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N-2005-022 · Accession · [195-]-2000
Part of Canadian Auto Workers, Local 2304 fonds

Records include correspondence and reports originating from the Union's office, files relating to grievances, arbitration, the collective bargaining process with Giant Mine, joint occupational health and safety meeting minutes and case files, and legal documents largely related to the 1992 strike at the mine and subsequent civil lawsuits. Files relating to Giant Yellowknife Mines include correspondence, reports, policies and procedures, scientific studies relating to arsenic, cyanide, and asbestos, and operational records detailing the day to day operations of the mine. A separate set of records relate to the operation of the Salmita Mine, which was also owned by Giant. The records were created by or related to the administration and operation of the Canadian Auto Workers Union Local 2304, formerly CASAW Local 4, in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

Robert R. Janes
N-2003-007 · Accession · [ca. 1973-1988]
Part of Robert R. Janes fonds

The textual records relate to Robert Janes’ work as an archaeologist in the field at Fort Alexander (Willowlake River), Director of the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre (PWNHC), and Executive Director of the Science Institute of the Northwest Territories. The records also include archaeological and anthropological articles, papers and reports that Janes collected and produced. The photographs show various aspects of Robert Janes’ career in the Northwest Territories. A large group of photographs depict the Fort Alexander excavation, showing site details and examples of archaeological artifacts. There is also a group of slides and photographs relating to the PWNHC, showing construction of exhibits and building interiors, the official opening with HRH Prince Charles, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau's visit in 1980, and early day to day activities at the Centre. Other photographs show Kellett's storehouse excavation (Dealy Island), the unveiling of the Sir John Ross plaque in Taloyoak (Spence Bay), and the research station at Iglulik (Igloolik).

Robert R. Janes
N-2002-027 · Accession · [ca. 1970-1993]
Part of Robert R. Janes fonds

The records relate to Robert Janes’ archaeological field work at Fort Alexander, Willow Lake, Dealy Island (Kellett’s Storehouse), Drum Lake, and the Canol Camp, his interest in archaeology and anthropology, his work as the first Director of the Territorial Central Museum (later the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre or PWNHC), and his work as the Executive Director of the Science Institute of the Northwest Territories (SINT). The textual records include archaeological field notes and reports, papers and articles written and collected by Janes, including his thesis, book and article reviews, correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, PWNHC building planning and operation files, newsletters, newspaper clippings, EXPO’86 planning files, and PWNHC and SINT publications. The photographs, maps, and architectural drawings document archaeological excavations at Fort Alexander, Willow Lake, and Dealy Island (Kellett’s Storehouse) and show the building and operations at the PWNHC. One plan also shows preparations for the Northwest Territories pavilion at EXPO’86. The sound recording also relate to the ethnoarchaeological project at Willow Lake, including interviews and a recording of a church service.

June Helm
N-2002-014 · Accession · 196-?-1999
Part of June Helm fonds

The textual records date primarily from 1967-1990 and relates to June Helm's work regarding the Indian Brotherhood, Caveat '73 and the Berger Commission or Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry, with some annotations dating from 1999. The records related to the Indian Brotherhood consists of material from the land use mapping project including documentation of trails, routes and animal resources. This project was undertaken by June Helm for the Indian Brotherhood. The Caveat '73 material consists of documents related to the Caveat filed by the Northwest Territories Chiefs on March 24, 1973. In addition, there are copies of June Helm's testimony at the Caveat hearings. The Berger Commission (Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry) material consists of newspaper clippings, press releases and transcripts of the hearings. The blueprints, maps and charts date from the 1960s. The two blueprints consist of versions, some with annotations, of a Synoptic Chart of Contact Events. These diagrams illustrate first contact between Aboriginal peoples and the Europeans, development of missions, highways, railways, significant government buildings and the impact of disease within the Northwest Territories, as well as other locations. The four annotated maps show the Camsell River, Marian River, Hardisty Lake and the Yellowknife and Rae (Behchokǫ̀) area. The remaining item is a hand-drawn chart.

Ole Andreasen
N-2002-013 · Accession · 1931-1935
Part of Ole Andreasen fonds

Records include five diaries or journals and one trade ledger belonging to Ole Andreasen, who was a trader at Shingle Point on Richardson Island. The diaries date from June 1931 to November 1935 and are written in pencil in ledger journals. The diary entries include detailed observations about the weather, daily activities and visitors to the Shingle Point post. The trade ledger lists the prices and goods purchased from the trading post. In addition, there are typewritten transcripts of the diaries included in this accession.

Giant Yellowknife Mines Ltd.
N-2001-014 · Accession · 1944-1999
Part of Giant Yellowknife Mines Ltd. fonds

The majority of the textual records dates from 1944-1999 and includes monthly operational reports and reports from the President, underground operations, diamond drilling and treatment plant for Giant Yellowknife Gold Mines Ltd. There are also meeting minutes, by-laws and constitution for the Giant Recreation Association and 10 Year Club, as well as menus and dinner invitations from 10 year club celebrations. There are also copies of the Giant Mine newsletter Baker Creek News. The remaining textual records consists of correspondence and monthly operational reports for the Salmita Mine, Taurcanis (Bulldog) Mine and Tundra Gold Mine. The photographs date from the 1950s to 1991 and include aerial views of Giant Mine, headframe buildings, tailings retreatment plant, tailings ponds, employees at work both above and underground, pouring of the 10,000th gold brick and safety awards. In addition, there are photographs of the Akaitcho Mine, Salmita Mine, Tundra Mine and Crestaurum Mine. There are also several black and white prints that were taken by George Hunter in the 1950s documenting activities at Giant Mine. The architectural plans show buildings and mine site layout for Taurcanis Mine. There are also blueprints, site plans and milling flow sheets from Giant Mine.

David Pelly
N-1999-042 · Accession · 1998
Part of David Pelly fonds

Records include a report entitled "Seals - Traditional Knowledge Project - Sanikiluaq Interviews." The report, dated October 1998, was part of a research project conducted by the Kitikmeot Heritage Society. The interviewer was David Pelly, a member of the research team.

N-1995-012 · Accession · 1977-1995
Part of N.W.T. Council for Disabled Persons fonds

The material is dated from 1977-1995 and relates to the administration and functions of the Northwest Territories Council for Disabled Persons. The textual records, dating from 1977-1991, include monthly reports of the Executive Director, President, and various committees within the Council; minutes; records of clients throughout the Northwest Territories; the Ability column; and files from special projects and functions such as the Celebrity Auction, Bike-A-Thon, Handi-van, workshops and conferences. Some files relate to the Inuvik Council for the Disabled, and the communities of Pine Point and Hay River. The photographs date between 1986-1995 and contain images of: Kids on the Block (KOB) puppet performance tours by Barb Barnet and Barb Bond to Gjoa Haven, Cambridge Bay, and Coppermine; Celebrity Auction; National Access Awareness Week (NAAW) events; Bike-a-thons; posters; the Council's museum display for the International Year of Disabled Persons (IYDP); Run For Light (1986); conferences; and Rick Hansen's visit to Yellowknife. The sound cassettes, 1986-1991, feature recordings from conferences, an aldermanic candidates forum, and speakers on topics such as respite care, services in the north, advocacy and independent living centres, and accessibility. A few of the recordings are in Inuktitut. The accession also contains one 8 mm video tape of approximately 11 minutes of Kids on the Block puppet performances, and one poster published by the Northwest Territories Council for the Disabled for the International Year of Disabled Persons (1981).

Union of Northern Workers
N-1994-019 · Accession · 1970-1994
Part of Union of Northern Workers fonds

The records have been arranged into four series: textual records, photographs, sound recordings and moving images. The textual records were then organized into six sub-series: Minutes of Full Executive Meetings, Minutes of the Triennial Conventions, Minutes of Meetings of NWTPSA and UNW Locals, "Sulijuq" newsletters, Collective Agreeements and UNW Filing System. The textual records document the development of the union movement in the Northwest Territories and the increasing politicization of the union's membership. They also document the internal administration and operations of the NWTPSA and the UNW, and their relationship to the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC). The records also depict the relationship between the NWTPSA, UNW and the Northwest Territories Federation of Labour (NWTFLA). The textual records contain information on convention procedures, elections, the collection of union dues, revisions to By-Laws and Policies, and the transfer of federal employees to the territorial government. The sound and video recordings were made at the Triennial Conventions and the Full Executive Meetings. The photographs were taken at the Triennial Conventions, Full Executive Meetings, and at individual members' work-sites. There are also images of such political action campaigns as the annual Day of Mourning ceremonies, marches in support of striking workers at the Inuvik Housing Authority, Royal Oak Mines Limited, the federal government and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

N-1994-005 · Accession · 1969-1989
Part of Girl Guides of Canada. Northwest Territories Council fonds

The records document the development of guiding programmes in the Northwest Territories. They also document the relationship between the Northwest Territories Council, the various Divisions and Local Associations in the Northwest Territories and the National Headquarters of the Girl Guides of Canada in Ottawa. They include some records generated by local district associations and divisions such as the Midnight Sun Division, the Keewatin Central Arctic Division, the Matonabbee District Council, the Slave Rapids District Council, the Eastern Arctic Division, and the Yellowknife District Council. The records have been arranged into two series: textual records and photographs. The textual records have been sub-divided into four sub-series: Minutes of Meetings (1984), Annual Reports (1982-1984), Newsletters (1988-1989), and an Alphabetical File System for Correspondence (1969-1987). Subjects include guiding programmes and activities in the north; trips to territorial, national and international camps by girls and leaders; and training programmes for guide leaders and guides, pathfinders and brownies. There is also information on the annual fund-raising event - the Girl Guide Cookie Week and the operation of the Distribution Store located in Yellowknife.

N-1993-015 · Accession · 1958-1959

This accession consists of two newsletters entitled "Norman News" which were published by the students at the Federal Day School in Fort Norman (Tulita). The newsletters (dated October 1958 and February 1959) contain school-related items and items pertaining to the community. There are lists of community events for the upcoming months, birth announcements, stories, crossword puzzles and a column titled hunting news. The reporters listed in the October issue are: Richard Hardy, Randy Stowell, Faye Eliason, Sandra Clement and George McDonald.

Federal Day School (Fort Norman, NT)
N-1993-014 · Accession · 1953, 1962-1963
Part of Canada. Office of the Chief Electoral Officer fonds

The records relate to 18 June 1962 election for the Electoral District of the Mackenzie River and 8 April 1963 election for the Electoral District of the Northwest Territories. The maps illustrate the electoral boundaries within the Northwest Territories between 1962 and 1963. The textual records consist of working documents and copies of official documents that L.F.G. "Bob" Borden had to compile for the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer after the elections were held. The records document the difficulties encountered in organizing these elections and in attempting to distribute electoral boxes to all potential polling stations within the Northwest Territories. The records have been divided into two series; the first series is of textual materials and the second is cartographic.

Bern Will Brown
N-1993-011 · Accession · 1991-1992
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Records include two newsletters produced by Bern Will Brown, the first in December 1991 and the second in December 1992. The newsletters give a brief overview of life within the community of Colville Lake during both years. Brown notes items of interest relating to himself, his wife and various members of the community.

N-1993-004 · Accession · 1991-1993
Part of Inuvialuit Social Development Program fonds

The textual material is made up of one copy of the final report on the Yukon North Slope Cultural Resources Survey and English and Inuvialuktun transcriptions and translations of the interviews. A short biography of the people interviewed is contained in the final report. The audiocassettes contain recordings of 29 interviews. The Inuvialuit elders interviewed were: Persis Gruben, Charlie Gruben, Christina Klengenberg, Diamond Klengenberg, Bessie Wolki, Emmanuel Felix, Peter Rufus, Jonah Carpenter, Jimmy Jacobson, Agnes Gruben White, Raymond Mangelana, Ishmael Alunik, Rhoda Allen, Martha Henry, Jean Arey, Fred Inglangasuk, Sarah Meyook, Alex Gordon, Dora Malegana, Emma Edwards, Lily Lipscombe, Kathleen Hansen and David Roland. The interviews were conducted in the Northern Yukon National Park, Qikiqtaryuk (Herschel Island) and the Mackenzie Delta. Interviews were also recorded at Arvarqvik (Roland Bay), Babbage River, Backhouse River, Coal Mine Lake, Firth River, Kay Point, Kinnaq (King Point), Kittigaryuit (Kittigazuit), Mumaluk Spit, Niaqulik Point (Head Point), Qamaqaq, Qargialuk (Ptarmigan Bay), Running River, Sheep Creek, Shinikruaq, Tapqaq (Shingle Point), Whale Bay and Yuuqyaaq. The interviews focused upon Inuvialuit land use in the Mackenzie Delta and Yukon North Slope. Subjects depicted include fishing, hunting, whaling, relations between the Inuvialuit and the whalers, fur traders and missionaries, Inuvialuit spiritual beliefs and the construction of DEW Line sites in the Delta.

David Pelly
N-1992-269 · Accession · 1992
Part of David Pelly fonds

Records consist of one volume of transcripts of interviews done by David Pelly for his Wager Bay Oral History Project. The transcripts appear in English and there are extensive indices of people, places and topics. The photographs depict the people interviewed by David Pelly.

N-1992-274 · Accession · 1936-1990
Part of Girl Guides of Canada. Northwest Territories Council fonds

The records date from 1936 to 1990 and have been divided into four series: textual, photographs, moving images and sound recordings. The textual records, which date from 1961 to 1990, were divided into 8 sub-series: Minutes of Meetings (1972-1990), Reports (1961-1989), Newsletters (1966-1990), Regional Administration Files (1966-1982), Alphabetical File System (1965-1981), Northwest Territories Council Executive Correspondence (1967-1978), Northwest Territories Council Programme Files (1967-1989), Chronological Correspondence Files (1966-1984). The records in this accession document the development of the guiding movement in the Northwest Territories. There is information on the transfer of the Northwest Territories guiding movement from the control of the Alberta and Quebec Councils, to the formation of the Yukon and Northwest Territories Council in 1964. The creation of two separate councils in 1975, the Yukon Council and the Northwest Territories Council is also documented. The files document the relationship between the Northwest Territories Council that is based in Yellowknife and the Local Associations throughout the Northwest Territories. The records also document the relationship between the Northwest Territories Council and Girl Guides of Canada headquarters in Ottawa. There is also some information on the development of guiding programmes that were designed to reflect the unique nature of guiding in the north. The photographs, which were scattered throughout the collection in community file folders and miscellaneous envelopes, document brownie and guide meetings, enrollment ceremonies, trips to national and international guiding events, guide camps in the Northwest Territories, Annual General Meetings of the Northwest Territories Council and training sessions for guide and brownie leaders. There are also a number of images of special events such as the 65th and 70th Anniversary Celebrations of the Girl Guides of Canada. The film reels were taken in 1971 during a Girl Guide trip to Ottawa. The audio recordings document the activities of guide and brownie packs, a training session and campfire for leaders, and also include an Inuktitut version of the Brownie law, promise and story. The sound recordings were produced at Pangnirtung, Fort McPherson, Broughton Island, Coppermine, Cape Dorset and Yellowknife.
Subjects depicted in this accession include guiding programmes and activities in the north, plans to improve the delivery of guiding programmes in the north, trips to both territorial, national and international camps, training programmes for guide leaders, and special projects undertaken by the Northwest Territories Council. The records were created by the Yukon and Northwest Territories Council, the Northwest Territories Council, and Local Girl Guide Associations throughout the Northwest Territories, which were affiliated to these two councils.

Morse, Bradford W.
N-1992-081 · Accession · 1979

Records consist of one unpublished paper "Indian Tribal Courts in the United States: A Model for Canada?" The paper is 66 pages long, and was produced for delivery at the Native Law Centre. It was written by B.W. Morse, a professor at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law in 1979.

Morse, Bradford W.
Leonard, Doug
N-1992-077 · Accession · [1980]

The accession is 1 poem, handwritten on lined paper, titled "Spring". Poem was donated by Doug Leonard of the NWT Metis Association in March 1980, and was likely written the same year.

Leonard, Doug
Johnson, Dave
N-1992-045 · Accession · 1976

The textual records consist of two certificates of membership in the Polar Bear Chapter, Order of Arctic Adventurers, for having flown a radio controlled model airplane across the Arctic Circle. The images depict a Commanche 250 model airplane, David Johnson, his wife Gladys and their dog Joc.