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Carlton R. Appleby fonds
341 · Fonds · [194-?]

This fonds consists of approximately 3 cm of textual material and 10 black and white photographs. The textual material consists of a copy of a journal kept by Carleton Appleby during the summer of 1946, during a trip on the Athabasca and Slave Rivers aboard the boat 'Beaver Lake.' He also visited Yellowknife, Fort Fitzgerald and Fort Rae during his journey. The 10 photographs were probably taken that same summer and depict the communities of Fort Rae and Yellowknife, as well as individuals he met in Yellowknife and aboard the riverboat 'Dease Lake.'

Appleby, Carlton R.
343 · Fonds · 1970-1997

This fonds consists of approximately 72 cm of textual material dated between 1970-1995. Records are from the Fire Safety, and Finance and Administration divisions of the Department of Safety and Public Services. The files relate to Director's and Settlement Council Meetings, policy and procedures files, reports, departmental reorganization, the Labour Standards Board, the Liquor Licensing Board and various standing committees.

The fonds also includes fatality investigation records (text, photographs and maps) from the Mine Safety Division and the Occupational Safety and Health Division.

There are also records from the Mine Safety Divison, including Inspection Reports and correspondence generated by Mining Inspection Services for Miramar and Necro Con Mine.

Northwest Territories. Department of Safety and Public Services (1989-1997)
J. Lewis Robinson fonds
345 · Fonds · 1942-1990

This fonds consists of 71 photographs, 47 colour slides, one photocopy of a map showing the settlement of Hay River in 1945, 6 original sketch maps of various other communities also from 1945, and one report entitled "Report on Physical Geography Study of the Western Arctic, 1947." The photographs show various communities across the north including, Hay River, Fort Smith, Fort Simpson, Fort Providence, Pine Point, Tulita, Inuvik, Aklavik, Port Radium, Rankin Inlet and Yellowknife. The photographs of Hay River show dwellings and tents; however, there are also images of the meteorological station, airfield and Hudson's Bay Company. The images of Yellowknife are primarily aerial images of the town, images of Old Town, residential areas and places of business. There are also photographs of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) barracks, Con Mine, Gordon Lake Mine, Negus Mine and commercial gardens. The photographs of Port Radium show the Eldorado uranium mine. Other photographs show pipeline activity at Inuvik. The slides are also mainly aerial images, and document communities throughout the NWT and Nunavut, including Yellowknife, Fort Smith, Fort Good Hope, Inuvik, Tuktoyaktuk, Aklavik, Hay River and the Mackenzie river. Nunavut locations documented on slides include Cambridge Bay, Baffin Island, Mansel Island, Prince Charles Island, Boothia Peninsula and Arctic Bay. One colour slide is a picture of Tom Doornbos of Yellowknife, carrying his water pails. The report was generated from personal observations by Robinson during a visit to the western arctic in August of 1947. The majority of the report focuses on observations about Victoria Island, Prince of Wales Island, Somerset Island and the Boothia Peninsula; however, there are also notations concerning the topography from Yellowknife to Bathurst Inlet. The report includes a diary of the trip and contains discussions of the topography, mapping, geology, ice conditions, vegetation and animal life. The report was originally produced for the Federal Government, Lands and Development Services Branch, Northwest Territories and Yukon Services.

Robinson, J. Lewis
348 · Fonds · 1987-1996

This fonds consists of textual records, photographs, and maps generated by the workings of the Constitutional Development Steering Committee (CDSC). The fonds is divided into two series: Governance and Administration. The records include meeting packages and minutes, incorporation documents and bylaws, correspondence, staffing information, member group reports, workplans, community meeting and constitutional conference planning material and reports, Aboriginal Summit material, news releases, and publications.

Constitutional Development Steering Committee
348-S02 · Series · 1993-1996
Part of Constitutional Development Steering Committee fonds

This series consists of records relating to the administration of the Constitutional Development Steering Committee and are primarily the records of the executive director and other office staff. Record groupings include: general information, staffing, meetings and correspondence, work with member groups, workplans and funding, community meetings, First Constitutional Conference, Aboriginal Summit, media and news releases, and publications. Records include incorporation documents and bylaws, meeting agendas and minutes, correspondence, briefing material, status and activity reports, speaking notes, workplans, funding proposals, budgets and financial statements, contribution agreements, job descriptions and postings, news releases and new reports, summary reports, photographs, and maps.

Roy Quinstrom fonds
349 · Fonds · [1937-1939]

This fonds consists of 33 black and white photographs taken or acquired by Roy Quinstrom between 1937-1939 while he was an employee of Consolidated Mining and Smelting Ltd. of Yellowknife. The images include the first gold brick poured in the North, the Con Mine site, raising a cat tractor from below the ice, scenery, floatplanes and barges.

Quinstrom, Roy
Knut Lang fonds
35 · Fonds · 1926-1934

This fonds consists of photographs, primarily of steamships on the Mackenzie river, including the "Northland Echo" and "Distributor" as well as views of Aklavik. There is also one undated map titled "Proposed Boundary--Mackenzie Territory."

Lang, Knut
350 · Fonds · 1967-2013

A portion of the material dating from 1992-1996 deals with the Northern Management Program (NMP) administered by the Department of Transportation in conjunction with Arctic College. The files consists of general correspondence and materials explaining the origin and purpose of the Northern Management Program.

Also included in this fonds are records from the Planning and Policy division, including Minister's Briefing Notes, Senior Management Committee meeting files, correspondence, decision and discussion papers and draft agreements concerning the negotiation between the Department of Transportation and Tulita District Land Corporation for the exchange of land at Canyon Creek.

As well, this fonds contains files from the Airports Division relating to the transfer of the Arctic Airports from the Federal Government to the GNWT. Included in these files are copies of agreements, decision papers, briefing notes and material from the Transfer Management Committee. There are also two items, a brochure celebrating the completion of highway 3 from Yellowknife to Frank's Channel, and a Department of Transportation strategy report, dated 2006 and 1990 respectively, files relating to airport safety, and electronic records regarding the management and operations of the CARS program.

Records from the Corporate Services division include files on departmental organization, personnel policy, staffing policy, an information technology strategy and a review of the department's finance and administration functions, internal publications and Senior Management Committee records. DOT submissions regarding the NWT Public Service Vehicles Act, the National Transportation Agency Review Commission and the Royal Commission on National Passenger Transportation are also included. Also, Briefing Books for the Deputy Minister for Main Estimates and the Standing Committee on Finance, as well as Briefing Notes and Options Papers are included. Departmental publications are also present in these accessions.

Records from the Directorate consist mainly of Minister and Deputy Minister chronos, as well as files relating to Senior Management Committee minutes, Transfer Management Committee minutes, the transfer of GNWT airports to communities under the Community Transfer Initiative, policies, Briefing Notes, Northern Roads Policy, Negotiated Transportation Contracts Policy, transfer of responsibilities from the federal government to the GNWT, transfer of responsibilities from the GNWT to Nunavut for division, and department strategies.

Records from the Environmental Affairs section include environmental projects and studies and reports for airports, roads, industrial projects, and contaminated sites.

Northwest Territories. Department of Transportation (1989-2017)
Harold Wilson fonds
353 · Fonds · [1923-1929]

This fonds consists of 189 b/w photographs and one folder of textual material dating from 1926 to 1929. Contained in a photo album, the images represent Harold Wilson and party's 1928 'Prospecting Expedition to the Northwest Coast of Hudson Bay via Great Slave Lake, Hanbury and Thelon rivers, and Return via Fort Churchill'. The textual material includes a 1929 newspaper article from the Winnipeg Free Press describing the discovery of the Hornby party by Wilson and his party the summer previous, a photocopy of a photograph of John Hornby, and an original note written by John Hornby nine months before his death. The canoe journey of the Nipissing Mining Co. Ltd. employees includes photographs taken at Waterways, Fort Chipewyan, Fort Fitzgerald, Fort Smith, Fort Resolution, Fort Reliance, Chesterfield Inlet, and Churchill showing their camps, overland and coastal travel, and their fishing exploits.

Wilson, Harold
354-S06 · Series · 1973-1999
Part of Metis Nation of the Northwest Territories fonds

This series consists of records relating to projects undertaken by the Metis Association and Metis Nation and areas of interest and involvement, including the Metis History Project, Norman Wells Project (Community and Social Development Projects), oil exploration in the Beaufort Sea, Bill C-31 (reinstatement of Indian status), land claims, Metis Elders Workshop, Northern Contaminants Program, Youth Environmental Corps, and the Tulu Projects. The records include research materials, correspondence, briefing notes, financial records, reports, press releases, meeting minutes and motions, funding proposals, agreements, survey responses, work plans, applications, presentations and speaking notes, position and discussion papers, community acceptance vote forms, voter lists, and results, curriculum materials, job descriptions, participant forms and feedback, maps, and photographs.

Project records have been assembled by the Archivist and arranged in approximately chronological order by project. Some of the projects might have originally been classified under the central filing system and additional records may be found in the central filing system records sets within the Administration series.

Josephine Castonguay fonds
355 · Fonds · [1913-1940]

This fonds consists of 332 black and white photographs of Miss Castonguay's time spent in the Northwest Territories, primarily in the Mackenzie District, in her capacity as a schoolteacher. The photos cover areas of the north, including Fort Resolution, Fort Rae, Fort Smith, Fort Wrigley, Hay River, Norman Wells, Fort Simpson, Fort Norman (Tulita), Fort Good Hope, Aklavik, Fort Reliance, Fort McMurray and the Great Slave Lake area. There are images Josephine Castonguay's family members, Grey Nuns, Catholic priests (OMI), mission facilities, treaty days, and Dogrib settlements or camps. There are also images of floatplanes, travel by dogsled, and a variety of boats, paddle steamers, sailboats and schooners such as the S.S. Distributor, Northern Echo, S.S. Pioneer and Athabasca River, S.S. Northland Trader, Dease Lake, Immaculata and Ptarmigan.

Castonguay, Josephine
Norman Robinson fonds
356 · Fonds · 1919-1940

This fonds consists of 709 black and white photographs and approximately 20 cm of textual material relating to Norman Robinson's travels in the Northwest Territories, British Columbia and Ireland between 1919-1940. The photographs are mounted in nine journals which contain narrative about Robinson's work in the Northwest Territories as a trapper and guide; his work in British Columbia as a Game Warden and two years spent in Ireland. In addition, there are two original letters that Robinson wrote to his mother while he was guiding a Survey Party in the Northwest Territories in 1924, two notebooks which contain transcribed letters that Robinson wrote to his family in Ireland between 1919-1922 and transcriptions of three narratives written by Norman Robinson.

Robinson, Norman
Folk on the Rocks fonds
359 · Fonds · 1980-2001

This fonds consists of 21 festival programs and eight promotional posters of the Folk on the Rocks Music Festival. The programs date from 1980-2001. There was no program produced for 1986. The majority of the programs are full-colour, although a few were printed on newsprint. The colour posters date from 1994-2001.

Folk on the Rocks
36 · Fonds · 1937-1938

This fonds consists of photographs and text from the Archaeological and Geological Reconnaissance expedition that surveyed archaeological sites in Alberta, the Mackenzie Valley and the Upper Yukon, as well as the expedition journals and notes of Wesley Bliss, Joseph Maloney, Douglas Osborne, Thomas Cain, and [Alden?] Hayes. The photographs include images of archaeological sites and the communities of Fort Good Hope, Shingle Point (Yukon) and Aklavik.

Archaeological and Geological Reconnaissance of Alberta, Mackenzie Valley, and the Upper Yukon
McCall family fonds
360 · Fonds · [1940-197-?]

This fonds consists of 299 colour slides, 19 colour prints and 273 black and white prints. The majority of the photographs are of Frank and Grace McCall's time spent in the Mackenzie Delta (Aklavik - Reindeer Station) in the 1940s, Yellowknife (1940s - 1970s) and Ft. Smith in the (1950s and 1960s). The series of print photographs focussing on Yellowknife include images relating to transportation, recreation, mining, and scenery. Negus Mine, Con Mine, Jolliffe Island, the Wildcat Café, water taxis, floatplanes, and cat trains are featured, along with Yellowknife residents Tom Doornbos and John Anderson Thomson. The series of print photographs focussing on Aklavik include images relating to reindeer herding, transportation, and aerial photographs. A third series of print photographs, entitled Northern Miscellaneous, covers various subjects, including a trip Frank McCall took in his capacity as Regional Administrator to communities such as Banks Island, Holman Island, Coppermine (Kugluktuk), Spence Bay (Taloyoak) and Pelly Bay to talk to residents about a Resource Program. The two textual documents are programs for the official openings of the Yellowknife United Church in 1958 and Bristol Memorial Park in 1970.

McCall (family)
Norris Hunt fonds
366 · Fonds · 1968-1969

This fonds consists of 217 colour slides taken by Dr. Norris Hunt in 1968-1969. The photographs include images from Tuktoyaktuk, Aklavik, Arctic Red River (Tsiigehtchic), Holman Island, Cape Parry, Inuvik and the surrounding area. There are photographs of the DEW Line site and geological features such as pingos. There are images of nurses and physicians, medical evacuations, facilities and hospital patients, including images of Dr. Hunt instructing students in a classroom setting. There are photographs of the ski team and cross country skiers in Inuvik. There are photographs depicting events at the Miss Ice Worm pageant. There are aerial images of the area and photographs of typical housing and utilidors in Inuvik. There are unidentified photographs of people from the communities.

Hunt, Norris
Ryan Silke fonds
368 · Fonds · 1999-2010

This fonds consists of 14.5 cm of textual material, 1828 colour negatives and one DVD video documenting Ryan Silke's visits to various mine sites and locations between 1999 and 2010 including: Miramar Con Mine, Giant Yellowknife Mines, BHP Ekati Mine, Ptarmigan Mine, Akaitcho Mine, Discovery Mine, Thompson Lundmark, Hidden Lake, Ruth Mine, Walsh Lake, Viking Mine, Diversified Mine, North Inca Mine, Atlas Camp, AES Shaft (Giant Mine), Colomac Mine, Tundra Mine and Gordon Lake, Jackknife Camp, Cemetery Draw, Pet Claims, Grayling Lake, Ranney Camp, Burwash Mine, Lynx Camp, Kam Lake Camp, Yellorex Camp, Prosperous Lake, Pensive Lake, the Yellowknife River, Ryan Lake area (Ryanor and Goldcrest camps, Island Lake Core rack, and Crestaurum Mine), Aye camp, Rich YK camp, Keg Lake, Banting Lake, Oro Lake and vicinity, Garskie's Mine (Old Parr), Diavik, Great Bear Lake, Kam Point and the Old Mink Farm, Rayrock Mine, and Wool Bay area. As well, he has documented the activities of the NWT Mining Heritage Society. Includes the report "Ryan Silke's Site Visit Reports and Photographic Collection 2002-2003, Archaeological Investigations and Mine Site Documentation". The reports, typically illustrated, often include a short historical background on the mine or area, the anticipated goals of the visit, a travelogue, a site investigation report, a report on the various buildings and structures remaining, a report on equipment and machinery, a list of items salvaged, colour photographs, a list a photo identifications, hand drawn maps of the site or area, hand-coloured diagrams, copies of aerial photographs, and hand drawn renderings of buildings or floor plans.

Silke, Ryan
Hal Evarts fonds
37 · Fonds · 1920-1921, copied [1975?]

This fonds consists of 103 negatives and 4 prints duplicated from a photo album of images that were taken in 1920 and 1921. The original photographs were believed to have been collected by Hal Evarts, during a trip from northern Alberta to the Mackenzie River. He may have been the photographer for some of the pictures, although several of the images were available as postcards. The images include the settlements of Fort Smith, Fort Simpson, Fort Providence, Hay River, Fort Norman, Arctic Red River, Fort Good Hope, Fort Resolution and Norman Wells; Inuit and Dene people; Peel River camp; Roman Catholic and Anglican Missions; Imperial Oil Ltd. airplanes; and river transportation, including images of the M.V. "Lady Markworth," S.S. "Northern Trader," S.S. 'Distributor," S.S. "Northland Pioneer," and the S.S. "Mackenzie River."

Evarts, Hal
Gruben family fonds
370 · Fonds · [190-?]-2002

This fonds consists of 80 b/w and colour photographs and one folder of textual material relating to the Gruben family of the Mackenzie Delta region. Dating mainly from the 1920s to the 1970s, the photographs document the people, places and activities of the Mackenzie Delta including the communities of Tuktoyaktuk, Aklavik, Kittigaryuk, Shingle Point, and Baillie Island and the Gruben, Nasogaluak, Raddi, Pokiak, Jacob, Kikoak, Carpenter, Cockney, Wolki, and Elias families. Featured are traditional Inuvialuit clothing, including floral pattern parkas with sunburst hoods. Additional subjects include hunting, dogsledding, boats, fishing, and oil rigs. The schooner 'North Star' is also featured. The textual material includes the marriage certificate of Mary (Mercy) Talegomik and John Rubin, as well as a letter addressed to Mary Gruben from B. Sidgwick dated April 7, 1950.

Gruben (family)
Mildred Young Hubbert fonds
371 · Fonds · [194-] - 1984

This fonds consists of 564 b&w and colour prints and 75 colour slides taken and collected by Mildred Young Hubbert while living in the Northwest Territories first as a schoolteacher, 1947-1950, and later as a school inspector in the late 1960s. The prints were originally part of photo albums created by then Mildred Young while a Yellowknife schoolteacher in the 1940s. The photographs include scenes from the schoolhouse on School Draw, students in classrooms, public health inoculations, blood donor clinics, Christmas pageants, and fashion shows. Photographs of Yellowknife include the construction of the Gerry Murphy Arena, the opening of the golf course, and scenes at the gold mines. A number of photographs were taken at Indian Village (Dettah), and feature Yellowknives Dene elders and youth. Photographs of the Kugluktuk (Coppermine) area identify Father Ebner and Inuit hunters. Many of the colour prints date from 1984 when Ms. Hubbert returned to Yellowknife for the city's fifty-year reunion celebration. The slides, taken in 1969, are of Fort Good Hope, and include photographs of school children and the community.

Hubbert, Mildred Young