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3 · Fonds · 1974-1990

This fonds consists of 24 cm of textual material, and 2 original master sound cassettes. The text consists of financial statements for the years 1977,1980, 1984 to 1988,1990 to 1991, as well as correspondence from 1975 to 1990. There are records that document the meetings and conventions of 1979, 1980 and 1981 as well as copies of campaign literature for Gerry Weaver, Peter Kusugak, Wally Firth, and Wayne Cahill. The audio cassettea contains recordings of the nomination meeting held on June 25, 1988. Speakers at the meeting included Audrey MacLachlin, Fernand Denault, Jody Whyte, Dennis Bevington, Wayne Cahill and Gerry Weaver.

Western Arctic New Democratic Party
Winona Orr Carruthers fonds
11 · Fonds · [197-?]

This fonds contains 0.6 cm of textual records, which consist of an 11 page photocopy of Winona Orr Carruthers' recollections of her time spent as a teacher at the Anglican Mission in Hay River, 1903-1909. These recollections were compiled by Linda deBalinhard and Karen Carruthers. Topics covered include descriptions of: the trip to Hay River from Edmonton by scow; Hay River; fishing; huskies; school life; the arrival of the annual steamer; and the Christmas season.

Carrothers, Winona
Bart Hawkins fonds
19 · Fonds · [1954-1971]

This fonds consists of one folder of text and approximately 865 photographs taken during the time Bart Hawkins spent in the north at various Royal Canadian Mounted Police stations, including Fort Simpson, Yellowknife, Port Radium, and Fort Liard. Included among the images are views of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) duties, some recreational activities of the RCMP and views of the scenery in the regions where Bart Hawkins was stationed. Many of the images show RCMP personnel and facilities. Also included are images of treaty payment days and Port Radium mine. The textual material consists of two pamphlets from the city of Yellowknife.

Hawkins, Bart
Lennie family fonds
23 · Fonds · [1910?-1970?]

This fonds consists of 880 original photographic negatives and 59 copy negatives taken between 1910-1970. The images include the communities of Sachs Harbour, Tuktoyatuk, Inuvik and Aklavik, as well as DEW line stations BAR 2 and BAR C.

Lennie (family)
Robert C. Knights fonds
24 · Fonds · 1956-1964

This fonds consists of 2 Betacam videocassettes and 649 photographs depicting the years Mr. Knights spent in the Northwest Territories. The footage on the videocassettes includes a boat trip down the Mackenzie River, dog team journeys and the removal of a body from the bush. Among the 649 photographs are images of buildings and surrounding areas of Tsiigehtchic (Arctic Red River), Sachs Harbour, Inuvik, Arviat (Eskimo Point), and Rankin Inlet. Many pictures show friends, Royal Canadian Mounted Police personnel and family at dances, parties, parades, water skiing and family gatherings. Hunting scenes are also included as well as Indigenous people and their lifestyle.

Knights, Robert C.
Archibald Fleming fonds
39 · Fonds · 1908-1950

This fonds consists of prints and negatives, including cellulose nitrate and one glass negative, formerly owned by Archibald Lang Fleming, as well as a program for the opening of the All Saints' Hospital in Aklavik in 1937, attended by Governor General Lord Tweedsmuir (John Buchan). The photographs include the communities of: Aklavik, Baker Lake, Cambridge Bay, Cape Dorset, Chesterfield Inlet, Clyde River, Coppermine, Eskimo Point, Lake Harbour, Pangnirtung, and Pond Inlet, among others. Images feature the portraits and daily activities of Inuit and Dene people and Anglican churches and missions.

Fleming, Archibald
25 · Fonds · [1880-1947]

This fonds consists of slides, photographs and maps. The slides, taken by Joseph Tyrrell, include images of northern Alberta and Saskatchewan; the Dubawnt River and Lake region, and the west coast of Hudson Bay near Chesterfield Inlet. There are also 19 black and white photographs of Yellowknife, mining camps around Yellowknife, Fort Resolution, Fort Smith and survey crews around Yellowknife Bay. The photographs appear to have been taken by members of survey teams including: A.W. Jolliffe, C.S. Lord [Clifford Symington Lord] and J.F. Henderson. There are 24 maps in total in the fonds. Map subjects include the Mackenzie, Pelly, Taltson, Slave and Peace Rivers and Ungava Bay. One map indicates the route taken by the southern party of the Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913-1918, another illustrates the "Cruise of DGS Neptune to Hudson Bay and The Arctic Islands in 1905". There is also a series of nine separate map sheets for the Mackenzie and Yukon Basins, issued in 1880.

Geological Survey of Canada
Peter Gordon fonds
34 · Fonds · 1961

This fonds consists of photographs of a canoe trip from Hay River to Fort Providence, Fort Simpson and Nahanni Butte. It includes portraits of Gordon Robertson and Dick Turner.

Gordon, Peter
Bill Stewart fonds
179 · Fonds · 1981

This fonds consists of 96 copy photographs and slides taken by Bill Stewart of the Mooseskin Boat Project in 1981. The photographs were selected out of 180 of Bill Stewart's photographs. The images include the different phases of the boat under construction, the people involved in the project and views of the boat's trip from the point of construction at the head of the Keele River to Fort Norman.

Stewart, Bill
Tish Robshaw fonds
210 · Fonds · 1954

This fonds consists of a 19 page hand-written manuscript authored by Tish Robshaw in which she describes her life as a teacher in Yellowknife.

Robshaw, Tish
Alfred Preble fonds
203 · Fonds · 1903

This fonds consists of one photocopy of the typescript version of Alfred E. Preble's journal of his trip from Athabasca Landing to Fort Wrigley back to Athabasca Landing. Included in the journal are descriptions of the flora and fauna observed and collected. There are also descriptions of Fort Resolution, Hay River, Fort Simpson and people he met during the journey. Also included are some photocopies of black and white photos taken by Preble during this trip.

Preble, Alfred
206 · Fonds · 1953, 1962-1963

This fonds consists of 10 cm of textual records and 17 maps, which illustrate the electoral boundaries within the Northwest Territories between 1962 and 1963. The records relate to 18 June 1962 election for the Electoral District of the Mackenzie River and 8 April 1963 election for the Electoral District of the Northwest Territories. The textual records consist of working documents and copies of official documents that L.F.G. "Bob" Borden had to compile for the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer after the elections were held. The records document the difficulties encountered in organizing these elections and in attempting to distribute electoral boxes to all potential polling stations within the Northwest Territories. The records have been divided into two series; the first series is of textual materials and the second is cartographic.

Canada. Office of the Chief Electoral Officer
207 · Fonds · [193-], 1984-1985

The fonds consists of 353 sound cassettes (items :0001 to :0353) generated during interviews with 17 elders; 19 black and white negatives (items :0354 to :0372); 20 cm of textual material consisting of English transcripts of the interviews (box\file 1-8 to 1-18 and 2-1 to 2-6); and other textual materials related to the planning, funding, and administration of the project (box\file 1-1 to 1-7). The fonds has been divided into four series: 1) sound recordings; 2) administration files; 3) transcripts; 4) negatives. The 181 sound cassettes are in Chipewyan and the remaining 172, (which are verbatim translations of the original Chipewyan cassettes) are in English. Subjects covered in the interviews include Chipewyan stories and legends, spiritual beliefs, traditional medicines, child-rearing, child birth, attitudes to alcohol, family histories, hunting and fishing techniques, traditional forms of self-government, attitudes toward southern forms of government, the Roman Catholic Church and the Residential School in Fort Resolution. The photographs depict the staff and pupils of the Roman Catholic Mission School in Fort Resolution, and elders in the community - some of whom were interviewed during the project. The fonds also contains a copy of the questionnaire, which was used as a basis for each interview and a copy of the publication "That's the Way We Lived."

Fort Resolution Community Education Council
Raymond Wood family fonds
183 · Fonds · 1959

This fonds consists of one mimeographed manuscript of a diary written in 1959 by Raymond and Mildred Wood. The diary recounts their trip to Herschel Island, Yukon.

Wood, Raymond (family)
197 · Fonds · [196- to 198-]

This fonds consists of 296 reel to reels (original masters) and 678 audio cassettes (original masters) copied to 661 sound CDs (RedBook Audio format - Archival Masters), which contain approximately 1013 oral history recordings and 1.2 meters of transcriptions from the Committee for Original People's Entitlement (COPE). The sound CDs constitute the archival masters. These recordings are in Inuvialuktun, Gwich'in and North Slavey and contain life stories of elders as well as traditional legends. Many of the recordings are part of CBC broadcast programming.

Committee for Original Peoples' Entitlement. Oral History Project
198 · Fonds · [1900?-1979?]

This fonds consists of 444 black and white 4 x 5 negatives and approximately 2 cm of textual material. The images were collected and taken by various Oblate fathers at the Sacred Heart Parish in Fort Simpson. Although one of the primary photographers was Father Henri Posset, many of the images appear to have been collected from other archives. The images depict the Oblate Fathers, Grey Nuns and Dene residents who either worked at, or attended, the churches, schools and hospitals operated by the Roman Catholic Church. Locations covered include Fort Simpson, Nahanni Butte, Fort Liard, Rae, Fort Providence, Trout Lake, Jean Marie River and Wrigley. The textual material includes 21 newsletters dated between 1960-1963 entitled "The Catholic Voice." These newsletters were produced by the Sacred Heart Parish and include a message from the church, as well as document the social, recreational and academic activities in the community.

Sacred Heart Parish (Fort Simpson)
232 · Fonds · 1936-1990

This fond consists of 1.3 meters of textual material, 472 photographs, 2 film reels, 3 audio reels and 3 DAT audiocassettes. The records were created by the Girl Guides of Canada, Yukon and Northwest Territories Council, the Northwest Territories Council, and Local Associations throughout the Northwest Territories that were affiliated to these two councils. The records, which date from 1936 to 1990, have been divided into four series: textual, photographs, moving images and sound recordings.

The textual records, which date from 1961 to 1990, include Minutes of Meetings (1972-1990), Reports (1961-1989), Newsletters (1966-1990), Regional Administration Files (1966-1982), Alphabetical File System (1965-1987), Northwest Territories Council Executive Correspondence (1967-1978), Northwest Territories Council Programme Files (1967-1989), Chronological Correspondence Files (1966-1984). Also included are some records generated by local district associations and divisions such as the Midnight Sun Division, the Keewatin Central Arctic Division, the Matonabbee District Council, the Slave Rapids District Council, the Eastern Arctic Division and the Yellowknife District Council. The records document the development of guiding programmes in the Northwest Territories. They also document the relationship between the Northwest Territories Council, the various Divisions and Local Associations in the Northwest Territories and the National Headquarters of the Girl Guides of Canada in Ottawa. Subjects include guiding programmes and activities in the north; trips to territorial, national and international camps by girls and leaders; and training programmes for guide leaders and guides, pathfinders and brownies. There is also information on the annual fund-raising event - the Girl Guide Cookie Week, and the operation of the Distribution Store located in Yellowknife.

The photographic records include 472 photographs many of which were located in community file folders and miscellaneous envelopes. The photographs document brownie and guide meetings, enrollment ceremonies, trips to national and international guiding events, guide camps in the Northwest Territories, Annual General Meetings of the Northwest Territories Council and training sessions for guide\brownie leaders. There are also a number of images of special events such as the 65th and 70th Anniversary Celebrations of the Girl Guides of Canada.

The fonds also includes two reels of 8 mm films taken in 1971 during a trip to Ottawa; 3 original master sound cassetes, 3 DAT audiocassettes and 3 audio reels which contain sound recordings that document the activities of guide and brownie packs, a training session and campfire for leaders, and an Inuktitut version of the Brownie law, promise and story. The sound recordings were produced at Pangnirtung, Fort McPherson, Broughton Island, Coppermine, Cape Dorset and Yellowknife.

Girl Guides of Canada. Northwest Territories Council
Charles Harrman fonds
234 · Fonds · [1950-1967]

This fonds consists of 36 cm of textual material and 124 colour slides. The textual material is made up of 12 volumes of Harrman's journals dated August 6, 1959 to November 11, 1967, a manuscript of an unpublished story entitled "Lucy Beavertail," numerous short stories, sketchbooks, cards and personal records, including accounts. The 124 colour slides feature Rae and the paintings of Charles Harrman.

Harrman, Charles
221 · Fonds · 1944-1948

This fonds consists of three photo albums containing 970 black and white prints. The photographs appear to have been taken during the construction and inspection of the road from the Alberta boundary to Hay River. The pages of albums #1 and #3 contain the title "Grimshaw--Great Slave Lake Road." The photographs in albums #1 and #2 appear to have been taken by F.C. Haven. Album #1 contains images :0001 to :0309 which were taken between May 1946 and June 1947. Album #2 contains images :0310 to :0661 which were taken between July 1947 and June 1948. Album #3 contains images :0662 to :0974 were taken between August 1946 and November 1947; these images were apparently taken by C.R. Cornish, Inspecting Engineer.

Mackenzie Highway Photograph Collection
Buffum family fonds
222 · Fonds · 1897-1907, [1930-1947], 1985

This fonds consists of 271 photographs, 6 audio reels, 3 sound cassettes and 2 cm of textual material. The photographs were taken and collected by the Buffum Family and depict the covers or interior images of personalized Christmas cards from bush pilots and other people who stayed with the Buffum family. The textual material is made up of the diary of Louise Buffum dated from 1939 to 1945. The sound recordings contain an interview conducted by the Territorial Archivist, David Rudkin with Lyn Orchuk in 1985.

Buffum (family)