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[A small herd of caribou walk on a snow covered frozen lake in winter, possibly close to Jackfish lake.]


Boodway [Beaudoin?] Jackie Terry 1945 [A man and a woman holding a child (Jackie and Terry Murphy) crouch in a yard (possibly at Sam Otto's place), Yellowknife. A cabin and a wood pile are at left.]

Maelen, Philippe Marie Guillaume van der

  • N-1988-032
  • Accession
  • 1827

This accession consists of one map (no. 16) taken from the fourth volume of a six volume atlas compiled and published by Philippe van der Maelen in Brussels in 1827. The atlas is entitled "Atlas Universale de geographie, physique, politique, statistique et mineralogique sur l'echelle de 1/1641836 ou d'une ligne par 1900 toises". The lithographs were prepared by Henri Ode, also a member of the Royal Geographic Society of France. The map, which is entitled "Amer. Sep. Partie de la Nouvelle Bretagne No. 16", covers 60 to 66 degrees north and 98 to 114 degrees west. This covers the District of Keewatin and some of the District of Mackenzie - and includes Chesterfield Inlet, Baker Lake and Dubawnt Lake).

Vandermaelen, Philippe

McClintock, Nicholas C.

  • N-1979-044
  • Accession
  • [185-?], copied [1974]

This accession consists of a bound scrapbook containing reproductions of materials relating to early British arctic expeditions and explorers, ca. 1850s. The book contains items such as: photographs of paintings of Horatio Austin, Henry Kellet, James Clark, and Lt. Hobson; copies of textual material on medical practices and diet; copies of correspondence from Commander McClintock to James Ross; a copy plan of the "H.M.S. Intrepid"; drawings of sledge flags from Austin and Kellett expeditions; and hand bills for entertainment events aboard ship.


"The founders: left to right, 1st row, Sr. Bousier [Boursier], Sr. Colombine, Sr. Boivert [Boisvers]; left to right, 2nd row, Sr. Aigle D'Aigle], Sr. Brunelle, Sr. Ward, Sup. Sr. Michow, Sr. Masse."

Porritt, Bobby, 1905-1984

Hislop and Nagle's post, now Fort Rae, 1890. When I was living in Fort Rae 1902-3, the caribou were along the shore west of the channel in thousands. There were only 4-5 men in the Post. You could hear them shooting. Later, they came with caribou on toboggans to the post. Unloading the fresh meat and returning. The thing that always stayed in my mind was when they dumped the meat out - the blood ran on to the snow. I don't know how many caribou were killed but the whole channel west near the other shore was black with animals, it seemed miles long.

Cayley, Hugh St. Quenton

  • N-1992-178
  • Accession
  • 1891, copied [1983]

This accession consists of one photograph of Hugh St. Quenton Cayley (Saskatchewan Archives number R-A6914). The image was copied from a composite photograph of the members of the 2nd Legislative Assembly for the Northwest Territories, 1891 (Saskatchewan Archives number R-B1490).

[Hugh St. Quenton Cayley]

One black and white print and corresponding negative of Hugh St. Quenton Cayley, Member for Calgary, Northwest Territories Council and Legislative Assembly, 1886-1894 (Saskatchewan Archives number R-A6914). The image was copied from a composite photograph of the members of the 2nd Legislative Assembly for the Northwest Territories, 1891 (Saskatchewan Archives number R-B1490).


[11 men photographed after graduation - some of them were later ordained as members of the Anglican Church. Each has signed their names at the bottom of the photo]. Back row left to right: Fred Wilkinson (later Bishop of Toronto), H.Caylwin, John T. Bryan, C.A. Sadleid [?], Thos. J. Marsh (Thomas Jabez Marsh - later Archdeacon). Center row left to right: Carl [?], I.O. Stringer (later Bishop of the Mackenzie), [?]. Front row left to right: Ed Softley, Randolph F. Nies [?], [?] King. [pre-1892]

Geological Survey of Canada

Locations of the images include: northern Alberta and Saskatchewan; the Dubawnt River and Lake region and the west coast of Hudson Bay near Chesterfield Inlet. The photographs were taken by Joseph Tyrrell.

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