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Firth family
N-1983-006 · Accession · 1921-1978, copied [1985?]
Part of Firth family fonds

The photographs are predominantly copies from cellulose nitrate negatives that were returned to the Firth family. The sketch is a cartoon depiction of Wally Firth drawn by Fred Lepine. The textual records are made up of correspondence written by William Firth while he was posted at the Hudson's Bay Company Post (HBC) in Fort McPherson and two signed agreements from 1923 and 1926 stipulating the terms of Mr. Firth's employment at the Hudson's Bay Company. The folder also contains two newsletters generated by the office of Wally Firth during his tenure as Member of Parliament.

Yellowknife Film Society
N-1981-501 · Accession · 1971-1979
Part of Yellowknife Film Society fonds

This accession contains a financial ledger (1971-1974), posters (1974-1975, 1977-1979), minutes (1977-1979), a logo pasteup, "Handbook for Executives" [ca. 1979] and correspondence (1978) from the Yellowknife Film Society.

N-1980-501 · Accession · 1861

This accession consists of one letter addressed to Sir Leopold McClintock from C. Irmingen dated 11 April 1861 discussing Irmingen's treatise on the currents and ice drifts on the coast of Ireland.

Cominco Ltd.
N-1980-002 · Accession · 1937-1977
Part of Cominco Ltd. fonds

These records provide information on the development and operations of Con Mine, and to a lesser degree, other mines operated by Cominco including Pine Point Mine, a lead and zinc mine at Pine Point, NWT, and Box Mine, a gold mine at Goldfields near Uranium City in northern Saskatchewan.

The textual records have been divided into 14 series and include general administration records, personnel records, legal records, financial records, records of development at Pine Point, records from the office of the mine superintendent, records from the office of the mine engineer, records from the office of the geologist, health and safety records, and the records of the Con Athletic Association. The company records consist of personnel files, health and safety records, financial records, mill logbooks, and assay test data statistics. Also included are personal files of A.J. Richardson and records of the Con Athletic Association.

The photographs come from a 1950 report produced by the Northern Transportation Company (NTCL) and document Northern Transportation Company Ltd. (NTCL) 'Radium' line vessels, barges and transportation activities at Waterways, Bell Rock and in the Great Bear Lake Region.

N-1979-571 · Accession · 1925-1954
Part of Royal Canadian Mounted Police fonds

The material consists primarily of administrative records relating to the maintenance of the post at Tsiigehtchic (Arctic Red River) and the duties of the officer. The records include: patrol diaries (1927-1953, 1944-1948 missing); patrol reports (1926-1934); some annual reports (1927-1931); financial records (1926-1943); requisitions (1926-1954, with gaps); shipping invoices (1929-1933); ledgers; fur export tax receipts and returns (1929-1943); hunting and trapping permits and returns (1926-1943); game licenses (1926-1942); trading post permits (1929-1942); radio receiving license receipts and returns (1927-1953); crown timber returns (1926-1943); liquor permits (1929-1939); income tax returns (1929-1942); marriage licenses (1951-1953); vital statistics records (1926-1943); some hunting and trapping records pertaining to the Yukon (1929-1954); administrative records such as instructions of various kinds (192?-1950); correspondence (1926-1953); a file on the administration of estates (1926-1948); and two maps containing hunting and trapping information.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Tsiigehtchic post

This accession consists of records from the Tourism and Parks division of the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment. The records relate to the park usage and include correspondence, statistics, a news article, the 2000 Campground Report, the Northwest Territories 2004-2006 Territorial Park Permits Report, a Road & Campground Guide, and the 1993 NWT Campground User Survey.

This accession consists of records from the Tourism and Parks division of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism. The records relate to the Hanging Ice Bison Ranch and tourism marketing and include an options paper, background paper, correspondence, news release, guidelines and forms for Tourism Marketing Interim Programming, list of trade shows, marketing plans, and program guidelines for the tourism marketing program.

David Searle
N-1992-093 · Accession · 1967-1979
Part of David Searle fonds

Records include files from David Searle's career as a member of the Territorial Council and as Speaker for the Legislative Assembly. The varied subject matter, from education to labour relations to land claims, is indicative of the numerous issues of concern for the Government of the Northwest Territories.

Pi Kennedy fonds
N-2017-005 · Accession · 196- - 2005
Part of Pi Kennedy fonds

The photographs (227 colour slides and 7 b&w negatives) document Pi's life on his trapline around the Oulton Lake area north of Fort Smith, including building construction, travel by dogteam and by boat, trapping and hunting activities. Also included are photographs of activities in the town of Fort Smith, including parades, sports and dog races. The Super 8 films document animals out on Pi's trapline, life in his camps, as well as dog races. The textual material includes documentation of fur pelts sold, expenses, as well as calendars kept on the trapline. The maps are of Pi Kennedy's trapline area north of Fort Smith and include annotations of trails and cabin sites.

Kennedy, Pi
G-1994-509 · Accession · [1940-1970]
Part of Canada. Northern Administration Branch fonds

This accession consists of 10 meters of textual material dating 1940 to 1973. The records were created by the Northern Administration Branch and its various predecessors in regards to the federal government's activities in administering the Northwest Territories. Records include administrative and operational files from the Fort Churchill district office as well as Ottawa. These were originally classified using a numerical block system. The primary number block consisted of: 100 - Administration; 200 - Economic and Industrial Development; 300 - Engineering Projects; 400 - Forests and Game; 500 - Public Service; 600 – Education. Records within the files include a wide range of administrative and operational records. A large proportion of these include education-related records regarding operations in both Eastern and Western Northwest Territories. These include records relating to school children’s education and administration, and adult education and training, and many of these include personal information. Also included are records relating to game management and employment. Lastly, records relating to northern co-operatives are also included within this accession.

G-1992-001 · Accession · 1920-1978
Part of Canada. Northern Administration Branch fonds

This accession was created by the Northern Administration Branch and predecessors and primarily documents hunting and trapping in the Northwest Territories. The textual records consist of general correspondence files (including flimsies), Superintendent of Game daily journals, game officer daily diaries and monthly reports, meeting minutes and materials, wildlife publications and reports, procedures, registered trapping area files, licence applications and licences, hunting and trapping returns, and fur export tax returns. Many of the maps are annotated and document animal hunting and trapping in the following areas: Fort Providence, Fort McPherson, Arctic Red River, Gjoa Haven, Fort Resolution, Rocher River, Lutselk'e (Snowdrift), Victoria Island, Coppermine, Horn River, Hay River, Tulita (Fort Norman), Banks Island, Fort Simpson, Fort Liard, East of Fort Smith, and Fort Good Hope. In addition, there are maps of the East Arm of Great Slave Lake, McLean Bay, Yellowknife Bay, a map documenting Eskimo (Inuit) Registration Districts, and maps associated with wildlife studies. The photographs include RCAF aerial imagery and two photograph within a wildlife study report.

Canada. Northern Administration Branch

Records relating to fisheries and wildlife management include those on the subjects of disease, endangered species, land use, predator control, trapping, hunting, fur production and harvesting data, hunting and trapping associations, environmental protection, land claims, trapper taxation, trapping standards, animal sightings, game management reports, registered trapping areas, pipelines, sport fishing and lake stocking, conservation education, national parks, territorial parks, preserves, sanctuaries and refuges. Records also include manuals, permits, licenses, newsletters, annual reports, strategic plans, and mandate documents relating to the operation of the Division. The wildlife management records include studies or records relating to falcons, gyrfalcons, geese, duck, swans, bears, bison, beaver, sheep, caribou, fox, reindeer, wolf, muskoxen, muskrat, marten, mink, wolverine, moose, hare, and arachnids (spiders). Policies and programs covered by this accession include the Guiding and Outfitting Policy, Community Freezer Program, Fur Program, Biodiversity Working Group, Fire Management Policy, Firearm Safety Instructor Course Program, Bathurst Management Planning Committee, and the Trapper Treeline Program. There are records relating to Trapper Training, Harvesters Assistance, Trapper Compensation, and interaction with COSEWIC, and the Fish and Wildlife Service Policy. Each region of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut is represented.

Northwest Territories. Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development. Wildlife and Fisheries division
G-1999-057 · Accession · 1977-1991
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications fonds

Records consist of minutes, agendas and reports from the Public Records Committee; reports and policies related to access to records, conservation, assistance with oral history projects, and records management; and correspondence with heritage organizations in Fort Good Hope, Fort McPherson, and Yellowknife. The accession includes some files which appear to have been created by the Records Management section of the Department of Government Services.

Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications. Museums and Heritage division. NWT Archives
G-1999-092 · Accession · 1979-1994
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications fonds

Records include minutes of staff meetings and Public Records Committee meetings, as well as correspondence and reports regarding reference requests, photo orders, acquisition of records, conservation, oral history, and legislation. The accession also includes several files created by the Records Management unit of the Department of Government Services, relating to scheduling and storage of government records.

Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications. Museums and Heritage division. NWT Archives
Morse, Bradford W.
N-1992-081 · Accession · 1979

Records consist of one unpublished paper "Indian Tribal Courts in the United States: A Model for Canada?" The paper is 66 pages long, and was produced for delivery at the Native Law Centre. It was written by B.W. Morse, a professor at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law in 1979.

Morse, Bradford W.
William McDonald
N-2013-007 · Accession · [196?-1971]
Part of William McDonald fonds

Records consist of five pages of handwritten text by William McDonald. These are short reports and observations on northern birds including the Yellow-billed Loon, Pacific Loon, Willow Ptarmigan, and Canada Jay.

William McDonald
N-1999-038 · Accession · 1940-1948
Part of William McDonald fonds

Records include a diary belonging to William McDonald. The diary contains weather and temperature observations, as well as descriptions of different birds McDonald observed at Jolliffe Island between 1940-1948.

G-2024-021 · Accession · 1979-2013, primarily 1987-2004
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Municipal and Community Affairs fonds

Records include community planning annual reports, various resources prepared for community governments, various superseded community plans and zoning bylaws, and an organizational impact analysis report.

Northwest Territories. Department of Municipal and Community Affairs. Community Governance division