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Rene Fumoleau
N-1995-002 · Accession · [1957-1995]
Part of Rene Fumoleau fonds

The slides depict people, family life, treaty days, hunting and fishing activities, winter and summer scenes and northern lights in communities such as Detah, Yellowknife, Fort Good Hope, Deline, Fort Simpson, Fort Resolution, Fort Norman [Tulita] and Rae-Edzo. Subjects also include events such as the Dene National Assembly and the papal visits to Fort Simpson.

Rene Fumoleau
N-1999-023 · Accession · [1957-1979]
Part of Rene Fumoleau fonds

The film is entitled "Dene Nation." The sound recordings document dance and music from "Our Land, Our Life" comprised of recordings from Fort Good Hope of drum music, Dene songs and North Slavey (Hareskin) language; as well as audio from slide shows and films, including "My Country My People," "I Was Born Here" and "Dene Nation." The sound recordings from Fort Good Hope, likely recorded in 1957, feature members of the Pierrot, Kakfwi, Remi, Edgi, Masuzumi, Lafferty, Cotchilly, Taureau, Emmanuel, and Kelly families.

Rene Fumoleau
N-2000-011 · Accession · 1955
Part of Rene Fumoleau fonds

Records are comprised of transcripts of recorded stories told by Paul Vaudrak [Voudrach] to Rene Fumoleau in 1955. The stories, told in French, concern the Gwich'in equivalent of the Yamoria legend.

Rene Fumoleau
N-2004-010 · Accession · [192-?]
Part of Rene Fumoleau fonds

Records include photographs copied from original glass slides. They appear to date from the 1920s and were likely taken by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate at Fort Good Hope. Images include views of the community, Catholic clergy, the Our Lady of Good Hope Church, North Slavey children and families, and an unidentified ship's captain.

Rene Fumoleau
N-2004-013 · Accession · [1959-1999]
Part of Rene Fumoleau fonds

The textual records are comprised of copies of research, legal documents and reports related to Treaty 8, and is primarily concerned with taxation. The sound recording, entitled "The Winds of Change", was produced by CBC Calgary, most likely in the early-1970s. The documentary discussed the changes happening in the North. Northwest Territories' communities described in the piece included Tuktoyaktuk, Inuvik, Yellowknife, Fort Smith, and Hay River.

Lex Miller
N-1986-014 · Accession · 1942, copied 1986, 1986
Part of Lex Miller fonds

The photographs were taken by A.K Miller between 1940 and 1942, and document Miller's trip from northern Alberta down the Slave and Mackenzie Rivers. The images depict a variety of water transportation, such as the S.S. "Radium King," S.S. "Distributor," M.S. "Liard River," S.S. "Mackenzie River" and different barges. As well, there are several images of CANOL crews and construction, including African-American servicemen. There are also images of Canadian Pacific Airways aircraft, camps and dog teams. The sound recording consists of an interview with Miller conducted by the NWT Archives in 1986. The interview contains biographical information on Miller and an explanation of river transportation in the north.

Sandy Stewart
N-1985-013 · Accession · [1932-1943]
Part of Sandy Stewart fonds

Records include photographs of Yellowknife, the Yellowknife region, prospector outposts, some mining operations and road construction. Three photos were taken in northern Ontario dating from 1932, but the vast majority are of the Yellowknife region, 1936-1943.

Jamadam Records Collections
N-2003-024 · Accession · 1983
Part of Jamadam Records fonds

Records include a recording of the songs Bombs Over Heaven by Pat Buckna and the Infinite Edge by Moon Joyce and a lyric sheet autographed by Moon Joyce to Rene Fumoleau. The record was recorded to protest the Canadian government's decision to permit the testing of cruise missiles in the arctic.

G.H.U. Bayly
N-1985-502 · Accession · [1973]
Part of G.H.U. Bayly fonds

Records are comprised of a diary written by G.H.U. Bayly during a canoe trip from Campbell Lake to Beverly Lake via the Thelon Game Sanctuary. Included in the details of the diary are weather reports, observations of wildlife, including caribou and various bird species, and observations on topography. The diary also contains photocopies of photographs, including members of the party, maps, and excerpts from appropriately related reading materials (ie. Re: John Hornby). Included at the end of the diary is an index, equipment list and list of temperatures.

Larry Moline
N-1980-001 · Accession · [193-]
Part of Larry Moline fonds

Records include photographs of Yellowknife and Churchill, Manitoba. The images depict views of Yellowknife, including images of buildings, cat trains, dog teams, aircraft, boats and barges, mining activities, unidentified individuals and skaters on Back Bay.

N-1997-009 · Accession · 1993
Part of Salt River Settlement Oral History Project fonds

The textual records consist of transcipts of the sound recordings in Chipewyan as well as English translations. The recordings contain interviews with elders that lived in Salt River in the 1920s and 1930s. The elders interviewed were Francois King Beaulieu, Maria Brown, Vincent Beaulieu, Liza Schaefer, Francois Laviolette and Fred Dawson. Topics covered in the interviews include history of Beaulieu family, house construction, animal husbandry, farming and the effect of the major flood that took place at Salt River Settlement during the 1930s.

Elizabeth Cass
N-1989-003 · Accession · 1959, [1980?], copied 1988
Part of Elizabeth Cass fonds

The textual records consist of transcripts that contain Dr. Cass' personal observations on the Gwich'in. These observations were made in 1959. Her recollections cover such topics as puberty, religious beliefs, burial customs, personal hygiene, marriage, music and dancing. The audio recordings contain a recording of Dr. Cass in early 1980, dictating letters for her secretary. She discusses her health and her recent trip to Brazil with the International Society of Geographic Opthalmology. She has also recorded many of the Gwich'in stories and legends that were related to her by such individuals as Paul Bonnetplume (Aklavik), Annie McPherson (Fort McPherson), Peter Lord (Old Crow, Yukon), Lazarus Sittichinli, Peter Moses and Edward Snowshoe. Although many of the legends relate to medicine men, Dr. Cass also recounts stories about the Willow Man, the Ungrateful Indian, Sakeethuck the "Trickster," the Crow Who Lost His Beak, the Lazy Boy, three stories about Bushmen [Hare and Slavey Indians] and a two hour saga about two brothers as told to her by Edward Snowshoe.

Elizabeth Cass
N-1999-034 · Accession · 1959-1960
Part of Elizabeth Cass fonds

The records are comprised of reports written by Dr. Elizabeth Cass, and examine blindness and eye problems amongst children and adults in the Northwest Territories. There are charts and graphs included in the reports.

Maurice Beauregard
N-1988-024 · Accession · [1942-1953], copied 1988
Part of Maurice Beauregard fonds

Most of the images depict the Canol-Whitehorse winter road and Norman Wells. Also included are photographs of Arctic Red River, Aklavik, Fort Providence, Fort Smith and Fort Norman.

Rex Terpening
N-1987-030 · Accession · 1932-1936
Part of Rex Terpening fonds

The textual records include one brochure on Spence McDonough Air Transport, Ltd. And a copy of a radio tribute to Rex Terpening. The photographs are contained in three photo albums, which were compiled by Rex Terpening during the early years of his career. Included among the images in the photo albums are portraits of airline personnel he encountered during his travels, photographs of aircraft operating in the north, and views of communities in the north.

Oblates of Mary Immaculate
N-1992-196 · Accession · [1952], copied 1981, 1986
Part of Oblates of Mary Immaculate fonds

Entitled "Arctic Missions of the Mackenzie," the film is presented by the Oblate Missionaries of Mary Immaculate, and sponsored by the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. It tells the story Father William Leising and the priests and nuns working in the Central Arctic. The film is narrated by Father Leising, then a missionary in the Vicarate of the Mackenzie.
Activities depicted in the film are a variety of missionary activities across the north including: the christening of the Sant' Anna boat and its portage, the use of dogsleds for a buffalo hunt, gathering of salt on the salt plains, farming including harvesting of crops by students in Fort Resolution, fishing in Great Slave Lake, seal hunting, woodcutting, the building of the church in Tuktoyaktuk, schooling at unknown locations including young women sewing and tufting, mooseskin preparation by Mrs Todzi, a picnic in an unknown southern location, silver berry bead gathering and rosary making by nuns, mass at Stony Rapids and Fond du Lac, funeral of a child in an unknown location, a double wedding officiated by Father Gamache, a caribou hunt in Stanton including Billy Thrasher piloting boat, and fox trappers gathering in spring near King's Bay including the use of large caribou skin tents. Most footage seems to be from the early 1950s but some black and white footage may be earlier.

Oblates of Mary Immaculate
N-1998-050 · Accession · 1971 [copied 1986]
Part of Oblates of Mary Immaculate fonds

Records are comprised of photocopies of documents found among Father LeMeur's papers shortly after he died. Included are English translations of Father LeMeur's Inuvialuktun radio program broadcast over CFCT Tuk Radio, a manuscript entitled "True Experiences- Men of the North," a notebook in Inuvialuktun and miscellaneous papers most of which are also in Inuvialuktun.

N-1989-036 · Accession · [1901-197-]
Part of Fort Providence Slavey Language Research Project fonds

Records include photographs of Fort Providence and its surrounding area. This is a collection of images featuring the work of many photographers including O.S. Finnie, Rene Fumoleau and Celine Lafferty. Most of the photographs were donated to the Research Project by the Catholic Mission. There are a variety of images including those of the residents of Fort Providence, the Roman Catholic Mission and clergy, Residential school, scouts, Albert Lebeau, agriculture and gardening. There appears to be some duplication within the collection.

Mary Saich
N-1990-003 · Accession · 1940-[1942?]
Part of Mary Saich fonds

Records consist of two photo albums containing 146 black and white prints of Aklavik and environs and of Mary Saich's trip to Tuktoyaktuk; one scrapbook compiled by Mary Saich; one notebook including historical and geographical notes on the Northwest Territories and curriculum ideas; 145 black and white and colour slides. The photographs are of people in Aklavik and Tuktoyaktuk, images of barges and steamers, buildings such as the hospital, school, and church in Aklavik as well as winter and summer camps.

Rene Fumoleau
N-2007-015 · Accession · 1962
Part of Rene Fumoleau fonds

Records include photographs documenting the construction of a church in Deline in the summer and fall of 1962. The images include views of Deline from Great Bear Lake, excavation for the foundation, framing the church and the completed building.