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31 · Fonds · 1985

This fonds consists of By-law No. 11/85, dated 7 March 1985, to regulate the use and development of land within the municipality.

Fort Norman (NT)
184 · Fonds · 1979-1980

This fonds consists of minutes of two meetings, a proposal for an oral history project, a press release, a newsletter and correspondence from Father Posset O.M.I., indicating his support for the Committee.

Great River Cultural Resources Committee
313 · Fonds · 1974-1997

This fonds consist of approximately 7.40 m of textual records and 156 photographs from the Department of Health.

The bulk of the material relates to various committees in which the Department of Health was the lead agency. There are records from the Pharmacare Formulary Advisory Committee, Medical Advisory Committee, Health Coordinating Committee, Committee on Medical Legal Concerns, Minutes from the Certified Nursing Assistants Committee, Health Facilities Planning and Construction and the Community Health Advisory Committee. In addition, there is material that was generated by the Management Services Division. The records, dated 1982-1990, are primarily administrative records including minutes and reports from various committee and secretariats.

In addition there is material which was generated by the Mackenzie Regional Health Board and dates between 1988-1993. The files relate to Nursing Conferences and Committees, St. John Ambulance Committee, Maternal Prenatal Committee, Community Health Committee and Senior Management Meetings. There are also records from the Department of Social Services relating to Social Services Management Committee Meetings and Health and Social Services Training Programs.

There are records from the Legislation and Policy division, including relating to the amalgamation of the departments of Health and Social Services, as well as records relating to the transfer of Baffin region health assets from the federal Department of Health as well as records relating to the Medical Patient Search Project (MPSP).
The MPSP project was undertaken between 1988 and 1991 to search for the location of medical patients who were sent south for treatment and subsequently lost to their families.

Material from the Health Promotions and Education Division includes published reports, brochures and newsletters from the Department of Health dating from 1977-[1995]. The material includes reports on health conditions, ambulance services and poison control. There are also information pamphlets on a wide variety of topics for public information, career promotion within the Department, an interpreters handbook, the internal departmental newsletter N.W.T Healthbeat, as well as one large information kit on northern cuisine published in French.

Also included within the fonds are 140 colour slides and 16 colour photographs from the Legislation and Policy division. The slides were part of the Information Services section's slide library. The images include photography of health services, staff, infrastructure and programs offered by the Department of Health and date between 1960 and 1981. The colour photographs are related to the Medical Patient Search Project, and feature cemeteries where northern patients were known to have been buried.

Northwest Territories. Department of Health (1978-1995)
Buffum family fonds
222 · Fonds · 1897-1907, [1930-1947], 1985

This fonds consists of 271 photographs, 6 audio reels, 3 sound cassettes and 2 cm of textual material. The photographs were taken and collected by the Buffum Family and depict the covers or interior images of personalized Christmas cards from bush pilots and other people who stayed with the Buffum family. The textual material is made up of the diary of Louise Buffum dated from 1939 to 1945. The sound recordings contain an interview conducted by the Territorial Archivist, David Rudkin with Lyn Orchuk in 1985.

Buffum (family)
Jake Woolgar fonds
414 · Fonds · 1933-1989

The fonds consists of 11.8 cm of text and 37 photographs (25 b&w prints, 8 col. prints, 2 b&w negatives and 2 col. slides) documenting the life of Jake Woolgar. The bulk of the text consists of correspondence, both personal and relating to Jake's work in the mining industry, his service in the Air Force, and his and Didi's facilitating a visit to the Arctic for Sherman Haight. Other documents in the accession include share certificates, legal paperwork, a log of Jake's prospecting activities in 1938, and samples of his poetry and prose writing. The photographs depict Jake at various stages of life as well as members of his family, prospecting activities, and signs and monuments beside Highway 1.

Woolgar, Jake (John Raymond)
George Magrum fonds
388 · Fonds · [190-]-1986

This fonds consists of 22 cm of text, 113 black and white and colour photographs, and 19 audiocassettes related to the life and activities of George Magrum, a noted barrenland trapper active in the Northwest Territories from the 1900s to the 1970s. The text includes diaries, correspondence, poetry, creative writing, and records related to trapping and prospecting. There are also 18 audiocassettes which appear to relate to Mr. Magrum's diaries. The photographs, which relate to trapping as well as his family, are both negatives and prints and do not appear to be copies of each other.

Magrum, George Frank
John Anderson-Thomson fonds
217 · Fonds · 1936-1985

The fonds consists of 78.5 cm of textual records, 122 maps, 146 photographs, 7 postcards, and 5 architectural drawings created by John Anderson Thomson in the course of his work as a land surveyor, consulting geologist, Commanding Officer of No. 7 Company Canadian Rangers, Magistrate and Justice of the Peace, commissioner on the Great Slave Lake Railway Royal Commission, member of several professional organizations, and participant in the community of Yellowknife and life in the North. Records and photographs of Janet Anderson-Thomson's involvement in John's work and her own leisure activities are also included. The records include memoirs, draft Royal Commission report, financial records, correspondence, field notes, geological, survey and reference plans, survey instructions, photographs and scrapbooks, certificates, and articles.

Anderson-Thomson, John
Hugh Ross fonds
194 · Fonds · [1933-1959?]

This fonds consists of 12 film reels, 1 videocassette (VHS) which is a copy of the film footage, 3 cm of textual material and 83 photographs and negatives. The films show Yellowknife in the 1940s and 1950s including aerial footage and the base at Alert in the 1960s. The textual material consists of letters written by Hugh Ross between 1933-1936 from the Fort Norman Wireless Station to his future wife. In addition, there is a copy of a pseudo newsletter of the Royal Canadian Corps. Of Signals Northwest Territories and Yukon Radio System called "Notes of Interest." The negatives and photographs, which are located in a photo album that was compiled by Hugh Ross, include images of military personnel, wireless stations and the military base at Alert.

Ross, Hugh
181 · Fonds · 1965-1966

This fonds consists of 36 cm of textual material generated by the workings of the Advisory Commission on the Development of Government in the Northwest Territories. The material includes abstracts of submissions to the Commission; abstracts of briefs to the Commission; verbatim reports of public hearings (six volumes); abstracts to volumes 1, 4, 5, and 6 of the verbatim reports of the public hearings; a specially prepared atlas of the Northwest Territories; descriptions of the settlements of the Northwest Territories (volumes 1 and 3 only); a reference paper prepared for the Commission, and one copy of the Commission's report to the Minister of Northern Affairs and National Resources. Other files are supplemental to the actual reports and consist of the actual submissions received from organizations and individuals.

Canada. Advisory Commission on the Development of Government in the Northwest Territories
Firth family fonds
230 · Fonds · 1901-1902, 1921, 1978-1979

This fonds consists of 23 photographs, 7 cm of textual material and 1 cartoon-sketch of Wally Firth. The textual material includes one Hudson's Bay Company ledger listing financial transactions between 1901-1902 from the post at Fort McPherson, correspondence written by William Firth when he worked for the Hudson's Bay Company, a short biography of John Firth as well as newsletters and letters written by Wally Firth when he was a Member of Parliament. The photographic material consists of 26 photographic prints, predominantly copies made from cellulose nitrate negatives.

Firth (family)
242 · Fonds · [190-?]-1993

This fonds consists of 64 audiocassettes, 13.8 cm of textual material and 19 b/w negatives. The sound recording and textual records were generated by the Herschel Island and Yukon North Slope Inuvialuit Oral History Projects, which were coordinated by the Inuvialuit Social Development Program (ISDP). The photographs were accumulated as part of the Aulavik Oral History Project coordinated by Murielle Nagy in 1996.

In 1990, the Yukon Heritage Branch contracted the ISDP to initiate work on the Herschel Island and Yukon North Slope Oral History Project . It was planned as a three-year project that would focus on the documentation of Inuvialuit land use and perceptions. The first year would focus on Herschel Island, the second year on the Yukon North Slope and a synthesis of information would be produced in the third year. The results of the project were to be used to identify and develop human history themes from an Inuvialuit perspective in parks on Herschel Island and northern Yukon.

The Herschel Island component of the project (also known at the Qikiqtaruk Herschel Island Cultural Study) consists of 35 interviews that were conducted with 18 elders from Inuvik, Aklavik and Tuktoyaktuk in 1990. The records include: audio recordings and tape summaries of the 35 interviews; English and Inuvialuktun transcriptions and translations; a copy of the final report of the study; and an alphabetical subject/name index for the interviews conducted in 1990 and also those conducted in the 1991 Yukon North Slope Cultural Resources Survey. The interviews were conducted by Murielle Nagy, the project anthropologist, Bill Schneider (an anthropologist from Fairbanks, Alaska), Renie Arey who did the interviews with elders from Aklavik and Inuvik and Agnes Gruben White who interviewed the elders from Tuktoyaktuk. The elders interviewed were Ishmael Alunik, Renie Arey, Jane Esau, Alex Gordon, Hope Gordon, Persis Gruben, Kathleen Hansen, Fred Inglangasuk, Lucy Inglangasuk, Bella Jacobsen, Jimmy Jacobsen, Dora Malegana, Joe Nasogaluak, Sarah Meyook, Albert Oliver, Jean Tardiff, Peter Thrasher and Agnes Gruben White. Rosie Archie, Maria Selamio and Renie Arey produced the English translations of the interviews. Anna Illisiak and Barbra Allen produced the Inuvialuktun transcriptions. Subjects include fishing, hunting, whaling, spiritual beliefs, clothing, methods of transportation, dances, food preparation, traditional healing, houses and place names. There is also genealogical information on the Inuvialuit who lived on Herschel Island.

The Yukon North Slope component of the project (also known as the Yukon North Slope Cultural Resources Survey) was carried out by the Inuvialuit Social Development Program under contract with Parks Canada. In 1991, the project coordinators interviewed 23 elders from Aklavik, Inuvik, and Tuktoyaktuk. The focus of the survey was the documentation of post-contact aboriginal land use as recorded in historic sites, graves, resource extraction areas, caches, lookouts, trails, place names and gathering places in the Yukon Arctic Basin. The project coordinator was Murielle Nagy, and the interviewers were Agnes Gruben White and Renie Arey. The Inuvialuit elders interviewed were: Persis Gruben, Charlie Gruben, Christina Klengenberg, Diamond Klengenberg, Bessie Wolki, Emmanuel Felix, Peter Rufus, Jonah Carpenter, Jimmy Jacobson, Agnes Gruben White, Raymond Mangelana, Ishmael Alunik, Rhoda Allen, Martha Henry, Jean Arey, Fred Inglangasuk, Sarah Meyook, Alex Gordon, Dora Malegana, Emma Edwards, Lily Lipscombe, Kathleen Hansen and David Roland. The records include: a copy of the final report on the Yukon North Slope Cultural Resources Survey; 29 audio recordings of the interviews; and English and Inuvialuktun transcriptions and translations of the interviews. Subjects depicted include fishing, hunting, whaling, relations between the Inuvialuit and the whalers, fur traders and missionaries, Inuvialuit spiritual beliefs, and the construction of DEW Line sites in the Delta.

In 1996, Murielle Nagy coordinated the Aulavik Oral Histroy Project, doing field work in several Inuvialuit communities. Family photographs lent to her by the people she met were then loaned to the NWT Archives for copying, who kept a set of copies. The photographs date from the early 1900s to 1964 and feature

Inuvialuit Social Development Program
116 · Fonds · 1985

This fonds consists of 12 DAT audio cassettes and 26 sound cassette original masters of the proceedings of the Heritage North Conference held in Yellowknife from September 12-14, 1985.

Heritage North '85 Conference
337 · Fonds · 1969-1971

This fonds consists of approximately 2 meters of text from the Centennial Centre. The bulk of the material, dated from 1969 to 1971, was part of the Central Registry system (19 Block). The records include materials related to community directed activities and central initiatives such as the Centennial Newsletter, Centennial Medallion, Centennial Ball, Centennial Map and three "First Day Covers" consisting of stamped envelopes regarding the Centennial Eastern Dog Sled Mail Run in April 1970. The stamps are post marked Baker Lake, Chesterfield Inlet and Inuvik. . The remaining material consists of files relating to the Centennial Conference, an interim report regarding Centennial Activities, Centennial Programs, and Briefing Notes concerning the planning of activities and copies of Centennial newsletters and a schedule of events.

Northwest Territories. Centennial Centre (1969-1971)
Heather Metcalfe fonds
288 · Fonds · 1995

This fonds consists of 2 C-60 audiocassettes and 4 pages of text. The 2 audiocassette recordings contain an interview conducted by Heather Metcalf with Johnny Eyakfwo, a Dogrib elder. Francis Blackduck was the translator. The purpose of the interview was to record Dogrib traditional place names. The accession also includes a list of the place names recorded, English translations and official names. The Dogrib names are spelled using the standardized Dogrib orthography.

Metcalfe, Heather
Gruben family fonds
370 · Fonds · [190-?]-2002

This fonds consists of 80 b/w and colour photographs and one folder of textual material relating to the Gruben family of the Mackenzie Delta region. Dating mainly from the 1920s to the 1970s, the photographs document the people, places and activities of the Mackenzie Delta including the communities of Tuktoyaktuk, Aklavik, Kittigaryuk, Shingle Point, and Baillie Island and the Gruben, Nasogaluak, Raddi, Pokiak, Jacob, Kikoak, Carpenter, Cockney, Wolki, and Elias families. Featured are traditional Inuvialuit clothing, including floral pattern parkas with sunburst hoods. Additional subjects include hunting, dogsledding, boats, fishing, and oil rigs. The schooner 'North Star' is also featured. The textual material includes the marriage certificate of Mary (Mercy) Talegomik and John Rubin, as well as a letter addressed to Mary Gruben from B. Sidgwick dated April 7, 1950.

Gruben (family)
2 · Fonds · 1947-1986

This fonds consists of 60 cm of textual business records from the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce, which was also called the Yellowknife Board of Trade. The records date from 1947 through 1986 and include minutes from the Chamber of Commerce, project files, briefs prepared and presented on behalf of its members on topics such as taxation, winter roads, water and railway transportation, community development and road construction. There are also correspondence files containing letters to and from people interested in employment opportunities and living conditions in Yellowknife, as well as newspaper clippings about the activities of the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, there are three black and white photographs from a Chamber of Commerce dinner that took place in 1969.

Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce
385 · Fonds · 1982-1989

This fonds consists of approximately 14 cm of textual records, dating from 1982 to 1989.

Records consist of pamphlets and manuals produced by the Department, on such topics as flood safety, motorcycle operation and drivers' licensing. There are manuals on various topics such as records management, how to write a government manual, Canada Post in the north, and the Index to organizationial change in the government of the Northwest Territories: 1967-1987.

Records from the Motor Vehicles division include policies of the division, and files relating to newly created seatbelt legislation for the Northwest Territories, and research surrounding it.

Northwest Territories. Department of Government Services fonds (1980-1992)
111 · Fonds · [1901-197-]

This fonds consists of 935 copy photographs (35 mm negatives) of Fort Providence and its surrounding area. This is a collection of images featuring the work of many photographers including O.S. Finnie, Rene Fumoleau and Celine Lafferty. Most of the photographs were donated to the Research Project by the Catholic Mission. There are a variety of images including those of the residents of Fort Providence, the Roman Catholic Mission and clergy, agriculture and gardening. There appears to be some duplication within the collection.

Fort Providence Slavey Language Research Project