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Union of Northern Workers
N-1994-019 · Accession · 1970-1994
Part of Union of Northern Workers fonds

The records have been arranged into four series: textual records, photographs, sound recordings and moving images. The textual records were then organized into six sub-series: Minutes of Full Executive Meetings, Minutes of the Triennial Conventions, Minutes of Meetings of NWTPSA and UNW Locals, "Sulijuq" newsletters, Collective Agreeements and UNW Filing System. The textual records document the development of the union movement in the Northwest Territories and the increasing politicization of the union's membership. They also document the internal administration and operations of the NWTPSA and the UNW, and their relationship to the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC). The records also depict the relationship between the NWTPSA, UNW and the Northwest Territories Federation of Labour (NWTFLA). The textual records contain information on convention procedures, elections, the collection of union dues, revisions to By-Laws and Policies, and the transfer of federal employees to the territorial government. The sound and video recordings were made at the Triennial Conventions and the Full Executive Meetings. The photographs were taken at the Triennial Conventions, Full Executive Meetings, and at individual members' work-sites. There are also images of such political action campaigns as the annual Day of Mourning ceremonies, marches in support of striking workers at the Inuvik Housing Authority, Royal Oak Mines Limited, the federal government and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

Giant Yellowknife Mines Ltd.
N-2001-014 · Accession · 1944-1999
Part of Giant Yellowknife Mines Ltd. fonds

The majority of the textual records dates from 1944-1999 and includes monthly operational reports and reports from the President, underground operations, diamond drilling and treatment plant for Giant Yellowknife Gold Mines Ltd. There are also meeting minutes, by-laws and constitution for the Giant Recreation Association and 10 Year Club, as well as menus and dinner invitations from 10 year club celebrations. There are also copies of the Giant Mine newsletter Baker Creek News. The remaining textual records consists of correspondence and monthly operational reports for the Salmita Mine, Taurcanis (Bulldog) Mine and Tundra Gold Mine. The photographs date from the 1950s to 1991 and include aerial views of Giant Mine, headframe buildings, tailings retreatment plant, tailings ponds, employees at work both above and underground, pouring of the 10,000th gold brick and safety awards. In addition, there are photographs of the Akaitcho Mine, Salmita Mine, Tundra Mine and Crestaurum Mine. There are also several black and white prints that were taken by George Hunter in the 1950s documenting activities at Giant Mine. The architectural plans show buildings and mine site layout for Taurcanis Mine. There are also blueprints, site plans and milling flow sheets from Giant Mine.

N-1993-014 · Accession · 1953, 1962-1963
Part of Canada. Office of the Chief Electoral Officer fonds

The records relate to 18 June 1962 election for the Electoral District of the Mackenzie River and 8 April 1963 election for the Electoral District of the Northwest Territories. The maps illustrate the electoral boundaries within the Northwest Territories between 1962 and 1963. The textual records consist of working documents and copies of official documents that L.F.G. "Bob" Borden had to compile for the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer after the elections were held. The records document the difficulties encountered in organizing these elections and in attempting to distribute electoral boxes to all potential polling stations within the Northwest Territories. The records have been divided into two series; the first series is of textual materials and the second is cartographic.

Records consist of correspondence, reports by regional and community officers, minutes, field project reports, report forms recording information on polar bear and musk-ox kills and fish landings. The records relate to a variety of activities such as hunting, trapping, enforcement, animal studies and fisheries. The records show evidence of the division's activities, programs delivered, and the impact the division's policies may have had on the residents of the Northwest Territories. Reports from the administrative regions of the Government of the Northwest Territories have been kept in an effort to document regional activities and responses.

Northwest Territories. Department of Natural and Cultural Affairs. Wildlife Service
G-1999-001 · Accession · 1973-1992
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Public Works and Highways fonds

Records include files related to Commissioner's tours, departmental reorganization, goals and objectives, reports from the regions, reports from specific communities on Public Works projects and maintenance of public buildings such as schools. Additionally, there are records concerning land claims, the Business Incentive Policy (BIP), capital assistance, lease and contracting policies, the Capital Site Planning Committee, decentralization and privatization efforts.

Northwest Territories. Department of Public Works and Highways. Directorate
G-1999-015 · Accession · 1963-1971
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of the Territorial Secretary fonds

The files were part of the Central Registry System (80 Block, 81 Block, 82 Block and 85 Block) and cover a variety of topics, including directives and policies, arrangements for Council sessions, travel for Council members, Territorial Legislation Policy, elections, monthly reports from the regions, staff meetings and ordinances.

G-1999-023 · Accession · 1974-1987
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Health fonds

Records primarily relate to various committees in which the Department of Health was the lead agency. There are records from the Pharmacare Formulary Advisory Committee, Medical Advisory Committee, Health Coordinating Committee, Committee on Medical Legal Concerns, Health Facilities Planning and Construction and the Community Health Advisory Committee. There are also records from the Department of Social Services relating to Social Services Management Committee Meetings and Health and Social Services Training Programs.

Nancy O. Lurie
N-2009-008 · Accession · 1968-1988
Part of Nancy O. Lurie fonds

Records consist of a letter from Nancy Lurie to Dr. Herman Viola; a letter to Nancy Lurie from Alphonse Eronchi, a copy of an exam question from 1968 related to the Dene of Yellowknife; and copies of several songs composed by Nancy Lurie.

Records include minutes and correspondence related to Directors and Superintendents Meetings and Educational Development Branch Meetings, a district review of the Sahtu Divisional Board of Education, a Lester B. Pearson College scholarship, and the Governor Generals Award Program.

Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment. Board Operations division
G-2000-018 · Accession · 1987-1993
Part of Northwest Territories. NWT Housing Corporation fonds

Records primarily consist of President's and Minister's Chronos. Also included are correspondence, meeting minutes, decision papers and terms of reference relating to GNWT staff housing, correspondence from the Tripartite Management Committee, the joint three-year plan of the Planning and Monitoring Committee, and a functional review of the NWT Housing Corporation.

Northwest Territories. NWT Housing Corporation. Policy and Informatics division
Ole Andreasen
N-2002-013 · Accession · 1931-1935
Part of Ole Andreasen fonds

Records include five diaries or journals and one trade ledger belonging to Ole Andreasen, who was a trader at Shingle Point on Richardson Island. The diaries date from June 1931 to November 1935 and are written in pencil in ledger journals. The diary entries include detailed observations about the weather, daily activities and visitors to the Shingle Point post. The trade ledger lists the prices and goods purchased from the trading post. In addition, there are typewritten transcripts of the diaries included in this accession.

N-1993-015 · Accession · 1958-1959

This accession consists of two newsletters entitled "Norman News" which were published by the students at the Federal Day School in Fort Norman (Tulita). The newsletters (dated October 1958 and February 1959) contain school-related items and items pertaining to the community. There are lists of community events for the upcoming months, birth announcements, stories, crossword puzzles and a column titled hunting news. The reporters listed in the October issue are: Richard Hardy, Randy Stowell, Faye Eliason, Sandra Clement and George McDonald.

Federal Day School (Fort Norman, NT)
Haley, Susan, b. 1949
N-1988-505 · Accession · [1987?]

This accession consists of an incomplete translation by Susan Haley of Father Emile Petitot's journal. Documented are Petitot's observations around Great Bear Lake and Fort Franklin.

Please note that the text includes discussions of violence, as well as outdated and disrespectful terms to refer to Indigenous peoples. We have reproduced these terms in the digitized document because they are a part of the original historical record. If you have questions or feedback please contact NWT Archives.

N-2004-017 · Accession · [199-?]

Records are comprised of an unpublished manuscript by Margaret Scott called "Treasures of the North". It describes the author's three years spent in the north, 1941-1944, first at Ptarmigan Mine, then Whitehorse and Prince Rupert. The section on Ptarmigan mine (approximately 26 pages) provides anecdotal account of her trip to Yellowknife, including her wedding ceremony, and the year she spent at Ptarmigan mine where her husband was an employee of Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company.

Scott, Margaret
Rae, Sir John, 1764-1848
N-1992-095 · Accession · 1877

Records are comprised of letter from John Rae to Mr. Hyde Clarke, signed and dated, 2 Addison Gdns. [London], 25 April, 1877, extending an invitation to Rae's lecture at the Royal Institute.

Ellestad-Sayed, J.
N-1992-113 · Accession · [1978?], photocopied [ca. 1979]

This accession consists of a photocopy of the Appendix to J. Ellestad-Sayed's "Nutrient Analyses of Non-Commercial Foods Eaten by Canadian Inuit and Indians." This Appendix describes the objectives, background, and design of a proposed project to determine the nutrient value of indigenous foods as prepared traditionally.

Ellestad-Sayed, J.
Back, Sir George 1796-1878
N-1992-126 · Accession · [ca. 1850], 1865

This accession consists of two short notes written by George Back. One contains his salutation and signature.