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[M. Beaulieu grave]
N-2012-011: 0008 · Item · August 26 1968
Part of William C. Noble fonds

M. Beaulieu grave, daughter of "King" Beaulieu. [Photograph of tombstone on plinth marking the grave of M. Beaulieu in Taltheilei. "In memory of / beloved daughter of / J.K. Beaulieu / Marie Rose / K. Beaulieu / Born Jan 4 1884 / Died Oct 15 1899 / R.I.P."]

[Behchokǫ̀ (Rae)]
N-2004-020: 0466 · Item · 1962
Part of June Helm fonds

Rae '62 [White enamel bowl (?) and other unidentified objects on the ground. Possibly Tłı̨chǫ funerary or burial objects.]

[Jean Marie River]
N-2003-037: 0308 · Item · [1951-1952]
Part of June Helm fonds

Jean Marie [River] 51 or 52, burial area, bundle of possessions, 140N graves, 7. [Cloth bundle and enamelled cup in tree.]

N-2002-002: 0066 · Item · 1936
Part of Sam Otto fonds

Indian graves East Arm - G.[reat] Slave Lake Sam Otto 1936 [Sam Otto stands with one foot on top of a Dene fenced grave.]

Colville Lake
N-2001-002: 12467 · Item · 1983
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Colville Lake. George Codzi family grave Tatawan [tying wooden cross in bush] 1993

Colville Lake
N-2001-002: 08801 · Item · 1968
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Colville Lake. Louie Oudzi at grave 170 [man by Saylakenili? grave site with wooden cross.]

Colville Lake
N-2001-002: 08739 · Item · 1968
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Colville Lake. The Saylakenili grave site. 1968 [Louie Oudzi and other people placing wooden cross]

N-2001-002: 05769 · Item · 1964
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Holman. P. Henry [standing by a grave marked with cross and outlined with rocks.] 1964

Whitefish Station
N-2001-002: 03905 · Item · 1956
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Whitefish Station. [A small fenced grave site, Whitefish Station in the background.] 1956

N-1997-015: 0054 · Item · June 19, 1922
Part of Arthur and Mabel Rae photographs

The Last Rest-Mackenzie River. [Marked on the back of the photo is] Waterways, Alta. June 19, 1922. The burying ground of the Indians. Auntie Flo