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N-2008-005 · Accession · 1959

Records include photographs of school children having a picnic outside of the school in Fort Good Hope. The photos were taken in 1959. One of the photographs shows an unidentified woman setting up an x-ray machine outside of the school building. The photographs were taken by Monica MacDonald who was a teacher in Fort Good Hope.

N-1993-015 · Accession · 1958-1959

This accession consists of two newsletters entitled "Norman News" which were published by the students at the Federal Day School in Fort Norman (Tulita). The newsletters (dated October 1958 and February 1959) contain school-related items and items pertaining to the community. There are lists of community events for the upcoming months, birth announcements, stories, crossword puzzles and a column titled hunting news. The reporters listed in the October issue are: Richard Hardy, Randy Stowell, Faye Eliason, Sandra Clement and George McDonald.

Federal Day School (Fort Norman, NT)
N-1994-013 · Accession · 1982-1993, predominant 1991-1993
Part of Commission for Constitutional Development fonds

This accession consists of records relating to the development of a new constitution for the western part of the Northwest Territories, in anticipation of the division with Nunavut, by the Commission for Constitutional Development. Much of the Commission's work related to conducting community hearings, receiving submissions, and issuing reports of recommendations.

The records include administrative records such as terms of reference, incorporation documents, bylaws, dissolution documents, meeting minutes, correspondence, the "How Can We Live Together" public discussion paper, press releases, news clippings, contractor and secondment agreements, contribution agreements, budgets and workplans, financial statements, travel expense summaries, and purchase order records.

The records also include hearing and reporting records such as written submissions, presentations and speaking notes, verbatim transcripts of community hearings, hearing schedules, research and reference materials, workshop records, and records relating to the "Towards Our Common Future" discussion paper, Issue Summary Report, Interim Report, and "Working Toward A Common Future" final report.

G-2022-052 · Accession · 1975
Part of Canada. Northwest Lands and Forest Service fonds

The accession consists of a binder on Fireline Organization created by the Northwest Lands and Forest Service, revised in 1975, and presumably also used by the Northwest Territories Department of Renewable Resources once responsibility for forestry was transferred from the Federal government in 1987.

Northwest Lands and Forest Service
G-2020-005 · Accession · [ca. 1974]
Part of Canada. Northwest Lands and Forest Service fonds

This accession consists of records likely created during a forest inventory of the Slave River Valley conducted while NWT forests were managed by the federal Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Northwest Lands and Forest Service. The records include reports, maps showing timber blocks and stands and woodlots, lists of board feet per acre and tree types in stands, and photographs of trees. The maps appear to be based on the 1958 Forest Inventory of the Lower Slave.

Northwest Lands and Forest Service
N-1992-056 · Accession · 1948

This accession consists of one draft plan, registration number WCFUA 239776, and four photographic reproductions of plans indicating the lot boundaries for the City of Yellowknife in 1948. These plans were compiled for the Western Canada Insurance Underwriter's Association, and the original draft plan is reproduced on one of the four reprints purchased from the PAC. The four reprints are from the National Map Collection, reference numbers: 0007859 - sheets 1-4. These plans include the original names given to many of the streets in the new town area of Yellowknife.

Western Canada Insurance Underwriter's Association
N-1992-089 · Accession · 1974

The accession consists of one blueprint of a "Plan of Site Survey showing fill and improvements on water lots 1 to 9, block G, Yellowknife. Scale 1" to 50'. Block G covers part of Latham Island.

Canada. Department of Energy, Mines and Resources
J. Lewis Robinson
N-1999-050 · Accession · 1945
Part of J. Lewis Robinson fonds

The records depict the settlement of Hay River in 1945. The photographs are primarily of the dwellings and houses in the settlement, however, there are also images of the meteorological station, airfield and Hudson's Bay Company.

G-2005-021 · Accession · 1991-1998
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Justice fonds

The records relate to the program implementation and evaluation of the Victim Impact Statement Pilot Project, as well as promotional material for the development of the "Coming Full Circle" video and Community Constable program. The bulk of the files consist of Victims Assistance Fund contribution agreements between the Department of Justice and individuals, and non-government agencies for conferences, healing workshops, and outreach programs that were provided to victims of violence or about issues such as alcoholism, and suicide.

Northwest Territories. Department of Justice. Community Justice division
N-1993-024 · Accession · 1963-1966

This accession consists of four programmes for Christmas concerts produced by the students of the Federal Day School in Nahanni Butte. The programmes are for the 1963, 1964, 1965 and 1966 concerts. They contain Christmas carol sheets and the text from plays produced by the students during the concert.

Federal Day School (Nahanni Butte, NT)
N-1993-023 · Accession · 1967

This accession consists of one newsletter entitled "Echo 1967" which was produced by the students at the Federal Day School in Norman Wells. The newsletter (dated January 13, 1967) contains school-related items and items pertaining to the community. There are lists of community events for the upcoming month, birth announcements, a cartoon, an extract from the Liquor Ordinance, and community residents' opinions on Confederation and the future of Canada. The newsletter was originally created as part of the school's contribution to the NWT Centennial celebrations.

Federal Day School (Norman Wells, NT)
James Jerome
N-1987-017 · Accession · [196-]-1979
Part of James Jerome fonds

The photographs span 196-? to 1979 but the majority of the photographs date from 1977-1979. Many were taken in the Gwich’in Settlement Area on the Mackenzie and Peel Rivers, spanning camps upriver of Tsiigehtchic (Arctic Red River), and down towards Aklavik, and including the communities of Tsiigehtchic, Fort McPherson, Aklavik and Inuvik. These photographs document life on the land, fur trapping, winter and summer camps, and fishing camps of the Gwich'in. In addition there are many portraits, family photographs, transportation and recreation photographs. Photographs of Inuvik include a large series documenting the 1979 Northern Games, while photographs of Yellowknife include community events and music concerts. A series of photographs document a wedding outside of Lutselk’e (Snowdrift). The textual material includes a project description of Jerome's proposed book 'Portraits and History of the Dene Elders of the NWT' as well as handwritten and typewritten notes on the project, and correspondence.

G-2023-048 · Accession · 2007-2011
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of the Executive fonds

Records include a briefing book for the Government House Leader as well as Cabinet House Strategy Meeting packages for the 16th Assembly. The meeting packages include agendas, Legislative Assembly Orders of the Day, lists of oral and written question and statistics, calendars, house business summaries, house motions, correspondence, briefing materials, decision papers, and other informational materials.

Northwest Territories. Department of the Executive. Legislation and House Planning division

This accession consists of records from the Policy, Legislation and Communications division of Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development and its predecessor, the Department of Renewable Resources, relating to forest management, Metis harvesting rights, and an environmental agreement with BHP Diamonds Inc. The records include a department overview, legislation and regulations, policies and directives, briefing material, correspondence, feedback, notes, a legal opinion, a FMB submission, a workplan, excerpts from the RWED Operations Manual, An Overview of Forest Management in the Northwest Territories, Forests for Tomorrow discussion paper, a decision paper, an assessment report, Forest Management Policy - chronology of development and review, a procedure for Forest Management Application Processing, presentation slides, court decisions, meeting notes, an environmental agreement and implementation protocol, and news items and reference material.

This accession consists of records from the Policy and Strategic Planning division of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and its predecessor, the Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development, relating to the Senior Management Committee, agreements and memoranda of understanding, associated boards and agencies, Mackenzie Gas Project, the Interim Resource Management Assistance program, human resources, a possible job action, and policies and directives. The records include meeting material, agreements and memoranda of understanding and related lists, 2004 Communities and Diamonds report, Gwich’in Forest Management Plan: A Framework for Forest Management, GNWT Final Submission and Recommendations to the Joint Review Panel on the Mackenzie Gas Project, Interim Resource Management Assistance (IRMA) guidelines and template, Human Resource Planning Framework, 2010-2015 Department of Environment and Natural Resources Human Resources Plan, Job Action Contingency Plan, Honoraria Policy Statement, Revised Firearms Directive, correspondence, decision papers, a legal opinion, list of boards and agencies associated with ENR, briefing notes, and speaking notes.

G-2023-045 · Accession · 1974-1993
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Renewable Resources fonds

This accession consists of records from the Department of Renewable Resources and its predecessors, relating primarily to caribou and forests. The records include correspondence and notes, a map of registered trapping areas in the Fort Fitzgerald area, a number of caribou studies and reports, wildlife regulations and amendments, a news article, and drafts of “Forests for Tomorrow: Forest Management in the Northwest Territories A Public Policy Discussion Paper” and related feedback.

G-1995-001 · Accession · [1958-1995]
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Public Works and Services fonds

The photographs were taken, collected or purchased by the photographer for the GNWT. The photographs depict the following subjects: images of people, communities in the Northwest Territories, scenery, wildlife, traditional land use, hospitals, Royal Canadian Mounted Police buildings, schools, infrastructure of communities, water, air and land transportation, sports and recreation, hunting, fishing, traditional clothing, political leaders, government buildings, camps, mines, DEW line sites, events such as Arctic Winter Games, Expo '86, Canada Day, churches, airports, housing, dogsledding, fauna, arts and crafts and performing arts. Many of the photographs were taken by Tessa MacIntosh, Bob Wilson, Fran Hurcomb, Bruce Sekulich and D. Milligan, Government Photographers in the 1980s and early-1990s.

Northwest Territories. Department of Public Works and Services. Systems and Communications division
G-1999-095 · Accession · 1928-1991
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Justice and Public Services fonds

The textual material dates from 1978-1988 and consists of Exhibit Storyline and Exhibit Content Plans for the North and South Galleries at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. In addition, there are Exhibit scripts for Chapters in Our History, The North before People, Greenland Kayak Exhibit, Dene Women's Art Exhibit and the traveling exhibit about "The Land." The textual material also includes two Pilot's Log Books from 1928 and 1946 that belonged to Walter James Beaumont. The sound recordings contain interviews with J. Davids and H. Hollick-Kenyon, Denny May, Cam Jordheim and Mark Dodd. The content of the material focuses on aviation in the north, bush pilots, and Wop May. It is likely that this material was used in developing the aviation exhibit at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. The 2 videocassettes are in Umatic or Betacam formats and consist master copies of "Trapline Lifeline" and "Wings of Change." "Trapline Lifeline" was a traveling exhibit that examined the history and modern-day realities of fur trapping. The exhibit contained an audio-visual section that included video footage of interviews with trappers and an overview of life in northern communities. "Wings of Change" is the video component from the aviation gallery at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre.