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Nahanni Butte
N-2002-004: 0001 · Item · [196-?]
Part of Kraus family fonds

[Betacam copy (archival master) of the original 16mm colour film entitled "Nahanni Butte". The silent video is 22 minutes in length, and is believed to have been taken by Gus Kraus. The video depicts pesonalities from the Nahanni Butte/Fort Simpson area in the early 1960s, including Gus and Mary Kraus, their son Mickey Kraus, Dick Turner, Father Posset and Albert Faille. Also depicted are recreational activities such as relay races, three-legged races, snowshoeing, tug-of-war contests, and dogsledding. There is footage of men paddling a canoe upstream (the Liard River?), the breakup of the (Liard?) River, a float-equipped helicopter both on the ground and in flight, and airplanes with floats and with skis. Footage of wildlife includes birds, black bears, grizzly bears, wolves, and moose.]
[Caption information below supplied by Dr. Norman Kagan.
time - season - details
0/00 - W - Ice flowing on River - NB
0/40 - W - RCMP Const., Micky, ? , Gus Kraus w suspenders
0/45 - - Mary Kraus
0/50 - W - Micky Kraus w pups & sled at NB
2/00 - S - Children running relays at NB - first girls, then boys, then men
2/40 - S - 3 legged races at NB - first men, then boys
3/20 - S - Tug of War at NB - first men, then women
4/00 - W - dog pull, Micky on Skis at NB
4/25 - W - Mary and girls
4/40 - W - River flowing ice ( HS ?)
5/25 - Men in Voyageur canoe ferrying across the river
5/30 - W - boy in hotsprings pool - HS
6/00 - - []Fr Marie ?, ?, John Brucker w gas tank - all in boat
6/20 - - []S pool
6/50 - W - Micky
7/00 - - []women
7/10 - - two men with fish
7/55 - S - white haired man is George Bayer, playing w Micky at NB
8/25 - W - Mary w Micky , sled and dog at cache
9/00 - - Gus w Micky at NB
9/30 - - Micky and ax, then snowshoes at NB
10/20 - S - Birds
10/53 - S - Helicopter at Turner's place at NB
11/12 - S - (Marcelais or Tetso ?) & boys
11/50 - - missionary ( Mrs. Jack Norcross ?), Vera Turner and daughter Nancy
12/07 - - meat drying, Mary Kraus
12/27 - - []wo helicopters at Turner's compound NB
12/45 - S - Joseph and Amy Kraus, Gus' older brother & sister-in-law [Joe grew vegetables at Paradise Gardens south of Hay River]
13/25 - S - red plane w Joe and Amy at Ft. Providence [Joe: 5/26/96 - 10/23/86 buried at Hay R., Amy was in Ft Smith seniors home in 1995]
13/25 - W - Pacific Western plane and frozen wolf
13/50 - - birds in tree
14/07 - - man scraping hide, NB
14/18 - S - Mary, Micky, and John Brucker (cigarette in hand) at NB
14/50 - W - Mary Kraus with laughing Vera Turner & daughter Nancy talking with visiting R. M. Patterson at NB (March,1960?)
15/15 - W - tractor scenes
16/25 - S - John Brucker pouring gasoline
16/50 - S - cinematographer Don Wilder at NB - July 4, 1961 with George Bayer, John Brucker, young man w fists up (Don Turner?) and Albert Faille [Wilder hired Geo & John to crew 2nd scow]
17/40 - - kids
17/48 - W - Mary w girl and two similar women ?
18/32 - W - new cabins at NB
19/00 - - dog on chain
19/10 - W - red plane and Mary with others
19/25 - W - wind blowing at NB
19/45 - W - Mary with young girls at NB
19/59 - S - black bear at HS
20/30 - S - moose along river at HS
20/38 - - birds and dogs
20/58 - W - Norseman [actually Otter] plane - Edwin Lindberg folding tarp
21/20 - - Mary cutting young man's hair, looking for lice
21/35 - THE END]

Union of Northern Workers
N-1994-019 · Accession · 1970-1994
Part of Union of Northern Workers fonds

The records have been arranged into four series: textual records, photographs, sound recordings and moving images. The textual records were then organized into six sub-series: Minutes of Full Executive Meetings, Minutes of the Triennial Conventions, Minutes of Meetings of NWTPSA and UNW Locals, "Sulijuq" newsletters, Collective Agreeements and UNW Filing System. The textual records document the development of the union movement in the Northwest Territories and the increasing politicization of the union's membership. They also document the internal administration and operations of the NWTPSA and the UNW, and their relationship to the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC). The records also depict the relationship between the NWTPSA, UNW and the Northwest Territories Federation of Labour (NWTFLA). The textual records contain information on convention procedures, elections, the collection of union dues, revisions to By-Laws and Policies, and the transfer of federal employees to the territorial government. The sound and video recordings were made at the Triennial Conventions and the Full Executive Meetings. The photographs were taken at the Triennial Conventions, Full Executive Meetings, and at individual members' work-sites. There are also images of such political action campaigns as the annual Day of Mourning ceremonies, marches in support of striking workers at the Inuvik Housing Authority, Royal Oak Mines Limited, the federal government and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

N-1995-012 · Accession · 1977-1995
Part of N.W.T. Council for Disabled Persons fonds

The material is dated from 1977-1995 and relates to the administration and functions of the Northwest Territories Council for Disabled Persons. The textual records, dating from 1977-1991, include monthly reports of the Executive Director, President, and various committees within the Council; minutes; records of clients throughout the Northwest Territories; the Ability column; and files from special projects and functions such as the Celebrity Auction, Bike-A-Thon, Handi-van, workshops and conferences. Some files relate to the Inuvik Council for the Disabled, and the communities of Pine Point and Hay River. The photographs date between 1986-1995 and contain images of: Kids on the Block (KOB) puppet performance tours by Barb Barnet and Barb Bond to Gjoa Haven, Cambridge Bay, and Coppermine; Celebrity Auction; National Access Awareness Week (NAAW) events; Bike-a-thons; posters; the Council's museum display for the International Year of Disabled Persons (IYDP); Run For Light (1986); conferences; and Rick Hansen's visit to Yellowknife. The sound cassettes, 1986-1991, feature recordings from conferences, an aldermanic candidates forum, and speakers on topics such as respite care, services in the north, advocacy and independent living centres, and accessibility. A few of the recordings are in Inuktitut. The accession also contains one 8 mm video tape of approximately 11 minutes of Kids on the Block puppet performances, and one poster published by the Northwest Territories Council for the Disabled for the International Year of Disabled Persons (1981).

Ray Ross film - Read Island
N-1996-004: 0001 · Item · 1938
Part of Ray Ross fonds

[3 minute b&w film of one inuit child (Rebecca Webster?) and young Raymer Ross playing with sled and box of live chicks (brought by Wop May); men building an igloo; two inuit women with tattooed faces (one smoking); Raymer doing laundry in tub with mangler; women cutting and distributing something (blubber?) wrapped in paper to women and children (Margery Webster?); Lillian Ross leading dog team pulling large boat on a sled; Raymer with Jocko the sock monkey and his mother, Lillian. Read Island 1938-39]

Highway of the Atom
N-1992-194: 0001 · Item · 1952
Part of Northern Transportation Company, Ltd. fonds

Entitled "Highway of the Atom," this film was created for the Northern Transportation Company Ltd. (NTCL). It was edited and recorded by Crawley Films, with camera work by R.B. Ranson. "Highway of the Atom" illustrates the Radium Line of the Northern Transportation Company Ltd. Transportation system by tracing the shipment of materials from Waterways, Alberta to Port Radium, on the "Radium Franklin" and the "Radium Gilbert." For reference only, request copies/copyright permission from LAC.

A Break in the Ice
N-1995-013: 0001 · Item · 1972
Part of Northern Transportation Company, Ltd. fonds

Promotional film describing a typical transportation season, produced for NTCL by Jubenvill & Embra Films Ltd. (Vancouver, Canada) and directed by Ken Jubenvill. 33 minutes
Includes footage of: Great Slave Lake, Mackenzie River, Delta, Beaufort Sea, Northwest Passage; Hay River, Inuvik, Tuktoyaktuk, Coppermine, Gjoa Haven. NTCL tugs: Vic Ingraham, Angus Sherwood, Frank Broderick; Camsell (Ice Breaker), barges, hovercraft, crew, man-made islands, railway and highway transportation. For reference only.

Dogrib Treaty
N-1979-063: 0006MI · Item · 1937
Part of Richard Finnie fonds

"Dogrib Treaty" is Richard Finnie's 1939 film record of the Dogrib Indians, an Athapaskan tribe which lives between Great Bear and Great Slave lakes, shot at the time of treaty payments. The footage includes scenes from annual gathering of the Dogrib Indians of Fort Rae, N.W.T.; women making moccasins, beadwork, and fishnets; a man emptying his nets, cleaning and drying fish; boys playing checkers; a couple sharing a meal; ceremonies held under canvas with drums, chanting, and dancing; women walking to the Roman Catholic church with babies; the congregation, separated by sex; and medical checkups administered by a government doctor.

Also shown are the Hudson Bay Company, trading, church going, gambling, circle dance, drum songs, and paying treaty of $5 in $1 bills by RCMP to each man, woman and child. Elders and chiefs speak and identification cards are distributed. The chief, (possibly Chief Jimmy Bruneau), is seen conversing with government treaty officials. Also included is a sequence from a Hudson's Bay Company post where a white trader examines the furs of an Indian trapper. For reference only, request copies/copyright permission from Library & Archives Canada.

N-1992-274 · Accession · 1936-1990
Part of Girl Guides of Canada. Northwest Territories Council fonds

The records date from 1936 to 1990 and have been divided into four series: textual, photographs, moving images and sound recordings. The textual records, which date from 1961 to 1990, were divided into 8 sub-series: Minutes of Meetings (1972-1990), Reports (1961-1989), Newsletters (1966-1990), Regional Administration Files (1966-1982), Alphabetical File System (1965-1981), Northwest Territories Council Executive Correspondence (1967-1978), Northwest Territories Council Programme Files (1967-1989), Chronological Correspondence Files (1966-1984). The records in this accession document the development of the guiding movement in the Northwest Territories. There is information on the transfer of the Northwest Territories guiding movement from the control of the Alberta and Quebec Councils, to the formation of the Yukon and Northwest Territories Council in 1964. The creation of two separate councils in 1975, the Yukon Council and the Northwest Territories Council is also documented. The files document the relationship between the Northwest Territories Council that is based in Yellowknife and the Local Associations throughout the Northwest Territories. The records also document the relationship between the Northwest Territories Council and Girl Guides of Canada headquarters in Ottawa. There is also some information on the development of guiding programmes that were designed to reflect the unique nature of guiding in the north. The photographs, which were scattered throughout the collection in community file folders and miscellaneous envelopes, document brownie and guide meetings, enrollment ceremonies, trips to national and international guiding events, guide camps in the Northwest Territories, Annual General Meetings of the Northwest Territories Council and training sessions for guide and brownie leaders. There are also a number of images of special events such as the 65th and 70th Anniversary Celebrations of the Girl Guides of Canada. The film reels were taken in 1971 during a Girl Guide trip to Ottawa. The audio recordings document the activities of guide and brownie packs, a training session and campfire for leaders, and also include an Inuktitut version of the Brownie law, promise and story. The sound recordings were produced at Pangnirtung, Fort McPherson, Broughton Island, Coppermine, Cape Dorset and Yellowknife.
Subjects depicted in this accession include guiding programmes and activities in the north, plans to improve the delivery of guiding programmes in the north, trips to both territorial, national and international camps, training programmes for guide leaders, and special projects undertaken by the Northwest Territories Council. The records were created by the Yukon and Northwest Territories Council, the Northwest Territories Council, and Local Girl Guide Associations throughout the Northwest Territories, which were affiliated to these two councils.

N-1996-005: 0001 · Item
Part of Robert C. Knights fonds

[Footage of RCMP Beech 18 airplane (CF-MPI), car, officers painting the roof of a building, boats (Aklavik II), waterfalls, barges and tug (Expeditor?), Mackenzie River Ramparts, tank farm, crane lifting lumber from barge to truck, Beaver airplane, whale blubber on drying racks, tour of sled dogs chained to posts, aerial of pingos in Delta/Tuktoyaktuk region, buildings and ship, fishing, nets and racks (dog food?), sawing and moving ice blocks, sunsets, harnessing and running dog teams on trails through bush and on ice, Canadian Pacific Otter (CF-CZO) on river (skis and floats), Arctic Red River community and water during Spring ice break-up and flooding.] 1956-62

N-1996-005: 0002 · Item
Part of Robert C. Knights fonds

[Footage of red and white RCMP buildings of Arctic Red River in winter, dog team journeys, log homes, church, boats, dog pens, puppies, huskies eating fish, Wardair Otter (CF-IFP?) on skis, NWT Mace being carried by RCMP officer in red serge uniform (possibly Robert C. Knights), RCMP airplane [and removal of a body from the bush (Edited out)]. 1956-62

Sven Johansson
N-1987-028 · Accession · 1934-1987, majority of material copied in 1987
Part of Sven Johansson fonds

This accession consists of a variety of material relating to Sven Johansson's time in the north. These records include one Umatic videocassette copy of Johansson's film entitled "Canadian Reindeer Project"; an audio reel containing narration for the film; 117 photographs; a copy of the Bill of Sale for "North Star', Certificate of Record for "North Star, and a blueprint for the boat the "North Star"; a 16 mm black and white film entitled "Drum Dance" and a Betacam SP copy of "Drum Dance".

N-1999-015: CN-1 · Item · [193-?]
Part of Cyril John Baker (Yellowknife Johnny) fonds

copy of 27:15 minute 8mm original film
1) Self [C.J. Baker] in canoe on Y’Knife [Yellowknife] Bay, paddle to shore and land at the Rich [Burwash Gold Mine]
2) Old prospector, Horan, on trip with me, crossing portage.
3) Self [C.J. Baker] carrying my canoe across a portage.
4) Foot of the [Tartan Rapids] rapids where Y’Knife [Yellowknife] River enters the bay.
5) Ross starting the Kicker.
6) Ross in canoe with Kicker, towing another canoe.(note the bridle hitch).
7) Brock at the Kicker.
8) Lunch at a point on a lake. Hughie Muir and others.
9a) Big bush fire at the Rich [Gold Mine]. The crew all cutting some trees to make a fire break.
9b) More smoke and fire, as the bush fire approaches the Rich [Gold Mine].
10) My raven, Angus, on the ridge pole of my tent.
11) My Y’Knife [Yellowknife] Husky pups. [racist slur redacted] and Chief.
12) Ross and others of my party on the Walsh portage, do some shooting practice
13) Mock fight with a bear that I had just had to shoot.
14) Self [C.J. Baker] and party going across the Walsh portage.
15) One of our canoes (with kitchen) approaches and goes away into the distance
16) At my Ptarmigan Prospect Camp, the cook cuts wood for the stove.
17) Cutting a water hole through the ice. For water for our camp.
18) Self [C.J. Baker] on the ice.
19) Men on snow trail.
20) Self [C.J. Baker] and party returning to our camp.
21) [Husky dogs] Gyp and Benny alone at wood pile.
22) [Husky dogs] Gyp and Benny coming towards me.
23) At Edmonton airport, with aircraft [CF-BDG] in the ice and snow.
24) A winter panorama of Giant [Gold Mine].
25) Norseman Aircraft [CF-AM?] on ice at Giant [Gold Mine], being met by my huskies, [racist slur redacted] and Chief
26) My husky "[racist slur redacted]" at edge of ice of Y’Knife [Yellowknife] Bay near my Giant [Gold Mine] camp.
27) My raven "Angus" on a stump.
28) Our large freighter canoe.
29) Beach craft Aircraft lands on Y’Knife [CF-BBB, Yellowknife] Bay to come to the Rich [Gold Mine].
30) The pilot stands on pontoon to paddle aircraft [CF-AWR] to landing at the Rich [Gold Mine].
31) Ole Hagen at the Giant [Gold Mine].
32) My summer tent camp at the Giant [Gold Mine].
33) X-ray Diamond Drill is landed from aircraft [Junkers CF-AM? At the Rich [Gold Mine].
34) X-ray on canoe raft that we made to take it across the [Back Bay] bay to the Giant [Gold Mine].
35) Beach craft Aircraft comes into a landing at the Giant [CF-BBB Gold Mine].
36) Panorama at the Rich [Gold Mine], log cabins and tents.
37) My crew trenching on the Giant [Gold Mine].
38) Dynamite blasting at Giant [Gold Mine] workings.
39) Hughie Muir at my Giant [Gold Mine] workings.
40) Our Diamond Drill.
41) My husky "Chief' prospecting in the bush, followed by "[racist slur redacted]".
42) Long shot photo of Rich [Gold Mine] with aircraft in distance.
43) Aircraft at shore at Rich [Gold Mine]. (tail end view of Bellanca?).
44) Northern Transport Co. boat and barge at Rich [Gold Mine], and plane flying over.
45) Aircraft at shore at Rich [Gold Mine, Bellanca?].
46) Barge at the Rich [Gold Mine].
47) NT. Boat and barge at Rich [Gold Mine] dock and crew rolling off the oil drums.
48) At Rich [Gold Mine], man carries case of dynamite to permafrost dug out for storage.
49) Self [C.J. Baker] viewing big compressor just landed at the Rich [Gold Mine].
50) Mining equipment and supplies just landed at the Rich [Gold Mine] and tractor is on the move.
51) The Blacksmith shop at the Rich [Gold Mine].
52) Our tractor hauling machinery at the Rich [Gold Mine].
53) Shaft head buildings at the Rich [Gold Mine] and installing machinery.
54) Ole Hagen going down the prospect shaft at the Rich [Gold Mine].
55) Pete, at Y’Knife [Yellowknife] old town, carries in the very first spring-bed- mattress.
56) At Rich [Gold Mine], aircraft takes off. [Bellanca]
57) Large barge-boat that the Rich [Gold Mine] crew built goes away down the Bay.
58) I portage my canoe to the Bay and paddle away

[The record creator (C.J. Baker) used an anti-black racist slur as a name for one of his dogs. Previously, an archivist reproduced the racist term in the Scope and Content. In November 2022, an archivist revised the description of the photograph to redact the slur. A copy of the original description is available upon request in the accession file for N-1999-015. Please contact NWT Archives for more information or to request access to the original description.]

Dene Arts and Crafts video

This video provides an overview of Dene arts and crafts that have been and continue to be created in the NWT. Wayne Nataway narrates the video, which includes snowshoe making, moosehair tufting, birch bark basket making, and beading. Included in the video are Nelie Wedzen and Elizabeth Rabesca (Behchoko) scraping hides, Joe Charlo making snowshoes, Rose Bonnetrouge tufting, and Annie Apple (Behchoko) beading.

G-1992-004 · Accession · [196-?-197-?]
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Information fonds

Much of the accession is currently unidentified. Some of the identified reels of film concern events in the Northwest Territories, such as the Commissioner's tour of the central arctic, 1970 Arctic Winter Games, Caribou Carnival in Yellowknife, Camp Unity and a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) production on whaling in the north.