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G-1988-010 · Accession · 1984-1986
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Renewable Resources fonds

"Koukdjuak Crossing: Caribou Tagging on Baffin Island" was produced in 1984 and is 18 minutes long. It explains the caribou-tagging program, as it existed on Baffin Island up to that date. The film shows Paul Kraft and crew ear-tagging caribou on the Koukdjuak River, and then explains how this has contributed to knowledge of caribou movements on south Baffin. This film is available in English (:0001) and Inuktitut (:0002). "To Have Forever: Hunting the Bathurst Caribou Herd" was produced in 1986 and is 26 minutes long. This film shows the importance of the Bathurst herd to three different cultures: Inuit, Dene and non-natives. Hunters are shown in summer, fall and winter, and different meat handling techniques are compared and contrasted. This film is available in English (:0003) and Innuiaqtun (:0004). The Innuiaqtun version is available on VHS videocassette only.

Northwest Territories. Department of Renewable Resources. Conservation Education and Resource Development division
G-1999-095 · Accession · 1928-1991
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Justice and Public Services fonds

The textual material dates from 1978-1988 and consists of Exhibit Storyline and Exhibit Content Plans for the North and South Galleries at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. In addition, there are Exhibit scripts for Chapters in Our History, The North before People, Greenland Kayak Exhibit, Dene Women's Art Exhibit and the traveling exhibit about "The Land." The textual material also includes two Pilot's Log Books from 1928 and 1946 that belonged to Walter James Beaumont. The sound recordings contain interviews with J. Davids and H. Hollick-Kenyon, Denny May, Cam Jordheim and Mark Dodd. The content of the material focuses on aviation in the north, bush pilots, and Wop May. It is likely that this material was used in developing the aviation exhibit at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. The 2 videocassettes are in Umatic or Betacam formats and consist master copies of "Trapline Lifeline" and "Wings of Change." "Trapline Lifeline" was a traveling exhibit that examined the history and modern-day realities of fur trapping. The exhibit contained an audio-visual section that included video footage of interviews with trappers and an overview of life in northern communities. "Wings of Change" is the video component from the aviation gallery at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre.

G-1999-095: 0001 · Item · August 11, 1989
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Justice and Public Services fonds

Video component from the travelling exhibit "Trapline Lifeline." This exhibit travelled between 1988-1993 to 18 venues across Canada. The exhibit examined the history and modern-day realities of fur trapping. The moving images that were used to produce the video were filmed between 1987-1988 in various locations in the Northwest Territories, including locations such as the Mackenzie Mountains, Deline and Kugluktuk. The video includes interviews with trappers, Elders, and Renewable Resource officers including Neil Colin, Paul Wright, Elizabeth Yakeleya, George Pellisey, and Dave Brackett. The video aims to provide overview of life in northern communities. Gary Milligan and Bill Stewart were responsible for the production of the video. This version of the film is the English/French subtitle master and includes two repetitions of the video with different subtitles each time.

G-1999-095: 0002 · Item · May 31, 1991
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Justice and Public Services fonds

Long version of the video component used in the Aviation Gallery at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. The video was created by Operation Fox Moth, written, directed and produced by Sandra Dolan and Gary Milligan, and edited by Gary Milligan. The video includes interviews with John Argue, Gerry Avery, Eleanor Bran, Punch Dickins, Mark Dodd, Naki Echo, Robert Engle, Celestin Erkidjuk, Dana Ferguson, Lois Hill, John Jamieson, Johnny Lennie, David Lovell, Stan MacMillan, Nick Marach, David Metcalfe, Malaya Nakashuk, Bob O’Connor, Abe Ookpik, John Parker, Marvin Robinson, Fred Russell, Gerry Stang, Rex Terpening, Cecile Tourangeau, John Vertes, Max Ward, Warren Wright, and Gilles Mousseau, conducted by Sandra Dolan and Wally Wolfe. The video was narrated by Grant Hinchey, with camera work by Jeff Pitre, Gary Milligan, and Chris Gargus and sound by Jeff Pitre, Terry Woolf, and Chris Gargus.

The recordings contain three programs including "MLA", (item :0001), which examines people's expectations and attitudes toward government, and explains the election process as well as the workings of the Legislative Assembly; "Home Maintenance--N.W.T.H.C.", (item :0002), and "Home Maintenance--C.M.H.C.", (item :0002), uses interviews to provide information on GNWT and federal government home repair programs.

Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications. Language Bureau
G-1992-044 · Accession · [1970?-1986?]
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications fonds

Many of the sound recordings are poorly identified. Sound recordings include soundtracks for films, interviews, special effect sounds, Inuit throat singing, and government programs such as the series entitled "Behind Closed Doors - A Series on Spousal Assault in the Northwest Territories" and "So You Want to Start Your Own Business". The moving images include copies of: "You Can't Grow Potatoes Up There"; "Koukdjuak Crossing: Caribou Tagging on Baffin Island"; "Bathurst Inlet Caribou" (may also be titled: "To Have Forever: Hunting the Bathurst Caribou Herd"); "Nikko Island", "Wood Bison"; "Kellett's Storehouse"; "Yellowknife"; "Caribou"; "Heritage Centre Spots"; "Kissiliriyeet"; "Gordon Lake"; "Decisions"; "Future"; and "Anik Info Spots" (air prints). The helical scan videos consists of a Keewatin Economic Development Conference and the film "Hire North".

Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications. Radio and Television Services division
G-2002-017 · Accession · 1983-1987
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications fonds

There are five copies (VHS and Betamax) entitled "Drum Lake-Archaeology", (original number A1176015) which was produced by the Archaeology Section of the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre and Radio and Television Services (Department of Culture and Communications). These records are available in Tlicho with English subtitles (2 copies), Slavey and English. In addition, there is a Beta copy of "The Last Mooseskin Boat" in Slavey and two VHS copies of the video "Where Time Began" in Inuvialuktun and Gwich'in. "Where Time Began" was produced by the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications. Museums and Heritage division
Rivers of Faith

This accession consists of one Betamax videocassette entitled "Rivers of Faith" produced by Pido Production Ltd. with the Department of Culture and Communications, GNWT. The 33 minute video documents Pope John Paul's visit to Fort Simpson in 1987.

Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications (1985-1992)
Rivers of Faith

One videocassette entitled "Rivers of Faith." The video documents Pope John Paul II's visit to the Fort Simpson, NWT in 1987. The videocassette is 33 minutes in length and was produced by Pido Productions Ltd. and the Department of Culture and Communications. It was produced by Bill Stewart and Sandra Dolan and directed by Sydney Suissa. Gary Milligan and Jean Francois Pitre operated the cameras, and Bill Stewart and Chris Rodgers recorded sound. The film was narrated by William Greenland and edited by Gary Milligan.

G-2007-058 · Accession · 1972
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Education fonds

Records include video of the opening of the Chief Jimmy Bruneau School in Edzo in 1972. The moving images are black and white and have a soundtrack. Featured in the production are Chief Jimmy Bruneau, Jean Chretien, then Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs, Commissioner Stuart Hodgson, Deputy Commissioner John Parker, Superintendent of Education B.C. Gillie, and Member of Parliament Bud Orange.

311 · Fonds · 1955, 1968-2012

This fonds consists of approximately 29.92 meters of textual material, 17 microfiches of textual material, 18 maps, and seven videos. The records were generated by the Policy and Planning Division, Community Works and Capital Planning Division, Lands Division, Sport and Recreation Division, Community Planning and Lands Division, Community Governance, the Directorate, Public Safety and the Corporate Services Division of the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs. The files from the Policy and Planning Division relate to Devolution, Privatization, Resource Community Policy, Resource Development Policy, Local Government Priorities, Assistant Deputy Minister (ADMS) Coordinating Committee, Ministers Speeches, as well as, Minister's Tours of the Baffin, Kitikmeot, Keewatin and Mackenzie Delta Regions.

The material from the Community Planning and Lands Division and Community Governance date from 1955, 1970-2012 and includes minutes and files from the following Committees: Land Use Advisory Committee, Senior Management Committee, Land Review Committee, Land Claims Working Group, Land Information System Working Group and the Federal/Territorial Land Committee. There includes files related to the Land Claims Working Group, self government negotiations and service to Status Indians. There is substantial documentation regarding MACA's responsibilities and efforts in Land Claims work, including a small number of cartographic records (Norman Wells only). In addition, there are various files relating to departmental acts/regulations, policies and procedures, and planning files. Also included are Annual Workplans for Community Planning (1986-1994); minutes of Community Planners Meetings (1986-1993); Annual reports re: Monitoring of the Planning Act (1990-1993); copies of various policy and procedures manuals related to Community Planning; a set of completed surveys related to Solid Waste Disposal; records related to standards and criteria for capital planning, review and revisions to the water and sewage subsidy program. There is also a small group of community planning records and maps for Pond Inlet from 1987-1990. Other community planning records and maps relate to the Beaufort Delta region and the South Slave region. There are also operational evaluations of communities in the Beaufort Delta region. Records of a 2007 Lands Conference on the New Deal are also included.

The records from the Directorate date between 1988-2011 and consist primarily of manual, policy binders, handbooks and reports. The record include handbooks and manuals related to management of water and sanitation services, formula financing for communities, land administration training, municipal works training, local government manuals and treatment and handling of hazardous waste material, records relating to real estate licensing and the review of the territorial lottery process. Also included are transcripts of interviews with residents of Fort Rae, organizational charts for the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs and strategic planning documents for the department from 1989-1990, and a service contract for Nunavut. In addition, there are reports to the Directorate from the divisions, issue files, Social Agenda files, briefing notes and Minister Responsible for Youth, Deputy Minister and Ministerial Chronos.

The records from the Corporate Affairs or Corporate Services Division date from 1977-2013 and relate to emergency measures, Community Empowerment, Municipal Community Assistance Program (MCAP), a 1995 Ministers of Local Government Conference and conference hosted by MACA and the NWT Association of Municipalities, Government of the Northwest Territories Steering Committee-Pine Point, aboriginal claims and briefing notes from the 1st Session, 7th Session and 8th Session of the Legislative Assembly. There are files concerning the delivery of the community development fund and a legislative proposal to amend the Municipal Statutes Act, as well as user pay/user say initiatives. In addition, there are files from the regional office in Inuvik related to the department's involvement with the Arctic Winter Games, policy and guidelines for the Fitness Leadership Certification Program, workshop material about the Staff and Volunteer Training Program, a copy of an organizational planning tool that was produced by the department and disseminated during workshops hosted by MACA, as well as memorandum of Understanding with Arctic College concerning the Recreation Leaders Program. In addition, there are student education plans and evaluations for the Recreation Leaders Program. Records also include decision papers, legislation files related to the Area Development Act and the Municipal Statutes Amending Act, and reports on conferences.

The records from the Surveys and Mapping Division date from 1987 and relate to a review of the division.

The records from the Sport and Recreation Division date from 1978 to 2007 and include training materials for communities to develop effective recreation committies and records related to recration facility development including community based project files and policy binders. Records also include meeting minutes from 2006-2007.

Records from the Fort Smith Regional Office consist of trip reports to communities conducted by MACA staff as well as training initiatives being delivered by the Department.

Records from the North Slave Regional Office consist of meeting notes, planning documents, and correspondence relating to a functional review of regional operations, as well as correspondence and a presentation relating to a strategic planning workshop.

From the Public Safety division, there are planning and committee records relating to emergency response, search and rescue, forest fire fighting, disaster assistance, safety and preparedness, as well as Memoranda of Understanding with other agencies in relation to emergency response, and lottery licensing guidelines and Hamlet of Paulatuk Lottery Licensing Bylaw. Also included are assessment appeal tribunal files and a file related to legal gambling in the NWT. From the Public Safety division's Office of the Fire Marshal, there are fire fighting training course materials as well as files related to amendments to the Fire Prevention Act.

Records from the Community Development division relate to municipal land selection and land implementation, community transfer initiatives, and community based planning.

There are also reports related to taxation, community planning and financing municipal government.

Northwest Territories. Department of Municipal and Community Affairs (1986-present)

The records date from 1968-2005 and include meeting minutes from the Community Planning division, Lands division, Surveys and Mapping division, and the Senior Management Committee (SMC). Other records related to Municipal Operations include land claims records, the Inuvialuit Final Agreement, the Community Transfer Initiative, Association of Municipalities, some general administration files from the regional offices, and policy updates. Lands division records include reports and recommendations on land information management, legal ownership of land and roadways, and granular material studies from various regions. Surveys and Mapping division records include flood risk records, records of the NWT Mapping Liaison Committee, and records related to remote sensing. The 7 videocassettes (VHS and Betamax) are of items produced by or for the Department.

Northwest Territories. Department of Municipal and Community Affairs. Lands division