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Union of Northern Workers
N-1994-019 · Accession · 1970-1994
Part of Union of Northern Workers fonds

The records have been arranged into four series: textual records, photographs, sound recordings and moving images. The textual records were then organized into six sub-series: Minutes of Full Executive Meetings, Minutes of the Triennial Conventions, Minutes of Meetings of NWTPSA and UNW Locals, "Sulijuq" newsletters, Collective Agreeements and UNW Filing System. The textual records document the development of the union movement in the Northwest Territories and the increasing politicization of the union's membership. They also document the internal administration and operations of the NWTPSA and the UNW, and their relationship to the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC). The records also depict the relationship between the NWTPSA, UNW and the Northwest Territories Federation of Labour (NWTFLA). The textual records contain information on convention procedures, elections, the collection of union dues, revisions to By-Laws and Policies, and the transfer of federal employees to the territorial government. The sound and video recordings were made at the Triennial Conventions and the Full Executive Meetings. The photographs were taken at the Triennial Conventions, Full Executive Meetings, and at individual members' work-sites. There are also images of such political action campaigns as the annual Day of Mourning ceremonies, marches in support of striking workers at the Inuvik Housing Authority, Royal Oak Mines Limited, the federal government and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

N-1992-194 · Accession · 1952, copied 1986
Part of Northern Transportation Company, Ltd. fonds

Entitled "Highway of the Atom," this film was created for the Northern Transportation Company Ltd. (NTCL). It was edited and recorded by Crawley Films, with camera work by R.B. Ranson. "Highway of the Atom" illustrates the Radium Line of the Northern Transportation Company Ltd. Transportation system by tracing the shipment of materials from Waterways, Alberta to Port Radium, on the "Radium Franklin" and the "Radium Gilbert."

Highway of the Atom
N-1992-194: 0001 · Item · 1952
Part of Northern Transportation Company, Ltd. fonds

Entitled "Highway of the Atom," this film was created for the Northern Transportation Company Ltd. (NTCL). It was edited and recorded by Crawley Films, with camera work by R.B. Ranson. "Highway of the Atom" illustrates the Radium Line of the Northern Transportation Company Ltd. Transportation system by tracing the shipment of materials from Waterways, Alberta to Port Radium, on the "Radium Franklin" and the "Radium Gilbert." For reference only, request copies/copyright permission from LAC.

Rene Fumoleau
N-1999-023 · Accession · [1957-1979]
Part of Rene Fumoleau fonds

The film is entitled "Dene Nation." The sound recordings document dance and music from "Our Land, Our Life" comprised of recordings from Fort Good Hope of drum music, Dene songs and North Slavey (Hareskin) language; as well as audio from slide shows and films, including "My Country My People," "I Was Born Here" and "Dene Nation." The sound recordings from Fort Good Hope, likely recorded in 1957, feature members of the Pierrot, Kakfwi, Remi, Edgi, Masuzumi, Lafferty, Cotchilly, Taureau, Emmanuel, and Kelly families.

Robert C. Knights fonds
24 · Fonds · 1956-1964

This fonds consists of 2 Betacam videocassettes and 649 photographs depicting the years Mr. Knights spent in the Northwest Territories. The footage on the videocassettes includes a boat trip down the Mackenzie River, dog team journeys and the removal of a body from the bush. Among the 649 photographs are images of buildings and surrounding areas of Tsiigehtchic (Arctic Red River), Sachs Harbour, Inuvik, Arviat (Eskimo Point), and Rankin Inlet. Many pictures show friends, Royal Canadian Mounted Police personnel and family at dances, parties, parades, water skiing and family gatherings. Hunting scenes are also included as well as Indigenous people and their lifestyle.

Knights, Robert C.
Robert C. Knights
N-1996-005 · Accession · 1956-1962
Part of Robert C. Knights fonds

The footage includes an RCMP in full dress uniforms, a boat trip down the Mackenzie River in the Aklavik II, dog team journeys and removal of a body from the bush. Also an aerial tour, views of pingos, waterfalls, barges and cliffs along a river. A Beech 18 CF-MPI, and an RCMP airplane.

Hugh Ross
N-1992-250 · Accession · 1933-1961
Part of Hugh Ross fonds

The textual records consists of letters written by Hugh Ross between 1933-1936 from the Fort Norman Wireless Station to his future wife. In addition, there is a copy of a pseudo newsletter of the Royal Canadian Corps. Of Signals Northwest Territories and Yukon Radio System called "Notes of Interest." The negatives and photographs, which are located in a photo album that was compiled by Hugh Ross, include images of military personnel, wireless stations and the military base at Alert. The films show Yellowknife in the 1940s and 1950s, as well as aerial footage and the base at Alert in the 1960s.

N-1992-250: 0084 · Item · [1948-1951?]
Part of Hugh Ross fonds

Yellowknife from air. Ice in July. General Yellowknife. Beach [McNiven?]

The Arctic Patrol
N-1979-063: 0002MI · Item · 1929
Part of Richard Finnie fonds

"The Arctic Patrol" is Richard Finnie's film record of the 1929, Canadian Government Arctic Expedition under the leadership of George P. Mackenzie. It begins with the departure of the sealer SS Beothic from North Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia on July 20 under Captain E. Falk and ends with the return to port on September 3. Scenes include: the departure of SS Beothic from North Sydney with the crew, RCMP officers, passengers, supplies, and livestock on board; the midnight sun - Baffin Bay at 3 a.m.; landing at Cape Sparbo on Devon Island to photograph muskoxen; ice floes and icebergs in Smith Sound and the ship ploughing through ice on the way to Bache Peninsula on the east coast of Ellesmere Island; unloading supplies for the Bache establishment; Mackenzie welcoming RCMP Inspector A.H. Joy aboard at Fram Haven; walrus in Robertson Bay, North Greenland; a tent dwelling and a native woman and her three children at Robertson Bay; Richard Finnie and RCMP Constables Kidston and Wishart bathing naked in Robertson Bay just south of Etah, Greenland; two young polar bears, chained together, playing in the water; thousands of Dovekies (Little Auks) at Robertson Bay; an ancient Eskimo stone dwelling at Pond Inlet; polar bears between Pond Inlet and Clyde River; Pangnirtung, Baffin Island: the Hudson’s Bay Post, government medical officer Dr. L.D. Livingstone boarding; native men bringing supplies ashore, native men engaging in a tug-o-war; the first stop at at Lake Harbour (now named Kimmirut); passing the Hudson’s Bay Company ship Nascopie, travelling in an easterly direction, heading for Lake Harbour; an experimental fox farm at Chesterfield Inlet; National Museum ornithologist Percy A. Taverner photographing a Semipalmated Sandpiper on deck; the second stop at Lake Harbour: the Hudson’s Bay Post, Saint Paul’s Anglican Mission, the Reverend C.L.W. Bailey, native worshippers; J. Dewey Soper, department investigator and discoverer of the nesting grounds of the Blue Goose, boarding; SS Aranmore and SS Sambro delivering material for the Department of Marine and Fisheries’ radio direction finding station at Acadia Cove, Resolution Island, shots of building operations, a cradle tramway on overhead wires erected to transport building material; natives in kayaks at Port Burwell, Cape Chidley; a fire on board ship; aerial shots of the ship; a newspaper cutting announcing "Beothic returns from supply trip to Arctic" after six weeks in Arctic regions supplying Canadian outposts.
Request full-version copies from Library & Archives Canada.

The Igloo Dwellers
N-1979-063: 0003MI · Item · 1930
Part of Richard Finnie fonds

"The Igloo Dwellers" is Richard Finnie's 1930 film record of Copper Inuit at Coronation Gulf. Footage includes: Copper Inuit at Coronation Gulf; spring fishing at a stone weir; musk ox; fox; the summer reply by the RMS Nascopie; summer tents; polar bear cub; kayaks; netting fish through ice; dogsleds on the sea ice; a Fairchild landing on skis; a village at Coronation Gulf; dog sleds; Ikpuck and his wife Haiokok build an igloo; drum song and drum dancing in an igloo; heavily laden dog sleds leave; spring break up and river spear fishing.
Request copies from Library & Archives Canada.

McMeekan family
N-1988-008 · Accession · [ca. 1930-1950], 1987
Part of McMeekan family fonds

The records document the McMeekan family and their professional lives, including records relating to Jock's publishing and Mildred's teaching activities. The photographs show Jock McMeekan, Mildred Hall, Helena and other family members and friends. The sound recordings contain narration for the film and an interview with adopted daughter, Helena Hall (McMeekan) Acikahte. The films probably date from 1939-1949, and feature family members, scenes of Yellowknife and environs and subjects such as treaty days, prospecting, and school events.

N-1999-015: CN-1 · Item · [193-?]
Part of Cyril John Baker (Yellowknife Johnny) fonds

copy of 27:15 minute 8mm original film
1) Self [C.J. Baker] in canoe on Y’Knife [Yellowknife] Bay, paddle to shore and land at the Rich [Burwash Gold Mine]
2) Old prospector, Horan, on trip with me, crossing portage.
3) Self [C.J. Baker] carrying my canoe across a portage.
4) Foot of the [Tartan Rapids] rapids where Y’Knife [Yellowknife] River enters the bay.
5) Ross starting the Kicker.
6) Ross in canoe with Kicker, towing another canoe.(note the bridle hitch).
7) Brock at the Kicker.
8) Lunch at a point on a lake. Hughie Muir and others.
9a) Big bush fire at the Rich [Gold Mine]. The crew all cutting some trees to make a fire break.
9b) More smoke and fire, as the bush fire approaches the Rich [Gold Mine].
10) My raven, Angus, on the ridge pole of my tent.
11) My Y’Knife [Yellowknife] Husky pups. [racist slur redacted] and Chief.
12) Ross and others of my party on the Walsh portage, do some shooting practice
13) Mock fight with a bear that I had just had to shoot.
14) Self [C.J. Baker] and party going across the Walsh portage.
15) One of our canoes (with kitchen) approaches and goes away into the distance
16) At my Ptarmigan Prospect Camp, the cook cuts wood for the stove.
17) Cutting a water hole through the ice. For water for our camp.
18) Self [C.J. Baker] on the ice.
19) Men on snow trail.
20) Self [C.J. Baker] and party returning to our camp.
21) [Husky dogs] Gyp and Benny alone at wood pile.
22) [Husky dogs] Gyp and Benny coming towards me.
23) At Edmonton airport, with aircraft [CF-BDG] in the ice and snow.
24) A winter panorama of Giant [Gold Mine].
25) Norseman Aircraft [CF-AM?] on ice at Giant [Gold Mine], being met by my huskies, [racist slur redacted] and Chief
26) My husky "[racist slur redacted]" at edge of ice of Y’Knife [Yellowknife] Bay near my Giant [Gold Mine] camp.
27) My raven "Angus" on a stump.
28) Our large freighter canoe.
29) Beach craft Aircraft lands on Y’Knife [CF-BBB, Yellowknife] Bay to come to the Rich [Gold Mine].
30) The pilot stands on pontoon to paddle aircraft [CF-AWR] to landing at the Rich [Gold Mine].
31) Ole Hagen at the Giant [Gold Mine].
32) My summer tent camp at the Giant [Gold Mine].
33) X-ray Diamond Drill is landed from aircraft [Junkers CF-AM? At the Rich [Gold Mine].
34) X-ray on canoe raft that we made to take it across the [Back Bay] bay to the Giant [Gold Mine].
35) Beach craft Aircraft comes into a landing at the Giant [CF-BBB Gold Mine].
36) Panorama at the Rich [Gold Mine], log cabins and tents.
37) My crew trenching on the Giant [Gold Mine].
38) Dynamite blasting at Giant [Gold Mine] workings.
39) Hughie Muir at my Giant [Gold Mine] workings.
40) Our Diamond Drill.
41) My husky "Chief' prospecting in the bush, followed by "[racist slur redacted]".
42) Long shot photo of Rich [Gold Mine] with aircraft in distance.
43) Aircraft at shore at Rich [Gold Mine]. (tail end view of Bellanca?).
44) Northern Transport Co. boat and barge at Rich [Gold Mine], and plane flying over.
45) Aircraft at shore at Rich [Gold Mine, Bellanca?].
46) Barge at the Rich [Gold Mine].
47) NT. Boat and barge at Rich [Gold Mine] dock and crew rolling off the oil drums.
48) At Rich [Gold Mine], man carries case of dynamite to permafrost dug out for storage.
49) Self [C.J. Baker] viewing big compressor just landed at the Rich [Gold Mine].
50) Mining equipment and supplies just landed at the Rich [Gold Mine] and tractor is on the move.
51) The Blacksmith shop at the Rich [Gold Mine].
52) Our tractor hauling machinery at the Rich [Gold Mine].
53) Shaft head buildings at the Rich [Gold Mine] and installing machinery.
54) Ole Hagen going down the prospect shaft at the Rich [Gold Mine].
55) Pete, at Y’Knife [Yellowknife] old town, carries in the very first spring-bed- mattress.
56) At Rich [Gold Mine], aircraft takes off. [Bellanca]
57) Large barge-boat that the Rich [Gold Mine] crew built goes away down the Bay.
58) I portage my canoe to the Bay and paddle away

[The record creator (C.J. Baker) used an anti-black racist slur as a name for one of his dogs. Previously, an archivist reproduced the racist term in the Scope and Content. In November 2022, an archivist revised the description of the photograph to redact the slur. A copy of the original description is available upon request in the accession file for N-1999-015. Please contact NWT Archives for more information or to request access to the original description.]

N-2012-010 · Accession · [199-?], 2007
Part of NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines fonds

Records consist of two films produced by the Chamber of Mines. The Betacam consists of "Mine your business" [199-?], a career video for youth; and the DVD consists of "Mining Now", 2007, a promotional video for mining in Canada's north.

Mine your business
N-2012-010: 0002 · Item · [199-?]
Part of NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines fonds

Mine your business / Swan Productions. - [S.l.] : The Mine Training Committee [producer], [199-?].
1 videocassette (13 min., 38 sec.) ; polyester, duplicate, analog[?], col., Betacam SP, mono, Dolby ON.