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Archival description
N-1991-064 · Accession · 1857

This accession consists of one map entitled "Map of the North West part of Canada, Indian Territories & Hudson's Bay, 1857". It was compiled and drawn by Thomas Devine, Provincial Land Surveyor and Draftsman, by the order of the Hon. Joseph Cauchon, Commissioner of Crown Lands. The map is marked with the location of French Canadian forts existing at the time of conquest, and those that existed before 1713. Also included is an insert showing the profiles of various routes for the Pacific Railroad and a table of estimates for the Indigenous population of British North America.

This accession consists of two copies of the agreement, dated 20 September 1986, to establish Ellesmere Island National Park Reserve. One copy of the agreement was signed in the park at Tanquary Fiord; the other was signed at Resolute. The signed agreements are stored in their original official folders. Also included in this accession are 9 colour photographic prints documenting the community of Resolute, the signing of the agreement, images of Tanquary Fiord and post signing festivities at Resolute.

Northwest Territories. Department of Economic Development and Tourism. Tourism and Parks division
G-1999-089 · Accession · 1969-1976
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Social Services fonds

Records primarily include Inuit disc lists, Project Surname lists, and general lists of community members from Baker Lake, Eskimo Point (Arviat), Akudlik, Whale Cove, Sanikiluaq, Repulse Bay (Naujaat), Rankin Inlet, Coral Harbour, and Chesterfield Inlet. Records also include guidelines, correspondence, and memos related to social assistance appeal procedures, correspondence and requests for a group home in Rankin Inlet, and correspondence and service contracts of the repatriation agent for the Keewatin region.

Records date from 1979-2006 and include 3850 colour slides, 2529 35mm black and white negatives, 1911 35mm colour negatives, 397 medium format black and white negatives, 64 medium format colour negatives and 2 medium format colour positives. The majority of the images were created by John Poirier in his capacity as staff photographer and darkroom technician and later Coordinator of Technical Services of the NWT Archives, located at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre (PWNHC), between 1986-2006. Other photographers unknown. Subjects include: staff members; permanent, temporary and visiting exhibits; events; and special projects at the PWNHC. Building construction and renovations, exhibit construction, PWNHC Open Houses, the Dogrib birchbark canoe project and the Dogrib caribou skin lodge figure prominently. Many of these images were used for publishing, promotional or exhibit purposes for various sections within the PWNHC.

Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment. Culture and Heritage division (2006-present)

Records program review information, newsletters to licensed daycare centres and dayhomes, and files from the School Health Steering Committee and School Health Development Committee. Some files were created when the division was part of the Department of Education.

Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment. Early Childhood and School Services division

Records include minutes and correspondence related to Directors and Superintendents Meetings and Educational Development Branch Meetings, a district review of the Sahtu Divisional Board of Education, a Lester B. Pearson College scholarship, and the Governor Generals Award Program.

Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment. Board Operations division

Records include correspondence and reports related to reviews of Divisional Boards of Education, correspondence regarding scholarships, and minutes from Directors and Superintendents meetings and divisional meetings.

Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment. Board Operations division

Records date from 1986-1999 and include copies of agreements and support documentation between the Department and the federal government related to delivery of training programs, support and delivery of the Aboriginal and French language programs and exchange of information. There are also agreement files and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Department and various Boards of Education including the Beaufort Delta, Baffin, Sahtu, South Slave, Kitikmeot, Keewatin and Deh Cho. These files contain copies of the MOU between the Department and Boards. There is also MOU related to the transfer of Sir John Franklin High School to the Yellowknife Education District No.1 (YK 1). The remaining records relate to a regional operations review file, a Minister's conference on Education that focused on the departmental strategic planning document "Mapping Our Future" and a file containing participants notes and final reports from a Focus Group Workshop, “Foundations for the Future."

Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment. Management Services division

Records from the division include a regional operations review; minutes from regional consultations regarding the consolidation and transfer of social assistance programs to the department; a decision paper and correspondence related to the establishment of two colleges after division of the Northwest Territories; and correspondence and reports related to the closing and future uses of Akaitcho Hall, Kivalliq Hall and Ukkivik residences, as well as a review of the management and operations of Akaitcho Hall produced by the Department of Education. Records from Aurora College include correspondence, decision papers, program review and evaluation files for the Apprenticeship and Trades Program, Early Childhood Education Program, Mill and Mining Training, and the Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program, as well as a Graduate Follow-up Survey report.

Northwest Territories. Aurora College

Records are dated from 1992-1997, and the majority of the files relate to the EDA (Economic Development Agreement) and include work plans, rules and consultation plans for the arts and crafts, harvesting, community development, fishery and cultural industries streams of the EDA Agreement. The remaining records include files from a Deputy Ministers' meeting and a Dogrib Workshop that was hosted by the department.

Records date from 1983-1996 and primarily consist of project report files related to a variety of departmental programs and initiatives, in particular the forest fire management program. There are also records related to a departmental operational review, preparation for division of the NWT, strategic planning documents, policy development, and files created by departmental committees and working groups that involved representatives from the department such as Deputy Minister Land Use Planning Committee, Director's Meetings, Demonstration Project Review Committee, Environmental Assessment Working Group, Inuvialuit Environmental Review Board and the Polar Commission. There are also operations manuals for Fire Operations, Enforcement, Conservation Education, Resource Development, Fishery Management, Forestry Management, Pollution Control and Wildlife Management Divisions. The remaining records concern specific projects and initiatives that involved the Department. These records relate to the Bent Horn project, Kiggavik Uranium Mine, Colomac (Neptune) Mine, Upper Snare Hydro, Aklavik Fur Tannery Feasibility Study, Harvester Assistance Program and Community Freezer surveys.

Northwest Territories. Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development. Policy, Legislation and Communications division

Many of the records were created while the division was part of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism. Records include contribution files related to visitor centres and interpretive programs; design of interpretive displays, signage, and tourist guides and maps; reports on visitor surveys; plans for development of parks and other tourist facilities; policies and information about the division; and publications related to Expo '86.

Northwest Territories. Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development. Parks and Tourism division