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Zuckerman, George
N-1979-012 · Accession · [1946]

The prints feature river transportation, the Canol Project, Norman Wells, Fort Smith, Fort Simpson, Fort Providence, and Aklavik. They are believed to have been taken by George Zuckerman to illustrate the book "The Great Mackenzie".

Zuckerman, George
Zubko, Mike
N-1992-152 · Accession · [1952], copied [1982]

This accession consists of three colour slides: an aerial view of Tuktoyaktuk in 1952, and two slides of the Hudson's Bay Company ship "Fort Hearne" (n.d.).

N-2005-015 · Accession · 1946-1947

Photographs depict Yvette L. Park (nee Boileau). A sergeant in the Women's Army Corps in WWII, Mrs. Park visited her sister Leona Kirk in Aklavik in the late summer of 1946 after returning from overseas. While in Aklavik, Mrs. Park had a parka and mukluks made which have since been donated to the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. Mrs. Park was in Aklavik only 3 weeks and had the clothing sent to her in Timmins, Ontario. Three of the eight photographs are of the donor in Timmins in 1947 modeling the clothing.

N-1992-189 · Accession · 1876, copied [1983]

This accession consists of photocopies of the English translations of the French/Loucheux (Gwich'in) entries in Emile Petitot's "Dictionnaire De La Langue DSnS - Dindji,", (Paris, 1876). The translations were prepared jointly by the Yukon Native Languages Project and the Alaska Native Languages Center.

YK Photo fonds
425 · Fonds · 1963-1998

The fonds consists of 2214 photographs (1232 black and white negatives, 982 colour negatives) created by both Gerry Reimann and Bob Wilson during the store’s operation. The photography is a mix of commissioned work, such as portrait or family photography, schools, businesses, organizations, or government work, and non-commissioned photography, such as community events or photography of YK Foto. Due to this, the commissioned work has multiple copyright holders, which are noted where appropriate.

YK Foto
161 · Fonds · 1968-1974

This fonds consists of 4.4 cm of textual records and 8 photographs generated by the Yellowknife Toastmistress Club from its foundation in 1968 until early 1974, although the majority of the records only go to 1972. The records include bylaws, correspondence, minutes, financial records, guides and manuals, member lists, agendas, newsletters, and a scrapbook.

Yellowknife Toastmistress Club
Yellowknife Settlement Plans
N-1992-072 · Accession · 1950-1953

The first plan, dated March 8th, 1950, indicates lot boundaries for the new and old town areas of the city, as well as the proposed development of the new airport. The second plan, dated December 14th, 1953, details individual lot boundaries for Jolliffe Island, Latham Island, and the old and new town areas of the city.

N-2002-019 · Accession · [1940-1975]

The majority of the photographs are black and white and date from the 1940s. A few of the images are colour and date from the 1960s and 1970s. The photographs were donated to the Society for duplication by a number of individuals. A number of the images were copied from high school yearbooks or newspapers. Some of the images may have been taken by Henry Busse. Subjects include Negus Mine, curling, hockey, dogsledding, horses, schoolchildren, views of 'Old Town' and the 'Rock', Ndilo, and 'New Town' images of the Yellowknife Inn, the Anglican Church, Yellowknife Public School (later William McDonald School) and housing developments.

N-2003-014 · Accession · 1984-1985

Records relate to the Yellowknife Public Library's Oral History Project dating from 1984-1985. The cassette tapes contain recorded interviews with prominent Yellowknife residents who were pioneers in their endeavours. Many of the interviewees and their families arrived in Yellowknife as the community began in the late 1930s and 1940s. Interviewees include Barb Bromley, Mary Hunter, Archie Loutitt, Arnold Smith, Helen Parker, Jean Piro, Joyce McLeod, Donald Sian, Michael Ballantyne, Harold Glick, Rene Fumoleau, Jan Stirling, Gerry Hordal, and Mary Forrest. The folder of text contains a master working list of prospective interviewees, 'local history files' or personal profiles of most participants, as well as general documents relating to the methodology for creating oral histories. The three colour prints are of former Yellowknife mayor and territorial MLA Mike Ballantyne.

Yellowknife photographs
N-1999-009 · Accession · [1938]

This accession consists of 4 photographs (3 black and white postcards, one print) of Yellowknife in the 1930s.

N-2004-006 · Accession · Digitized 2004 [originally created 193-?]

The images date from the late 1930s and include subjects such as Negus mine, camp life at Negus, Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company Ltd. (Con mine), cat trains, water transportation, buildings such as the Wildcat Café, Yellowknife Hotel, Yellowknife Drug Store, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, as well as images of many unidentified people.

Yellowknife Photo Centre
N-1993-010 · Accession · 1992

Records include photographs taken by participants in the Discover Yellowknife contest. The photographs show people and places in Yellowknife.

N-2003-039 · Accession · [198-]

Records include photographs relating to musical events in Yellowknife in the early 1980s. Subjects include the Womenfolk group performing at Folk on the Rocks and the Society for the Encouragement of Northern Talent (SENT). Other identified people include Susie Edmonds, Miriam Wideman, Moon Joyce, and Jim Green.

271 · Fonds · 1901-1974

This fonds consists of 810 photographs, 14.4 cm of textual material, 10 architectural drawings, and 1 map that encompass the records and the photographic collection of the Yellowknife Museum Society. The records, dating from 1953 to 1974, include the certificate of incorporation, minutes, by-laws, correspondence, annual reports, museum procedures and inventory, information on opening of the museum, a brief on archives to the NWT Council, and the agreement transferring the museum to the Government of the Northwest Territories. Also included are 1 map and 10 architectural plans of the Museum of the North. The photograph collection from the Yellowknife Museum Society is comprised of 807 images dating from [1875] to 1970, collected from a variety of sources and documenting the history of the Northwest Territories. Themes include: Dene and Inuit peoples; mining activities; missions; transportation; Royal Canadian Mounted Police; oil exploration; Centennial celebrations; and settlements. Locations covered include: Aklavik; Beechey Island; Pond Inlet; Pangnirtung; Jean Marie River; Norman Wells; Fort McPherson; Fort Simpson; Fort Norman; Fort Resolution; Hay River; Port Radium; Reindeer Station; Chesterfield Inlet; Lake Harbour; Herschel Island; Port Burwell; Rankin Inlet; Sachs Harbour; Arctic Red River; and Fort Smith.

Yellowknife Museum Society
104 · Fonds · 1937-1938

This fonds contains .5 cm of textual material and 41 black and white prints taken by Wilfred H. Kennedy who lived in the north in the late 1930s. He worked on the boats travelling the Mackenzie River before moving to Yellowknife, where he was employed at Con Mine. The photographs depict Eldorado Mines, Great Bear Lake and Con Mine, Yellowknife. There are images of miners and other residents of Yellowknife, including the members of the first hockey team in the community. There are also photographs of some of the first buildings in the community. There is also a letter from Alex C. Mosher, and a number of newspaper clippings dating from 1938 which were annotated by Alex Mosher.

Yellowknife Local History Project
N-1999-036 · Accession · 1962

The records are comprised of a booklet entitled "Alphabetical List. Yellowknife Indian Agency" from 1962. This index lists the names, date of birth, band and official number of Dogrib in the Snowdrift, Yellowknife and Dogrib Rae Bands.

155 · Fonds · 1975-1976

This fonds consists of 6 cm of textual material including: correspondence and minutes of the Huskies' Executive; minutes of the Yellowknife Intermediate Hockey Association; fund raising and budget information; news clippings; game summaries and schedule; player information; and information on the Territorial Youth Associations. Also included is one photographic negative of the Yellowknife Huskies logo.

Yellowknife Huskies
398 · Fonds · 1995-2008

This fonds consists of records regarding the creation of the Yellowknife Health and Social Services Authority (YHSSA) as well as records generated by YHSSA during its existence.

Records from the Executive offices include files from Senior Management meetings, Public Board meetings and Special Board Meetings, as well as by-laws.

Records from the Finance and Administration division include planning files related to the creation of YHSSA, some generated by its predecessor, the Yellowknife Area Office of the Department of Health and Social Services. Also included is a file documenting public consultations in the Yellowknife area regarding departmental strategic planning.

Records from the Community Health division include publications, conference planning, educational materials, and presentations relating to public health programming.

Yellowknife Health and Social Services Authority
Yellowknife Films
N-1988-034 · Accession · 1983

The film is entitled "A Fishing Tale," and was produced in 1983. The film is in colour and is 27 minutes in length; it depicts the commercial fishing culture on Great Slave Lake and documents fishing operations in both the winter and summer months and shows how the difficult environment affects the lives of those employed in the fishing industry.

Yellowknife Films
Yellowknife Films
N-1992-219 · Accession · 1981

In 1981, Yellowknife Films and CBC North co-produced a film documenting the community in Yellowknife known as Willow Flats. Willow Flats is located on the edge of Old Town Yellowknife and is noted for its residents who maintain a pioneer lifestyle. The film was directed and produced by Alan Booth and was narrated by Patty K. Hamilton. The film includes views of the Willow Flats area, and interviews with residents discussing their views of their lifestyle. "Willow Flats" has an approximate running time of 11 minutes and 30 seconds.

Yellowknife Films