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Charles Rowan fonds

  • 142
  • Fonds
  • 1933-1955

The fonds consists of approximately 800 black and white prints and cellulose nitrate negatives. The images are contained in two photo albums and two corresponding negative albums. It also includes two file folders of photographs and a number of framed prints. The images depict Hudson's Bay Company buildings and personnel at Fort Collinson, Gjoa Haven and Tuktoyaktuk. The textual material consists of Charles Rowan's correspondence from his time at Fort Collinson, particularly concerning his use of "Barneys" Tobacco, a letter of reference from Bishop Fleming and two reports on traveling time in the arctic, particularly to and from Cambridge Bay. Furthermore, there are two notebooks that were used as "Eskimo-English" and "English-Eskimo" dictionaries. The material dates between 1935-1955.

Rowan, Charles

Joan Ryan fonds

  • 143
  • Fonds
  • 1957-1960

This fonds consists of 154 duplicates of slides belonging to Joan Ryan. The original slides date from 1957-1960 and mainly feature Lac La Martre [Whati], although Fort Rae, Fort Smith, and Sugluk are also represented. Images include people of Lac La Martre, and activities such as butchering moose, skin and hide preparation, and drying meat and fish.

Ryan, Joan

Metis Heritage Association fonds

  • 151
  • Fonds
  • [18--]-2001

This fonds consists of 45 DAT audio cassettes, 125 audio cassettes, approximately 7.7 meters of textual material and approximately 1000 photographs.

These records, in the form of textual material, sound recordings and photographs have been divided into eight series: 1) Oral History Interview Transcripts; 2) Audio Recordings which consist of 45 DAT audio cassettes (archival masters) and 124 audio cassettes (original masters) of oral histories, and 1 audio cassette (original master) of Michif language excerpts from the 1994 Michif Language Conference; 3) Archives Photocopies; 4) Subject Files; 5) Family Files; 6) Administrative Files; 7) Photographs; 8) Miscellaneous.

The archives photocopies from Series 3) consist of copies of archival documents such as petitions, treaties, government reports, significant government correspondence, and copies of extracts from books and articles. Photocopies of some of these were placed in subject files (Series 4) and family files (Series 5). These files contain information relevant to certain subjects (i.e. education, communities, Hudson's Bay Company) or families.

The administrative files in series 6 concern the administration of the Metis History Project from 1972 to 1979. As well, eight boxes of primarily administrative textual materials were donated when the Metis Nation ceased operations in 2001.

The materials in series 8 (Miscellaneous) consist of drafts of the Metis History book, index material for this collection and information on how to use this collection. Other textual material includes transcripts of interviews conducted by representatives of the Metis Heritage Association in 1992. Elders interviewed include Beatrice Daniels, Sam Norn, Albert Lafferty, Rene Mercredi, Joseph Masuzumi, Frank Laviolette, Dora Tourangeau, Len Heron, Helena Mandeville and Mable Heron. Also included within this series is the transcript of the Michif Language Conference, held on February 19-20, 1994.

Metis Heritage Association


The series consists of records relating to projects undertaken by the Metis Heritage Association and heritage projects undertaken by the Metis Association prior to the establishment of the Metis Heritage Association in 1988. The records include funding proposals and financial records, briefing notes, work plans, correspondence, contracts and agreements, workshop materials, oral histories and transcripts, gathered historical information and photographs, family trees, book drafts and final versions, historic site database entries and photographs, and project reports. The records were assembled from several accessions and have been arranged by the Archivist by project.

The series is divided into seven sub-series by project: Archives Research Project, Oral History Projects, History Book Volume II Project, Metis History Project, Michif Projects, Tulu Projects, and Miscellaneous Proposals and Projects

Archives Research Project

The sub-series consists of records relating to the first Metis Heritage Project undertaken by the Metis Association during the 1970s. The project included gathering records and photographs from various sources, including individuals and archives, which documented the history of the Metis people in the Northwest Territories. The records include copies of textual records from other institutions and publications, copies of photographs of Metis life from other institutions and family albums, original photographs of Metis Association events, genealogies, research notes, and finding aids. The copied textual records include correspondence, government records, annual reports, journal excerpts from missions and fur trade posts, notes from treaty parties and half-breed scrip commissions, journals and memoirs of private individuals, newspaper and magazine clippings, and excerpts from books.

The files have been maintained in their original order and several distinct groups of records are apparent: copies of textual records, topical reference files, family reference files, research material, catalogues and finding aids, and copies of photographs.

Metis History Project

The sub-series consists of records relating to the Metis History Project undertaken by the Metis Heritage Association in the 1990s. The project was composed of several smaller projects including a records assessment, archival index, short history booklet (The Fiddle and the Sash), video project, lengthy scholarly book (Picking Up the Threads), and historic site commemoration. The records relate to all of these components and include correspondence, briefing notes, proposals, terms of reference, a copy of the archival index, a copy of The Fiddle and the Sash booklet, a video script, reports, contracts and financial records, historic site database information, drafts of the Picking Up the Threads book, family trees, workshop material, work plans, project updates, and photographs.

Tulu Projects

The sub-series consists of records relating to a series of Tulu Projects to document historical sites, undertaken by the Metis Nation and Metis Heritage Association in the 1990s, with support from Youth Services Canada and the GNWT Department of Renewable Resources/Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development. The records include proposals, project updates and reports, contracts and agreements, financial records, participant lists, application information, interview questions, newspaper clippings, a journal, site listings and database entries, photographs, and Value At Risk Inventory forms.

Norm Simmons fonds

  • 154
  • Fonds
  • 1960 - 1980

This fonds consists of 163 photographs (47 colour and 11 black and white copy negatives and 105 copy colour transparencies), 111 maps and map fragments and 20 cm of textual material. The 58 copy negatives and Simmons's journal document the construction of a mooseskin boat and its use. The boat was constructed between May 22 and 28, 1968, on the Gravel (Keele) River and taken down to Fort Norman (Tulita). People identified in the images include George and Vivian Pelissey, Gabe Etchinelle, Madeline Karcaji, Fred Andrew, and Jonas McCauley. The 105 colour transparencies date from 1967 through 1980 and depicts aboriginal life in the Mackenzie Mountain region including: caribou hunting, work on a moose hide boat, drying meat, fishing, camps, and Simmons's work with Dall's Sheep. The images includes views of the Moose Horn (Mountain) River, Caribou Flats by the Gravel River, Drum (Wrigley) Lake, and Punk Mountain. Included in the images are views of Garbriel Etchinelle, Jonas McCauley, Vivian McCauley, George Pelissey, Perry Linton, Leon Andrew, Jimmy Mendo, Maurice Mento, Cecile Hatchelle, Madeline Karkagie, Stella Mendo, Joe Blondin, David Yallee, Alfred Lennie and Gordon Yakelaya.

Also included in this fonds are a handwritten and typed English translation of the French article "Les Chitra-Gottineke" by Jean Michea, published in the National Museum of Canada Bulletin No. 190, "Contributions to Anthropology, Part II", 1960. Muriel Cooper, wife of Steve Cooper, Park Warden at Nahanni Butte, did the translation. The 111 maps and map fragments feature communities, lakes, rivers, canyons and mountain ranges from Fort Simpson up to the Mackenzie Delta region, and including the Yukon - NWT border. The field notes that accompany the maps include a 32 page typewritten gazetteer, as well as the handwritten notes for the gazetteer. There are also handwritten lists recording information about traditional place names of features in the Mackenzie Mountains. Simmons informants included Gabriel Etchinelle, Madeline Karkagie, George Pellissey, Vivian McCauley,and Maurice and Stella Mendo. The place names were written in a 'folk' phonetic form but a few are written by the elders are in syllabics. Files include research notes, field notes, drafts of papers and correspondence related to his studies of Dall's sheep in the Mackenzie Mountains in the 1970s, and correspondence with anthropologists such as Beryl Gillespie.

Simmons, Norm, 1934-2016

Yellowknife Huskies (Hockey Team) fonds

  • 155
  • Fonds
  • 1975-1976

This fonds consists of 6 cm of textual material including: correspondence and minutes of the Huskies' Executive; minutes of the Yellowknife Intermediate Hockey Association; fund raising and budget information; news clippings; game summaries and schedule; player information; and information on the Territorial Youth Associations. Also included is one photographic negative of the Yellowknife Huskies logo.

Yellowknife Huskies

Ray Ross fonds

  • 159
  • Fonds
  • [1925-1926], [1937-194-?]

This fonds consists of 224 black and white photographs and 1 16mm film reel (original master) and 1 betacam SP videocassette (archival master). The photos were taken primarily in the Tree River area circa 1925. Images include Inuit, camps, ships, and buildings. Many of the images are unidentified; however, some are of people from the Tree River area. There are many images of boats such as the "Margaret A" and the "Aklavik." The film is of Wop May on Reid Island in the 1940s. Other photos, primarily of his son Raymer and daughter Patricia, were taken by Ross while at Holman and Read Island. These date from 1937 to the early 1940s.

Ross, Ray

Robert van't Hoff fonds

  • 16
  • Fonds
  • 1946-1948, 1994

This fonds consists of 75 black and white negatives. 74 of the negatives were taken from August 1946 to May 1948 and are cellulose nitrate. One negative was taken in June, 1994 as a comparison to an earlier image of the same location. The photographs feature the locations of Port Radium, Yellowknife, and Norman Wells. Subjects include an Eldorado Mining and Refining, Ltd. camp, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals stations, airplanes, Governor General Alexander's 1947 visit to the Northwest Territories, the Imperial Oil Limited camp and a Royal Canadian Mounted Police dog patrol. Most of the images were photographed by Robert van't Hoff, however two images are credited to Henry Busse.

van't Hoff, Robert

Yellowknife Toastmistress Club fonds

  • 161
  • Fonds
  • 1968-1974

This fonds consists of 4.4 cm of textual records and 8 photographs generated by the Yellowknife Toastmistress Club from its foundation in 1968 until early 1974, although the majority of the records only go to 1972. The records include bylaws, correspondence, minutes, financial records, guides and manuals, member lists, agendas, newsletters, and a scrapbook.

Yellowknife Toastmistress Club

Clare J. Dent fonds

  • 163
  • Fonds
  • 1954-1955

This accession consists of four colour photographs and 0.5 cm text. Three photographs depict the posthumous awarding of a Coronation Medal to Michael Amarouk. Amarouk's wife, Martha Kigjugalik, accepted the medal presented by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Corporal Clare Dent, surrounded by Kigjugalik's family. The other photograph shows Superintendent H. A. Larsen presenting an RCMP Long Service Medal to retired S/Cst. Parker at Baker Lake, the first Inuit man to receive this award. The photo was taken by Dent. Also included in this accession are 0.5 cm of textual material consisting of photocopies of typewritten accounts by Dent of these and subsequent events.

Dent, Clare J.

Irene Spry fonds

  • 164
  • Fonds
  • 1935

This fonds consists of 3 cm of textual material and one photo album containing 626 photographs of Irene Spry's (at that time Irene Biss) trip through the western Northwest Territories and the Yukon Territory. The bulk of the photographs show scenery in the various locations that she visited. The textual material consists of two notebook diaries that contain many descriptions of the people she met and the places she visited.

Spry, Irene

John Blondin fonds

  • 165
  • Fonds
  • 1980-[1984]

This fonds consists of approximately 1600 photographs. The majority of the images are 35 mm black and white negatives, however there are some colour slides. The images feature people and scenes in Fort Simpson, Snowdrift, Fort Norman and Fort Franklin. Many of the images are portraits of Dene people. There is also a series of colour slides showing a caribou being butchered. The fonds also includes a number of images of the Dene National General Assembly, held in Fort Good Hope, from July 22 to July 30, 1980.

Blondin, John

James Ayrhart fonds

  • 168
  • Fonds
  • [194-?-196-?]

This fonds consists of 43 black and white photographic prints taken in and around Yellowknife. The images show people including James Ayrhart, his wife Doris McGill, Geddes Webster and Cam Wallbridge, as well as places in Yellowknife such as the Liquor Store, Mining Recorders Office and Yellowknife Hotel. There are also images of prospecting camps and various views of Mr. Ayrhart's DC3, the Yellowknife Express. Also included in the accession are two autobiographical accounts of some of Mr. Ayrhart's experiences in the Northwest Territories. One contains identifications for some of the photographs; the other concerns the purchase and sale of the Yellowknife Express.

Ayrhart, James

Jack Anderson fonds

  • 169
  • Fonds
  • 1937-1938

This fonds consists of 83 photographs primarily of Goldfields, Saskatchewan, Yellowknife and Gordon Lake. Images include the construction of Con Mine in Yellowknife and Camlaren Mines, Ltd. at Gordon Lake. Camp personnel are also featured. The photographs are arranged into four series: Goldfields, Saskatchewan; Yellowknife; Gordon Lake; and Miscellaneous.

Anderson, Jack

Curtis Merrill fonds

  • 174
  • Fonds
  • 1954-1962

This fonds consists of 5 cm of textual records, 346 photographs (colour slides), 6 reels of film (16mm original masters), 13 pieces of film, and 1 Umatic videocassette (archival master). The textual records consist of two bound volumes, one a diary documenting research and survey work, and the other a vessel log. The textual records also include a folder containing narration intented for one or two of the film reels. The photographs depict members of the survey crew and the Local Aklavik Advisory Committee at work during the initial survey and the later construction at Inuvik. The slides also document various aspects of the survey work including clearing ground cover, drilling test holes and constructing roads. Additionally, the photographs depict various buildings being constructed at Inuvik and some close-ups of pile driving and the construction of the town's utilidor system. The slides are originals created by Curtis Merrill, with the exception of a few duplicate slides created by Roger Brown. These duplicate slides carry the notation "R.B.". The film reels and videocassette primarily feature Aklavik and the construction of the new settlement of Inuvik (initially known as East 3). One reel is believed to be from Merrill's 1949 film of an expedition to Foxe Basin. There is also footage of the South Slave Region, Great Slave Lake, and Nahanni Butte. The 13 pieces of film contain outtakes from the Aklavik/Inuvik footage.

Merrill, Curtis

Native Communications Society fonds

  • 175
  • Fonds
  • 1971-1994

This fonds consists of about 200,000 photographic negatives (mostly black and white with some colour) produced by the Native Press and its successors between 1971 and 1993 and contact sheets produced from the negatives.

The fonds also includes six C-60 audiocassette recordings containing samples of the Native Communications Society's (NCS) aboriginal language programming and one poster. In 1992-1993 and 1993-1994, NCS successfully applied to Community Programs for financial assistance to develop native language radio programming. Dene language lessons and elder's telling stories and legends over CKNM radio were part of the radio programming. The poster was produced by NCS circa 1981 and features text and images that describe the history, objectives and functions of the communications society.

Native Communications Society

Beryl Gillespie fonds

  • 177
  • Fonds
  • 1968-1981

This fonds consists of 271 photographs in print, slide and negative formats, approximately 25 cm of textual material and two audiocassettes. The photographs document the people and communities that Beryl Gillespie visited while doing fieldwork as an anthropologist for the University of Iowa. There are also photographs documenting the Mooseskin Boat Project, which was conducted in 1981 in which Beryl Gillespie participated. In addition, there is a typewritten account documenting her participation in the Mooseskin Boat project. The bulk of the textual material consists of copies of Gillespie's field notes from Fort Norman, Detah, Yellowknife, Rae, Fort Norman and Fort Franklin between 1968-1972. The field notes contain observations and stories collected from many individuals and families in those communities. In addition, there are ten hardcover journals that contain transcripts of entries from Hudson's Bay Company journals. The original journals are housed at the Hudson's Bay Company Archives. There are also three journals that contain entries from the Roman Catholic Church at Riviere Courtre Jaune [Yellowknife River] and from the Fort Norman Mission. This material is comprised of genealogical information, as well as marriage, death and baptismal data, from the 1800s through the 1930s. Some of the information from the journals is written in French. The two audiocassettes appear to contain interviews with Gabriel Etchinele from 1972 and a story told by Fred Andrew on October 25, 1972 about the Ehbaotine and Mountain Indian Conflict.

Gillespie, Beryl

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