur departments, fur trade posts, posts with Hudson Bay Company radio telegraph, and posts with meteorological stations and radio telegraph. The annotations show the locations of Waterways, Alberta, and Buffalo River and Clear Lake, Saskatchewan.

One map appears to be one half of a larger map. It depicts northern Alberta, northern British Columbia and a portion of the western section of the Northwest Territories extending to the Arctic ocean (53 - 70 north and 103 - 128 west). Features included on the map are Great Slave Lake, Great Bear Lake a portion of the Mackenzie River and the Coronation gulf. A number of rivers, lakes, mountains, various other geographical features and communities including older communities such as Old Fort Providence, Old Fort Confidence, Old Fort Franklin, Old Fort Enterprise, Old Fort Reliance and Fort Anderson are identified on the map. Certain routes and trails such as winter portages and the routes of Hearne and Franklin are also depicted.

N-1994-008 · Accession · 1972

This accession consists of a composite map used by Canadian Armed Forces Search and Rescue in the search for pilot Marten Hartwell, nurse Judy Hill and medivac patients David Pisurayak Kootook and Neemee Nulliayok following a plane crash on November 8, 1972.

The item is made of a series of aeronautical maps that were adhered together and annotated. Two sets of plastic overlays detailing search grids and the actual crash site are also annotated. The maps used depict the geographical area from Spence Bay southeast to Great Bear Lake and southwest to Great Slave Lake.

N-1979-003 · Accession · 1920-1973

Textual records include two telegrams from 1937 relating to the flight of Sigismund Levanevsky of the U.S.S.R.; one autographed program "Commemorating Bush Pilots of Canada", August 20, 1967, Yellowknife; and one Canadian Airways Limited card showing flight routes. The photographs, most obtained from Matt Berry, relate to aviation in the north. The images feature views of life in numerous NWT communities, and activities such as mining. The map illustrates the route flown by W.L. Brintnell in G-CASK during August of 1929. The 21 day (105 hours), 1000 miles trip from Winnipeg (Manitoba) and back included stops in Fort Simpson, Fort Norman, Aklavik, Dawson (Yukon), Prince Rupert (B.C.), Edmonton (Alberta). Some of the photographs in this accession are copies of images held by the National Archives of Canada (NAC). The NAC's reference number for the items in their holdings has been recorded in the accession file.

Edmonton Air Museum Committee
Arctic Bay Sheet No. 3/3
G-1992-018: 0004 · Item · 1977
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Local Government fonds

A site plan of Arctic Bay, prepared for the Government of the Northwest Territories by Engineering and Architecture Branch, Indian and Northern Affairs. The plan was compiled from aerial photographs and shows various features including roads, buildings, utilities, shoreline, and contours.