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Drama Arctic fonds

  • 191
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1975?]

This fonds consists of one DAT audio cassette and one sound cassette. The DAT is approximately 60 minutes in length and is of Inuit and Dene raven legends retold by Drama Arctic. The recording, produced by CFYK in Yellowknife, features the voices of Kathleen Johnson, Mick Mallon and Louis Blondin.

Drama Arctic

Committee for Original Peoples' Entitlement. Oral History Project fonds

  • 197
  • Fonds
  • [196- to 198-]

This fonds consists of 296 reel to reels (original masters) and 678 audio cassettes (original masters) copied to 661 sound CDs (RedBook Audio format - Archival Masters), which contain approximately 1013 oral history recordings and 1.2 meters of transcriptions from the Committee for Original People's Entitlement (COPE). The sound CDs constitute the archival masters. These recordings are in Inuvialuktun, Gwich'in and North Slavey and contain life stories of elders as well as traditional legends. Many of the recordings are part of CBC broadcast programming.

Committee for Original Peoples' Entitlement. Oral History Project

Salt River Settlement Oral History Project fonds

  • 20
  • Fonds
  • 1993

This fonds consists of 5 audio cassettes containing interviews with elders that lived in the Salt River area in the 1920s and 1930s, including Francois King Beaulieu, Maria Brown, Vincent Beaulieu, Liza Schaefer, Francois Laviolette and Fred Dawson. The topics of the interviews include a history of the Beaulieu family, housing construction, animal husbandry, farming and the effect of the flood that took place at the Salt River Settlement in the 1930s. The fonds also contains 3 cm of textual material which includes Chipewyan transcripts and English translations of the sound recordings.

Salt River Settlement Oral History Project

Fort Resolution Community Education Council fonds

  • 207
  • Fonds
  • [193-], 1984-1985

The fonds consists of 353 sound cassettes (items :0001 to :0353) generated during interviews with 17 elders; 19 black and white negatives (items :0354 to :0372); 20 cm of textual material consisting of English transcripts of the interviews (box\file 1-8 to 1-18 and 2-1 to 2-6); and other textual materials related to the planning, funding, and administration of the project (box\file 1-1 to 1-7). The fonds has been divided into four series: 1) sound recordings; 2) administration files; 3) transcripts; 4) negatives. The 181 sound cassettes are in Chipewyan and the remaining 172, (which are verbatim translations of the original Chipewyan cassettes) are in English. Subjects covered in the interviews include Chipewyan stories and legends, spiritual beliefs, traditional medicines, child-rearing, child birth, attitudes to alcohol, family histories, hunting and fishing techniques, traditional forms of self-government, attitudes toward southern forms of government, the Roman Catholic Church and the Residential School in Fort Resolution. The photographs depict the staff and pupils of the Roman Catholic Mission School in Fort Resolution, and elders in the community - some of whom were interviewed during the project. The fonds also contains a copy of the questionnaire, which was used as a basis for each interview and a copy of the publication "That's the Way We Lived."

Fort Resolution Community Education Council

Echo Lidster fonds

  • 211
  • Fonds
  • 1966-1977

This fonds consists of 513 colour slides, 8 colour prints, 2 original master sound cassettes and 2 DAT audiocassettes. The original two audiocassettes were copied to DAT circa 1995-1996. The DAT cassettes now constitute the archival masters. The two DAT audio cassettes (items :0522 and :0523) document the first meeting of the Great Slave Lake Housing Association which was held at Hay River in July, 1969. The 513 colour slides (items :0001 to :0513) and the colour prints (items :0514 to :0521) depict a variety of northern communities. Twenty of the slides (items :0366 to :0385) are copies of images taken by Sister B. Matte, a Grey Nun who worked in Rae in the 1960s and 1970s. Many of these images illustrate the social conditions, which existed in the 1960s and 1970s. A large number of images focus upon education in the north; depicting schools, adult education centres, teachers and students. There are also many images, which depict types of housing found in various communities. Subjects covered include education, housing, transportation, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police ceremony to honour Special Constables in the north, recreational activities, Caribou Carnivals in Yellowknife, Sports Day activities in Pangnirtung in 1971, and Toonik Tyme festivities in Frobisher Bay (Iqaluit) circa 1970. Communities depicted include: Arctic Bay, Baker Lake, Cambridge Bay, Colville Lake, Coppermine, Detah (Dettah), Eskimo Point (Arviat), Fort Chimo, Fort Good Hope, Fort Liard, Fort McPherson, Fort Norman, Fort Providence, Fort Simpson, Fort Smith, Fort Wrigley, Frobisher Bay (Iqaluit), Hall Beach, Hay River, Igloolik, Inuvik, Nahanni Butte, Norman Wells, Pangnirtung, Pelly Bay, Pond Inlet, Port Burwell, Rae-Edzo, Rankin Inlet, Repulse Bay, Sachs Harbour, Spence Bay (Taloyoak), Tuktoyaktuk and Yellowknife.

Lidster, Echo

Buffum family fonds

  • 222
  • Fonds
  • 1897-1907, [1930-1947], 1985

This fonds consists of 271 photographs, 6 audio reels, 3 sound cassettes and 2 cm of textual material. The photographs were taken and collected by the Buffum Family and depict the covers or interior images of personalized Christmas cards from bush pilots and other people who stayed with the Buffum family. The textual material is made up of the diary of Louise Buffum dated from 1939 to 1945. The sound recordings contain an interview conducted by the Territorial Archivist, David Rudkin with Lyn Orchuk in 1985.

Buffum (family)

John Davids fonds

  • 226
  • Fonds
  • [1930?-1962?], 1973

This fonds consists of 1 audio reel and 81 photographs. The sound recording contains an interview conducted in 1973 by John Davids with H. (Bertie) Hollick-Kenyon. Mr. Hollick-Kenyon was a pilot and during the interview discussed a variety of planes that he piloted and some of his flying experiences in western Canada and the north. Mr. Hollick-Kenyon was also involved in the MacAlpine Search. The images include various airplanes used in the north, aerial photographs including views of communities in the western arctic and people involved in the aviation industry in the north. The print, taken in 1962, is thought to be the last photograph showing Henry Busse before he died.

Davids, John

Fort Good Hope Dene Community Council fonds

  • 231
  • Fonds
  • [196-? - 1981], 1988

This fonds consists of two maps, 465 photographs, 43 DAT audiocassettes and 17 audio reels. The majority of the material consists of a collection of oral histories and photographs accumulated by the Fort Good Hope Community Council via their Dene Language and Historical Research Project. The oral histories were created because of the Dene Language and Historical Research Program. The photographs, collected from individual photographers, represent an artificial collection of historical photographs. Photographers include: Mr. Cassien Edgi, Brother Mahe and Alphonsine McNeely. The maps consist of town plans dealing with land use and development in the municipality of Fort Good Hope. One plan contains the text of the Fort Good Hope Community Plan. The second plan indicates zoning and focuses on the Jackfish Creek Redevelopment.

Fort Good Hope (NT)

Inuvialuit Social Development Program fonds

  • 242
  • Fonds
  • [190-?]-1993

This fonds consists of 64 audiocassettes, 13.8 cm of textual material and 19 b/w negatives. The sound recording and textual records were generated by the Herschel Island and Yukon North Slope Inuvialuit Oral History Projects, which were coordinated by the Inuvialuit Social Development Program (ISDP). The photographs were accumulated as part of the Aulavik Oral History Project coordinated by Murielle Nagy in 1996.

In 1990, the Yukon Heritage Branch contracted the ISDP to initiate work on the Herschel Island and Yukon North Slope Oral History Project . It was planned as a three-year project that would focus on the documentation of Inuvialuit land use and perceptions. The first year would focus on Herschel Island, the second year on the Yukon North Slope and a synthesis of information would be produced in the third year. The results of the project were to be used to identify and develop human history themes from an Inuvialuit perspective in parks on Herschel Island and northern Yukon.

The Herschel Island component of the project (also known at the Qikiqtaruk Herschel Island Cultural Study) consists of 35 interviews that were conducted with 18 elders from Inuvik, Aklavik and Tuktoyaktuk in 1990. The records include: audio recordings and tape summaries of the 35 interviews; English and Inuvialuktun transcriptions and translations; a copy of the final report of the study; and an alphabetical subject/name index for the interviews conducted in 1990 and also those conducted in the 1991 Yukon North Slope Cultural Resources Survey. The interviews were conducted by Murielle Nagy, the project anthropologist, Bill Schneider (an anthropologist from Fairbanks, Alaska), Renie Arey who did the interviews with elders from Aklavik and Inuvik and Agnes Gruben White who interviewed the elders from Tuktoyaktuk. The elders interviewed were Ishmael Alunik, Renie Arey, Jane Esau, Alex Gordon, Hope Gordon, Persis Gruben, Kathleen Hansen, Fred Inglangasuk, Lucy Inglangasuk, Bella Jacobsen, Jimmy Jacobsen, Dora Malegana, Joe Nasogaluak, Sarah Meyook, Albert Oliver, Jean Tardiff, Peter Thrasher and Agnes Gruben White. Rosie Archie, Maria Selamio and Renie Arey produced the English translations of the interviews. Anna Illisiak and Barbra Allen produced the Inuvialuktun transcriptions. Subjects include fishing, hunting, whaling, spiritual beliefs, clothing, methods of transportation, dances, food preparation, traditional healing, houses and place names. There is also genealogical information on the Inuvialuit who lived on Herschel Island.

The Yukon North Slope component of the project (also known as the Yukon North Slope Cultural Resources Survey) was carried out by the Inuvialuit Social Development Program under contract with Parks Canada. In 1991, the project coordinators interviewed 23 elders from Aklavik, Inuvik, and Tuktoyaktuk. The focus of the survey was the documentation of post-contact aboriginal land use as recorded in historic sites, graves, resource extraction areas, caches, lookouts, trails, place names and gathering places in the Yukon Arctic Basin. The project coordinator was Murielle Nagy, and the interviewers were Agnes Gruben White and Renie Arey. The Inuvialuit elders interviewed were: Persis Gruben, Charlie Gruben, Christina Klengenberg, Diamond Klengenberg, Bessie Wolki, Emmanuel Felix, Peter Rufus, Jonah Carpenter, Jimmy Jacobson, Agnes Gruben White, Raymond Mangelana, Ishmael Alunik, Rhoda Allen, Martha Henry, Jean Arey, Fred Inglangasuk, Sarah Meyook, Alex Gordon, Dora Malegana, Emma Edwards, Lily Lipscombe, Kathleen Hansen and David Roland. The records include: a copy of the final report on the Yukon North Slope Cultural Resources Survey; 29 audio recordings of the interviews; and English and Inuvialuktun transcriptions and translations of the interviews. Subjects depicted include fishing, hunting, whaling, relations between the Inuvialuit and the whalers, fur traders and missionaries, Inuvialuit spiritual beliefs, and the construction of DEW Line sites in the Delta.

In 1996, Murielle Nagy coordinated the Aulavik Oral Histroy Project, doing field work in several Inuvialuit communities. Family photographs lent to her by the people she met were then loaned to the NWT Archives for copying, who kept a set of copies. The photographs date from the early 1900s to 1964 and feature

Inuvialuit Social Development Program

Parks Canada fonds

  • 255
  • Fonds
  • 1972-1978

This fonds consists of 86 DAT audio cassettes, 66 audio reels, 68 audio cassettes, 42 cm of textual material, 6 maps produced between 1974 and 1977 for Parks Canada as part of an Historical Resources inventory of the Nahanni region and 4 photographs of plaquing ceremonies held at Port Radium in 1978 and Fort McPherson in 1977. Parks Canada commissioned W. D. Addison and Associates in a series of four contracts to collect Nahanni history. During the summers of 1974 to 1977, oral history interviews were conducted with 43 people associated with the Nahanni Park region. Several of the interviews were published in an internal Parks Canada document, "Manuscript Report Series No. 196: Nahanni National Park Historical Resources Inventory." The records within the fonds include 86 DAT audiocassettes (archival masters) and 66 audio reels (original masters) containing interviews with 34 individuals. The textual material is comprised of the transcripts of the sound recordings. In some cases up to three copies of the transcripts existed: a first draft; an edited draft; and a final transcript, edited for publication. Where extant, only the final transcript has been retained. A few of the interviews have not been transcribed. Many of the transcripts include an introduction prepared by Addison, which provides background information on the person interviewed. Information on the Nahanni History project, such as reports and correspondence, additional textual material and maps appended to the interviews are also included. A 1977 report on the project contained in this fonds describes the methodology, itinerary, and provides a list of people contacted and interviewed.

Parks Canada. Prairie Region

Nick Sibbeston fonds

  • 258
  • Fonds
  • [193- to 197-]

This fonds consists of 92 photographs and 70 audio reels (original master) copied from records loaned to the NWT Archives by Nick Sibbeston and 71 sound CDs (archival master). The original Sibbeston family photographs believed to date from the 1930s to the 1960s, feature the Fort Simpson area although few of the images have identifications. The original audio recordings probably all date from the 1970s and include episodes of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) program "Dene Gonde" and recordings of the General Assembly of the Metis Association of the Northwest Territories in Fort Providence during the fall of 1976.

Sibbeston, Nick

Gwich'in Language and Cultural Project Collection

  • 285
  • Fonds
  • 1918, [194- to 197-]

This collection consists of copies of 282 photographs in print and negative format, 107 audio recordings and one folder of textual material collected by the Gwich'in Language and Cultural Project in 1983 and 1984. The photographs were loaned to the project by Fort McPherson residents: Effie Thomas, Doris Lester, Mary Wilson, Laura Firth, Mary Jane Kunnizzi, Mary Francis, Louise Snowshoe, Tabitha Nerysoo, and the Chief Julius School. The original images appear to date from the 1940s to the 1970s and feature people and locations in the Fort McPherson area. Most of the audio recordings are from the Committee for Original Peoples' Entitlement (COPE) collection, except for 18 recordings identified as "Land Research Series." All recordings date from 1972 to 1977. The two items of textual material were collected from the Chief Julius School, and along with photographs, made up part of a booklet produced for a class history project. The items are a copy of a 1918 letter from Reverend Alfred J. Vale, and a copy of the poem "The Mackenzie River Band." A photocopy of the booklet is available

Gwich'in Language and Cultural Project

Heather Metcalfe fonds

  • 288
  • Fonds
  • 1995

This fonds consists of 2 C-60 audiocassettes and 4 pages of text. The 2 audiocassette recordings contain an interview conducted by Heather Metcalf with Johnny Eyakfwo, a Dogrib elder. Francis Blackduck was the translator. The purpose of the interview was to record Dogrib traditional place names. The accession also includes a list of the place names recorded, English translations and official names. The Dogrib names are spelled using the standardized Dogrib orthography.

Metcalfe, Heather

NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines fonds

  • 298
  • Fonds
  • [1948-2007]

This fonds consists of 2.7 metres of textual records, comprised of administrative and operational files from the NWT Chamber of Mines, two 16 mm film reels, one Betacam videocassette, one DVD, and one audio cassette.

Included in the textual records are documents and reports on the Baker Lake court case and land claims issues; mineral policies, speeches, documents from Mining Week and the annual Geoscience Forums; regulations, licenses, membership lists, public relations, correspondence, reports from committees, Mine Safety Act documents; meeting agendas and minutes from 1967-1993. Also included are minutes and reports from the Northern Mineral Advisory Committee, which advocated issues in northern mining to the federal Department of Indian and Northern Affairs. Several NWT Chamber of Mines members and executive played a role in NMAC.

The moving images include two 16 mm film reels, consisting of home videos of unknown provenance. They appear to be home movies of a mine worker in Yellowknife, [1948-1949], given the title "Yellowknife Life." This fonds also includes two promotional videos produced by the Chamber: one on Betamax videocassette entitled "Mine Your Business" (a career video for youth) and one DVD entitled "Mining Now" (a northern mining promotional video).

The audiocassette consists of a recording of Cyril John Baker.

NWT Chamber of Mines

Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry (Canada) fonds

  • 30
  • Fonds
  • 1975-1976

This fonds consists of 386 audio reels of the community hearings and CBC news broadcasts covering the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry (Berger Inquiry) hearings. These were copied from originals held by the National Archives in Ottawa.

Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry (Canada)

Northwest Territories. Department of Justice fonds

  • 306
  • Fonds
  • [1898]-2012

This fonds consists of approximately 13.3 meters of textual material, 12 plans, 30 oversized textual documents (land titles), and 44 audio cassettes.

The bulk of the textual material consists of records from the Directorate and the Policy and Planning divisions. These records include correspondence, working and discussion papers, legislative proposals and other records related to the amendment or enactment of Territorial legislation, including the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Human Rights Act. There are also Deputy Minister and Ministerial chronos, as well as Ministerial briefing books.

There are records regarding conferences organized by the department, as well as correspondence and reports related to the reorganization of the Department, including documentation of Corrections and Lands Titles functions to the department, planning for division, aboriginal self-government, as well as Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and services agreements between Justice and the Department of Social Services. There are records that document a gender equality review, amendments to the definition of spouse under the Family Law Act and Adoption Act, an investigative report on hiring practices in two correctional facilities, and a public awareness campaign about crystal meth, as well as records that document the Task Force on Legal Aid, and court reforms. The records also include judicial decisions of the Labour Standards Board for 2004-2005. As well, there are program review files, training proposals, discussion papers, action plans and reports from the following programs and divisions: Justice of the Peace program, Legal Services Board, Labour Standards Board, Territorial Firearms Officer, Maintenance Enforcement Program, Coroner’s Office, Corrections Division, Rental Office, Court Library and Court Reporters.

Records from the Liquor Licensing Board include sound recordings of board meetings with associated hearings and public meetings.

There are records from the Finance division regarding third-party funding agreements.

There are records from the Corrections Program including a review of Young Offender facilities in the NWT, and material from a conference that was hosted by the Department of Justice on forecasting correctional prison and supervision populations and community corrections. There are also records concerning strategic planning for the Department of Justice, development of the Youth Corrections Manual, as well as copies of Insight Newsletter which was a newsletter produced by the Yellowknife Correctional Centre. In addition, there are files concerning the transfer and implementation of Corrections services to Nunavut, a report from the Yellowknife Correctional Centre Inmate Advisory Committee requesting an Aboriginal Healing program, and copies of an operational review that was done by a consultant called "View of the Future of Social Services for the NWT," an annual report from the Mackenzie Courtworkers Service, minutes from Warden’s meetings and the Youth Justice Committee, and a manual produced for community-based Youth Justice Committees.

There are records from the Community Justice Division, including contribution and protocol agreements. These agreements include proposals or submissions made under the Victims Services Contribution Agreement Program, Victim Assistance Fund or Community Justice Committee Program and include copies of proposals, activity reports and final reports from communities and organizations that received funding under these programs. In addition, there program implementation and evaluation files for the Community Constable Program, Victims Impact Statement program, as well as discussion papers about the Community Justice program, strategic framework for the Victims Services Program, and an evaluation report on the Community Constable Program.

This fonds also includes committee records from the following: Legislation and House Planning Committee, Legislation Proposal Review Committee, Corrections Consolidation Advisory Committee, Aboriginal Justice Committee, Criminal Justice and Corrections Communications Committee, Community Supervision Working Group, Labour Standards Board and records related to meetings and negotiations held between senior management and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), as well as a file related to the RCMP Special Constable program.

Also included in this fonds are 30 land grants, titles and transfers dating from 1913-1951. These documents are primarily oversized text documents, affixed with wax seals and ribbon. High-resolution digital .tif images of all 30 land title documents are available for reference purposes.

In addition, there are 12 bound settlement plans that originated from the Registries and Court Services Division. The plans are of settlement lots for the communities of Fort Smith, Fort Resolution, Hay River, Fort Providence, Fort Simpson, Fort Norman, Fort Good Hope, Fort Liard, Fort Rae, Fort Wrigley, and Fort McPherson. The plans are dated between 1898-1915. Also included from the division are the meeting minutes of the Court Management Committee and correspondence with the Status of Women Council regarding the usage of plain language in court orders.

The fonds also contains miscellaneous papers and reports including the “Conrad Report”, a working paper on amending the Jury Act and paper entitled "Study of Time Factors Involved in the Disposition of Cases in the Territorial Court, Northwest Territories" by Judge R.M. Bourassa.

There is also one file that originated from Vital Statistics entitled 'The Mad Trapper.' The file includes correspondence between the Registrar General of Vital Statistics and those seeking inquiries regarding the death and possible disinterment of the Mad Trapper, Albert Johnson. Also included are copies of the Warrant to Bury Albert Johnson at Aklavik issued in February 1932. A copy of Dick North's report on the question of Johnson's true identity, entitled 'Exhumation of Albert Johnson' is also included.

Northwest Territories. Department of Justice (1985-present)

Arctic Red River Oral History Project fonds

  • 320
  • Fonds
  • 1989-1990

This fonds consists of 29 audiocassettes and 2 cm of textual material. This material was the result of the Arctic Red River Oral History Project that was conducted by Alestine Andre between 1989-1990. Five elders from Arctic Red River were interviewed about the traditional lifestyle and cultural beliefs of the Gwichya Gwich'in. The sound recordings have been arranged in alphabetical order according to surname, and then in chronological order according to the date the interviews were conducted. The sound recordings are all in Gwich'in. Although Ms. Andre arranged for the recordings to be transcribed, only one transcription, Joan Nazon's interview, was forwarded to the NWT Archives. The individuals interviewed included Hyacinthe Andre, Jerome Andre, Joan Nazon, Annie Norbert and Nap Norbert. The textual material consists of the final report entitled "Oral Histories of Four Gwichya Gwich'in Elders in Arctic Red River" and a file relating to the administration and funding of the project.

Arctic Red River Oral History Project

Northwest Territories. Department of the Executive fonds

  • 331
  • Fonds
  • [1946-1996]; 1961-2014

This fonds consists of approximately 49.3 meters, 1 CD, and 2 3.5" floppy disks of textual material, 15 photographs, 2 audio reels, and 8 audiocassettes.

Included in this fonds are records from the Cabinet Secretariat, including minutes and agendas from cross-government Deputy Ministers meetings between 1997-2003 and correspondence and other records of the Division Review Committee (1993-1999).

This fonds also includes records from the Secretary to Cabinet, including minutes, agendas and other related materials from cross-government Deputy Ministers meetings and committees from 2008-2014.

This fonds also contains the chronos of ministers and deputy ministers holding various portfolios including the Government Leader/Premier of the Northwest Territories between 1980-2001, as well as chronos from the Premier's Office between 2000-2010, and chronos from the Secretary to the Cabinet (2004-2010). This fonds also includes chronos of the ministerial chairs of the NWT Housing Corporation (1988-1995), Women's Directorate (Jeannie Marie-Jewell 1990-1991), the Worker's Compensation Board (1985-1987, 1990-1991), Department of Transportation (1995), Renewable Resources (Red Pedersen, 1986-1988, John Ningark 1992) and subject-specific chronos for 1985-1991, and the Executive (1985-2000). This fonds also includes a file from the Constitutional Development Steering Committee (Western Arctic).

Also in this fonds are records generated by the History of Education Project that was undertaken by Norman McPherson who produced a manuscript on the history of education in the Northwest Territories. (Dreams and Visions: Education in the Northwest Territories from the Early Days to 1984). The records consist of original files and copies of reports from schools in many communities throughout the Northwest Territories. Also included within the records are copies of transcripts from oral history interviews.

Also included in this fonds are records from the Regional Operations division. They consist primarily of minutes from settlement and hamlet meetings in the Mackenzie Delta, Western Arctic, Baffin and Great Bear Lake regions, monthly reports from regions and specific communities, minutes of regional council meetings, and records from regional associations such as the Keewatin Organizational Committee.

Records from the Plans and Program division relate to the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline, Nanisivik Mines, Polar Gas Project and Beaufort Delta Oil Project; there are also records from the Regional Management Committee in Inuvik and the Inuvik Regional Health Board.

Records from the Priorities and Planning Secretariat date between 1972-1989 and relate to GNWT policy and program development, land claims issues, parks development, Constitutional development, decentralization and natural resource projects. Some of these records are meeting minutes, correspondence and records of decision produced by the Priorities and Planning Committee, a committee within the secretariat which reviewed initiatives, policies and programs before they were put before the Executive Members and the Executive Council as a whole.

There are also reports dating from 1971-1974 about the community of Port Burwell, the Kennuayuak Association and one from the Program, Policy and Planning Division entitled "Government as Communicator."

There are also transcripts of meetings of the Electoral Boundaries Commission held in several NWT communities in 1989.

In addition, there are files containing correspondence from Regional Administrators concerning the administration and implementation of the Liquor Ordinance and alcohol abuse problems at Frobisher Bay (Iqaluit).

Included in this fonds is one letter addressed to George Braden, Chairman of the Elected Members of the Executive Committee from Prime Minister Trudeau regarding the First Ministers Conference in 1980.

The files from the Financial Management Board consist of policy and planning files and records relating to Regional Decentralization.

The records from the Audit Bureau are dated between 1977-1985. These records consist of audit files for various Hamlets, Hunters and Trappers Associations and craft shops. There are also files relating to Audit Committee Meetings, Manager's Reports and organization charts.

The files from the Corporate Services Division are primarily from the Keewatin Region and consist of minutes of meetings from the Executive Committee, Regional Director's Meetings, Annual Management Meetings, Senior Management Committee Meetings, various hamlet meetings and board meetings. Furthermore, there are minutes from the following Regional Councils: Baffin Regional Council, South Slavey Regional Council, North Slavey Regional Council, Deh Cho Regional Council, Shihita Regional Council, Kitikmeot Regional Council and the Keewatin Regional Council. There are also files relating to Commissioner's Tours and Ministerial Tours of the Baffin and Keewatin Regions.

This fonds also contains material from the Women's Advisory. The files dated between 1975-1991 contain information relating to the Status of Women Committee (including Annual Reports), departmental updates, Ministers' Briefing Notes, correspondence and plans relating to the 5-year Action Plan on Equality for Women. As well, this fonds contains files from 1984-1992 of the Women's Advisory including reports, decision papers, briefing notes and correspondence. These records document the relationship of the Women's Advisory to the Minister Responsible for the Status of Women, as well as the restructuring of the Women's Advisory in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In addition there are reports from Women's Advisory-funded organizations dating from 1993-2001 including the Status of Women Council, the Native Women's Association, the Pauktuutit Inuit Women's Association and the Women's Community Action Team. As well, briefing notes, chronos and policy statements from the Women's Advisory dating between 1991-2002 outline the roles and responsibilities of the Women's Advisory.

The fonds also contains two audio reels dating from 1974-1975 which include a panel discussion on the Status of Women as a lead up to the International Year of Women (1975). Other topics discussed include housing, waste management, air transportation, and business/government relations.

In addition, there are files from the Legislation and House Planning Division that relate to Cabinet House Strategy development and Session Preparation for the 3rd through the 10th sessions for the 11th Legislative Assembly and the 2nd through 6th Sessions of the 15th Legislative Assembly. Other Legislation and House Planning Division files within the fonds include briefing books for the 14th and 15th Assemblies, Rules of the Legislative Assembly, legislative agendas for the 14th and 15th Assemblies, meeting minutes, agendas, proposals and records of recommendations from between 1975 and 1991, as well as the results of the Legislative Review Survey conducted by the Division Review Committee in preparation for Division, from 1997-1998. There are also files containing correspondence, reports, and Records of Decision concerning acts fielded within the Legislative and House Planning Division.

Files from the Directorate includes meeting minutes and correspondence regarding the Social Agenda between 2001-2002. Directorate files also include correspondence and documents pertaining to the activities of the Minister of Renewable Resources, detailing government initiatives often involving the Hunters and Trappers Association in the Keewatin Region and Kitikmeot Region between 1985 - 1987. Additionally, there are files containing correspondence and documents detailing government initatives discussed between the Dept. of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and the Premier of the NWT. Directorate records also include meeting materials for the Department of the Executive Senior Management Committee, the Special Joint Committee on Non-Tax-Based Community Affairs, and the Special Committee on the Implementation of Self-Government and the Sunset Clause, and the Public Committees, Boards and Councils Handbook.

The fonds also contains eight audiocassettes and a fifteen page summary report of a Traditional Knowledge Elders gathering held in October of 1993 at Fort Providence.

Material within this fonds relating to the Executive Secretariat dates between 1967-68. It consists of copies of the transfer guideline documents concerning the formal transfer of responsibilities to the Government of the Northwest Territories and a copy of a Task Force Report on the organization of the Northwest Territories Public Service.

There are also files from the Personnel Secretariat Division dated between 1982-1996; this material consists of reviews of personnel policies, reports on conferences, workshops and seminars, files on employment equity, the decentralization of the Highway Transport Board and Liquor Licensing Board and several files on the restructuring of various GNWT departments.

The fonds also includes approximately 3 cm of newsletters and reports created by the Aboriginal Rights and Constitutional Development Secretariat and Equal Employment Directorate. The newsletters consist of 10 issues of Building Blocks, and discuss varied issues of devolution and compensation. There are three reports on equal employment, dating from [1985? To 1987?].

The fonds also includes files from the Bureau of Statistics dated from 1982-2006 and it includes population statistic and projection reports, Yellowknife apartment surveys, spatial price surveys, food price surveys, personal income statistics, labour force surveys, census results, a report on interprovincial/territorial trade and a business directory. It also includes an incomplete collection of volumes of the Statistics Quarterly, from volumes 1 through 26.

The fonds also includes files from Intergovernmental Relations and Strategic Planning (IGRASP), including one file which outlines the activities and strategies of the Social Envelope section in 1997-1998. Also from that division is material from 2000-2003 which includes briefing packages for meetings between Premier Kakfwi and federal ministers, as well as files on the Living History Project, a project to reflect and celebrate NWT progress since the Berger Inquiry. Files also include meeting minutes and correspondence related to Intergovernmental and Arctic Circle meetings, as well as Premier meetings between 1999-2003.

The fonds also includes 15 cm of chronos of Robert S. Pilot from his positions working within the Department of the Executive, including Deputy Minister for the Executive Council from 1984-1985, as well as his position as Deputy Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs from 1985-1988.

This fonds also includes records from the Aboriginal Rights and Constitutional Development Secretariat, dating from 1974-1988. These records relate to land claims, including the Inuvialuit (COPE) land claim, the Dene/Metis land claim, and the creation of Nunavut, and the creation of the Western Arctic Region Municipality (WARM).

Additionally, the fonds includes community reports, meeting minutes and files pertaining to community transfers generated by various regional GNWT departments throughout the NWT, including Sachs Harbour, Paulatuk, Tuktoyaktuk, and Arctic Red River (now Tsiigehtchic).

Records generated by the Corporate Review and Transition Project in 2002-2004 are included in this fonds. Records include reports commissioned by the project and departmental responses to the review and recommendations.

This fonds also includes records from the Strategic Planning division, covering the Boards and Agencies review, 2004-2006. Records include meeting minutes, agendas, reports, drafts, and interviews with departments and agencies. The records also include planning materials for the National Aboriginal Women’s Summit (NAWS II) and meeting materials from the Deputy Minister’s Senior Management Committee, 2007-2010.

Also included in this fonds are records from the Corporate Human Resources division, which date 1992-2004. These records comprise of annual reports on the Affirmative Action Policy for the GNWT, an evaluation report and guidelines for the Northern Graduate Employment Program, reviews of staffing services and employee benefit administration at departments and agencies, and a file relating to the creation and organization of the division.

The fonds also includes records from the Office of Devolution. These records date from 1993-2012, documenting negotiations between the GNWT and federal government over the devolution of lands and resources. Records include correspondence, committee records, briefing materials, reports, and communication plans .

Files from the Protocol section document the 1994 Royal Visit and 2004 Deputy Commissioner's swearing-in ceremony.

Records from the Corporate Communciations division include Senior Management Committee records, Deputy Ministers' Steering Committee on Trademark and Copyright Policy records, GNWT-wide communications plans and strategies, workshop material, related job descriptions, records relating to the Visual Identity Program, and briefing binders.

Northwest Territories. Department of the Executive (1967-2017)

Northwest Territories. Task Force on Aboriginal Languages fonds

  • 335
  • Fonds
  • 1985

This fonds consists of 35 audiocassettes and 5 cm of textual material generated by the Task Force on Aboriginal Languages. The sound recordings are of community language workshops and public hearings held in a variety of communities including Yellowknife, Rae Lakes, Fort Rae, Fort Resolution, Lutselk'e (Snowdrift), Inuvik, Fort Smith, Deline (Fort Franklin) and Cambridge Bay. The textual material consists of approximately 5 cm of text in the form of transcripts from the workshop and community hearings.

Northwest Territories. Task Force on Aboriginal Languages (1985-1986)

Dogrib Birchbark Canoe Project fonds

  • 346
  • Fonds
  • 1996-1997

The fonds consist of 48 Betacam videocassettes, 6 audiocassettes and 6 cm of textual material. The videocassettes contain stock footage documenting the construction of a birchbark canoe for the Dogrib Birchbark Canoe Project, which took place in May-June, 1996. In addition, there are 2 professionally produced Dogrib language (English subtitles) broadcast versions of the project; one version is 0:29 in length, the other 0:40. The broadcast versions were completed in early-1997. The 6 audiocassettes contain Dogrib language interviews conducted at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, as well as corresponding typed transcriptions. The textual material also includes proposals, project reports, logs for the videocassettes and letters of support.

Dogrib Birchbark Canoe Project

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