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YK Photo fonds
425 · Fonds · 1963-1998

The fonds consists of 2214 photographs (1232 black and white negatives, 982 colour negatives) created by both Gerry Reimann and Bob Wilson during the store’s operation. The photography is a mix of commissioned work, such as portrait or family photography, schools, businesses, organizations, or government work, and non-commissioned photography, such as community events or photography of YK Foto. Due to this, the commissioned work has multiple copyright holders, which are noted where appropriate.

YK Foto
161 · Fonds · 1968-1974

This fonds consists of 4.4 cm of textual records and 8 photographs generated by the Yellowknife Toastmistress Club from its foundation in 1968 until early 1974, although the majority of the records only go to 1972. The records include bylaws, correspondence, minutes, financial records, guides and manuals, member lists, agendas, newsletters, and a scrapbook.

Yellowknife Toastmistress Club
271 · Fonds · 1901-1974

This fonds consists of 810 photographs, 14.4 cm of textual material, 10 architectural drawings, and 1 map that encompass the records and the photographic collection of the Yellowknife Museum Society. The records, dating from 1953 to 1974, include the certificate of incorporation, minutes, by-laws, correspondence, annual reports, museum procedures and inventory, information on opening of the museum, a brief on archives to the NWT Council, and the agreement transferring the museum to the Government of the Northwest Territories. Also included are 1 map and 10 architectural plans of the Museum of the North. The photograph collection from the Yellowknife Museum Society is comprised of 807 images dating from [1875] to 1970, collected from a variety of sources and documenting the history of the Northwest Territories. Themes include: Dene and Inuit peoples; mining activities; missions; transportation; Royal Canadian Mounted Police; oil exploration; Centennial celebrations; and settlements. Locations covered include: Aklavik; Beechey Island; Pond Inlet; Pangnirtung; Jean Marie River; Norman Wells; Fort McPherson; Fort Simpson; Fort Norman; Fort Resolution; Hay River; Port Radium; Reindeer Station; Chesterfield Inlet; Lake Harbour; Herschel Island; Port Burwell; Rankin Inlet; Sachs Harbour; Arctic Red River; and Fort Smith.

Yellowknife Museum Society
104 · Fonds · 1937-1938

This fonds contains .5 cm of textual material and 41 black and white prints taken by Wilfred H. Kennedy who lived in the north in the late 1930s. He worked on the boats travelling the Mackenzie River before moving to Yellowknife, where he was employed at Con Mine. The photographs depict Eldorado Mines, Great Bear Lake and Con Mine, Yellowknife. There are images of miners and other residents of Yellowknife, including the members of the first hockey team in the community. There are also photographs of some of the first buildings in the community. There is also a letter from Alex C. Mosher, and a number of newspaper clippings dating from 1938 which were annotated by Alex Mosher.

Yellowknife Local History Project
155 · Fonds · 1975-1976

This fonds consists of 6 cm of textual material including: correspondence and minutes of the Huskies' Executive; minutes of the Yellowknife Intermediate Hockey Association; fund raising and budget information; news clippings; game summaries and schedule; player information; and information on the Territorial Youth Associations. Also included is one photographic negative of the Yellowknife Huskies logo.

Yellowknife Huskies
398 · Fonds · 1995-2008

This fonds consists of records regarding the creation of the Yellowknife Health and Social Services Authority (YHSSA) as well as records generated by YHSSA during its existence.

Records from the Executive offices include files from Senior Management meetings, Public Board meetings and Special Board Meetings, as well as by-laws.

Records from the Finance and Administration division include planning files related to the creation of YHSSA, some generated by its predecessor, the Yellowknife Area Office of the Department of Health and Social Services. Also included is a file documenting public consultations in the Yellowknife area regarding departmental strategic planning.

Records from the Community Health division include publications, conference planning, educational materials, and presentations relating to public health programming.

Yellowknife Health and Social Services Authority
56 · Fonds · 1971-1979

This fonds consists of a financial ledger (1971-1974), posters (1974-1975, 1977-1979), minutes (1977-1979), a logo pasteup, "Handbook for Executives" [ca. 1979] and correspondence (1978) from the Yellowknife Film Society.

Yellowknife Film Society
270 · Fonds · 1939-1982

This fonds consists of 50 cm of textual records of the Yellowknife Education District No. 1 dating from 1939 to 1982. The material includes: minutes of the School Board meetings, 1939-1966 (incomplete); minutes of the Home and School Association, 1950-1962, Academic reports, correspondence, employment, building and financial records.

Yellowknife Education District No. 1
269 · Fonds · 1920-2005

This fonds consists of approximately 1.15 m of textual material, 60 maps, 3 architectural plans and 84 photographs generated by the Local Trustee Board, Municipal District of Yellowknife, Town of Yellowknife, and the City of Yellowknife between 1940 and 2005.

The textual materials, which date from 1940 to 2005, include Local Trustee Board/City Council meeting minutes, correspondence files, Centennial Committee records, licenses, Yellowknife Board of Trade records, and by-laws. Subject files also include road construction, hospital construction, health and welfare, taxes, elections, federal funding, lot development, budgets, infrastructure development and the construction of housing. There are records from the Town's Planning Committee including budget information, utility franchise information, and records relating to town planning and zoning. A select number of municipal financial statements can also be found within this fonds.

This fonds also contains a select number of reports commissioned by the city and presented to council on issues such as the Yellowknife School District and water and sewage systems. Also included are reports delivered by the City of Yellowknife Heritage Committee, a committee funded directly by the City of Yellowknife. These records include "Policy for the Preservation and Development of Yellowknife's Heritage Resources," prepared by the Yellowknife Heritage Committee (1986), and a copy of the pamphlet entitled "Four Walking Tours of Yellowknife Old Town" (1987). As well, there are several reports authored between 2001-2005 documenting abandoned or demolished Yellowknife buildings as well as an inventory of New Town Historical Buildings.

The cartographic materials consist of maps of Yellowknife, development plans for Frame Lake and the capital site, street lighting plans, plans for water and sewage services, and zoning plans.

There are also architectural plans documenting the renovation of City Hall in 1969.

The graphic content, dating from 1920-1973, depicts meetings of the Municipal Council, municipal buildings, houses and businesses in the town. Buildings depicted include the Gerry Murphy Arena, the Municipal Town Hall, City Hall, the Bellanca Building, St. Patrick's High School, William McDonald High School and Mildred Hall Elementary School. Several photographs feature airplanes operated in Yellowknife by local transportation companies. There are also photographs taken during a dinner attended by Commissioner Stuart Hodgson and Bishop Henry Cook to mark the unveiling of Pilot’s Monument in Yellowknife.

Yellowknife (NT)
2 · Fonds · 1947-1986

This fonds consists of 60 cm of textual business records from the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce, which was also called the Yellowknife Board of Trade. The records date from 1947 through 1986 and include minutes from the Chamber of Commerce, project files, briefs prepared and presented on behalf of its members on topics such as taxation, winter roads, water and railway transportation, community development and road construction. There are also correspondence files containing letters to and from people interested in employment opportunities and living conditions in Yellowknife, as well as newspaper clippings about the activities of the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, there are three black and white photographs from a Chamber of Commerce dinner that took place in 1969.

Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce
149 · Fonds · 1964-1968

This fonds consists of 2.5 cm of text relating to the operations of the Centennial Committee. Included are minutes of meetings and all incoming and outgoing correspondence generated by the Committee. Details of all the projects that the Committee either proposed or successfully realized are contained in these records. The original chronological order of these records has been maintained. One file contains the records from 1964-1966; the second file contains the materials generated between 1967 and April 4, 1968 when the Committee was formally disbanded.

Yellowknife Centennial Committee
Wop May fonds
18 · Fonds · [1928-1948]

This fonds consists of 580 copy negatives (35 mm) and 196 prints which are duplicates of the negatives. These are copies of photographs which belonged to Wop May. Though many of the images are not dated, however, the original photographs appear to date from circa 1928 to 1948. Many of the photographs were taken in northern Alberta, but locations within the Northwest Territories include Aklavik, Fort Norman, Rae, Arctic Red River, Hay River, Fort Providence, Fort Simpson, and Fort Resolution. The images include pilots, aircraft, and various aspects of air mail delivery.

This fonds also includes one map which appears to have been published in the Edmonton Journal. The map depicts Canada Post's inaugural air mail flight on December 10, 1929 between Edmonton and Aklavik piloted by Wop May.

May, Wop
Winona Orr Carruthers fonds
11 · Fonds · [197-?]

This fonds contains 0.6 cm of textual records, which consist of an 11 page photocopy of Winona Orr Carruthers' recollections of her time spent as a teacher at the Anglican Mission in Hay River, 1903-1909. These recollections were compiled by Linda deBalinhard and Karen Carruthers. Topics covered include descriptions of: the trip to Hay River from Edmonton by scow; Hay River; fishing; huskies; school life; the arrival of the annual steamer; and the Christmas season.

Carrothers, Winona
William McDonald fonds
248 · Fonds · 1927, 1933, 1953-1959, [1969]

This fonds consists of 7 photographs and 3.5 cm of textual material. The textual material is made up of 3 prospecting field books containing dating from 1926, 1927 and 1953, as well as a small number of Canadian Wildlife Service Bird Band cards dated 1955-1959. In addition there is one five page written report by W.L. McDonald in 1958 on the Mar Mineral Claims at Marian Lake, a number of hand drawn maps that relate to the mining of lithium in the Yellowknife area and a diary found at Jolliffe Island containing weather observations and bird watching notes from 1940-1948. Also included are five pages of handwritten notes on northern birds, found in his cabin on Jolliffe Island. The images include portraits of William McDonald and companions, as well as pictures of eagles. Mr. McDonald collected these images circa 1969 and negatives were copied from the original photographs in 1990.

McDonald, William
William C. Noble fonds
406 · Fonds · 1929-1973

This fonds consists of textual, graphic and cartographic materials produced durning Noble's numerous archeological expeditions in the NWT, and includes extensive field notes, original archeology reports, extensive cataloguing and analysis of artifacts found at sites, academic research and academic reports. This fonds also contains two binders of b&w photographs of the construction of Pine Point taken by Jim Cameron in 1929. Additionally, four binders in this fonds contain first flight air covers collected by Noble dating from 1929 - 1991.

Noble, William C.
3 · Fonds · 1974-1990

This fonds consists of 24 cm of textual material, and 2 original master sound cassettes. The text consists of financial statements for the years 1977,1980, 1984 to 1988,1990 to 1991, as well as correspondence from 1975 to 1990. There are records that document the meetings and conventions of 1979, 1980 and 1981 as well as copies of campaign literature for Gerry Weaver, Peter Kusugak, Wally Firth, and Wayne Cahill. The audio cassettea contains recordings of the nomination meeting held on June 25, 1988. Speakers at the meeting included Audrey MacLachlin, Fernand Denault, Jody Whyte, Dennis Bevington, Wayne Cahill and Gerry Weaver.

Western Arctic New Democratic Party
Wendell White fonds
182 · Fonds · [1978-1981]

This fonds consists of 10 DAT audio cassettes, 24 audio cassettes and 2 cm of textual material. The original 24 audiocassettes were copied to DAT in December 1995; the DAT audiocassettes now constitute the archival masters. The recordings are of Dene elders and other residents of the Nahanni area. The textual material includes correspondence and some transcribed material from the project. People interviewed include Elsie Marcellais, George Matou, Charlie Yohin, Harry Tesou, Joe Koniseta, Ted Trindell, Laura Vital and Philip Howard.

White, Wendell
Warren Schmitke fonds
114 · Fonds · 1976-1978

This fonds consists of 132 colour slides of Camp Canol. Included in the images are winter and summer scenes, views of buildings and equipment, and scenes of the camp being burned.

Schmitke, Warren
W. Bruce Hunter fonds
239 · Fonds · 1932-1951, 1980

This fonds consists of 456 photographs, 4 postcards and 2 cm of textual material. The majority of the photographs were contained in photo albums but have been removed. The photo albums include captions and two bear titles: "Ice Conditions - Bear River Upon Opening of Bear River Camp, June 1950" and "Operations on Bear River - 1951 Including Portaging of "Radium Franklin" and barges, and freight operations Bear River and Franklin." The third album documents a survey camp in the Great Bear River region during the 1930s; Hunter obtained the album from a surveyor. The photographs predominantly document Port Radium and Cameron Bay during the 1930s. The images depict life at the uranium mine, recreational activities, mining operations, mining employees, transportation and wildlife in the area. In addition, there are images of Fort Resolution, Fort Reliance, water transportation along Great Slave Lake, whaling and trapping. The loose colour photographs taken in 1980, document the portaging of the "Radium Franklin." Additional black and white photographs from the 1930s and 1940s feature Canol camps, Norman Wells and riverboats.

The textual material consists of a diary of a trip to the north compiled by David Walker, a writer hired by the Northern Transportation Company (NTCL), NTCL schedules and rates from 1938 and 1940, a copy of NTCL letterhead and a photocopy of Hudson's Bay Company Fleet schedules.

Hunter, Bruce
Velma Daws fonds
208 · Fonds · 1959-1975

This fonds consists of 8 cm of textual material which relate to Velma Daw's (nee MacDonald's) activities within the school system in Inuvik and which document her participation in community events. The accession includes: correspondence between Mrs. Daws and the Education Division of the Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources; correspondence between Mrs. Daws and the parents of her students; correspondence between Mrs. Daws and her former students who were living in residence at Grolier Hall and Stringer Hall. The accession also contains finger paintings and pencil drawings composed by her Grade I and Grade II students at Inuvik in 1959. There is one daily planning book for 1960-1961, which detail class plans and suggestions on class planning produced by the Education Division. There are also transcripts of two Inuit stories, "The Man who joined the Caribou", and "The Greedy Fisherman" which were related to Mrs. Daws by Charlie Smith in the early 1950s. The accession has been divided into three series, i) correspondence, ii) educational materials, iii) community activities\events.

Daws, Velma