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269 · Fonds · 1920-2005

This fonds consists of approximately 1.15 m of textual material, 60 maps, 3 architectural plans and 84 photographs generated by the Local Trustee Board, Municipal District of Yellowknife, Town of Yellowknife, and the City of Yellowknife between 1940 and 2005.

The textual materials, which date from 1940 to 2005, include Local Trustee Board/City Council meeting minutes, correspondence files, Centennial Committee records, licenses, Yellowknife Board of Trade records, and by-laws. Subject files also include road construction, hospital construction, health and welfare, taxes, elections, federal funding, lot development, budgets, infrastructure development and the construction of housing. There are records from the Town's Planning Committee including budget information, utility franchise information, and records relating to town planning and zoning. A select number of municipal financial statements can also be found within this fonds.

This fonds also contains a select number of reports commissioned by the city and presented to council on issues such as the Yellowknife School District and water and sewage systems. Also included are reports delivered by the City of Yellowknife Heritage Committee, a committee funded directly by the City of Yellowknife. These records include "Policy for the Preservation and Development of Yellowknife's Heritage Resources," prepared by the Yellowknife Heritage Committee (1986), and a copy of the pamphlet entitled "Four Walking Tours of Yellowknife Old Town" (1987). As well, there are several reports authored between 2001-2005 documenting abandoned or demolished Yellowknife buildings as well as an inventory of New Town Historical Buildings.

The cartographic materials consist of maps of Yellowknife, development plans for Frame Lake and the capital site, street lighting plans, plans for water and sewage services, and zoning plans.

There are also architectural plans documenting the renovation of City Hall in 1969.

The graphic content, dating from 1920-1973, depicts meetings of the Municipal Council, municipal buildings, houses and businesses in the town. Buildings depicted include the Gerry Murphy Arena, the Municipal Town Hall, City Hall, the Bellanca Building, St. Patrick's High School, William McDonald High School and Mildred Hall Elementary School. Several photographs feature airplanes operated in Yellowknife by local transportation companies. There are also photographs taken during a dinner attended by Commissioner Stuart Hodgson and Bishop Henry Cook to mark the unveiling of Pilot’s Monument in Yellowknife.

Yellowknife (NT)
126 · Fonds · 1989

This fonds consists of recordings of the various sessions of the 13th annual conference of the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women. The original recordings are on 32 audio cassettes which have been copied to DAT audio tape.

Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women
324 · Fonds · 1978-1979

This fonds consists of approximately 4 cm of textual material produced by the Status of Women Committee and the ad hoc committee. The materials include: minutes of meetings; correspondence; copies of department submissions; recommendations of ad hoc committee members; a copy of the Plan of Action report and the response of the Executive; and materials from the "Breaking New Ground" Conference.

Northwest Territories. Status of Women Committee (1976-1979?)
156 · Fonds · 1973-1976

This fonds consists of 6 cm of textual material including: correspondence and minutes of the Northwest Territories Status of Women Action Committee; newsletters; reports and news clippings from the 1973 Northwest Territories Status of Women Conference; reports and minutes concerning the 1975 Yellowknife Women's Festival; poster orders; and reports on progress made and issues of interest.

Northwest Territories Status of Women Action Committee
363 · Fonds · 1984-1996, 2012

This fonds consists of textual material from the Office of the Language Commissioner. The material includes five copies of the brochure "The Languages of Our Land" which contains basic information about the purpose and content of the NWT Official Languages Act. The brochures are in the languages of English, French, Cree, Tlicho (Dogrib), Chipewyan, Gwich'in, North Slavey, South Slavey, Inuinnaqtun and Inuvialuktun. In addition there is a copy of the report "The Richness that Language and Culture Brings" which is an Impact Study of Canada-NWT Languages Agreements (1984-1996) and the Aboriginal Languages Directory (2012) and its accompanying References and Citations Companion.

Northwest Territories. Office of the Languages Commissioner
372 · Fonds · July 1977

This fonds consists of one reel of colour 8 mm film (original master) of what was likely the Native Women's Association of the NWT first conference, held in July 1977. The film, approximately 175 feet in length, runs ten minutes. The film was transferred to Betacam (archival master) in 1997.

Native Women's Association of the NWT
387 · Fonds · 1963-1993

This fonds consists of approximately 2 meters of textual records. Records relate to the transfer of personnel from the federal government to the GNWT, policy manuals, directives and guidelines related human resource issues, publications for employees, a newsletter, manager's guides to performance review and planning and classification, and chrono files from the office of the Deputy Minister.

This fonds also includes records from the Equal Employment division, regarding the Affirmative Action Advisory Committee, 1990-1991.

This fonds also includes an operational review of regional offices in 1990 by the Deputy Minister.

Northwest Territories. Department of Personnel
339 · Fonds · 1968-1977

This fonds consists of 34.5 cm of textual material and one reel of microfilm. The textual material was part of the Central Registry system (50 Block) and dates from 1968 to 1976. The records include material related to the financial and administrative operations of the Government of the Northwest Territories, including information on federal/territorial fiscal arrangements and policies related to purchasing and contracts. The microfilm reel contains records from 1971. The material is from the following program areas of the Central Registry file system: Office Services (50 block); Territorial Treasurer (50 block); Treasury Services Division (51 block); Financial Services Division (52 block); Accounts Payable (52 block); Supply Services (53 block); and the Systems Division (57 block). Additional records include a 1973 report on non-insured medical/social services commissioned by the Department of Social Development and a copy of the Treasury Manual - Part 1, Financial Regulations from 1974-1977.

Northwest Territories. Department of Administration (1971-1975)
309 · Fonds · 1959-1993

This fonds consists of approximately 3,950 photographs in slide, print and negative formats, approximately 29.7 meters of textual material, 2 reels of microfilm, 1 audiocassette and 1 video reel. Approximately 450 photographs depict school facilities across the Northwest Territories, as well as other community buildings from the Northwest Territories, such as hospitals and churches. The remaining photographs are from the School Program and Development Division or the School Support Division. The collection from the School Program and Development Division consists of approximately 1,944 35-mm negatives, 138 slide images and approximately 828 reproductions of archival images. The communities of Fort McPherson, Fort Smith and Fort Franklin are represented, as well as images of elders, traditional games and activities. The reproductions of the archival images include photographs of the Perry Expedition, as well as images from the Department of Interior-Yukon and Northwest Territories Branch, which consist of images from throughout the arctic, primarily from the Keewatin Region. The images from the School Support Division consists of 871 slides that depict the following communities: Inuvik , Trout Lake, Jean Marie River, Snare Lake, Yellowknife, Fort Wrigley, Rae Edzo, Tuktoyaktuk, Tungsten, Fort Franklin, Coral Harbour, Pelly Bay, Coppermine, Pine Point, and Hay River. In addition, there are 80 slides with an accompanying audio cassette and manual from a unit entitled "Our Students, Our Future: Shaping Education in the NWT." This unit was developed in 1990 and includes images that depict students and education related activities in the Northwest Territories. Furthermore, there are 64 black and white photographs with accompanying negatives of historic buildings and sites in Fort Smith. The photographs were taken in 1986 by Chris Hanks, Sub arctic Archaeologist for the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre while he delivered an anthropology course for the Renewable Resources Technology Program at Thebacha College in Fort Smith.

The textual records generated by the Administration Division, later renamed the Directorate, consist of material dated between 1966-1989. These records consist of policy and planning files, Board of Education files, correspondence, service agreements between the department and school boards, finance reports from residential schools and school boards, reports on hearing impairment, school health projects and special needs, in addition to various committee reports and general language files. There are also files from the Baffin Board of Education, Fort Smith Region, Kitikmeot Region Education Association and the Keewatin Region Education Authority.

The bulk of the textual material was created and/or accumulated by the School Programs Development section and its predecessors the Program Services, Programs and Evaluations Branch, Education Programs and Evaluation and Linguistic Programs, which were all part of the Administration and Directorate Division, Department of Education. The records consist of administrative files, correspondence, committee reports, policy and planning files, reports and minutes from meetings; Special Education records, School program files and Linguistic program files, including workbooks, readers and curriculum material. In addition, there are records from the Assistant Director of Education regarding school policy, procedures and directives, Inuit education, pupil residences and vocational training. There are also records and files from the following: Continuing and Special Education Division, including files from Adult Education, Apprenticeship Training, Life Skills, Home Management, Vocational Training for the Handicapped, and Social and Housing Education; Advanced Education division, including files regarding the In-Service Training Program and literacy promotion; records from the Tree of Peace adult education program; records from the Director of Education; Education Recruitment; and the Professional Improvement Committee. The remaining textual material is from the Central Registry and consists of files from the Director of Education (70 block), School Programs (72 block), School Services (73 block) and College and Continuing Education (75 block). The records from the Director of Education includes files on general education, curriculum development, teacher training, conferences, aboriginal language courses, school policy, schools and residences and Superintendent of Education files for the regions. The records from School Programs and School Services consist of correspondence, publications, policies and procedures relating to school programs, curriculum, teacher evaluations, conferences and school services files. The records from the College and Continuing Education Services relate to adult education centres and programs, vocational programs, continuing and special education, group courses, conferences and workshops. In addition, there are two microfilm reels containing records from the Central Registry from the following program areas: Director of Education (70 block) and Assistant Director of Education (71 block).

This fonds also includes daily student attendance records from St. Patrick's Separate School and Sir John Franklin High School that date between 1953-1970 and were transferred directly from the schools in 1980, Treaty Member and Inuit Identification Lists, miscellaneous reports, publications and one video reel documenting "Life in a Student Residence, Grollier Hall, 1976."

This fonds also includes approximately 2 meters of published reports, curriculum resources, teaching guides, newsletters, magazines, pamphlets, published anthologies, manuals, education kits, storybooks, workbooks and handbooks created by the Department of Education dating from 1973 to 1993. The material covers a wide range of topics including teaching aides for elementary school children (workbooks, storybooks, teaching guides, kits, etc.), a large collection of Pik magazines, brochures and kits on child abuse, sexual assault and alcohol and drug awareness, apprenticeship brochures, nutrition guides and a children's cookbook, curriculum guides on science, civics, social studies and health, a needs assessment report on alternative programs for special needs, a review of Akaitcho Hall, a report on the 1971 Olympiada event, and many aboriginal language storybook readers. There is also a Social and Housing Education Program in the Mackenzie District summary from 1969.

Northwest Territories. Department of Education (1969-1992)
300 · Fonds · 1950-1980

This fonds consists of 119 photographs in print, negative and slide formats and approximately 8.5 meters of textual material. The photographs depict sites along the Canol Trail, such as chapels, warehouses and repair shops. There are also images that document the construction of the styrofoam igloo in the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, images of the Nahanni Butte region and photographs of the Museumobile, which was a touring exhibit from the National Museum of Canada. In addition, there is a group picture showing participants of the 1977 Fish and Wildlife Convention held in Yellowknife.

The bulk of the textual material is from the Wildlife Services Division and its predecessors. These files consist of correspondence, reports of regional and community officers, minutes, field project reports, reports recording information on polar bear and musk-ox kills and fish landings. The records relate to a variety of activities such as: hunting, trapping, quota enforcement, animal studies and fisheries.

There are also records generated by the Recreation Division of the department. These records deal with Community Recreation Centres, NWT Youth Services, Northwest Territories Centennial in 1970, Arctic Winter Games and the Northern Games. The remaining textual material was generated by the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre between 1969-1979. There are files containing correspondence, promotional material, polices and procedures, and material relating to traveling exhibits and story lines.

There are also files of correspondence from the Northwest Territories Historical Advisory Board, Northwest Territories Heritage Council and records pertaining to the Territorial Central Museum.

Finally, this accession also includes approximately 7 cm of reports, guides and brochures, consisting of fishing guides, hunting regulations, reports on caribou and wildlife ordinances. It also includes summaries of archaeological resources and an overview of the Territorial Central Museum layout and use before it was constructed.

Northwest Territories. Department of Natural and Cultural Affairs (1975-1979)
302 · Fonds · [1964-1985]

This fonds consists of 2731 colour photographs in slide and print formats, 6 audio reels, 75 film reels, 10 umatic videocassettes, approximately 1.14 meters of textual material, 8 microfilm reels and 15 posters. The photographs depict communities throughout the Northwest Territories, indigenous animals, landmarks, Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line sites, Anglican and Catholic Missions, schools, Dene and Inuit peoples and landscapes. In addition, there are images of the 1978 Arctic Winter Games, Commissioner Hodgson's tour of the Northwest Territories in 1969 and photographs documenting the construction of a mooseskin boat at Fort Norman and the Keele River Camp in 1981. The textual material consists of a report on the Commissioner's Tours of the Upper Mackenzie, Nahanni and Liard River Area, Central Arctic and Western Arctic between 1969-1970, as well as a journal kept by Beryl Gillespie documenting the construction of the Mooseskin Boat Project that took place in 1981. The bulk of the textual material consists of files from the Central Registry and were from the following Central Registry blocks: Policy (11-000); Settlements (11-004); Tours (11-005); Publications (11-006) and Communications (11-012). There is also approximately 5.5 cm of newsletters, brochures and booklets on varied topics such as translation services, the NWT visual identity program, regional information (mostly the Keewatin region), an Analysis of the Dene Language Information Review, the Dene and Inuit Traditional Life Series, and 6 years of weekly Territorial bulletins (incomplete). The microfilm reels contain files from the Central Registry dated between 1970-1973 from the following program areas: Policy, Settlements, Publications, Public Relations and Miscellaneous (11 block) and from Conferences and Administration (13 block). There are also 10 umatic videocassettes and 19 film reels that document the Mooseskin Boat Project. The remaining 57 films (16 mm) document events in the Northwest Territories, such as the Commissioner's Tour of the Northwest Territories in 1969-1970, the 1970 Arctic Winter Games, Caribou Carnival in Yellowknife, Camp Unity and a CBC production about whaling in the north. The five sound reels provide audio for some of these films. The remaining material consists of 15 posters that represent images of the Northwest Territories, including wildlife and northern residents in both the Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions.

Northwest Territories. Department of Information (1967-1985)
386 · Fonds · 1971-1978

This fonds consists of approximately 9.5 cm of bound comic books and published reports produced by the Department of Social Development. The material dates from 1971 to 1977 and includes four bound comic books of Captain Alcohol, produced by the Alcohol Education Program of the Department in 1973. There are also several published reports on various topics such as correction services, health services, human resource planning and a cost of living study.

Northwest Territories. Department of Social Development (1967-1977)
299 · Fonds · [1938]-1975

This fonds consists of 5 photographs, 74 cm of textual material and 48 reels of microfilm from the Department of Industry and Development. The bulk of the textual material is from the Central Registry filing system and contains records from the following program areas: Economic and Industry and Industry and Commerce Series (62 block) which includes records relating to Arts and Crafts and Industry Projects; Game (63 block); Fisheries (65 block); Administration (68 block). The 48 microfilm reels contain records dated 1970-1973 from the Central Registry file system and contain records from the following program areas: Directorate (60 block); Tourism (61 block); Economic and Industrial (62 block); Game (63 block); Forestry (64 block); Fisheries (65 block); Administration (68 block); and Loans and Grants (69 block). The textual material wildlife management records such as game officer reports, trapping area listings, general hunting license listings, and a binder related to a Game Officers Conference held in 1969. The photographs depict the Northwest Territories float that was entered into the 1967 Grey Cup Parade in Ottawa, Ontario. Emmeline Curley, Georgina Blondin and Jean Anne Hartley are featured in the photographs. The remaining textual material contains information releases by the Northwest Territories Tourist Office relating to the Grey Cup Parade and newspaper clippings, correspondence and notes relating to Grey Cup Activities. There are also four reports dated from 1966-1973 dealing with tourism development in the Northwest Territories and publications from 1970-1971 on community data and settlement reviews.

Northwest Territories. Department of Industry and Development (1967-1973)
275 · Fonds · 1882-1937

This fonds consists of 630 photographs, 68 maps and 5.5 cm of textual records produced or accumulated by the federal Department of the Interior, between 1882 and 1937. The photographs include 170 reproductions of federal government issues, originally from a collection of over 2,000 lantern slides reproduced from various federal departmental sources. The majority of the images were not related to the Northwest Territories and were forwarded to the National Archives of Canada in 1990. These colour images document the scenery, town sites and local people, including Dene and Inuit of the Northwest Territories and includes many images of the Harry Snyder Canadian Expedition (1937). An album entitled "Office of District Agent, N.W.T. & Y. Branch, Fort Smith" contains 368 black and white photographs, dating predominantly from the 1920's, depicting a variety of subjects such as missions, transportation along the Mackenzie River and treaty payment. Another 91 photographs are from an incomplete copy of L.T. Burwash's report entitled, "The Eskimo, Their Country and Its Resources: Economic Survey of the East Coasts of Hudson Bay and James Bay from Richmond Gulf to Rupert House, Including the Belcher and Other Adjacent Islands", Ottawa, Department of the Interior, 1927. (Typewritten.) The report contains a diary of the trip taken by Burwash, descriptions of Inuit life, food supplies, clothing, health, the influence of trading posts, housing conditions, and mineral and animal resources in the region. Much of the report focuses on the Inuit in the regions around Little Whale River and the Belcher Islands. The photographs depict communities along eastern coasts of Hudson Bay and James Bay. The mounting of the photographs in this report suggests that this copy was a draft produced before its final publication. The photographs have been removed from the report and stored separately for preservation reasons. In addition, this report also contains 8 maps. The remaining 50 maps in this fonds date from 1882 to 1933; they were produced by the Department of the Interior. Map areas include: Great Bear Lake, Great Slave lake, Dismal Lakes, Coppermine River, Mackenzie River, Thelon River, Backs River (Back River), Camsell River, Slave River, Cameron Bay, Keewatin, and Ungava, navigational maps of Slave River, Great Slave Lake, the Mackenzie River, Artillery Lake, Lac Du Bois, Casba Lake, Campbell Lake, Sifton Lake, Thelon River, Hanbury River, Beverly Lake, Aberdeen Lake, Schultz Lake, and Baker Lake. Two items depict leased areas for petroleum and natural gas exploration in the south Great Slave Lake region. The remaining textual material dated 1921, includes one file of correspondence of O.S. Finnie, Acting Secretary for the Department of the Interior, and three files regard applications for surveying and exploration permits in the Great Slave Lake and Pine Point areas.

Canada. Department of the Interior
303 · Fonds · [1926-1980], 1975-1979

This fonds consists of approximately 82 cm of textual material and includes: records of the Inter-departmental Committee on Planning; materials related to the work of the Department of Planning and Program Evaluation in the area of scientific research and statistics; records generated by the Policy and Evaluation Division; and records of the Special Projects Division. The fonds includes copies of licenses issued by the Science Advisory Board to scientists and explorers doing research in the north between 1970-1977, and a copy of a register that recorded Scientist and Explorer Licenses issued between May 1926 and March 1974. The material that was created by the Policy and Evaluation Division consists of a series of reports from 1976-1979 that examined a variety of topics including: communication services in the Northwest Territories, income distribution between 1966-1976, demographic studies of population growth in the Northwest Territories, family allowance statistics, evaluations of a drug and alcohol council, apprenticeship, daycare, subsidized term employment, rehabilitation of disabled persons, operations of a student residence in Fort Smith, in-service training, two evaluations of Frobisher Bay after closure of a liquor store, and an evaluation of a 1977 Summer Science Experience Project. The remaining material consists of correspondence, notes and memoranda, agreements, minutes, plans and charts amassed by the Special Projects Division of the Department of Planning and Program Evaluation, in the course of developing the Nanisivik town site near Arctic Bay on Strathcona Sound.

Northwest Territories. Department of Planning and Program Evaluation (1975-1979)
423 · Fonds · 1949-1992

The fonds consists of 16.5 cm of textual records, 23 colour slides, and 20 maps created, collected, and used by Parsons during the course of his career as a pilot. The textual records include correspondence, certifications, exams and study notes for various aircraft, and records of training and flights taken. The slides appear to relate to his flights in the Arctic and show a number of unidentified people and communities. The cartographic material consists of maps, which Parsons used as working documents to plan routes.

Parsons, Brock
272 · Fonds · 1921-1953

This accession consists of approximately 8.5 meters of textual records created by the Bureau of Northwest Territories and Yukon Affairs and its various predecessors between 1921 and 1948. Also included is a small amount of material generated by successor agencies from 1949 to 1953.

The information contained in these files relates chiefly to administration of services to individuals and organizations rather than policy. Most of the information in the files can be arranged under one of nine main headings: 1) Records of criminal investigations and prosecutions; 2) Records of accidents and missing persons; 3) Applications for naturalization (Pre 1931 only); 4) Relief for destitute natives; 5) Inuit census 1939-1942 conducted by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) posts in the Arctic; 6) Licenses; 7) Administration of goods and property of inhabitants who died or were incapacitated; 8) Income Tax; 9) Personnel records relating to headquarters staff in Ottawa. The records have been organized in series, which follows a general, but not strict chronological order: Series 1 1921-1939; Series 2 1939-1947; Series 3 1947-1953; Series 4 1923-1949.

Very large gaps appear in the file numerical sequence. Losses and transfers caused some of the gaps, assigning old files new numbers in the system whenever they were "brought forward" likely caused others. The majority of the gaps likely occurred when general housekeeping destroyed files of little value. Moreover, files dealing exclusively with the Yukon were transferred to the Yukon Archives. This filing system established in 1922, was a strictly numerical one and by 1953 when a new system was established, over 23,000 files had been registered.

A small amount of material in this fonds (one folder) was received separately from the federal government transfer and was not included in the arrangement listed above. It consists of correspondence from the files of two successive directors, J. Lorne Turner (1936) and R.A. Gibson (1937-1943). Included in the correspondence are a few items pertaining to R.A. Gibson's role as Deputy Commissioner (a position he held through this period, in addition to becoming director of the Lands, Northwest Territories and Yukon Branch in 1937). Material from J. Lorne Turner's file documents includes, among other issues, a food shortage in Coppermine in September 1936.

Canada. Bureau of Northwest Territories and Yukon Affairs
25 · Fonds · [1880-1947]

This fonds consists of slides, photographs and maps. The slides, taken by Joseph Tyrrell, include images of northern Alberta and Saskatchewan; the Dubawnt River and Lake region, and the west coast of Hudson Bay near Chesterfield Inlet. There are also 19 black and white photographs of Yellowknife, mining camps around Yellowknife, Fort Resolution, Fort Smith and survey crews around Yellowknife Bay. The photographs appear to have been taken by members of survey teams including: A.W. Jolliffe, C.S. Lord [Clifford Symington Lord] and J.F. Henderson. There are 24 maps in total in the fonds. Map subjects include the Mackenzie, Pelly, Taltson, Slave and Peace Rivers and Ungava Bay. One map indicates the route taken by the southern party of the Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913-1918, another illustrates the "Cruise of DGS Neptune to Hudson Bay and The Arctic Islands in 1905". There is also a series of nine separate map sheets for the Mackenzie and Yukon Basins, issued in 1880.

Geological Survey of Canada
400 · Fonds · 1983-2006

This fonds consists of 2.27 m of text from the NWT Business Development and Investment Corporation and its predecessors. The records contain minutes, agendas and supplementary materials of board of directors and internal committee meetings and teleconferences that discuss clientele, as well as management and approval of credit loans. Records also include operational guidelines of the NWT Business Credit Corporation and procedures and operational guidelines of BDIC.

The records also include files from the President's office on the creation of the NWT Business Development and Investment Corporation out of the amalgamation of other government functions.

Records also include an extensive business program review done in conjunction with the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment and a consultancy firm. There are also records dealing with the creation of the Business Credit Corporation Act, and amendments to the Act and regulations. There are also Annual Reports of the Business Credit Corporation, dating from 1992-2005, and briefing notes from 2004.

Northwest Territories Business Development and Investment Corporation (2005- )
390 · Fonds · 1987-2005

This fonds consists of 67 cm of textual records, including material documenting the establishment of the NWTDC and its Act and Regulations and the Nunavut transition, chronos from the Minister, Chairperson, and President, briefing notes, governance directives, annual reports, corporate plans, board and committee terms of reference, board meeting materials and Investment Committee meeting materials.

Northwest Territories Development Corporation (1990-2005)